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A passion for entertainment and satisfied customers.

A near 'infinite' selection of music, every genre and style, and years of experience in playing it all. On six # 1 Radio Stations, Rock, Adult Contemporary, Hot Hits, Country, and R&B. Plus several hundred parties of every kind -- some all music, some with multiple layers of contests, games, acknowledgements, slide shows, receptions, weddings, sweet sixteens, Latin dances, Greek festivals, Italian weddings, you name it


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John Hook

23 July 2018

John was wonderful to work with! He has a great sense of humor and knows exactly what he is doing. You can rest comfortably when you hire John for your special event knowing that he will meet and exceed your every need with talent and professionalism. Review by Jill E., Wilmington, NC 8/2/2008 (from Gigmasters website) More...


Understanding that people like variety and today's audiences have a wide range of musical tastes. Knowing when the audience has 'found a groove' it would like to glide with for awhile is a plus. Equally important is recognizing when it's time to drop the lights and the tempo for slow and romantic moments.

In my experience a DJ can enhance the energy with his patter as well as the mix. Including amenable members of the audience in the patter and the show is always a plus.

I'm an entertainer as well as DJ. Humor goes well with great music. Patter and dialogue can not only amp-up the energy of the party, it can demonstrate that the DJ is 'plugged in' to his audience, not just playing tunes.

Three ingredients: 1) Travel. 2) The new people I meet. 3) A job well done.

The first party I ever played was 'excruciatingly' distressful. However, 'mobile' DJing provides a DJ the one thing that is missing in Radio -- interaction with real people where I can read the moods and needs of the audience from moment to moment rather than waiting for 1% of the audience to call a request line.

I'm a pro with few equals with as much experience, music, and savvy when it comes to designing for and filling a successful party. As an emcee, there may be a dozen DJs in the Southeast with similar competencies, e.g. I'm a member of the national All-Swing DJ Association which has fewer than three dozen members. It's made up of guy that I admired for years, but they have a challenging set of criteria for membership. I'm honored to be one of them, yet it simply means I am associated with pros who have standards as high as my own.