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Originally founded in 2009 as ImFamous Brandz, LLC. We offer brand creation, brand marketing, e-commerce development, support, website construction, and design, this can include domain registration, as well as monthly maintenance. We also offer SEO, SMM which is Social Media Management and Social Engine Optimization .

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Stash Madison

25 July 2018

ImFamous is the shit!!!!


Visibility. Convenience. UX and UI (user experience and user interface) how customers are allowed to move and interact with your website, both online and mobile.

What is your END goal, where do you WANT to be ? If you can't visualize yourself being successful then how you BE successful.

We usually contact the client, set-up video or in-person meeting, gather some basic info about he/she [client] then proceed to collaborate with client mixing our ideas with their personal style.

Budget, time frame and do they have any designs or images that they had in mind to use or wanted to use.

The relationship building. Getting to meet and converse with a wide array of people from all over.

Knowing my own personal worth, and what I did to get this point, the sacrifices, and the experiences that educated me and helped grow both professionally and personally.

I'm not just someone you hire, I'm a friend you made, a person you can trust. My word is bond.