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Knitwear Doctor

Ebbtide Mobile Home Park, California


Knitwear Doctor

Ebbtide Mobile Home Park, California


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Theresa M.

25 September 2019

yes my name is Theresa Morton i live in West Bend WI, being a three time cancer survivor i lost quite a few pounds. i had purchased several Saint John's knit suits over the years that i truly loved wearing, they were just hanging in my closet i believe moths were picking at my knits, now that i have such need to get back into them, i needed quite a bit work done, so i took to the internet; began my search for the expert that would put me back into my beautiful knit suits, boy did i hit the jack pot. I found Knitwear Doctors & Button Ham Palace. custom knitting, reknitting, knitwear alterations, garment dying, reweaving on fabric.                      Her name is Galia she is good with knits she fixed holes that were impossible for most professional i took a chance i travel to her location in Costa Mesa CA, with my daughter Toya. We were there from Saturday to Saturday we took 39 pieces to be altered, that Friday i picked up 36 to fly home with. well you might think why so far for alterations my thoughts were i paid for 39 pieces one suit cost more or less than the alterations. knitwear allso fix holes in cashmere sweaters or what ever clothing you may have if you want your clothing looking as good as new call GALIA she loves making her customers happy oh yell my sister gave me a size 8 knit red dress it was to small Galia blocked it to a 10 and it looks good on me. i promise you will be satisfied  GIVE HER A CALL TODAY 949 6501025EMAIL knitwear_doctor@yahoo.com More...


Jz Re

15 September 2019

I Remember back in 2015 when Galia and her amazing Knitwear Doctor team managed to flawlessly make my oversized Gucci knitwear fit me like a glove. I cannot wait to send my other sweaters to them I just been so busy . I just wish they had a branch here in Canada. Because it takes a month for the sweater to get back here with me. Knitwear doctor is heaven sent. More...


G Z.

8 September 2019

Excellent place in workmanship the lady is very meticulous in what she does and is always courteous, might not always deliver on time but still the workmanship is worth the wait


Beth Z.

13 August 2019

Galia did an amazing job altering a brand new cashmere sweater of mine.  It needed to be shortened and taken in on the sides.  We discussed size and length over the phone and it came back to me perfect!  Galia and her team do high quality work along with their great customer service. More...


Mary C.

8 June 2019

Galia at Knitwear Doctor is amazing!!!  I searched for a Knitwear alterations and found Knitwear Doctor.  Even though I live 90 minutes away, I read the positive reviews and thought it was worth a drive.  I took my Chanel wool gloves which were few sizes too big to Galia.  They were a gift.  She took one look and suggested ways to alter the baggy palm area and shorten the fingers.  I received a phone call from Galia when they were done.  Today, I picked them up.  WOW, her work exceeded my expectations!  I am so happy that I took them to her.  The gloves now fit perfectly and you can't see where she altered them.  She is a genius and super sweet.  I will keep bringing more things to her and definitely refer my friends.  Attached are before and after photos.  Thank you, Galia!!! More...


drnanjo .

31 May 2019

It's delicate work. If you are patient, you'll get even badly moth-eaten sweaters back nicely fixed!


Eliza S.

27 April 2019

If you have high quality clothing that needs repair- look no further! My husband's suit got torn in the sleeve because it got caught on a stray piece of chain link from a fence. We assumed it wouldn't be reparable because it had an intricate plaid pattern and were ready to throw it out. We brought her the jacket and she said she could fix it. We were happy to hear it but a little hesitant- how could she fix a hole in multi-toned fabric like this? We picked it up 2 weeks later and the suit jacket looks brand new! You cannot find the repair even with a magnifying glass. I have no idea how she does it, but it's some kind of magic! She works with all different fabrics and her prices are reasonable for the high quality work she's doing. More...


hilary u.

13 April 2019

Knitwear Doctor is a rare gem. A true specialty shop. My son drove me all the way from Beverly Hills. Galia, the owner, and her husband are warm and welcoming. She altered my beaded gold St John gown. It is beyond perfect. I highly recommend. More...


Keiko S.

4 April 2019

I cannot praise this business enough!!!  I would not entrust my knit repair with any one but Galia!  I have taken my damaged knits to her for 20+ years. I recently discovered that moths had gotten to many of my husband's and my cashmere sweaters -- beautiful Italian imports including costly Bruno Cucinellis! I thought they were irreparable and destined for the trash. But Galia seemingly magically made them look like new!  I was stunned to see her expert handiwork when I picked up the sweaters today. Tears in my eyes!  So grateful for Knitwear Doctor! More...


Gretchen K.

23 March 2019

I pulled out my Burberry scarf and Gucci skirt to discover moths had gotten to them. Thankfully there was one hole for each piece that was on the smaller side, but ironically, both items had an intricate tartan pattern.I checked Yelp for reputable places that did reweaving and Knitwear Doctor came up highly rated. I took them in late February for repairs and met with Galia. Initially I was concerned since the scarf did not come with spare threads or material when I purchased it many years ago and usually weavers need a sample of the material or threads to repair an area. (The skirt had huge seams so I figured that material could be taken from the inside and used.)Galia seemed unfazed by the challenge and showed me a sample of how she would repair the areas and reinforce them for a stronger weave. You pay up front before you pick up your pieces - it was a little surprising to pay in full since a past reweaver I worked with in San Diego used to charge half up front then the remainder when you picked up the item. I waited a month, likely due to a heavy workload on their end, and Galia called me today to tell me my pieces were finished. Wow. I could hardly tell there had been damage, unless I squinted! She knows her stuff and it was worth every penny. More...


Ereich Empey

7 February 2019

Fantastic reweaving. If you have a damaged woven garment that you care about, whether because of fond memories, or because its an investment piece, or because it was just pricey and you don't want to part with it, have it repaired by Galia. Her quality of work is excellent! I had her work on a sport coat in a loose, hopsack wool fabric with two different thread colors, and the end result is barely noticeable--despite being a more difficult weave to hide mistakes.Also, if you are like me, and rather ignorant to the needs of reweavers, don't put any fray check on the fabric before giving it to them. You might think that it is good to prevent the hole from getting bigger, but you are only going to make the work more difficult. More...


Nita H.

17 January 2019

You cannot even tell that there was a hole at one time in this cashmere sweater most amazing work I have ever ever seen. If you have any knitwear the needs mending this is the place to go More...


Mary Alice M.

10 January 2019

Very pleasant and efficient lady who runs this business, they did an outstanding job on three sweaters and I felt that their prices were more than fair. Job I was done when promised and my sweaters look good as new. Interestingly, they also have a large room in the back full of vintage and gently worn designer clothing for both men and women. (A great deal of Saint John knits). Worth exploring! More...


Trevor K.

8 January 2019

This place works miracles. I've been coming here for years, whenever a beloved sweater meets a moth or knit item needs repairs or altering.  I can't tell you how she does it but she does.  Also appreciated is her honesty in telling you which items will turn out nicely and which won't, or not worth it.  Thank you Knitwear Doctor for your many years of keeping things nice and wearable. More...


Sandra Meraz

7 January 2019

We had to have saved over a $1,000 by the meticulous and incredible work done here on our chenille sofa cushions. Though the fabric was extremely expensive, the custom sofa maker cut the seams too short and didn't double seam. That resulted in the fabric starting to fall apart at stress points on the cushions. Rather than having to completely reupholster the whole sofa, Knitware Doctor, rewove the fabric at the seams. An incredibly difficult job. This company is just amazing, I can only imagine what they can do on clothes! More...


Nate W.

21 December 2018

I was gifted a cashmere sweater a couple years ago, and it was large on me at the time - unfortunately, the place it was from didn't have the proper size to exchange. I've since lost more weight and literally could swim in the sweater.The team at Knitwear Doctor did a fantastic job re-sizing it for me. Aside from it now fitting, there is no sign at all that they changed anything - no loose threads or mismatched stitches or anything. I couldn't be happier with their work. More...


Sandra M.

12 December 2018

If only more people knew about this company, there'd be one in every city!When our expensive chenille sofa cushion covers started to unravel at stress points I was devastated thinking of the cost to reupholster the whole sofa.  The fabric had a broad weave and that's what made me think of the idea of having the fabric rewoven with the extra fabric we had.  Knitwear Doctor did such an amazing job and far exceeded even my highest hopes!  In fact, it made me think of all the expensive things I'd thrown out because of small holes that could have been saved.  I'd give 10 stars if I could. More...


Kim M.

31 October 2018

Knitwear Doctor beautifully repaired my treasured afghan made by my grandmother when I was a child.  There were places where the yarn had unraveled, leaving holes, and loose ends where more unraveling was going to occur, as well as tassels which needed to be replaced.  Because the yarn was approximately fifty years old, Galia spent much time and effort searching far and wide to purchase a yarn that would match as much as possible (so successfully that I don't notice any difference).  The result is a beautifully restored afghan which will now remain a meaningful family heirloom for years to come.  The amount charged was more than reasonable -- and probably too low for the time and energy Galia put into the exquisite job she did.  And as I don't live in the area, handling things by mail made the entire process very convenient.  How wonderful to find this kind of service which is so rare in today's world! More...


Lisa H.

29 October 2018

My cat got a hold of a sweater that I really loved, and I was heartbroken to discover that he ripped several holes in it. I desperately started searching online and found the Knitwear Doctor. I feared that the sweater was beyond repair, but thought I would give Galia a try based on her wonderful reviews. I brought my sweater in, and was relieved to hear that Galia was confident she could repair the holes and make it look great again. The price was extremely reasonable for the work, and I looked forward to seeing the finished product. One week later I came to pick up and sweater, and true to her word it looked amazing! I was so thrilled! Galia is truly a miracle worker - I will bring any and all knit items to her in the future, and refer everyone I know to her wonderful services. I cannot speak highly enough of my experience. Definitely bring your items here! More...


Matt S.

27 October 2018

Fixed holes in 2 jacket arms in a couple weeks. Amazing work that most other places wouldn't even try! Highly recommended! I will continue to be a customer! She is the Doctor! More...


Eric C.

2 October 2018

Galia works magic here. She helped me reweave a hole in one of my custom pants. She did an amazing job and if you knew where the original hole was you would never be able to find it after her work. Life saver. Definitely recommended. More...


Bare Pits LLC

7 September 2018

Knitwear Doctor is what you call miracle workers! They fix every cashmere sweater I have every had from moth holes. Last time I bough a beautiful sweater from Galia, the owner and need to shorten the sleeeves. You couldn’t even see where it was Done. Always impressive, thank you so much! More...


Jennifer P.

5 September 2018

This resource is invaluable to anyone who loves to wear knits.  Repairs and alterations are done to perfection.  She also sells St John garments and other pieces.  This shop has a bonus, Buttonham Palace.  If you knit, sew, or just need some really lovely buttons this is where to go.  There is a room filled with a terrific array, unlike any other resource in Orange County.  My collection of very lightweight knit tops would have lots of tiny holes if not for my regular visits to Knitwear Doctor.  Knitwear Magician might be a better name but hey, they didn't consult me on that. More...


Kay D.

24 August 2018

I discovered Knitwear Doctor years ago when I had an expensive red cashmere sweater blazer that had been eaten by moths. Galia, the "Doctor", repaired the holes and I swear you cannot tell where the holes were.  It was a miracle!  Since that time, I have used Galia to repair my designer sweaters, jackets, dresses;  her work is always first class and the finest artistry.I now live in Mesa, Arizona and I still send articles for repair to her!And I still have and wear that red cashmere sweater! More...


Kevin S.

1 August 2018

I found Knit Doctor about 2 years ago after I had to find a way to patch moth holes on one of my Valentino suites.  The Valentino store in Beverly Hills told me to contact the Costa Mesa store because they had someone that could repair it. Then, the Valentino Store said they actually send those type of repairs to the Knit Doctor.  They told me to ask for Galia and said she was very honest and that's who they would use.  She was up front on the times when the repair would show, not show, and even recommended when it wasn't worth fixing.  Since then, she has repaired moth holes in multiple Valentino suites (each suite was between $1500-$2000), a $1500 Canali jacket, and other items that were Versace or Saks 5th.   So far, she always met expectations - and in the cases of two of my Valentino suites and Canali jacket - we cannot find were the areas that needed repair (some were moth holes, others were just wear down of the fabric).  She has saved me so much money. Because I frequently am out of LA for work, she accepts clothing and returns them via mail.  She and her team are great at what they do and are great people.  She has always gone above and beyond for me and I'm glad that there someone who can save my expensive clothes when necessary. More...


Yella W.

9 July 2018

Galia did a wonderful job on my knit dress.  Have no hesitation sending her something to work on.  She's a real find.  She answered all my questions promptly.  Even though she is a few hundred miles away, I feel safe sending her work and will send her another piece soon. More...


Sharon Dymmel

7 June 2018

I don't know how they fix my cashmere sweaters but they do. Holes are mended and you cannot tell they were ever there. Fantastic!


Mike Wibben

7 June 2018

Hart place to get reweaving done if you've torn a pair of pants or a dress (I assume). Work they've done has always looked great the only drawback is the time it takes to get things back and the limited hours. The shop has a lot of high end vintage ladies clothing from designers and also has clothing on consignment. I'm not sure if prices on these items are great because they have great quality items that aren't inexpensive, even with their markdowns. The lady who runs/owns the shop is friendly and helpful but I believe it's just her at the shop, which explains the limited hours. I know they also take items for repair through the mail if you can't make it down. More...


Skipper S.

21 May 2018

Galia is a  true "doctor" she repaired my pair of pants which I thought were ruined!.  Like she stated, I got my pants 2 weeks later.I couldn't see the damage the moth had  created in the past. I had several tiny holes and she repaired every single darn hole. I drove 25 miles to get to her and it was worth every single mile. Thank you!998 More...


Nm M.

10 April 2018

I luckily found Knitwear Doctor on an online search. They answered emails very fast and explained that I could mail my sweaters to them for repairs. It was a great experience and it took a little bit of time, but they really did an AMAZING job repairing my Santana knits. I will send ALL my suits to them in the future. Reasonable cost too! I can't recommend them highly enough. I am really so happy I found them and due to all the great reviews, I tried them out. Will use them again! SO HAPPY! More...


Emily O.

15 March 2018

After 30 years they moved next door and the place is gorgeous! They're moving up right along with the area around them.


Carol W.

15 March 2018

I must say I was doubtful that my sweater could be repaired to my satisfaction. I was overwhelmed when I received it back. It was perfect, and looked like new. I am now a believer!!  The service I received was truly amazing. I highly recommend Galina, the knitwear Doctor!Thank you, thank you, thank you! More...


Jason L.

4 November 2017

I used to get a sick feeling in my stomach if I pulled a suit or sportcoat out of the back of my closet and found a moth hole (or six!) because it meant the garment was for all intents and purposes ruined, as, aside from looking shabby, the little defects will grow over time with normal wear and cleaning. Thus, when I found out that Galia specialized in repairing tailored clothing, I brought in a workhorse blue blazer riddled with little snags, nicks, and, of course, moth holes, the biggest one of which was about 2mm in diameter. Three weeks later, the thing came back brand new; I've been a Galia fanatic ever since and now, she has breathed new life into several of my damaged suits, which previously I would have stopped wearing and then eventually donated.These aren't patch-jobs like you can get at a laundromat, mind you. Galia carefully takes threads from invisible parts of your garment, usually the inside near the hem, and then uses the material to reconstruct the damaged part. All the work is done microscopically so the repair is invisible to the naked eye; usually, when picking up the garment, I cannot even find the repairs until Galia points out to me where the defects had been. This kind of high-end reweaving is a dying art in the throwaway culture of fast-fashion, and Galia is a precious resource for people like me who are very attached to a few things in our closets and would like for them to last a lifetime.Prices are great for the quality of work, not to mention the sheer amount of time and energy it must take to perform these detailed repairs; it's usually something like $40 or so per hole, but she'll cut you a deal if the holes are very small or if it's a multiple-defect job. Galia is also one of the nicest people I've ever met and it's always a pleasure to stop by her workshop. More...


Marissa T.

14 September 2017

I found knitwear doctor on yelp and am so glad I did! I work in the apparel industry & had some samples that needed repair for a photo shoot. They garments were repaired beautifully. The button shop is pretty amazing too! She also had rooms of vintage clothes and accessories. Another Costa Mesa gem!!!!! More...


Martha H.

13 May 2017

Always great and helpful fixing a holes or stains in my St. John knits!! Short into the point. That's all I need to say.


Nicole T.

13 March 2017

She's a little pricey but worth it. Works wonders with cashmere. I definitely would recommend Knitwear Doctor


Daniece C.

16 February 2017

I rarely have purchase regrets but I did have a beautiful full length lightweight wool coat that I was never pleased with the color.  I looked and looked for a 'fix' and found Knitwear Doctor.  Brought in my coat and chose a new color for it....got it back today, dyed to perfection!  Wonderful staff and amazing items to browse too! More...


Stephanie R.

21 December 2016

Great customer service! Galia saved my cashmere sweater!


Mark H.

7 November 2016

went 20 years ago, going again. Great suits deserve repairs!


O A.

24 October 2016

I have a fairly expensive light grey men's suit, and somehow I ended up causing a sizable tear/abrasion below the back pocket on the trousers. It looked to me as though the pants could not be repaired and I called the company where I got the suit from to see if I could get another pair, but they had been discontinued.  I took them to a reputable tailor and they said they could not repair them, but recommended I check out the Knitwear doctor.  The cost to repair the pants was fairly expensive, but in comparison to what I paid for the suit it was more than worth it. I wish I had a "before" picture of the pants because when they had finished, the damaged area was almost imperceivable. They somehow were able to take the extra material under the cuff of the pants and hand sew it back in! The pants look as good as new, and seem very durable. I would recommend this business to anyone More...


Abdul A.

1 October 2016

The woman works miracles. Wrapped the seam of a vet expensive suit. 5 tailors told me they couldn't help. The sixth sent me here. So happy he did. Looks awesome.


Jim C.

28 August 2016

Galia has repaired several cashmere and wool sweaters for me where they have had moth holes. When she finishes, the holes are gone and it is nearly impossible to find where they once were. Beautiful workmanship. Having found her online, I just ship her sweaters from across the country and she calls me with a price (payable by mailing a check or giving her a credit card over the phone), repairs them, and ships them back.  Note: if you are in a hurry, be aware that it takes time for her to make these repairs.   Her work is excellent and I am sure it is time-consuming, and I think her reputation has resulted in high demand. 6 to 8 months has been my experience.. More...


M S.

9 May 2016

Had to bring a fairly new sweater in for repair after the washing machine drilled holes into it. The service was prompt, courteous, and professional. The repairs make any prior damage done seem unnoticeable. Will definitely use Knitwear doctor as needed in the future! More...


J I.

6 May 2016

Fair pricing: $35 to repair a J.Crew cashmere sweater with 1 inch area where a seam connecting the sleeve to the sweater body split.


Bahman M.

2 September 2015

These experts have saved me so many times with clothing that had holes, tears, or snags.  I had two expensive sweaters that had been attacked by the evil moth(s) and was sure I would have to toss them.  But Knitwear Doctor made both look like brand new!They are very kind and although sometimes there is a small wait inside and it may take some time to repair, it is well worth it. More...


Shirley M.

1 November 2014

Had a great experience from start to finish! Galia was prompt in responding to my emails and did a fantastic job using invisible mending to repair a tear in my cashmere jacket. It was an L shaped tear in my brand new Ferragamo wrap which rendered it unwearable. It took me a year to find someone who could repair this jacket as good quality invisible mending is a dying art. I sent photos of my jacket first by email, talked over the phone with Galia and then shipped my jacket.  It was a tough job as there was no extra hem to pull the fabric from to use for the reweaving, but Galia managed to make it all work. The repair is basically invisible and I had my jacket back in only a few weeks. Price for the repair was fair given the complexity of the work  and I will surely use Knitwear Doctor again. I am very pleased with the professional job Galia did for me ! More...


Liz S.

8 July 2014

Outstanding in their field!  My 50+ year old college letter sweater was full of moth holes, but like most things we "earn" and cling to for that long, a very precious possession.  I searched for months for someone who might "rescue" this treasure and extend it's life.  Over and over again, the advice I got was to "cut off the sleeves" or "keep the letter, get a new sweater" or just plain "can't be fixed."  UNTIL I found Knitwear Doctor.  From the git-go, Galia said "Oh yes, we can fix that."  It took a little longer than expected, but once I saw the magic she was able to perform, I was amazed.  Using existing yarn from the slightly too long sleeves, she was able to perform a miracle.  Couldn't be happier!  Every time I look at my sweater I'm in awe of her work.  Bravo, Galia! More...


Rebecca S.

20 April 2014

I am have been sending my knitwear for repair to Knitwear Doctor for years. We have moths who love cashmere! Well, I love my cashmere too. Every piece ever sent has always come back promptly and perfectly done with no trace of the hole which was there. Not only do they focus on my beautiful sweaters but they have also done some custom shortening on my knitted  dress with the original finish in tact! This is the one stop shop for fast repairs, custom finishes and correcting the furious appetite of aggressive moths! More...


Karen D.

3 April 2014

I have been having knitwear repaired here for well-over 20 years with nothing less than total satisfaction. Admittedly, they are not always quick, but it would be foolish to try  and rush such perfection. As someone who sews with lots of small pieces and lots of embellishment, I continue to be amazed at their finite precision. Well worth the wait and cost. More...


Lissy S.

1 August 2012

I sent in a teal st johns suit (very pan am esque) to have the skirt taken up two inches and have two wide cuts repaired in the back of the jacket. The owner was amazingly kind. Used the extra fabric from the skirt to make the back look like new. I can't even tell that there were holes in it and these were about an inch long. I'm so impressed. The stitching matches exactly. I love my suit even more now. I'm moving to England and I will still send all my st johns tailoring and repairs to her. More...


Diana M.

13 April 2012

Knitwear Doctor did alterations on about 8 of my St. John jackets and they are BEAUTIFUL!  And now they fit perfectly. She shortened sleeves and took in shoulders---even repaired holes, took off cuffs and collars, and made 2 double-breasted jackets single-breasted.  FANTASTIC!  Highly recommended.