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LeadRev is a digital marketing agency that focuses on lead generation/generating new customers for businesses.
We focus on PPC & FB Ads, Press Release & Google Listing Marketing to bring visitors, leads and increase your authority and credibility - position you as an expert in your field.


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Donald Garrity

17 August 2018

In the past i used to buy Mortgage and Auto/Home leads from Zillow and LendingTree,
Dario Omerdic generated those leads for half the price and with greater quality then what i used to pay.


Taylor Anderson

17 August 2018

We did a quick $850 trial to test the quality and flow of the leads.
No setup cost, just pure performance and fast results. Happy customer !


Tudor Trainescu

17 August 2018

Great Experience with Dario.
Im very happy to work with him and to make my business growing. I recommend this person about your advertising plans.


Dylan Bartram

17 August 2018

Awesome. Highly recommended! Dario knows what to do and gets effective results.


Julia Angelina

17 August 2018

Dario really know what he's doing. Highly recommended for lead generation that works! AAA+


Mike Mahurin

17 August 2018

Working with Dario has been a real pleasure. Thanks for all of your help!


Mike Dee

17 August 2018

Dario takes the time to answer your questions and show you how your processes can be improved. He clearly knows what he’s doing.


Design & Responsiveness, Above Fold Call To Action, Easy To Access & Use, Congruent Images, Speaking To The Audience

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I love writing & managing Ads (Google/FB) and Press Releases, optimizing stuff (Google Listings, SEO) and helping businesses grow their company by utilizing digital advertising.

I was and still am also a Business Loan Funding Specialist and learned how to generate leads for myself. That fueled the idea of starting an agency or learn others how to do the same regardless of industry type.

Reasonable Prices
Fast Implementation
Email/Phone Support
Friendly In-House Team
FREE $100 Google Ad Credits for every client



We offer paid advertising to any business and after a consultation, we can suggest what is better suited for your business. Paid Advertising usually requires larger budgets to be sufficient, but we can look into your business model and figure out what will work out for you. This is a fast, short-term strategy. The usual price for our PPC/FB Ads ranges from $500-$850+ depending on the industry and work required.

This is a unique service which consists of press release creation, distribution, optimization, and marketing to get businesses new leads, increase credibility and authority, position you in the right direction. LeadRev has the best press release distribution platform for the $ amount. I personally use this form of marketing for myself instead of PPC/FB Ads. With PR Marketing we can rank in time your sites, Google listings or any online property that you have. Features of our PR Marketing: Better & Cheaper than regular *SEO*, it builds authority and credibility. This is a long-term strategy (depends on your location & competition). The usual price for our PR Marketing ranges from $500-$1000/month

One of my preferred ways to generate traffic to your website and get new leads. Besides Press Releases, I also use Google Listings for myself and clients. Everybody uses a Mobile Phone nowadays, and not having an optimized/ranking Google Listing for your area/business means losing $$$$. We can create, optimize and rank your Google Listings which in turn will bring you visitors to your site, new customers and increase visibility. This is a long-term strategy (depends on your location & competition). The usual price for our Google Listing service ranges from $500-$750/month

LeadRev offers many services but I can tell you that the above services provide results for me and my clients and I love to use what is proven and what works in the current advertising space. Of course, we can also help with Web Design (Regular Sites, Landing Pages, E-commerce Stores), SEO (Local, Organic, Competative), Content Marketing & Brand Design (Logo, Infographics). All services are within a reasonable price, come with great support and reporting.