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Just Move Fitness is a fitness and wellness program dedicated to offering, GENUINE NO B.S. in-person and online personal fitness training, yoga or semi-private training with basic nutrition guidance. No two programs are alike; each session and program is mixed with positive reinforcement and coached with unparalleled guidance.


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Fiona K.

27 February 2019

I just completed my 6th session and my allergies have disappeared.  My allergies have gotten worse and worse with age.  Even on 1 Claritin, and 2 Sudafen, a day I was not feeling sufficient relief - plus these medications were making me jittery.  After the first session with Maureen I started to feel relief and from the 3rd session on I have been completely medicine free.  She also has been helping me with lower back pain which I have been suffering for over 10 years and I am feeling relief there too.  You could not find a more competent and committed practitioner.  I am happy to recommend unreservedly. More...


Cheryl W.

4 June 2017

I was surprised by how much more thorough Maureen is then a regular MD.  She asked about a number of things regarding my health.  She knows things in the body are interrelated. She is personable and caring. Although my situation was not cured, it was greatly improved, and she made several additional referrals to be of help to my particular pain issue.  It was my first experience with acupuncture and I was very pleased with the treatment. More...


Kassin A.

25 April 2017

Don't look any further... hire Deanna!!! She is hands-down the most fun, motivating, real, and knowledgeable trainer I've ever encountered. She is helping me get in shape, de-stress, and improve years of ongoing abuse to my posture - while making me feel better and stronger mentally each time we meet. Put simply - she is hilarious and fun to be around, and more importantly, the girl knows her shit. I highly recommend her and wish I could get everyone I know to go to her; she's made such a positive impact on my life! More...


Pauli P.

21 September 2016

I give Maureen 5 stars because she is as good as they get for Acupuncturists!  I was having a terrible flare-up of back pain and sciatica and saw Maureen.  She is very thorough on the health intake and extremely knowledgeable about the body, health and nutrition and the interconnectedness of it all.  After my second treatment with her my sciatica literally vanished!  I couldn't believe it because aside from the flare-up I'd simply been living with the sciatic for months.  She is also incredibly knowledgeable about Chinese herbs that can work well for multiple problems like stress and sleep issues.  Before I went to Maureen she also helped my husband's chronic back and neck pain and sleep issues.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  Her prices are very reasonable and you will not be wasting your time or money seeing her and getting treatment for any of the varied conditions she can treat with the acupuncture and herbs.  Stop wasting your time on traditional MDs who don't care, don't listen, don't find out what's causing your symptoms and just want to see as many people a day to get their paychecks! More...


Cynthia L.

21 May 2016

I couldn't wait to write this review.  I've been waiting 5 months to review Acupuncture in Nature because I started acupuncture  regularly with Maureen when my pregnancy symptoms got too much to handle for me at 6 months gestation.  I had back pain, really bad nausea /morning sickness and also pain under my left breast.  After the first visit I knew this is what I had to do for the remainder of my pregnancy.  Why? Because Maureen is a genius when it comes to pregnancy Accupuncture. Without her I don't know how well I would've done. I needed her until the very end.  I just now had a baby at 41.5 weeks gestation and my baby is super healthy and strong.  My visits with Maureen averaged about 3 times a week and whenever too busy I went 2 times a week. She worked with me until the end, even started gentle induction of labor. If you are pregnant please go to Maureen. She knows what she is doing and she kept my symptoms under control.  Not only that but I told her my health goals and she supported me all along.  It was an incredible experience. One of the biggest a accomplishments through this pregnancy is my pain on the left side of the abdomen that she "fixed".  Her work eliminated the pain completely.  One thing to add is that my baby felt the blood circulating and I felt my baby loved acupuncture just as much as I did. If I could give 10 stars on Yelp I would but I'm limited to 5. Maureen is the best. I hope you chose her when you are pregnant. I will continue to see her post pardum and will also take my baby to see her as a patient. More...


Xanadu C.

13 April 2016

I went to Maureen to hopes to alleviate severe monthly cramps and to reduce my use of western pain relievers (Advil, Oxycodin).  She had me start using Chinese herbs and go twice a weekfor acupuncture. I am happy to report that it has worked so far.  She is very methodical and listens to you with care. I highly recommend her. More...



11 April 2016

I highly recommend Maureen. I went to see her for a rotator cuff injury. I had been struggling with my shoulder for months, wasn't sleeping because of the pain and kept re-inuring it. Within one treatment I saw results as my range of motion improved. Within five treatments I am feeling vastly better. I am sleeping without pain, can lift things without pain, my range of motion is back to normal and I am even doing some light strength training. I really appreciate the holistic approach Maureen takes in her treatments. She also addressed some digestive and allergy issues while treating my shoulder. Her office is a beautiful environment and very conveniently located. And she is a joy to work with. More...


Camille C.

6 April 2016

Maureen is amazing. I went to her for knee pain.  I never tried acupincture before so I was not sure if this would help. She not only alleviated this issue but resolve others as well. She is very attuned to your needs. I recommend her to others who are having aches or other issues. Simply the best. More...


Julie P.

11 March 2016

Maureen supported me through my journey with infertility treatment, and I will be forever grateful to her. She tailored treatment to my specific needs, squeezed me in (often at the last minute) during many unpredictable fertility cycles, helped improved blood flow as evidenced by my ultrasound results, and helped me with overall stress reduction and improved sleep. She spent time getting to know me and learning about my life, so that she could offer helpful lifestyle modifications/suggestions towards improved health. She's personable, approachable, kind, and made me feel comfortable from the very first visit. She truly cares. Additionally, her office is warm, inviting, and conveniently located off the freeway with ample parking. More...


Chris O.

18 December 2015

Maureen is fantastic and knows her stuff. She not only helps to heal you with acupuncture, she takes on a holistic healing approach that is exciting! She makes you want to come back because of her expertise and kindness. Her office was also very comfortable for relaxation, it looks like a spa in her rooms. Will be returning to see her for future visits. More...


Chaz F.

28 October 2015

Maureen is a very caring and skilled practitioner. She has helped alleviate my lower back pain and the arthritis in my toes.


Julia L.

12 October 2014

I started seeing Maureen a few months ago and I got my husband to go for his back and shoulder as he recently had rotator cuff surgery.  His recovery was complicated with his lower back pain as well.  He had never gone to an acupuncturist before and he was sold after the first visit. For myself, I have just been diagnosed with neck issues and degenerative disc disease.  Maureen, more than other acupuncturists I have been to, not only addresses the immediate issue of the localized pain but takes a wholistic approach to her clients and strives to address all contributing factors.  She is also very compassionate and caring and takes time for her Clients.  I highly recommend Acupuncture in Nature to anyone! More...


Nick C.

20 August 2014

My body work session with Deanna was not only incredibly enjoyable but also highly beneficial. I'm currently training for a triathlon so my shoulders and hips are overworked from all of my swim and bike training. Deanna's body work was far from a simple general body rub down or vague massage. She was incredibly knowledgeable about the body and how to release the muscles of my shoulders. My hips have also been taking a beating with all of my training so Deanna thoroughly released the muscles of my hips and drastically improved my range of motion. As I got up from the table I realized how stuck and bound up I had been. She drastically improved the mobility of my shoulders and I've been noticing a significant difference in the water. She creates an incredibly relaxing environment as she gets to work. She explained what she was doing as she took my body through all of the movements that are required for optimal range of movement. I love studying human anatomy so I really appreciated her knowledge base. It felt as if she gave me a new relaxed/ released body to continue my training. I am so grateful for her efforts. Feeling great! More...


Megan B.

26 July 2014

"I was a patient of Maureen's for over a year and had amazing results!! I first saw Maureen (and tried acupuncture) as a last resort to cope with much of the pain I was experiencing from a previous car accident. When I came to Maureen, I was taking so much pain medication that I burned an ulcer in my stomach. Even with that amount of pain medication, I was not able to find relief and remained in constant pain. I have a Master's in Clinical Nutrition and still wasn't sold on the "Acupuncture/ Eastern Medication" form of treatment. Knowing I needed to try something different to cope with the pain, I decided to give acupuncture a try. I got very frustrated after calling several acupuncturists and not understanding a word they said. Once I finally got in touch with Maureen, she clearly and knowledgeably explained her course of treatment, proactively called my insurance to check coverage, and immediately scheduled an appointment. I was amazed at her level of service and attention to detail. Our initial visit lasted several hours as she took a thorough physical, medical and dietary intake. Then she worked on several different points and provided great education regarding her methodology for choosing that specific course of treatment. Maureen helped me come up with a treatment plan. After addressing my pain, which amazingly subsided after each session...I was able to come off my medication completely with the help of regular Chinese herbs prescribed by Maureen!! Maureen helped me get my life back. I was free from the copious amounts of prescription medication I was taking. If you have any doubt about trying acupuncture and/or Chinese herbal medicine, I guarantee you have nothing to loose and only an enhanced quality of life to gain. There is no greater person to start this journey with than Maureen!! She is a miracle worker." More...


M F.

4 June 2014

Deanna is an ideal trainer: she's knowledgeable, creative, energetic and motivating. I've been attending Deanna's 3x/week yoga classes for the last 1.5 years. And I liked her style so much that I bought some private training sessions for myself and my boyfriend. Not only have continued with individual training sessions, but we've also added partner workouts. It's a great dynamic and adds even more motivation. Deanna has a great energy and great experience. The best combination to have when searching for a personal trainer. Deanna mixes is up and makes it fun. You certainly won't regret working with Deanna, in fact you'll love it!! More...


Lynn S.

5 May 2014

Through the years I have worked out with several personal trainers and physical therapists.  After working out w/Deanna 2x a week for the last year I can highly recommend training with her.  She has helped me build stamina and endurance after a return from knee surgery.  Your session will be fully customized for you-your body, your level, your goals.  Deanna will keep things interesting by changing up your routine so you won't get bored ...and if you're lucky she'll throw in a few of her fabulous sarcastic, witty comments just when you need it most! More...


Serena S.

1 March 2014

I've been taking yoga with Deanna religiously for the past three months and she has already helped me make significant strides in my practice!  She is very encouraging and provides excellent modifications to strengthen areas in need of growth.  For example, she recommended a series of poses to help strengthen my chaturanga.  She has such a nice way about her that encourages you to push yourself in class and to have fun with it!  Deanna truly makes me want to show up each week to her class.  I absolutely recommend Deanna as a positive, motivating fitness coach and yoga instructor! More...


Eric L.

7 December 2013

A whole year has gone by and nobody has updated their review of Deanna? That's because you can't improve on perfection!Do yourself a favor and sign up for some sessions with Deanna - she's awesome and it's worth it!


Richard Y.

28 August 2013

As a 60 year male suffering from chronic back pain, sciatic pain and facing a hip replacement in the very near future, I've explored every option to relieve the pain that I experience each and every day.  I recently discovered Acupuncture In Nature and have been receiving treatment twice a week from Maureen Hartker, a licensed Acupuncturist.  Maureen is the most caring and compassionate person that I've met in my quest of many years for pain relief.  It's been a very positive experience.  Each session is very relaxing and Maureen questions me regarding my level of pain at the beginning and end of each treatment.  I highly recommend Maureen Hartker at Acupuncture In Nature as an Acupuncturist in Orange County. More...


Mel R.

18 November 2012

I reached out to Deanna about a fitness for my teenage daughter who has neuropathy, and has some restrictions on her movement. She was super responsive - got back to me right away and we met her for a work out. I was impressed by her professionalism, knowledge, and ability to be flexible in creating a program that met my daughter's needs. Plus, she is so nice, you really want to work with her! More...


Katie C.

4 June 2012

Deanna is awesome! I've been practicing yoga regularly (1-2 times a week) for the past four years in San Francisco, at many different studios with many different teachers, and hands down Deanna is the best instructor I've worked with. Her classes are very balanced, a true full body workout-she never focuses too much on one area or neglects another. They're also varied, so each class is different than the last one. They're also very accessible-she consistently provides variations on poses to make them more challenging or more accessible.Deanna's positive attitude, patience and supportive nature are definitely worth noting. Her classes always feel like a safe space to try new and challenging poses (or take a break when you need to). They're fun too-Deanna's got a great sense of humor. She's also very present and available during and after class for assistance, advice, whatever. I always leave Deanna's classes in a better mood with much more energy. I would recommend her to anyone-beginners, or people with much more advanced practices. She really is the best :) More...


David L.

7 February 2012

As a chef on my feet for over 30yrs, I have only now starting to run marathons for the past two years. My trainer told me I should take up yoga, it would help with the running. As a big guy I felt yoga was not for me, but I gave it a go!Met Deanna and went to a class. Deanna has great passion, enthusiasm and knowledge for her craft, which comes across right away! She is able to teach a complete novice like me and an experience yogi at the same time, and still keep it interesting for us both. I have been going to class now for almost two years and recommend the class to all my friends, particularly the guys. I will stop running one day but will now do yoga for the rest of my life. It has improved my balance, flexibility, coordination, concentration and endurance.Thank you Deanna you are the best!david lawrence  chef owner of  1300 on Fillmore More...


Deb T.

26 January 2012

I got a HomeRun deal for a Thai massage but waited until the expiration date before contacting Deanna. Since I had become pregnant since buying the deal, and Thai massage wasn't the best option at the time, she was very cool about allowing me to apply the value to a discounted private prenatal yoga session. She was super-friendly, easy to work with, supportive, asked about my background and kept my individual issues in mind while deciding what to show me, and guided me through a ton of deceptively simple moves in one hour. I'm not sure if I'll be back simply because I live 30 minutes away and originally purchased the deal thinking it was a one-time thing. But if I lived closer I would definitely be going back. More...


Milz T.

29 August 2011

My new go-to masseuse! I got a Homerun deal and booked a Thai massage with Deanna. She's set in two locations, either you can go to Fisherman's Wharf area or Outer Richmond. The way I rate my massages is by how free and different I feel coming out of it. She definitely knows what she's doing, and I was relaxed the entire time. Her head massage at the end was so soothing I almost fell asleep!   Every detail was awesome, and you know you're getting a good massage if time goes by too fast. I swear the 1.5 hour just flew by haha.And of course, I gotta mention how extremely, super duper nice she is. I mean she is very, very genuine. She has an amazing energy and positiveness that you can't get mad at. From all this, I won't be surprised if her yoga sessions are good too. More...


Rena T.

30 July 2011

Deanna is a wonderful yoga teacher. She's patient, knowledgeable and has great energy. I couldn't have found a better person to introduce me to yoga.  I am very inflexible and had taken a couple of group classes that I didn't like but wanted to give yoga another chance, so signed up for ten private yoga sessions with Deanna. With Deanna, I could learn yoga in the comfort of my own apartment, work at my own pace and learn good form. Deanna challenged and encouraged me and, our sessions always left me feeling so good. Deanna also gives great thai massages. More...


David E.

13 June 2011

I booked a Thai Massage with Deanna through Bend Yoga. Deanna was prompt and professional with the booking arrangements and her massage was simply awesome!  She is super knowledgable and fun to work with ... And she has really great energy! Her passion for her work is obvious and, as a customer, I really felt like she considered who I was and matched that to what she offers.I highly recommend her!Can't wait for my next massage! More...


David H.

3 May 2011

Deanna is awesome!   As a guy, I was really hesitant about doing Yoga as it seemed like it was more geared towards women, because I wasn't at all flexible and because I didn't think it would be hard enough.  I didn't want to sign up for group classes at first since I didn't know the first thing about Yoga and didn't want to be the guy messing up constantly...so I signed up for private lessons.I have only completed two classes one-on-one with Deanna and love it.  She is so supportive, easy-going and good-natured and I couldn't be happier with the progress I have already made in these classes.  I have about 6 classes to go and am already thinking about signing up for more. More...


Abby V.

18 January 2011

Deanna is a great, fun teacher! She is knowledgable and kind. I refer her to all kinds of clients: prenatal, new mommies, injured, new... And she does Thai massage!!! Oh my! More...


Ellen J.

14 November 2010

I have gone to Deanna's classes throughout the City for a few years.  I always liked her style.  She is a great at getting the best out of me while not pushing me so hard that I never want to go again.  When I had a baby, I decided to start personal training sessions with her to get back into shape.  I had a C-section so had to start slowly with my core.  After just a couple of workouts, I was feeling strong.  I highly recommend her.  She's great at helping you achieve your fitness goals whatever they are. More...


Nilu r.

7 July 2010

Deanna...what can I add to all the glowing reviews she has already gotten from everyone else?  All I can say is that Deanna is personally responsible for changing my life on a deep level...she is the first person who was able to turn me onto yoga.  Through her teaching, I was able to finally "get it".  Now I do yoga several times a week and my personality, psyche AND my body have all changed for the better. More...


Gillian H.

26 May 2010

Deanna is a true professional, and nothing short of amazing. She comes with half a dozen certifications, and is probably one of the most motivated, productive human beings I have ever known. I came to Deanna after realizing that being the dedicated owner of a small business had caused me to completely lose my life balance. She has been working with me for the last six months to restore that balance. By taking the time to understand my personality, being compassionate with my shortcomings, and going out of her way to customize an exercise routine just for me, I am back on the path to a healthier lifestyle. Thank you, Deanna! More...


Wes P.

22 April 2010

It seems fitting that this will be my 200th review. My reason for turning to Yoga may be different than others. I was not searching for a weight loss program or a spiritual path. I am an avid runner (daily) and workout with weights three times a week. On top of those activities I stand on my feet all day at work. Times this by a few years and my body began to break down on me. My run times became slower and slower and the muscles in my legs and feet tightened and constantly caused me pain. My neck back and shoulders were also continually cramped and sore and my range of motion was far less than it used to be. I love to work out and I also love my job. I didn't want to have to give up either of those things in my life but I also didn't know how I could continue to do them with the pain I was in. I began a search as to what could help me achieve a balance between running, lifting, and doing my work. My search ended with an answer I didn't expect, yoga. I always assumed Yoga was for the hippies and stay at home moms that surrounded me as I grew up Marin County. You know what they say about assumptions don't you Well, lets just say I was wrong about Yoga. Turns out that Yoga was just what my body needed. It combines strength training, deep stretches and control of the breath. As I researched further I delved into the different types of yoga such as VINYASA, BIKRAM/HOT YOGA, ASHTANGA & POWER YOGA. After discovering and reading about the various kinds of Yoga I contacted my personal trainer, Casey at Body Work SF, to see if he had any suggestions. Without hesitation he said Deanna Brolly.  A few minutes later I had contacted Deanna and was able to set up my first one on one session with her. Deanna and I had a discussion about what my reasons were for turning to Yoga. I told her about how my body had been hurting and felt tight. I also told her about the stresses my job caused on my feet, hands, neck and shoulders. She listened to what I had to say and I felt like I was heard. A great feeling! She also went on to describe to me the purpose of different yoga practices. Deanna had me focus on my breathing, stretching my body to be a part of the "earth" and taking time to clear my mind. At first I thought this was tipping the hippie pipe a little too hard for me. I went with it though because after our first session I felt great! As we progressed more and more I began to feel the change in my body as I became more flexible. Then I started understanding the meaning and intentions of being a part of the earth. I looked forward to having moments of silence to clear my head, stretch and strengthen my body and give thanks.... I know, I converted! Yoga wasn't just changing my body it was also releasing the stresses of my life. I now understood that all these things had nothing to do with being a hippie as I had assumed; instead it had everything to do with healing my body and reconnecting with my surroundings and myself. Needless to say I love Deanna. I continue to work with her on a weekly basis and look forward to the times I see her. She has gently guided me to a new path in life through her teachings and words. I strongly recommend for anyone looking for any life change, whether it be physical or mental, to see Deanna. More...


Susan C.

19 January 2010

Deanna Brolly of Just Move Yoga and Fitness has been training me in my home for about a year now.   Not only am I becoming incredibly strong and fit, but I have so much fun chatting, that I hardly notice how hard I'm working.   With a minimum of equipment, she manages to come up with new and challenging exercises so that I don't get bored.  I would highly recommend her for any fitness training. More...

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