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Residential and commercial cleaning experience. Detailed cleaning, Airbnb/Vacation rental cleaning. Eco friendly products. Carpet shampoo, oven cleans, fridge clean, cabinet cleans , vacuum, mop, dust, sweep, toilet cleaning, mirrors, cobweb removal , etc

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30 September 2019

Hi all I am leaving this review after my delightful cleaning experience with a cleaner named Ingrid. She was very passionate about her work she was bilingual in English and Spanish which was awesome I rarely get Cleaners who are bilingual. She greeted me upon arriving cleaned to her music on her phone and had the house looking good as ever she moved things around to clean under and above them such as dust I appreciate her hard work and did leave a tip. I found her through the handy platform and used her ever since More...

17 September 2019

I had a awesome experience with Ingrid today I found her on craigslist and I booked with her to do a turnover for my rental unit in the basement and she did an amazing job! She arrived ten minutes early and had all her supplies ready to work. What I enjoyed most was she was friendly hard working and left the vacation unit smelling good left a thank you card as well and did all laundry as required. More...

16 September 2019

I love her work! She was on time had all equipment to do job! She got every window seal and cleaned counter tops and floors so good! I appreciated using her for my housecleaning. She gave me a thank you card after she finished work which was something no other cleaner did! All her products were eco friendly which I loved as they weren’t harsh on my animals and children. More...

27 August 2019

Awesome cleaner!!! I love how she makes a house smell good! Very prompt friendly service. She was on time came in with a pleasant attitude and did hard work deep cleaning was well worth it. She did the best deep cleaning ever. I will book with you again soon. More...

19 August 2019

Great cleaner!!!!!
I love working with her. I found her on cl advertising her services and when I say the best work ever I MEAN THE BEST EVER! !!! This woman is so detailed she left the counter tops sparkling, bathroom and whole house spotless. She left it smelling
good. I booked with her in 2019 early part of May and I still use her to this day because her work is amazing!!! Affordable pricing compared to cleaning service companies!!! Stop look and book with Ingrid she won’t let you down she is always on time as well slightly early

19 August 2019

I used Ingrid before for a deep cleaning and she did a good job. Arrived on time very detailed hard worker. I have Used her since 2018 and it has been a pleasure working with her

17 August 2019

Very friendly passionate about cleaning takes pride in her work. She did a good job by using stainless steel wipes on my stainless steel she also steam mopped the floor which was an advantage for me as I have four children and two of them are very young and twins. I like the non harsh chemicals she uses and her detailed job good work More...

17 August 2019

She provided me with quality cleaning. She could work on learning duvet comforters which are tricky but her work as far as cleaning is on point. I have used her numerous times for general clean up. Including construction clean up and she did terrific. Thank you Ingrid for all your hard work More...

17 August 2019

Best vacation rental cleaner. On time nice attitude has all supplies comes early and gets the job done. I like the fact she’s trustworthy I know I could leave home and not worry is she going to steal or half ass clean. She did terrific I like how she folds toilet tissue in bathroom once she finish cleaning. More...

17 August 2019

Where should I even begin! This woman cleans a house so good it sparkles and shines! I love the detailed work she does especially when she cleans the oven my oven looked like new! I booked her for 6 hours and i tell you in 6 hours she did the best job ever. Better then any cleaning company I have hired. I use Ingrid once a month for a cleaning and by far she’s the best and affordable! More...

17 August 2019

I have a unit in Sherwood that Ingrid cleans for me! I like how detailed she is and thorough in her work. She uses awesome products and provides very good customer service! I do have one pet she interacts well with animals. What I like most is that she arrives to the job ten mins early and check ins and starts her process. I observe she usually does bottom to top or top to bottom she has several methods which work awesome! It’s a pleasure having Ingrid! More...

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I have been cleanin for 2 years residential and commercial cleaning. I have done airbnb cleanings as well

Yes i have eco friendly & non eco friendly products

The fact i get to clean residential and commercial properties. I enjoy cleaning and then the family or guest arrive and the house smells clean, my job was done accurately and above standards!

I get to be my own boss! Set my own hours! Teach others my technique, get critque from customers , also i have a passion for what i am doing so i make sure i do it right the first time!

I am hard working, strong, accepts criticism, willing to make it right! I am very affordable, has all products needed to do job, reliable transportation, 4-5 star reviews. I do detailed work, not just a quick wipe down and go.


Cleaning all surfaces, windows, cracks & crevices, bed making(w/linen changing if provided) laundry service, dishes, floor, tile, sweep, mop, dust, sanitize, toilets, windows/mirrors, walls, removal of cobwebs, vacuum(floors/stairs & couches for animal hair.) etc

Housekeeping, laundry, bed making,