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I am blessed with the knowledge, skills, and passion that awakens and ignites within my clients the ability to exceed their goals and earn their results. My mission is to change as many lives as possible.

I have six years of experience with virtually every type of client and will help you:


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11 January 2019

I was Davids very first client over five years ago and we've been working together ever since! He's dedication to seeing his clients succeed and investment in his personal knowledge to be the best asset possible, far exceeds that of any other trainer I've had. He doesn't just put you through the same program session after session; he's always looking for new routines that fit your personal goals. Plus, he keeps you committed and doesn't let you cancel a session just because you "don't fee" like training today! He really cares about each person he trains and their success. He not only provides training from a physical standpoint, but also looks at nutrition and what you're eating to ensure you have the greatest opportunity for success. He's pretty awesome! More...


Greg Skoch

10 January 2019

Not just a fantastic trainer, but a wonderful person. David develops a relationship with his clients. Their goals become his goals. He's a guide and companion on whatever fitness journey you're on. I've been training with David for 4 years and can't imagine of slowing down anytime soon! Thanks, David! You're a life changer! More...


Jen Santa Maria DC

10 January 2019

Phenomenal and very knowledgeable trainer! He really focuses on your goals, and has alternative training styles to meet every one of them! Highly recommended!


Alyssa Kay

10 January 2019

Truly deserves the 5 star rating! I've been working with David for a few months now, and I love that he helps me target my multiple goals and gives great guidance in all areas. My butt gets kicked every workout, I'm never bored, and always motivated. Cannot recommend him enough! More...

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Discuss goals, needs, previous exercise and nutrition habits, wellness history, and resources for success.
Perform and recommend assessments to identify potential roadblocks and educate how lifestyle choices impact the body and metabolism.
Create a personalized exercise and nutrition program that provides better overall health, more energy, higher performance, more effective weight loss, and optimal results.

There is no greater feeling than building a partnership with a client and seeing them achieve what friends, family, and they themselves thought was impossible. They say choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. I truly love helping others change their life.