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Jacob Lewinski

Davenport IA


Jacob Lewinski

Davenport IA


Hi my name is Jacob Lewinski! I can teach you how to exercise properly and use nutrition to meet you goals! I can help you create realistic goals, reach them, and maintain them. I'm certified personal trainer, and a Senior at Michigan State University finishing my Bachelors in Kinesiology ( human movement).



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I use the fundamentals of exercise and nutrition to help my clients reach their goals. Fitness is often over complicated, while there are plenty of tips and tricks i'll provide, when it comes down to it there's not one magical food or exercise that will make you reach your goals. You have to put in the work but I'm going to show you how to do it effectively.

Getting the body of your dreams takes one thing, consistency. You have to put in the effort consistently, and eat according to your goals. This doesn't mean you can never take a day off or fall off your diet, however what you do for the majority of the week determines success or failure.

I love personal training because I get to help people reach their goals and often reclaim health. As an EMT for 2 years I saw a lot of people suffering from chronic disease that could have been prevented by eating right, exercising, and maintaining a healthy weight. I get to help you keep fat off and build muscle making most people more confident and healthy!

I wanted to start my own business because like you my time is valuable. Having my own business allows me to chose how I spend my time and allows me to make a better schedule to meet your needs as well as mine.

You should chose me because I've spent 3+ years studying the body and am continuing into Chiropractic school to continue to study the body for another 3 years. My goal for everyone is not only looks but optimal health. I can help you reach any goal whether it's to lose a few pounds, gain muscle, or even help lower blood pressure through exercise and nutrition!


I can help you with weight loss, body building, endurance training, strength training, nutrition, lower back pain by doing a muscle imbalance assessment/corrections, and improve health markers like blood pressure, cholesterol, ect.