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Kevin Cable Photography

Kenneth City, Florida

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Kevin Cable Photography

Kenneth City, Florida


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20 January 2018

Mr Cable has been a proven Pro in every aspect assisting my companies with artwork, photography, staging advice and working diligently with me to bring to fruition the final product I seek. I look forward to his assistance, as well, with our ongoing projects at every future stage of company growth. I highly recommend, at minimum, a consult with him regarding any future home or company design and/or remodeling needs. His keen eye and sense of arriving quickly at what would be BEST to fulfill your needs will save you time, money, effort and bless you with long-lasting positive additions of high quality to your lifestyle, whether it be digital, home or office. More...


Tami Bunker

28 July 2017

Professional, artist, and talented.
Very high quality and worth every penny.
We trusted him with our project and he portrayed the exact image we had. Truly a rare gem in the fine art of photography. More...



8 September 2016

Kevin and his assistant were true professionals. They worked quickly with a keen eye to detail and image quality. I am certain that I will use him again when I am in Florida.



2 August 2016

Kevin has work with us on several projects and never disappoints! His attention to detail and ability to make our visions a reality is spot on. Kevin is and will always be our only source for our advertising and marketing needs. More...



21 June 2016

I have numerous photos of Kevin's in my "Florida" themed home. I love all of his beach shots as well as his love for black & white photography and landscapes. He has an eye for beauty!


Helena Myers

16 June 2016

Kevin, you work is great. You are so accurate with detail and in so in your work. As I have known for many years now your are very dedicated to what you love to do and it shows.



14 June 2016

After seeing the volume of awards Kevin has earned over his career, we decided to utilize his talent for a commercial production. What a great idea! Kevin brings organization and knowledge that will enhance any visual production.
We highly recommend Kevin for any enterprise needing high quality audio/visual recording or production! Consumate professional!


Marilyn Suarez

13 June 2016

At first attracted to Cable's photography because of the subject matter and the beauty, I can't help but be intrigued by the unique perspectives and the inherent narratives. I look forward to seeing more from this talented photographer. More...



11 June 2016

Kevin is an amazing artist. His pictures are captivating. You find yourself looking back at them and seeing things you didn't notice the first time around. I've worked with Kevin on commercial shoots and he always delivers more than expected. I'm convinced that, one day, his work will be recognized worldwide as the true works of art that they are. More...



10 June 2016

I have worked with Kevin on several projects. He is a consummate professional.
He knows so much about photography, he is an expert with the tools of his trade.
We worked on a job for the City of Coral Springs, Fl with me. There were videos and stills taken around the city. Kevin's work was out standing.
I've worked with him on corporate projects as well. Excellent work.
His photographic art is unique. He has a fine eye for subtle details, an example would be the shading in his Black and White prints.
I personally love his racing photos. You feel the sense of speed and tension on the track.
I have known Kevin for over 20 years. I love his photographs. Take a look and enjoy what you find.



10 June 2016

I highly recommend Kevin Cable. He is a master photographer with a true love of the industry. While speaking with him about the types of shots and the look and feel of my finished project, I saw his mind creating images of "How" he could do it and what the finished shot would look like. in the end, his ideas were far superior than mine and I look forward to working with him again. We had interior and exterior shots. He is well versed in natural lighting as well as artificial lighting in a studio setting. More...


Lynda Jones

10 June 2016

Saw Kevin's work while visiting USA and immediately knew we had to have at least 2 of his amazing works
Was not disappointed - real focal point of our home now, friends love them also
Thank You Kevin Cable Photography


Dedra Reiger

8 June 2016

Such great work! The depth and beauty of his black and whites is amazing. Such simple pictures that generate so much emotion and perspective.



1 June 2016

I have worked in the TV-Film production business for more than 40 years and Kevin Cable is by far the most creative, talented hard working pro photographer I have ever worked with and I have worked with hundreds....Kevin does not just point and shoot, he becomes the camera. I have had him on top of tall buildings, in helicopters, speeding cars and boats and on and on. More...

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