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Criminal defense attorneys need refined and established Criminal Defense Investigators to provide professional criminal defense investigation to support advocacy of the client and to protect constitutional rights of those charged. LBI has built an outstanding reputation in the field of Criminal Defense Investigation and has worked some of the most notorious criminal cases in state of Arizona .


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Josh Higgins

10 September 2018

The LBI team are the best in Arizona, bar none.


Samuel Harris

27 May 2018

The work of Kelly Townsend proved diligent, tireless, indefatigable. The information I needed for a paternal relative was presented to me as quickly and thoroughly as possible, leaving no room for questions, as all of the information he provided answered my inquiries before I'd even asked. In the genuine concern transferred in our communications, supplemental information was provided that helped to bring closure to a troubling past towards which I'd pondered and which ultimately led me to these services.If ever you need investigative services, this is the place to go! Thanks-a-million! More...


Iris V

27 May 2018

I am so grateful for Josh and all of his time and effort he put into my case. All the information he provided was concise and easy to follow and I really appreciated the summaries he provided in a form of a professional letter. I received results fast and at a very fair price. I can now move forward with everything he provided in hand to take with me to court. Can't thank you enough. More...


J Irish

27 May 2018

Excellent Investigators.


Kelli Bergin

27 May 2017

Kelly Townsend helped my brother with a criminal case he was going through. Im greatful to have met him, as he seems to be good person and caring and genuine. Great guy to have on your side! Thank u, Kelly, for everything! More...


Renate Mousseux

27 May 2016

Kelly Townsend is a thorough, professional investigator. He goes the extra mile in helping. He is aggressive when needed to protect the innocent.He is on task and on time in all his assignments. I can highly recommend him to solve any crime and investigation.Renate Mousseux M.A. EDU Body language expert More...


Kelly Townsend

28 May 2015

Excellent criminal investigators


Kimberly Shedrick

19 June 2014

Excellent company providing high quality services!


Stephen Fiorello

6 January 2014

The Integrity of this company is outstanding on every level. I highly recommend their services.


Bill Hay

28 May 2013

We are very appreciative of Lein and Bond Investigations in helping and finding our missing child. They were professional and genuinely concerned about our crisis. They even followed up to see how things were going after we got her back. We are forever grateful for their efforts and would recommend them to anyone in need of these services. More...


I Love having a profession, not a job where I can help people. What we do changes lives for the better.

I have never played well with others, especially in corporate America with all the nonsense of politics. I started my agency because I joined a special team where we specialize in Tracking Missing Persons, as well as the victims of Human Trafficking. The leader of our team was killed in action while conducting an extraction of a Trafficking victim... While it was a tragic loss for us all, our mission needed to continue, so I opened my private investigation agency over 2 decades ago.

Our objective is to Always Find the Truth, it may try to hide itself by many facades but the truth will always reveal itself.


I have been a Criminal Investigator for more than 20 years. I specialize in Criminal Defense matters and I am certified as a CDI specialist. I have taken my talent as a criminal investigator and utilize these talents to hunt down and find Missing Persons, some are teen runaways, and others are abducted and found in the Sex Trafficking industry. In addition to this I have an incredible team of Covert Surveillance agents who are invisible when on the job.

We have hunted and brought home over 100 Missing persons, including runaways, and abductions that led to Human Trafficking rescue.