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Lindsay Nicole McDivitt

4 March 2019

First of all Sara was BEYOND amazing. She is such fun and just a very genuine person. Thank you so much Sara for celebrating and driving us safely for Mercedes Birthday. YOU ROCK!!!!!


Jim Dillehay

3 March 2019

Obvious at first glance, JamTram is a giving, fun organization. I also get to Jam with my start-up: JamUniversity.org. We are in TJ and San Diego now....but hope to get over to my home state of Arizona. Maybe we can do a JamClass.com on the JamTram! More...


Kim Moody

10 January 2019

Excellent passenger party experience starts the Exotic Art show experience, for those parking off-site at Ranch Market 16th and Roosevelt.


Arminda Cristal Morales

20 December 2018

I just saw jam tram for the first time I fell in love with it. I love the owner idea for safer streets, I have not experienced being on the jam tram but I do plan on booking it one of these times for my birthday. the owner Sara is wonderful person as well very up lifting and tons of smiles too More...


Alisha Jo

23 February 2018

I have always had such a wonderful time on the Jam Tram.. I airways recommend Sara (without a "H") for all my events!! JAMTRAM!!!!


Robb Russell

23 February 2018

Jam tram is one of the most innovative and local business I have seen! I feel the Jam Tram service is crucial in helping people party safe, not to mention how FUN it is! Jam Tram is extremely inexpensive compared to most of the other Alternatives out there! Also the fact that the Owner is dedicated to serving and helping out her community! If your in need of this and want a fun , safe and completely unique experience you have to try the Jam Tram! 100% 5 � � � � � � More...


David R.

22 February 2018

Sara is a excellent driver she is kind and  courteous, she's more then just a driver! She always goes above and beyond for her passengers! She helps them have fun anyway she can. I also love the ham tram it's unique and a one of a kind ride with it's awesome chalk board sides and dazzling lights.  Every time I've ridden  on it I've left with a smile.  I recommend this to everybody . More...


Mark Elliott

20 August 2017

The JamTram is perfect for your night on the town. Party, be safe, and do it in style.


Eric Dutcher

31 March 2017

you better take advantage of this experience of a life time!


Shawn Elmore

27 January 2017

Sara is the best. She is so cool and accommodating!!!! Already planning my next adventure on the Jam Tram!!!


Mandy Sterling

31 October 2016

Sara's awesome! I love the jam tram! t's so pretty all lit up at night! Highly recommend it!!!!


David Riutta

20 September 2016

Amazing! The driver sara is quite the cool person. Very friendly and just plain cool.


Amber Campbell

30 July 2016

Sooo fun!! Thank you Sara for a great night. Cant wait til next time.


Denise Draper Rentschler

27 June 2016

We absolutely loved the Jam Tram and the amazing Sara! 16 of us hopped on for a pub crawl. We had almost as much fun getting to the stops as we did at the stops. If you are looking for a fun adventure, book the Jam Tram!! More...


Dimpz Buddalover

12 April 2016

Last first friday me nd a great friend Angie were walkin home after I great night out nd bout but we need to get home sine we both had to work the next morning, rushing to the light rail I bumped into this bus is playing loud music and a whole bunch of flashing lights coming out from it the driver was a happy-go-lucky cool chick and was like "welcome aboard".... I was like what better way to end the night then to take this bus home my friend and we didn't have enough so we didn't do it but I was just thinking and thinking and thinking about the bus so much that I have booked it for Friday April 15th for my kid sister's 21st birthday needless to say I am so excited and can't wait!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh not only is it going to be a surprise for my little sister but it is going to be the best memory made for us so I suggest if anyone wants to have a good night out on the town and don't have to worry about drinking and driving I mean the driver Sara Groves even accommodate the bus to shine your favorite color and plays your favorite music! Whhhhhhoooooot whhhhhhhhooooot party bus ova herrrrrrrra baybe!!!!! More...


Dawn Lesser

7 April 2016

I rented the truck for the night to have the club atmosphere at my home. It was really awesome.


Andrew Bird

18 December 2015

Simply because of the name. Well done.

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