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whatisthelongestname icanhaveonhereohits

24 August 2019

Brooke Sheppard cuts my hair and she's amazing. Always gives a fair price and is flexible with meet up times. Salon can be kind of confusing and parking spots are very small


Jason D York

10 February 2019

This is an amazing salon just North of Beltline on the Tollway.


edilberto trujillo

5 January 2019

Cindy Hair & Lashes......she is aweaome


Raivon G.

16 December 2018

Tammie at Healing by Touch is the best massage therapist that I've ever had. I carry stress in my upper back and she always seems to get all of the kinks out of my upper back. I walk in one way, but always walk out feeling like a new person. More...


Paola B Calderon

5 December 2018

It's a good place . clean and peaceful


Åndréa Trejo Mtz

17 November 2018

Beautiful place! must visit.


Gabriela Palacios

29 August 2018

Mai is absolutely amazing for nails! I refuse to go to anyone else! She’s the best!


Susan M.

25 August 2018

Located right off the tollway and convenient! This is a very clean salon suite! (The bathrooms are too) The decor is very elegant and I would come here again. There is actually a friendly concierge in the front who greets you. More...


Von Cornelius

21 August 2018

Nicole for waxing!!


Robert Kinard

22 July 2018

Clean and convenient, but you really need to read the reviews of the individuals who work out of here. I use Faded Wonders and Jordan always gives me a great haircut.


Jeana D.

19 July 2018

If you need an amazing massage you need to go see Tammie. She is a true miracle worker! She's been my massage therapist for a couple of years now and has just got a new place ~ it's gorgeous, serene and relaxing. Do yourself and your body a favor and make an appointment. More...


Ava Sophia Salonsuitesspa

14 June 2018

A clean and luxury salon suites that provides all clients excellent service!


Carolyn m.

1 May 2018

Tammie is the ONLY massage therapist I will go to!  She works out my tough spots and even helps with stretches when needed.  I hosted a private party where Tammie and her team provided foot baths with sugar scrubs and body massages.  It was an amazing experience!!  I would recommend her for both regular massages as well as special events! More...


Barbara Young

9 March 2018

Love the location...definitely love my stylist, T Artistry


Phillip Scheldt

8 February 2018

Be sure to check out Mane Hair and Art. Rose and Cynthia.

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