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Laser Quest

Sunrise Heights, Florida


Laser Quest

Sunrise Heights, Florida


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Brittney R.

19 June 2019

Customer service was amazing! Staff members have great personalities, which helps make the experience. I'd definitely go back :) thank you Bryan and Alex


Shanon L.

7 June 2019

The customer service litttttttt Alex and Bryan were the nicest people and we had so much fun


Stephanie C.

7 June 2019

Alex and Brian were the nicest employees there. They ensured we had a great time. I'll definitely be back.


Jennifer P.

30 May 2019

I've been to Laser Quest twice now and although I'm really bad at laser tag, I had a lot of fun. The staff there are super friendly and upbeat.I've only done laser tag at one other place, so I don't have too much to compare it to, but I think the actual space where you play the game is pretty cool. It's multi-levels, with lots of cut-outs and reflective areas. They have a fog machine so it's dark and foggy which adds to the fun. Games are $9 a person a game. They have lots of party rooms so you can have birthday parties there or team-building work events. You're allowed to bring in your own food. There's lots of free parking on site too. Overall, a fun place to play laser tag! More...


Michael B.

19 May 2019

After several hours of research looking for a place to have my son's 11th birthday party we finally settled on Laser Quest. In years past we chose Game Room in Sawgrass Mills, and we were always happy, but this year my son said he wanted a different place and so we chose here.I must say, we were completely and totally satisfied with our choice. In fact, in many respects it was even BETTER than Game Room. First of all, we never felt rushed for time in the private room we booked. At Game Room, they hurried us out of the place. We hardly felt there was time to blow out the candles and serve the cake, but here we had plenty of time and no one ever said one word about the time. Also, my son and his friends had so much fun. They had at least as much fun here as they had playing video games. And our host, Corey, was fantastic! Very friendly. Very attentive. We were very happy. And not for nothing, this was a more affordable option than some of the others we were considering. That was the icing on the cake for me. I would definitely recommend this as a party spot for kids around 11 years old. More...


Monique Y.

11 May 2019

Had a blast! Celebrated my son's birthday here and purchased a groupon! They have a contract with Papa Johns so we ordered pizza! Our host was amazing! He was very attentive and helped serve pizza and cut our cake! He helped clean and took great care of us...the kids loved this place! They played 2 games of laser tag and they had a great time!!  This is my 2nd party here and my son loves this place! There's arcade games and the kids loved them! Air hockey, pacman and basketball!  Will definitely go again! More...


Ariel W.

23 April 2019

I came for an event with a large group of children. Located in a dated plaza in Sunrise it doesn't look like very much from the outside. Inside is a check in desk, small arcade, and a few small party rooms. You choose a code name for your game and you receive a computer chip that activates your gun. Once your game is set up you go into a briefing room where they go over the rules. From there it is into another room where you put on a vest with a laser gun attached. You press the chip you were given to the gun to activate it and then it is time to have fun. The arena is dark with black lights. There are a few two story structures to climb as well as numerous places to hide. The arena is actually quite large which you can't tell from the outside. To score points you try to hit your opponents by tagging their targets on the front, back, and shoulders of their vests. If they hit you your gun it won't operate for 5 seconds. Chasing the kids was so much fun and exhausting. A single game can burn 100 calories. Once you finish your game you get a detailed printout of how you did. I finished in the top third of my group. The kids really enjoyed getting to shoot me, all in good fun.Our visit also included a tour of the arena with the lights on and a talk about the science behind the lights and lasers. Laser Quest offers specialized laser tag games like Iron Man or one that lasts all night. You can have a birthday party party here or team building event. Promotions and specials can be found on their website. You can pay by the game or buy a monthly pass for $40. I'm addition to laser tag this facility also offers an escape room adventure.I had forgotten how much fun laser tag was. Today reminded me how exciting it can be. I had a blast playing and so did everyone I was with. The staff was friendly and accommodating. I would love to come back again. More...


Philip S.

21 February 2019

We recently held an Indian Princess event here.  15 dads/20 girls.   The staff was very accommodating with our request.    The girls had a great time.  Special shout out Sasha for taking care of us. More...


Serenity R.

16 February 2019

This place is like a grown up chuckeecheese. Zap daddy was so amazing. He honestly is so personable and funny. I'm a firm believer in reviews to ensure quality customer service. We did laser tag and the escape room and they made our experience soooooooooooo great we will definitely be back. Thanks again for ensuring a great time. You earned such a great review. More...


Eli G.

11 November 2018

Good times had by both kids and adults.  The staff were helpful.  This was my first time and would definitely do it again.  Thank you to Hexcaster for organizing the biannual event.  Splat More...


Rob M.

7 November 2018

LQ hosted my 9 year old son's birthday party this past weekend and we were really impressed by the service. My wife and I had our 11 month old baby in tow and the attendant made sure we had a private place to change him. Everyone there was very helpful and friendly (not always the case when in service industry). Would definitely recommend. P.S. Fyi to all the adult men out there that take laser tag even semi-seriously ....if winning over a bunch of 8 and 9 year old kids makes you feel good, you lead a very small existence. Spend a few bucks and organize a private game with other ADULTS. More...


Dionne F.

3 August 2018

The Ultimate Hide-And-Seek Adventure.My son loves going to Laser Quest, they have special packages for birthday parties, day camps, youth groups, sports teams. Now you can earn free games each time you reach a new level by earning experience points. Laser Quest is a family fun entertainment center with classic games of hide-and-seek and laser tag. More...


Mia Z.

14 July 2018

Amazing staff Amazing thank you for being  so sweet to my little girl that was scared. We truly appreciate it!! I would recommend this place to anyone we had a wonderful time her my kids and hubby loved it! Don't miss out wile being here


Ricardo C.

11 July 2018

This place is so solid, and such a bang for your buck! Everything is set super professionally. There is proper guidance (special thanks for "Mistah J"), the equipment is super comfortable and clean, the space is large and super well designed, the staff is friendly, even the time per game feels completely perfect (about 20-25 mins). Would recommend and will come back! More...


Andrea H.

12 June 2018

I didn't think I could have so much fun like when I was younger- boy was I wrong! This was my first time at this location, in a big plaza near an all you can eat buffet. The facility has a pretty fun spin on a laser tag area, with themed party rooms and a spacious game room to do your registration and check in. By far besides the fun and diverse facility, I was very impressed by the courteous staff and their enthusiastic nature. They were superb to work with as well as ready to help and guide us through the day. The location is an indoor laser room- all glow in the dark, ramps, turns and painted walls. With a group of 30 we found, many twists and turns to maneuver through and were not bored for a minute. The rounds announce the winner of the game by providing score cards as well as displaying it out in the main room when the game is over. Management was wonderful and staff stood above and beyond, we are looking forward to coming back in the summer ! Thanks guys :) More...


Judy S.

10 June 2018

Fun, fun, fun for all ages. I came here  with some of my coworkers after work and we all had a really good time


Chris T.

10 May 2018

Attended a child's birthday party here, and all of the kids had a great time. So I called and had my son's birthday here a few weeks later. The staff was great, facility is nice, and everyone had a great time. My only critique is that the gaming area is very small with only a handful of games (and a some were out of order) and very little space to sit and wait. I still would recommend for an affordable birthday party. More...


Cayden B.

7 May 2018

Love going to this place. It's great for all ages. If possible, try one of their overnighters.


Betsy S.

20 April 2018

We had my son's 9th birthday Party Here! We loved it- I loved the games and so did my son and his friends.  The laser part was a blast! The pizza was perfect and arrived right on time. I was glad we brought our own drinks, cake snacks, decorations  and music to jazz up the room! I loved how they did a shout to my son (though i had to correct them on his name- Brayden not Brandon!  A few negative things were that I didn't know I should bring table cloths to cover the tables for the guests, I would have liked another game and given a heads up about the video games (we hadn't been there before) added (didn't know you could do this. I would have liked to have some pitchers of water and at the very end of the party one of the hosts came over and had some games to do with the kids - toilet paper challenge etc. I had let most of the kids leave ...so a heads up for others!! More...


Brooke N.

28 January 2018

Went for our first time today and was NOT disappointed! This place rocks! Super Friendly staff, welcoming vibes and all around good fun! The laser tag area itself is nice size and super mazy which is great when dodging and hiding laser beams! My husband and I took our son here and we had as much fun as he did and will be making this place a regular stop for Sunday fundays! More...


Todd M.

29 November 2017

AMAZING STAFF, VERY organized. Tons of fun! I bring my youth groups there multiple times per year and my son's birthday party was a blast. Rodney & Deadrick are awesome!!! Thanks for all you do! More...


A L.

24 July 2017

Awesome place to take kids to! I heard from them through Groupon, bought the Groupon and had a 2x 20min game session with an in between 20min break, and we loved it! The kids had fun as did I and I plan to go back this weekend More...


Kim C.

16 July 2017

We came here for a friend's birthday because we wanted to do something different, fun, and active. The inside was pretty big and organized; they had a check in #1 and #2 desk. They had a couple of games in the lobby such as air hockey. There was a separate room for laser tag and the escape room. We came here on a Saturday night and it was packed. They have a laser tag game every fifteen minutes. You could purchase a package for three 15 minute games for $19 per person.Once you check in, you enter the room and there's a guy that went over the rules; then he let us into another room with all the laser tag gear. Once the previous game is over, we were let into a room that looked like a maze. It was glow in the dark with lots of crevices and halls. Some of the hallways were very narrow so I was scared somebody was going to run into me. Yes, there were a few people running even though they said not to run. There's also a second floor which I found was neat. I thought fifteen minutes was perfect since I worked up a sweat! And I didn't even run! Lol.Pros: it's a fun way to hang out with friends. It gets you active! It's pretty cheap, $8.50 per person.Cons: the hallways were small and people will disregard the rules and run into you so be aware of that.Next time, I would like to try out their escape room. You have to make reservations because we wanted to do it but it was already booked. It's $15 per person and 45 minutes. They also have different themes. Overall, a fun place to be! More...


Keyana ..

14 July 2017

Laser quest is the best place to go with friends, family, coworkers, etc. The employees are very kind and enthusiastic (shoutout to Alex & Codi). I've been twice definitely will keep visiting! Oh wait, their prices are good too! More...


Diego F.

2 July 2017

I had so much fun. It was my first time playing laser tag and i really love it there. Pros:Friendly staffThe laser tag field is very wonderful. A lot of action. Everybody playing was so much fun and safe. I will go back for sureCons: In my second game my gun was not working properly, but they give two free games. Good move in my opinion. The location seems to be in a bad neighborhood. But the shopping plaza seems safe. Great place for kids and adults to play laser tag with very patient and friendly staff. More...


Ashley T.

27 May 2017

I brought my students for a science field trip. They taught a wonderful lesson on how light behaves, and the children were able to play two games. We had an awesome time, and we will definitely be back! More...


Lynn B.

9 May 2017

I took my family here this past weekend and we had a great time. The staff were very nice and we had a great family experience. Everything was positive. A couple of observations - the game times (15 min) were a little short and the game area is slightly smaller than other Laser Tag places I've been but again not negative just an observation.  Great place for a quick family adventure. On a positive note: this is geared toward Yelp there's not a "gender neutral" restroom More...


Erica D.

25 March 2017

Kids love this place so much we had a birthday party here for my, at the time, fifth grader. It was big enough for 40 plus people and the party room was awesome. Our party leader handled everything beautifully and all of the kids had a great time. We had a special package that had the building to ourselves for the evening hours of the party. It was so special for the kids. They all had a blast! No pun intended! More...


Brianna B.

24 March 2017

I played laser tag with my brother and another brother sister group. The four person game was awesome, we had a ton of places to hide and play. I liked the experience. Our Marshall for the game was very cool and helpful. The arcade was bunch of fun. I ended up spending all of my coins there. Maybe put a cap on your budget, or you'll be out of quarters in ten minutes if you're anything like me. An awesome experience, even though I did not get first place... More...



18 November 2016

I mean...if you want to feel like a kid again, or in a live action video game - you should swing on by. My daughter and I had tons of fun, and we'll definitely be heading back soon.


Robert M.

29 October 2016

Absolutely love this place. The kids say it's the best ever. Friendly and helpful staff, decent prices, lots and lots of fun.  Perfect for a rainy day


Anna R.

14 August 2016

This was the most fun I've had in a very long time. It's extremely reasonably priced, and the games are long! We went at about 8:30 on a Saturday night with a group of 9, and played the arcade games they have inside the lobby while we were waiting for our games to start (which only took about 20 minutes).The staff members all seem to have a lot of fun at their jobs, and make the beginning while they explain the rules fun and entertaining. Once you're playing, there's two stories to run around on, complete with mirrors, cages, and much more, which makes it like an adult playground. Wear running shoes and dark clothes, as they use black lights. They also play some great underground 90's trance in the area you play, which gets you pumped up, and makes it all the more fun, especially if you dance around with friends. They have an escape room, but we didn't have time to try it, but will definitely soon!We'll definitely be returning! We've never had more fun! More...


Jamie C.

27 July 2016

Located in a shopping plaza tucked away in the corner, keep your eyes peeled or you might miss it. This place has laser tag, arcades and an escape room. The laser tag was around $8 or $9 and it was 45 minutes. The time goes by so fast when you're playing. It's a maze in there with two levels so you never know where or when someone will creep up on you. I took my teenage son and his friends and there were 23 people playing total. I came in 7th and I also beat my son and all his friends. Ha! They also played drum and bass music during the game which totally brought me back to my rave days in the 90's. So nostalgic. Haha! Then we did the escape room which was a little different than other escape rooms I've done. They only give you 45 minutes instead of an hour. They also make you wear a blind fold to get into the room which was weird. But it only cost $15. I can't say it was the best escape rooms I've done but we did have a good time. More...


Olivia A.

6 July 2016

Staff is really nice and it's a really fun place. Big place to explore inside. It really depends who you are going to play with that makes this place fun. Younger kids go here a lot so older crowds should bring a big group so you can have more fun. Saturday is always packed so I suggest calling ahead to make an appointment. There are no lockers so LADIES LEAVE YOUR PURSE AT HOME/CAR. Bring some water for later, they have vending machines but your going to want to run and it's bigger than I though the place would be in the dark. The only negative is I wish when people get too rowdy in the lobby the staff would do something about it. It's hard to listen for your group if it's crowded and I feel like the staff can be disorganized at times. Overall it's a great way to have some fun More...


Jade A.

28 June 2016

Really fun, you get pretty sweaty. The ironman is ideal because time flies by when shooting lasers. Also I always get last place which might be my fault but also lasers i feel like don't always connect. Anyway it's pretty great for like 10$ more or less. Go with friends. More...


Renee M.

24 March 2016

Awesome place for my tween kids to let off some steam.  Staff is sooooi nice and great with kids there!  We buy yearly memberships and get specials and discounted games.  So worth it!  Good clean fun.


Victoria Y.

19 March 2016

Laser Quest is a fun game for everyone, when you play with alot people and interactive game you can play with your friends.


Jordanna E.

21 February 2016

This place is STELLAR!  I am so embarrassed that I live close enough that I could walk there and this past July was my first visit.  I had my sons birthday party there and it was AWESOME.  The place is SOOOOO accommodating and really makes it a great place for a kid's party.  You can order pizza through them, and then bring whatever else you want!  The staff is so friendly and GREAT with the kids.  OK, it's not just for kids.  I had a blast there, too.  Please don't hesitate it's such a fun place for kids and adults, and the staff really is outstanding!!! More...


Adriel Z.

6 January 2016

Laser Quest is decent. People that go there are competitive, like really competitive. If you shoot the laser that them first and take them out, they will go around, flank you and just shoot you back because you shot them first.As a plus, before you start and pay to take part in the event. You can give them your unique name that you wan to have so then after the match ends your name can be displayed on the screen. More...


Mary T.

2 January 2016

I love this place. I've been here a few times with a mixed combination (or all of the above..) my boyfriend, my brother, and little cousins. There is never a dull moment when it comes to laser tagging. The price is reasonable, the playing field is fun to run around in, and it's a great way to spend 15 minutes of your energy shooting people (LEGALLY, lol). Kids approve of this and my boyfriend and I surely approve of this.. mainly to see who can get the highest score each round More...


Kristen L.

3 October 2015

This place blew me away! I absolutely loved the layout of the room as it has multiple stories with vents, mirrors and traps on every corner! I had a bunch of friends visiting from out of town and we totally had a blast.  My  only issue is that the guns seem to take a few shots before it's registered as a point..  But most people also seemed to have that problem so it felt pretty fair game. I also liked the fact that there wasn't any young kids in our game..  The average age was in their 20s which made it more exciting.  Definitely a must go to for a great time adventure with friends. More...


John T.

14 September 2015

This place Is awesome they need more locations. I would love to do this more often. I had such a great time with my 7 year old daughter. Jenn was so nice to me and my child. More...


Amanda C.

11 September 2015

We are part of a social MeetUp group, and our first outing with the group was at Laser Quest. Most of the group had been here before or at least played laser tag before. I hadn't played in about 15 years, so I was a little nervous at first. My fiance and his daughter both love laser tag, and his daughter was the champion of the final round. She's 13, and when they announced her name as the winner, the whole group errupted in laughter and disbelief. It was classic!The staff is wonderful here. They are excited, informative and serious about laser tag. Before you start to play, they explain everything clearly to everyone. They have a code everyone must repeat, which includes fair play and no foul language. I'm so impressed they have these "rules", and just about everyone abides by them. This place is fun for kids and adults alike. One game costs $8, so it's not hard on the budget. I would recommend wearing comfortable shoes and bringing a towel if you're a serious player. It's easy to break a sweat hunting down people to tag. This is definitely a place we will visit again. More...


Navene S.

28 August 2015

My professional pharmacy fraternity uses them every year for a rush event to welcome the incoming students. Its always a fun time here and the staff is pretty attentive and friendly. I recommend it if you're into laser tag. The arena is pretty nice, the equipment is good too, sometimes there are malfunctioning laserguns but for the most part they are usually reliable. They also give great instruction before games. More...


Ashley J.

26 June 2015

I recently celebrated my 26th birthday here and it was awesome! It was my first time ever even playing laser tag, and I had such a blast. Although I'm sure it helped a lot of my friends came, the staff at Laser Quest was very, nice and accommodating. I believe Carrie was the one that helped me schedule everything - the room, how many people, etc. She was super sweet on the phone. Zach (if I remember correctly) was the one working the night of my birthday and he was really cool. The experience itself - the laser quest games are great! It's a two story glow in the dark playground and fun for any age. The only thing I'd change is the timing ... We had to rush through pizza and cake because the games were going to start and they couldn't wait for us to finish, even when the second game was only our group which was a little frustrating. Other than that, I had a great time and would definitely go back! More...


Contributing M.

24 June 2015

Innocent fun at a good price. However, the game tables need replacing in the lobby. Air hockey is in bad condition.


Sarah S.

14 June 2015

We had my daughter's birthday party here last night and the staff was amazing. We forgot candles and a lighter for the cake, but they had extra on hand. The party was a great deal and the teens had a great time. One of the good things is that you can bring your own food and drinks. More...


Angela V.

14 April 2015

I had my son's 10th birthday party there last weekend, and I have to say I think it was the best party we have had. It was easy and fun! The staff was so friendly and accommodating from start to finish. They included everything we needed (plates, cups, napkins, silverware, balloons, birthday sign), and arranged for us to have pizza brought in. We just showed up with the cake and kids. All the boys said it was their favorite place for a party. Included in your basic package ($16.50 per kid) are two laser tag games and a party room. They play silly games with the kids in between rounds. There are several arcade games to play while waiting for parents to pick up the kids. Two hours from start to finish is the perfect amount of time. Also, one of the boys lost his iPhone, and the staff went out of their way to search for it until it was found. Highly recommend!! More...


Megan T.

5 January 2015

Had my son's 9 year birthday party here recently and I don't know who had more fun between the kids and adults.  The place is perfect.  20 min games are perfect between pizza and cake.  The place is clean and the staff is super friendly. More...


K U.

23 December 2014

I've been coming to this LaserQuest location for over fifteen years, but this past Sunday was the best experience that I've ever had, in large part because of PRNCESSPAZ.  Without a doubt, she was fantastic!  Not only was she all-around gregarious, but she clearly wanted to ensure that my friends and I had a great time.  To up the ante for our laser battle, we naturally brought lightsabers to help in our quest.  PRNCESSPAZ gladly took many photos of my group as we wielded both our lightsabers and laser guns...plus, she also whipped out one of her own lightsabers to join in on a photo with us.  To put it simply, PRNCESSPAZ should be bumped up to at least QUEENSPAZ, if not EMPRESSPAZ! More...


Susan F.

20 December 2014

Awesome place for team building. I was a reluctant participant in a recent work outing and ended up loving it as did the rest of my colleagues.


Danielle C.

18 November 2014

Wow, it has literally been years since I have played Laser Tag. What a treat to find out there is a location a mile from my residence! When Michelle C. suggested a UYE, I was more than excited! We planned for a later game. I do think the later the games, the less children (yay). I know this is really a place for kids, but adults can enjoy too, and its better to enjoy it with fewer kids...The place was pretty clean upon walking in. I do have to say one of the girls at the counter checking us in and ringing us up was a little rude compared to what we had been dealing with on the phone. Regardless we had a great group going. We played some arcade games before our game started. I love air hockey and almost won...but tied it up with Denny H. I WILL GET YOU NEXT TIME! Our laser quest leader....or whatever they call them was a lot of fun and got us all hyped up!! Once we entered the arena, it was game on! The set up was great, with a multi level playing field and the smoke and neon lights! I was in the zone! Although, I came in 18th place in both games, I still had an absolute blast. It was a real adrenaline rush and got sooooo hot! Everyone that came was so into it, but it didn't get too competitive! I do have to say it would have been a tiny bit more fun with some liquor in me before hand, but probably not as safe. TEEHEEHEE! It was great meeting some Yelpers I hadn't met before, and a great welcome back to BPB. Cant wait to go again! #DontTagMeBro (haha best code name) More...


Cherine A.

17 November 2014

If I had known this place existed, I absolutely would've had every birthday party ever here. Would it be weird for an adult to throw a birthday party here? Don't care, it's totally going to happen.I discovered Laser Quest thanks to Michelle C's UYE. Usually I've seen laser tag offered in bigger entertainment complexes (for example, Off the Wall in Margate or Boomer's in Boca), but never as a stand-alone attraction. Laser Quest is a testament to the fact that a solely laser tag location can stand on its own. When we walked in, we spotted the cash registers where you sign up, but the large lobby also has a few arcade games with which to pass the time until your session starts. We each paid for our games, then waited to be called so we could choose our usernames. As others have mentioned, you can choose your own, or they have a list of suggestions and a box of random names to select. I went with the always-classic Leia for the first one, then decided on Giblet for our second game, just cause it made me laugh. Rather than being a small section of a larger property like Boomer's, the laser tag arena here is HUGE. In our fairly large group, I never even saw half the people in there because we could spread out so much. There are two levels, but no real place to hide, since even on the second floor, there are grates in the floor and mirrors everywhere that make you a target no matter where you are. On that same token, the grates made it a lot of fun to get people from above, and they had no idea who had shot them. We played with people of all ages, and the only one I couldn't stand was this little punk of a kid who kept pointing his laser in my eyes. I used to be a teacher, so I turned on the stern teacher voice and told him to cut it out. He ran away from me pretty quickly after that ;)We played two games, and it was just ever-so-slightly annoying to have to be crammed into that tiny little room to hear the whole rules schpiel over again. That girl can (and probably does) recite that speech in her sleep. Both times we played, we had to stay in that small room longer than we were supposed to due to unspecified "delays." When you have a group of about 40 people sandwiched in there, it can get a bit claustrophobic. But other than that brief annoyance, we had a ton of fun, and it was a bit more of a workout than I think any of us anticipated. We were all sweating a little bit after the first game, and I wished they had turned the AC lower in there.All in all I would absolutely come back here. This was a total blast, and I hope we have another UYE at some point! Michelle, thanks so much for planning such a great night out! I loved it! More...


Charmie P.

13 November 2014

Who knew this awesome place was hidden in an average looking strip mall! I had the opportunity to attend an UYE organized by Michelle C, it's been years since I played laser tag with my little brother so I figured it would make for a fun night. And what better company than a bunch of Yelpers!Laser Quest is very well run and the venue was a lot more fun than the previous places I have been to. First off, they have a very well organized system to guide guests through the process, first off to pay and select your games, second step to select your codename, I found it very amusing that not only did they have a large list of names you could choose from, but they also had a "magical box of stars" where you reach in and pull out a star with names to use. And after you had paid and selected your code name, a color pass was provided to initiate your equipment for the game. We started with the blue pass and then the purple. At the start of each game all players were taken into the airlock where our knowledgeable and energetic Marshal provided us with the rules of the games. Then we were off to be equipped, and the game began. The venue is 2 stories with several passages to go up or down, lost of walls and open fencing through the walls, lots of different areas and even openings on the floors for you to shoot out of and hopefully not get show yourself. At the end of the game a large screen displayed our scores and our Marshall provided for a printed detailed copy of the scores to each player. My only complaint is that it was very hot and could use colder A/C.We had a blast!!! And I would definitely like to play again. Thank you Michelle C. for such a fun event! More...


Sergio F.

12 November 2014

Maybe next time I'll put my nickname as "Armando Bond" (owe you a drink if you know what song I'm referring to :) When I was little, playing tag and hide-and-go-seek meant around the neighborhood, in abandoned vans and in a tree. As I got older, it meant a now-closed amusement park off Flagler Street. So when Michelle C posted this adventurous UYE, with the chance of playing soldier with fellow Yelpers, I knew I had to go!Located in a strip mall, the plain exterior disguises the adventure that awaited nside. After meeting up the group and checking in, we were led to the "airlock" where our funny and energetic "Marshall" (Glitch, I believe) told us the rules, gave us our gear and off we went. Wow,  what a workout! I was hauling a decently sized laser (and target) package, running through a nicely laid out maze avoiding mirrors and the grilled floors above. If you forgot physics,  lasers are light, and can bounce off mirrors and into the target sensor you're rocking . You can zap each other multiple times, play sólo a la Rambo and can strategerize working with a teammate (thanks  Savannah!) The game itself was about 10 minutes,  after which we were given detailed reports showing who hit me and who I got (Amelia and Cherine cruelly got me lol) The only improvement I'd suggest would be in layout as a didn't notice any fog as was described, and maybe some strobe lites in a more advanced level.Thank you Michelle for putting this together,  and the crew at laser quest for an exciting couple of hours! More...


Krys P.

12 November 2014

Even though I suck at this game, and felt myself a sitting duck for all the hits I've received, I'd say this is a pretty awesome place for kids and adults alike.  At $8 a game (even less with membership) it's affordable, and that $8 last quite a while, plenty of time to run, hide, shoot and get some learning curve going to make it fun.  And you'll get a good work out too, exiting the room sweating and out of breath.  Kids can play along with adult and totally not feel they are at a disadvantage (it's more like the other way around).The set up is organized, the game room is well laid out, no place to really hide and you can shoot at someone or get shot at anywhere you go.  Mirror is a bit confusing for me, sometimes I'm not sure if I hit the mirror or another gamer down the corridor, lol.  It's definitely fun to go as a group, though I'd strongly advise calling ahead to reserve a spot so you can all go in the same round.Thanks Michelle C for organizing the UYE! More...



12 November 2014

Since we moved to the neighborhood we were driving around and we spotted this place. Oh the joy!! I have not played laser tag in many years but I thought what fun!!I had called several times to get prices and find out more about what they offer and every single call the staff was so awesome. Very helpful and friendly. I decided to set up a UYE not having a clue if anyone would really come. The day of the event 16 people were signed up so I called and reserved two games for 15 people thinking that would be fine. Traffic coming from the South was bad so I asked the young lady if we could push up our time by 15 minutes to wait on our Paul W. They were very accommodating and said no problem. So I was quite shocked we had I believe 22 people total.  Oh my and what a great crowd. Everyone was excited to play. In the waiting area is an arcade that many were indulging in. Everyone paid for two games other than a few people because we had to many in our party and they get quite busy. It worked out ok. Ok so we got our code names, went into a room to hear all the rules then mad rush in to another room to get our vest on and activate our guns!  It had two levels, it was dark and slightly smoky.  Woah next thing I know is I'm getting shot from every angle. Little kids hunted  me down, easy target haha finally I decided I needed to get out of there quickly and move fast. So much fun running around shooting as many people as I could find. All you saw was Yelpers laughing, running, and just having a blast. The game was over and we all met in the lobby to get our results. Haha ok yeah I was bad. Amelia won I think first place. Ok she tricked us all. This lady is a pro. I think she moonlights here often. Then we go into our second game and some of us had a plan, yes a strategy well so I thought. I really thought my strategy was working out quite well until I realized I did worst than the first game. Lol Paul W. won first place!!! What I should have stuck next to him. What a fun filled evening. Something different to do especially for adults. It's so much fun acting like a kid again. And hey this was a great workout. We were all sweating bullets. A couple of tips for ladies. Wear your hair in a high ponytail otherwise your hair gets tangled in the vest. Wear dark clothing. Ashley M. had bright colored gym shoes on and she was an easy target. ha ha white clothing stay away from.  IT was bad enough smiling and all you saw were everyones white teeth and my blonde hair did not help.  This was  so much fun!  IT looked like everyone had a great time.Very well organized, great knowledgable friendly staff and reasonable prices. Huge thank you to all that came out. We had so much fun with you all.  AFterwards we went for food and cocktails and continued our awesome evening.Thank you Laser Quest for a fun filled evening.  See you again.BTW, come with a group it is so much more fun!! More...


Paul W.

11 November 2014

To use an often overused cliché, this place truly is "fun for all ages";  On the night we came, there were people participating from the ages of 6 or 7 up to senior adults, and everyone seemed to have a blast!What impressed me most about Laser Quest is how well this place was thought out and is run.  Most times when you go to a place like this or that features things like go karting, gaming or other activities, it's just an OK experience...But here they have everything from the sign-in process to the pre-game speech from the staff to the laser tag itself and the presentation of the awards and scores afterward down to a science.  The laser guns and packs have some really advanced features (more on those later) and the staff even have cool headsets they can use to communicate with each other to resolve problems or to make announcements in the lobby.When one arrives here, the different steps to get checked in are marked as "Phases".  Phase 1 is where you tell them which group you're with or how many games you want to participate in, and pay.  Phase 2 is where you line up before your game starts to hand them your game card, choose your nickname and get the wand that you'll swipe on your laser to activate it.  Don't worry, if you're not good at choosing nicknames, you can view a list, or pick a star that has random names listed on them.   Once you've selected your nickname and have your wand, you're led into a room where one of the "marshals" will explain all about the equipment, how the game is played, and go over the rules.   After that, you're led into the area where the packs that contain the lasers and the targets are hanging.  You simply choose one, buckle it on, use your wand to activate it and that's it!  The entire group you're with is led into the game area and you're off to start shooting each other at will!The space where the actual laser tag happens is pretty awesome...It's dark with black lights and UV paint, they have a few smoke machines pumping smoke in, there are lots of areas to hide, but they've designed it so you can't just hide in a corner and continually pick people off, as others can usually spot you from one or 2 directions or from above and aim at you as well.  There are ramps leading to areas upstairs where you can shoot down onto people, but again, it's laid out so people are also able to target you from behind or below, so no one is able to simply find a corner, hide and shoot at others as they pass by. The game area is also designed with grates in the walls and floors that you can shoot through, and you can also "bounce" the laser beams off of the mirrors that are on the walls inside this place, so you don't necessarily need to have a direct line of sight in order to hit someone.The laser guns and packs are awesome, allowing you to shoot at targets that are located on people's fronts, backs, on their laser guns and on their shoulders.  When you do hit someone or someone hits you, you can look down at an LCD screen on the back of the laser and it'll tell you who you've hit, or who's hit you.  It also shows your ranking vs. everyone else.After the game is over (the laser packs shut down and yellow flashing lights in the venue illuminate when time is up), you place your packs back on the racks where you got them from, then return to the lobby where the scores and rankings are shown on large TVs, and they also give everyone their score cards that show their rankings, score, who you hit, and where on their bodies you shot them.In all this was great fun!  Again, it was well run with professional staff and some really well thought out equipment, and best of all, it's not an expensive night out, either.  We played 2 games, spent well longer than an hour here and the total with tax was less than $18.  Compare that with places like GameTime or Dave & Busters where you can seemingly blow through $40 in about 15 minutes' time and not only is Laser Quest great fun, but it's also a good value. More...


Savanna M.

10 November 2014

I've had some great times in the past playing laser tag, so when Michelle C. organized a UYE here I was all for it.  This was my first time at Laser Quest but it won't be my last!! Actually, I think my dream last night involved me playing laser tag.A two story facility with lots of fun places to hide out and tons of room to run about if you prefer that tactic....by the second game I was worn out and staying still was much more fun lol... and my score went up, so it may be advantageous for me! Pros - 1. Cost.  At just over $8 a game it's quite affordable...I actually think they could charge a little more and people would still come.2. Very well organized.  From paying, registering your code name, the "activator", the pre-game instructions, everything was very well done.  Even the print outs of your score at the end were better than I've seen at other places.3. The arena is huge and the game time seems to last forever!4. It's great for adults and children.5. There's some arcade style games to keep the kids from getting bored between games.  6. There is a "party room" where it looked like birthday parties were being held with food etc.  Not sure how that works and if you can bring outside food? But if I was a child I would definitely request to have a birthday party here! Cons - 1. The only con I saw was the lack of adequate locker space.2. Can get extremely busy. There is some sort of reservation option for game times, so inquire about that if you're coming on the weekend.  Will I be back?  Hell yes!! Had a blast, and again thanks to Michelle C. for organizing such a fun night! More...


Sandy V.

6 October 2014

I had my son's birthday party there and all of the kids had a great time. The staff was very helpful and friendly but The party room was a little small for 23 kids and parents. I loved that they let you bring food from outside but please bring your own tablecloth because it wasn't included with the party package they provide. The only reason It wasn't perfect was because I hardly had time for set up before kids began showing up and same thing to clean up. Otherwise, it was truly a great experience and every kid and parent that played had a great time! More...


Ericka L.

6 September 2014

It was busy on a rainy Saturday but it was still a good time! Warning: some people take this game way too serious.


Tracy B.

5 September 2014

We held a company outing at Laser Quest in August and had a blast!!  We really loved the staff, very friendly, energetic, and hilarious.   Even though it sounds more like a kids event, as adults we had so much fun.  Getting out of the office and running around like kids, laser quest was the perfect option. More...


Erin S.

16 May 2014

This place is actually really fun for kids and adults alike.  I was impressed with the staff's enthusiasm for getting the group ready to play and explaining the rules of the arena in a fun way. The area itself is great. Multiple levels and lots of spots to target your laser-wielding foes. We played two games back to back.  The first had about 15 players so lots of people around to laser and laser back.  The second game only had about 6 players which was a little less fun because you had to move around a lot to find people because the arena is pretty big.  I wish I had known the game would be so few players because we could have waited for the next one. The staff jumped in the game so there were more people which was actually a nice touch! More...


LaDonna D.

3 May 2014

I just had my daughter's 10th birthday party at Laser Quest Sunrise and it was such a great stress-free experience! I haven't received that level of customer service in I don't know how long. Triple Flip and the staff were so accommodating and made sure the entire time that we were all having a good time. Again, amazing staff...made us all feel incredibly welcome. Will definitely be going back! More...


Eric B.

24 February 2014

This place may look subpar, but shooting teens in the back will make 15 minutes seem awesome for only $8 dollars a game, and you even get to see how well you did compared to everyone else.     You first pay the person at the desk, and then tell him your code name of choice so you can identify yourself on the leaderboard. After that, he gives you a plastic tag with a metal part. Hang on to that. You then go to the briefing room. A guy informs the noobies, demonstrates how to activate the gun, and uses a demonstration purposes laser gun vest with sounds, and has everyone repeat the players' code (Don't jump, run, crouch, swear, or punch, and play fairly.)     Now, you go to the arsenal. You pick a vest with attached laser gun, and use the tag from earlier to activate it. When the door is open, there is a timer on the LCD screen on your gun that tells you when the game starts, giving you time to hide. When the game finally starts, you can now start playing. Watch for snipers. More...


Joan L.

26 December 2013

First, have to say I truly enjoyed the reviews from all the adults who come here and play laser tag (Sarah M...lol....some might get the impression there are a bunch of intoxicated adults scaring & shooting at kids!)My review is purely from a parent's perspective (and there has never been an intoxicated adult who has scared my kids or ruined the experience for them!).   Until today we have only had our kids' parties here or been to parties here.   They do a great job with parties & compared to most kids' birthday parties, it is pretty reasonable ($15.50 per child for 2 games on weekends). Today I brought my 2 boys (9 & 10) and their friend. I was just a little annoyed because there was just one group ahead of us and the wait was very long (long enough for the boys to spend bucks at the arcade!).  Then I was informed there would not be a game available for all 3 boys for a while (over an hour). I was peeved because I had called earlier to ask about the wait and whoever I spoke to said it wasn't too crowded, just come in, and said nothing about being able to reserve spots!  I certainly did not want the boys spending over an hour in the arcade (& spending even  more money!) and I did not want to leave with them being disappointed.  So after a discussion with the manager about best demonstrated phone practices, he found extra spots in the next game. He also gave us free passed for our next visit-great customer service. Bottom line:  kids like it a lot and at $8.25 a game, it is more reasonable than some of the indoor amusement parks around. For $10 you can buy a membership which gets you discounts i.e $2 off per game but only worth it of you come often More...


Orlando D.

8 July 2013

Shooting little kids in the back (with lasers, chill the hell out, Michael Moore) is a lot harder than I thought it would be. It sounds easy enough, in theory, but when you're stuck in a room that looks like either a crazy acid trip or Andy Dick's sex dungeon, most of the hunting tends to go the other way around.Before you start, "Hahaha, look at Barney Stinson over here," stop. Fucking stop. I hate how it's impossible to like laser tag without someone making a stupid-ass How I Met Your Mother reference as if laser tag were some obscure hipster activity performed illegally in an underground Russian warehouse. No, I didn't "suit up". It wasn't "legendary". Shut the fuck up.Laser tag is fun as hell. It's like paintball without all the physical pain, gear, and shot accuracy. If you've never had the pleasure of playing, I'll run it down for you. Once you've paid The Man™, you head on in to a staging area where an employee enthusiastically lists a bunch of rules you're about to shit all over, stuff like: no running, no crouching, no swearing, no having fun, etc. I found myself discretely giving the finger to the 16-year-old girl just doing her job explaining the rules for our safety. Fuck the police! When you know all the rules, you move onto the next room to put your gear on. It's just a vest and a weapon. After that, you're led into the battlefield (which remind me of Ultra, but with better music), and if you have epilepsy, that's the point where you start convulsing and wishing you weren't stupid enough to play laser tag with epilepsy. That's when you shoot children and hip check them against a wall a few times to remind them who came out of a vagina a longer time ago.It was a group of about 11 of us adults celebrating my girlfriend's birthday. When we finished the first round, our cocky asses figured for sure we destroyed everyone.Then we looked at the scoreboard.It turns out, little kids are way better than adults at laser tag. First off, they use psychological warfare on you, which is fucked up. You know what it is to be running around, minding your own business trying to murder people, when you get a clear shot on some little fucker who then proceeds to shout "HEY, YOU'RE CHEATING! CHEATER!! CHEATER!!" from the top of his lungs for no goddamn reason at all? You have to argue the charge, obviously. So you say something back. "Shut up, kid, I shot you fair and square." Then you realize you're standing in a dark room with lots of chaos going on, it's tough to recognize faces, and you're pretty sure if you elbow this kid in the mouth you can get away with it because that corner you're in has no witnesses. But while you're thinking all that, like 5 more little kids shot you.With that said, it's still a lot of fun. Sure, it's a little weird if you go there by yourself, but if you've got some friends you can show up with it'll be a lot less creepy. The amount of fun you'll have shooting all those little child soldiers is unprecedented. There's a lot of space in the war room, and ~$8 gets you roughly 15 minutes of kill time, which ain't bad at all.PEOPLE WHO WOULD ENJOY IT: Kids; adults; Joseph Kony.PEOPLE WHO WOULD NOT ENJOY IT: Anyone who never had a childhood. More...


Chantelle M.

16 March 2013

Don't even know how I ended up at this place, honestly. My friends stole me away and I fell asleep in the car and when I woke, here I was! At first I was pretty hesitant 'cause I've to many shabby laser quests places in my lifetime here in South Florida. A lot of them never stayed open too long either. This place is definitely worth the drive to come and decently priced as well! Its super cute the way things are set up, almost too cheesy in fact, but hey its all part of the experience. You usually have to wait a little bit because the group needs to fill up to a certain amount of players and in the mean time there's arcade games to play, you need to pick an "code name" for yourself that you are registered under and soon you enter a special room that is kinda like a cheesy Disney ride where they explain the rules and the gun pack and soon enough you are literally sworn in! My first thought as soon as I entered the realm, "Alright, play like its real-life version of Halo." and I guess it worked 'cause I placed 2nd out of 30 players! kekeke! biggest advice: do NOT wear white or light-colored. wear dark colors since there is a bunch of black and neon lights that will make you glow. Get ready to sweat, curse at little children, climb up and down stairs and ramps and cry when "Chantzboogie" defeats you. ;P jussss sayin! More...


Jesika L.

4 March 2013

Wayyyyy super fun! Even if you arent 16 years old you will have a blast! Especially if you grab a few drinks before.But be prepared to sweat like crazy! its like being in a real like video game!! More...


Wade M.

31 January 2013

FUN. Running around a dark warehouse shooting at other people. Get's your adrenaline pumping.


Sara M.

14 March 2012

I don't agree, but laying it down on young children is frowned upon, especially if they are not your own. Laser Quest gives you the opportunity to emotionally and physically (if you play it off like an accident) get back at the bitchass kids who whine at the Publix checkout lines because their mom won't feed their ugly mouth with a candy bar. And your punk neighbor who skateboards in the street while you are trying to drive, yeah, he gets it too. The slutty highschool girl who pushes her A-cup titties to her chest and gives you dirty looks as you pass her on the mall, this is your chance seek revenge! Clearly I am not a kid person. Hahah who am I kidding? I am just not a people person. So any excuse to verbally assault, humiliate and or lay down the fear of God on some unexpecting hoodlums makes me a happy girl. Plus, its fucking laser tag. If you don't enjoy the occasional game of laser tag, you have a sad personality and I pity you. So a pro tip is to not go in sober. Usually guzzling a few tallboys in the parking lot will do it for me. If you are of the grass smoking variety, I can imagine playing blazed might suit you well. I would recommend against any hallucinogen, that shit could end up poorly. After your intake of substance of choice, you can purchase one game or a pack of games. From there, pick your nickname. I always go with felch, hoping that kids will go home and google it later. From here, you might have to wait a few as they need a certain amount of people to start the game, or you have to wait for the last one to end. Its no big to wait, usually I peruse the kids and pick out my target, it's always my goal to make at least one cry.Once your competition is compiled, they will move you all into a room like cattle being lead to the slaughter house and this is where you run as fast as you can to a vest and laser gun. Like shitheads for real, they know how many guns they have in there and thats how many people they allow into the room, you don't have to run for it like you run for the bathroom after an expedition to chipotle. Cool it, you are going to get your vest and gun. After your relief of securing your laser tag necessities, you block out the buzz of the instructions and instead, admire the dust particles (and other mysterious stains) illuminating on your jeans from the blacklights over head. Then.. the madness starts. They open the doors into the 2 story maze and its suddenly a big clusterfuck of illuminated and neon magic. This is your chance to release your furry. Its a simple concept, shoot your gun (unfortunately shooting a laser and not bullets) at the twerp kid's vest, either on his shoulders or back or stomach. For some unknown reason, I can't seem to excel at this skill, one of the only few things I have not mastered in fact. Perhaps it is because I concentrate more on scaring/ emotionally scarring my competition and less on actually hitting them with my laser. The former will leave much more of an impression than the 2 seconds of my user name flashing in their face, offering the embarrassment of being hit. Once the game is over and you return their equipment, the dudes at Laser Quest will do a ceremony of sorts where they go through the whole freaking roll call of the players from first to last. I typically don't stay for this, being as I usually come in last or close to it and I get more than a handful of vicious stares from ugly children. I like laser tag and I'm not afraid to admit it. I don't think its purely a kid's game, in fact, I would love to implement naked laser tag for adult enjoyment. More...


Louise L.

7 September 2011

For some reason I get manipulated into going to play laser tag. Usually, this is not my cup of tea but I didn't want to drag the team down so I went anyway.My expectations of laser tag is Styrofoam boards, cut outs, something silly for kids. We walk in, it's fun, It has a Boomers feel about it. They have different party rooms, air hockey table, a kid would be excited coming to this place.  We go into another room and get suited up in our gear. Then a door opens. This room is HUGE! It's pitch black with black lights everywhere. The Boise system bass is pumping so much that it's radiating through your body. It gives me this uncontrolled adrenaline rush. Then chaos begins....everyone is running everywhere and I had already got tagged. I started to get anxiety lol At first i was like what is going on But after awhile I calmed down and really got into it. There are so many hiding places and It scared me every time I went around a corner. It was just so much fun, I felt like a kid again, and there is nothing wrong with that ;). After leaving I felt like I ran a marathon, it's great exercise with an occasional scream here and there. Oh by the way I got 1st place YAY Spiderman! ;) More...


Jason D.

5 November 2008

Laser Quest is the greatest living video game EVER! It is way cooler than paintball. First, you don't have to play outside and can avoid rain and chilly weather. Second, you don't have to put up with getting shot by paint pellets in your neck, your face or other vulnerable areas. I have always had one-eye out for Laser Quest as I drove around Ottawa. But, I never found it. Then, one Saturday, I was driving my son to a birthday party there and found it on St. Laurent - across from the science and transportation museum. You're probably wondering if I went in to shoot the heck out of some little kids. Hell yeah! Unfortunately, it was me who got the heck shot out of him. Kids these days.... The place is HUGE (it is actually half of a giant warehouse) and it is multi-leveled to add an additional degree of excitement. And, you can find your score after the game. I was 26 out of 26. Crap. More...



2 May 2006

Laser Quest offers the best laser tag in S. Fla, hands down. Not only is the arena the biggest, but it pumps music through a Bose sound system. Besides the game differentiating itself from other laser tag places, the interaction with the staff is something I haven't found anywhere else, ever. More...