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James Allen Hanrahan - Dating Relationship Coach

Santa Monica, California, Los Angeles

James Allen Hanrahan - Dating Relationship Coach logo

James Allen Hanrahan - Dating Relationship Coach

Santa Monica, California, Los Angeles



James Allen Hanrahan is a highly sought after relationship coach for smart, strong, and successful women based in Los Angeles. He offers a free Chemistry to Commitment formula at his website https://www.jamesallenhanrahan.com

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27 January 2019

I would highly recommend James . He's helped me so much to getting what I want in a relationship and with myself. I have never been so happy. It's the best thing I ever done . It's life changing.He makes everything clear and simple . I couldn't be happier. More...

28 November 2016

I'm almost afraid to share the best kept secret in dating! James is a God send! James has helps you identify what it is your looking for and gives you the tools for how to achieve it, now I have learned specific skills that help me get out of my own way in the world of relationships. He provides tools that empower you to feel strong and secure in the rollercoaster of love.

Before working with James, I was wasting my time with men uninterested in the long term. Thanks to James, I have been able to enter healthier, substantial relationships with quality men. I am so grateful to have his support on this journey and encourage anyone seriously looking to find love to reach out to James Hanarahan.

20 August 2016

James has changed my life. As a successful female business owner and not so successful dater, James has taught me how to be confident in myself and how to handle relationships both romantically and professionally. James is extremely easy and warm to talk to and I feel better about any situation I talk to him about. I refer him to all my girlfriends who have relationship issues (good or bad). He takes the guess work out of any dilemmas I have and provides a clear path for moving forward. I am happy to say that I am in the most amazing, healthy relationship because of James. More...

16 April 2016

James is awesome!! Having a guy's perspective, along with his expertise has been invaluable when navigating the situations that come up while dating. It's like having your big brother to give you the insights on guys, but only he knows more & will tell you what you need to hear! I highly recommend him! More...

14 April 2016

James was great!  He really took the time out to listen to my past dating experiences and provide great feedback to help me tweak my current experiences.  I was in such a rut that I was unsure if I was ready to get back out and start dating, but after speaking with James and getting great feedback, I feel I have the right tools and understanding to get back out and start dating.  James was so patient as he allowed me to take notes during our session and offered me the opportunity to followup with him if I have any questions in the future.  I really feel he has a passion for what he does and is there to help people succeed in having serious committed love.  You really feel like you have your own personal "Hitch" along your dating journey :) More...

16 December 2015

James walks on water! Plain and simple, this man ROCKS!!! He knows his stuff. If you are single and don't know what you are doing wrong, James will straighten you up. :) His feedback is embedded in simple and easily understandable terms so anyone can understand and keep up. He is one of those people that truly cares about his clients. He is always available and I can honestly I have grown a lot in the short time I've worked with him. In the last six months I have learned how to communicate and ask for what I need. One of my favorite things about James is the sincerity and authenticity he embodies. He will never lead you astray. If you need a change in your life, I highly suggest you call James. He is available for quick calls or much longer sessions. His rates are excellent and is truly a talented, caring, and reliable coach! More...

15 December 2015

James has been so helpful! I've called him to ask for his professional and male perspective with various dating scenarios and he has equipped me with communication tools, successful advice, and positive reinforcement. He is like the Uber of dating advice - available for quick calls as needed! I have already recommended him to my girl friends for when they are in need of a male perspective or dating coaching. I'm so thankful for the communication tools he has given me and I feel fortunate to be able to call him when needed. More...

12 May 2014

I found James from going to a Pat Allen seminar. I was so grateful because I really wanted a male dating coach to talk to about some things.  I have lots of awesome female friends to get advice from, but not enough male ones to talk to.  It's better to have the male perspective.  I am a communicative person so it helps me to feel better when I talk out issues. James is excellent at teaching healthy relationship skills. Though I have excellent role model parents who've been happily married for over 40 years, I still thought it was helpful to learn some new skill-sets from James. I also read his book, which I thought was really helpful. The help paid off because I am now engaged to the love of my life!  :D I applied healthy, assertive and feminine relationship skills I learned from both Pat Allen and James and it worked!  James is also great because he is available at odd hours and on weekends.  He is easy to work with too - responds to texts and emails and answers his phone.  I can't thank him enough! :) More...

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Inspiring my clients to work through challenges in their relationships.

To be honest, what inspired me to start my business as a dating expert and relatIonship coach started when I met my wife. Until then, I was just dating. When I met her, she asked me a question no one had ever asked me before. “are you serious?”

From that moment on I became serious about being married, and about learning everything I could about relationships.

Shortly thereafter, I met my Mentor Dr. Pat Allen. A relationship expert for over 40 years and best-selling author of “Getting To I Do.”

I was fortunate enough to spend over four years with her, training, asking her questions, and eventually writing two books with her. “A Life Of Love” and “Dating Advice for Alpha Women.”

My promise to you. Many other dating coaches can out market me by focusing on your fears and pain points.

However, if you’re a smart woman who already attracts men (albeit often the wrong ones) and wants no-nonsense guidance. I assure you, none of them can out coach me, or out serve me. I guarantee it.

I won’t over charge you or make you feel bad. I’ll just give you no-nonsense advice from a male perspective that works at a reasonable price, with no long-term commitments on your part.

Here's my calendar link to your success. It’s not free and I don’t know about you but one thing I’ve learned in life is I can’t afford free, time is too valuable.