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Annmarie Breland

23 September 2018

This is life saving to us thanks to all who sponsor these dog


Belinda McLain

23 September 2018

Such a wonderful organization. They have taken such great care of Snow and Lacey and been so patient with us through the training process. Something a lot of people don't understand with dogs is that the training process is a lifelong process for them. It so great to have someone that is just a phone call away to help us out when we have a question. More...


Monica Tisack Kathmann

23 September 2018

Great organization.


Kimberly Jacobs-Kees

23 September 2018

We are so thankful for Hub City and their program!! We have had Izzy for almost 2 years now and he's been a God send. Our lives have drastically changed because of Izzy. Jack and Izzy's bond is something that books are written about. The training of Izzy is amazing beyond words. We can never say enough great things about Hub City and Bubba Howell. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! More...


Lacey Thrasher

23 September 2018

Thank you Hub City Service Dogs for training Snow into a wonderful Service Dog. I am absolutely blessed for such a wonderful program! The staff is excellent! Thank you!

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