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Ione Bullard

16 September 2018

Great photography! Loved the pictures that were posted on the web site.


Hollie Majdan

16 September 2018

Leah is always very professional, creative, and patient while taking pictures of our family! Thank you!!!


Jillian Clark Luelf

16 September 2018

Amazing photographer! She's professional, kind, and does a great job!


Brittany Johanning

16 September 2018

Couldn't be more pleased with our pictures! Leah was very professional and did a great job at getting my little ones to cooperate for some great photos!!


Kathleen Conklin

16 September 2018

Leah did an amazing job of corralling everyone at our family reunion so each family could have their own family shots. I was very impressed with her ability to capture the personality of each of the kids! All of her photos captured the warmth and preciousness of our family moments. Thank you, Leah!! More...


Meagan Wagner

16 September 2018

I can't rave enough about how fantastic Leah is. She was able to catch the personalities all three of my girls in one single picture. She was patient, professional, and fun. I'm already planning our next adventure/session! More...


Tim Brophy

16 September 2018

Leah is such a joy to work with. Very professional but also engaging and fun for the kids. She was able to capture interactions that I normally miss in the blink of an eye. I was thoroughly impressed with the way she framed my kids, very clean and classic methods. Pictures are very natural and unforced. I definitely plan on using her photography talents again. Highly recommend. More...


Meghan Loague

16 September 2018

Leah was an absolute delight to work with! She is so sweet and so prepared for a messy little cake smasher! She did such a wonderful job capturing my precious babes 1 year pictures. She was so great with communication too! I've had photographers in the past that were just awful communicators but Leah was on it every step of the way keeping me updated on what was being done! She did such a great job putting my vision into photos and we couldn't be happier! We will definitely be using her in the future � More...


Liz Markes Maxwell

16 September 2018

The day we were scheduled to take pictures was mid-December, near freezing, and windy. My whole family was GRUMPY but Leah, 8 1/2 months pregnant, bundled up, climbing stairs and hills, hoofing camera equipment, and endlessly smiling handled it beautifully. You cannot tell from one single photo of our multiple poses that we were on the verge of familial breakdown. Thanks to Leah, we look like a happy family out for a fun day at the park (she even captured open-mouthed laughter from my kids that I didn't remember happening!) I was impressed with her pre-session research of the site to find unique places for each shot as well as her ability to capture goofy, serious, sweet, and meaningful moments from each of us. More...


Sarah Dallas Welch

16 September 2018

She is an amazing photographer!!! Couldn’t be happier with our family photos.


Monika Whitsett

16 September 2018

Leah does an awesome job of shooting "in the moment" so she catches the true beauty (and crazy personality) of my kids and family. She has an eye for photos that have become timeless memories and I love that I don't have to try to pose my littles and make them sit still for her shoot! She captures them on the go and I absolutely love that! Also- she's quick! When you've got naps, a tight schedule, and a husband that wants to "get it over with," Leah gets these amazing shots promptly but never sacrificing quality. More...


Erin Krueger

16 September 2018

Leah is the perfect combination of professional, creative, warm, and fun. I would hire her again in an absolute heart beat.


Amanda Wiginton Harrist

16 September 2018

Leah is fantastic-- has an artist's eye, is creative, personable, and a pleasure to work with. She loves people and life and that love comes through in her work.

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