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Maria Villa

18 April 2019

I took my taxes to KLM and called her about nine days later to see if they were done since it took her about ten minutes to do them while I was sitting in her office. She then said it wouldn't take her long and showed me she had a few of them to do. Well, I called her four times to see if I could pick up what I needed, she never called me back. I then stopped by three times at her office, it was locked. The first time I stopped, even left her a note to call me, that I've been trying to get hold of her to no avail. Finally, called the Police since I found this to be very odd. One of them said that yes, I should email her and that's when she finally responded. She gave me every excuse as to why she didn't call me back. I then mentioned this morning that I will go & pick up the rest of my forms and that I was going to take them elsewhere. She then told me I was not a compassionate person and that I was vindictive ... More...

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