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Whether you have a puppy that you want to get started right, a challenging adolescent, a newly adopted dog, or a dog with behaviors that you’d like to change; we’re here to help. Our team of experienced trainers love dogs and we have helped thousands of dogs and their people learn to work together and understand each other.


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Lori Carstensen

Can't wait to go back!! We took our husky 3 years ago now I can't wait to take my new Pomsky


Kevin Shanahan

Great learning experience I understand my dog so much better it has made our relationship really nice


Randy Clark

The folks here do really good dog training. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed and the dogs and owners learn a lot.


Megan Nichole Nelson

We loved our puppy class! I feel like it really helped us to understand and communicate with our first puppy! Thank you Liz, Kate, Petra, and everyone else! We will definitely be back for more! More...


Susan Springer

All of the trainers have helped me shape Bella into a wonderful, well trained and balanced dog that is a pleasure to be around.
I'm starting basic this week to shape my new puppy Gunnar into a wonderful companion too, and I can't wait to start!


Marta Jean Cree

Great place to really learn how to train yourself to be a great owner and dog trainer and help/train your dog in the process!!


Tina Bowker

We absolutely love all the trainers. They are so helpful and informative. We had our little guy do the basic course; he recently graduated. Our little girl is now in the puppy class. We highly recommend them. More...


Maggie Guthrie

The ladies here are hands-down the best in the business. Thank you Liz, Kate, Petra, Dawn, and all the KS employees for teaching me how to teach my dogs. :-)


Melissa Lockhart

I love this place. The trainers do a great job of breaking dog-speak down into terms that the humans can understand. They've given me some invaluable insight into both training and living with my dogs. Plus, they make it fun!!


Kel'ly Boss'aller

My husband and I brought our puppy Penni to Kindred Spirit for her first puppy class. Penni is very smart and sometimes make training her very difficult & challenging, but with everyones guidence we are on the path tk happy & well behaved puppy! We'll definitely be returning for the next class..cannot wait!!! ♡♡♥♥ More...


Kelly Bolts

This place is incredible. They genuinely care about you and your furry friend(s). I learned so much about training my dog, proper nutrition and bonding... A lot more as well! Their prices are so reasonable, especially for what they give you. My dog went in as a crazy puppy and didn't lose any of her flair that made her special but instead learned how to control it... I can't say enough good things about Kindred Spirits... Please check them out! You won't be disappointed. Everyone there is amazing and caring and wonderful!!! More...


Terri Van Grol

We love everything about Kindred Spirits from the minute we stepped on the grounds we felt like family. The love they show our baby Hazel will keep us coming back. Their training methods work it's the highlight of our week More...


Deborah Hunter Lee

Love, love, love the Kindred Spirits folks. I feel that we had a wonderful basic class. All my questions and problems got addressed and Indy and I came out so much better for having taken the class. We have made several of the Thurs night classes too. I feel comfortable knowing if I have an issue come up I can bring it to Liz and Co and they will help me with it. Thank you so much for not only helping me train Indy, but helping me understand him better. More...


Joy Ladner

Best training ever! Lots of trainers and lots of dogs were excellent for my Morkie to learn good behavior. We did 6weeks obedience and 5weeks therapy dog training. They did the Love on a Leash Control Evaluation and we passed! Now we are doing supervised visits with LOAL captains and on our way to becoming a LOAL therapy team. Thank you Kindred Spirits Dog Training! More...


Carol Paul

The trainers really care about your pup(s) and you. I have litter mates, which is not encouraged, but the trainers have been so helpful providing me with the tools I need so my boys can become confident and we'll mannered whether they are together or a part, and of course listen to their alpha dog...me :)


Stacey Kuhns

The women at Kindred Spirits Dog Training are amazing! This is the one and only place in San Diego you should take your puppy or dog for training. Their training methods are unlike any other I had used before and they work!!!! These women genuinely care about your pet and you. They are willing to help you in person, over the phone, with e-mail questions, etc. My dog and I have taken three classes from them so far and plan to take more. My dog loves the experience and it gives me peace of mind that I am doing exactly what I need to do to make my dog an excellent obedient socialized dog. Thank you Kindred Spirits!!! Love you gals! More...


Lizzy Boehringer

Kindred spirits has been the biggest blessing to our family with our little Zoey. Zoey is extremely smart but has a ton of energy. Kindred spirits has taught us on how to have her control her excitement (sometimes) and to make her training fun! Every week what we learn we take it home and we have seen so much difference. Zoey loves to come to classes and to socialize with others. Not only has Zoey changed but so have I as her fur mom. We are going to continue going to classes after our puppy class. I trust these ladies, and enjoy their company so much! Thank you! More...


Mickey Alden Wright

I just talked with Kate for a good thirty minutes. We had questions about our new puppy coming Tuesday. Kate was as patient with us as she is with her dogs, I'm sure. Thank you, Kate, for all the good and workable tips that will certainly de-stress us and make the puppy feel comfortable in her new home. Her name is Alice, and she will be our house dog and future therapy dog after she does all the training. More...

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