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Jafton is a custom software development company with 20+ years of experience. We help companies become successful based on our own IT business experience. We build software of any complexity - mobile apps, websites, custom soft - we do it all

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20 January 2020

Sam has worked with me for 6 moths from idea stage to launching my app and it’s been a bliss. We’ve successfully got over 50,000 users into our app within 1 month. This team is super dedicated and are real pros of what they do. I love working with them and have started a second project. Recommended to 3 friends and they are all super happy!! More...

2 December 2019

Best thing about Jafton is they consult you on a correct path instead of just following your instructions. I was planning to make an iOS app but these guys suggested I start with a web app which works on all platforms and it ended being the smartest choice I made because it saved both money and time. And the design they made was super user-friendly not mentioning the great functionality. More...

2 October 2019

Their team created an outstanding design for my website and the functionality is superb. They are also mentoring me on the strategy for the growth of the product and userbase.

26 September 2019

Having worked as head of HR for many years I can tell the talent with big accuracy. I spoke to the founder who is also a developer himself directly. They consulted me on product and lead the way for me in building my website which ended becoming an app. I am growing my business exponentially because of this interesting piece of tech they suggested for me. More...

19 September 2019

I interviewed many companies and decided on Jafton after clearly seeing the level of dedication they have. They literally jumped on a call with me at 10PM and even the founder himself joined the call. They didn't only developed my website professionally but provided a lot of consulting based on their 15+ years of experience. I'm their evangelist and recommend all my networks. More...

17 September 2019

They build custom software from scratch and can help with development of almost any complexity. They delivered the government project on a high end.

17 September 2019

I wanted to create a super fancy app with ton of different complex features. But instead of just making it for me Jafton team actually advised me to go with a simpler solution of making a web app and a chatbot. And it worked better for me. I didn't know that an app was not necessary in my case. They saved me money and time. These guys know the industry very well and know how to make a product market fit. More...

13 September 2019

The new site makes the right statement and is on par with the rest of the brand. JAFTON was well-organized and detail-oriented, and their work showed pride. They followed through and were always honest in their estimates. More...

10 September 2019

What I loved is that these guys do all the design and development from scratch. They don't use templates and build your idea just as you want. And they don't overpromise but tell you very realistically based on experience how long your project is going to take and never compromise the quality. More...

8 September 2019

Jafton not only developed my comprehensive software and application but helped me scale it to the market. I came to them with just an idea and they took down all the technical requirements and made it happen in the way I couldn't imagine. They're very responsible and work in timely manner. More...

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Ease of use and user-friendliness. The clean and simple design over functionality. More features doesn't mean more delivery and better user experience. We make simple yet deliverable designs and products.

What is their vision for the project and their purpose behind it?

The ability to push digital transformation and being able to help clients transform their business and get a huge ROI

Having built many successful and unsuccessful IT companies myself I decided to go into consulting to help other businesses

Because unlike other outsource companies we have built IT businesses and startups ourselves. We know what it takes to not just build a strong product but how to scale it to the market.


Software of any complexity developed from scratch to market ready stage.

Customers Relationship Management software custom developed

Electronic Data Interface development

Messenger Application Development for iOS, Android and Mac

We can develop chatbots for any platform - telegram, messenger, slack, Alexa