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JDR Catering Co.

Chimney Lakes, Georgia


JDR Catering Co.

Chimney Lakes, Georgia


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13 June 2019

Amazing food and fantastic customer service!  We were on a limited budget and Chef came in with wonderful options.  I literally called him at 6pm the night before I needed it for 11am the next day.  He prepared a Mediterranean lunch with fish and chicken as well as grilled veggies and rice.  Really fantastic work!  I highly recommend him.  Thank you sir!  Keep doing what you do.  :) More...

15 September 2017

Chef TJ is phenomenal! I had asked him to do a customized dinner for my parents 60th wedding anniversary. I had specific foods that I wanted him to use. He gave me 3-4 choices to choose from for my parents. What he cooked for them was so delicious! I asked him to cook lamb for my mom, I don't really care for lamb but when I tasted what he cooked I almost ate the whole thing, it was that good! He is very reasonably priced. He is extremely professional. He brings all his own equipment, dishes, utensils and when he leaves the kitchen is cleaner than before he came. He even removes his own trash! I highly, highly recommend him! More...

29 August 2017

Chef Tj and his beautiful mama pull off the incredibly difficult task of catering my husband's surprise birthday party for 40 with 3 days notice. The food was creative and delicious. Guests RAVED about it. And the party had a baseball theme. Tj even managed to show up with baseball themed touches and details. They are full service, stayed to replenish food, took out trash and cleaned up along the way.  I'm a former party planner. I live for details. Chef Tj handled any "curveball" I threw him all the way up until the party. Punctual, professional, prepared & passionate! Oh! And priced well! Hiring Them was a HOMERUN More...

27 August 2017

Working with him was awesome.  I really enjoyed the fact the sky is the limit on the menu.  By that I mean he was more than willing to sit down and discuss making anything I wanted instead of just handing me a set list of the only things he will do.  I like that kind of creativity.  Food quality and service was as amazing as I expected it to be.  It's really easy to tell when a company or person is doing what they love and that is definitely the case with JDR.  I will 100% be using him soon for catoring again as well as looking forward to experience a personal chef occasion. More...

15 August 2017

JDR Catering is awesome! TJ Reddick is a phenomenal chef. Plain and simple, he is an all around great guy and he knows food. I highly recommend him fir your catering needs! More...

14 August 2017

Best. FOOD.  Ever!!!  TJ is incredible.  The food is amazing!!!  When you hire JDR, you're guaranteed to be pleased.