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Hello there!
My name is Kiera Davis, owner of Kiwi Designs located in Sacramento, Ca.
I can design logos, new look for business cards, flyer for any event or occasion.

Dont be afraid to run by me any project idea. Presentation and good impressions are important no matter how big or small your business is.
Iam open to help!

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Silver-Renee Julius

25 July 2018

Your Getting Quality Work! Worth the money & more´┐Ż


Silver-Renee Olive Oyl Julius

25 July 2018

Im more than in love with her work!!! Thank you so much!!!


Jerod Zavistoski

25 July 2018

Great art by a great person. Love the quality of the designs!


Ashley Lynne Guild

25 July 2018

I asked for baby shower invites. I loved them!
They look so professional!

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When coming up for an idea for a logo or design, I look around for references. I believe everything and everyone is an inspiration.

If you have a clear idea what you want just make sure you include everything via email or over the phone.
If your not sure that's fine. By learning more about what your business is and what it offers helps to come up with ideas.

I like the communication between me and my client. Once I'm done with a design, I like thier input during the process. To me i feel it makes the whole experience fun and it let's people know that you care.

I'm an artist in general. I like drawing and making stuff. I also like making things for people and friends.
Then I decide to use my skills I have and start doing graphic design as a business.

Clients should choose me because I'm passionate about what I do. My goal is to help you as much as I'm able and i like communicating with my clients so you never feel your in the dark.
I make sure we double triple check everything is perfect before we can say we're done.
Most of all I appreciate and develop great relationships with my clients so you always have someone you know you can come to for future projects.