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Guided Soul-ution by Shiro Nobunaga

Skandia Mobile Country Park, California

Guided Soul-ution by Shiro Nobunaga logo

Guided Soul-ution by Shiro Nobunaga

Skandia Mobile Country Park, California


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Melody P.

29 July 2019

I want to write this review while the feelings are still fresh in my mind. I came to see Shiro to get some clarification on the events occurring in my life. I was feeling uneasy - the type of uneasiness that you physically feel in your stomach and chest. I've had a few readings now but something came up in my life where I needed some validation again. This  experience with Shiro was different from other readings I've had in the past. It felt more of like a therapy session rather than a "reading". Together we talked through my feelings and he guided me towards what the best decisions would be. The main two things weighing heavy on my mind were relationships and career. Now that I'm back at home after my reading, it legitimately feels like that weight was lifted off my chest. My spirit feels a lot more relaxed and the worries have subsided. You can tell that Shiro really cares about his work, I've never met anyone else that will personally send you a recording of your session along with their notes and even offers additional guidance after the reading. I'm really looking forward to his email so I can listen to the recording and play it back when I need it when I need validation again. Overall I'm very grateful that I was guided to seeing Shiro today. More...


Mari A.

1 April 2019

I attended Shiro's Sacred Circle for the first time, and it was amazing. I didn't need a personal reading, but every reading he gave each individual was speaking to all of us. Being an Intuitive myself, I love going to many different healers and seers to experience their gifts. Unfortunately most of them I feel are poor business handlers who tries to make you dependant on them like a bad therapist. Shiro gives all of what he can, and gives you information in such an eloquent way that's just so delicious to receive. More...


Marlyn P.

10 February 2019

Wow! What an incredible experience! I recommend for anyone who is seeking clarity in life! The biggest gift that Shiro gave me was sense of peace and understanding of my life! I will forever be grateful! Thank you!! More...


Hannah P.

30 January 2019

This post is long overdue. Shiro is phenomenal. I have been toggling with the idea of seeing a spiritual guide several times within the last few years. Something happened in my life which made me compelled to reach out to him. I was able to get a session with him quickly since the matter was urgent.He was very kind spirited, gentle, compassionate and gave me much to reflect on as well as guidance for my future. His space was calming and inviting. I have no words other than "Thank you Shiro, from my soul to yours!" I am so grateful I got this do this and have a session with him. I will definitely be doing another one in the near future. You are one of a kind. More...


Jana H.

31 December 2018

I had a wonderful session with Shiro via Skype. He has a great energy that is warm and welcoming. My dad came through with messages about my family members and my new business. Shiro's information was thoughtful and insightful and gave me a good overall roadmap of things to focus on and where to put my energies for my highest good. There is plenty of time for questions. His feedback to my questions was honest and helped to give me a new perspective on many areas of my life. I would highly recommend him! More...


Sheila Kahikilaulani Maka'ena

4 December 2018

Hi everyone!!! Shrio is awesome and amazing I would recommend him to everyone and very trusting he made my day .. The MAN is Gifted Well said !!Peace✌️ Everyone ✌️


Dia Nanette Vechayiem

4 December 2018

Shiro is reassuring and insightful. I highly recommend Shiro's guidance, especially for the discerning individual faced with decisions or one seeking peace of mind.


Jenna Rosebud Harrison

4 December 2018

Wonderful reading! Shiro is a deeply insightful and compassionate soul guide. I highly recommend him.


Leonard Chow Jr.

4 December 2018

Brotha Shiro is the real deal. No joke. Connie is also the real deal to your face. In a good way.


Karla L.

15 November 2018

Shiro, Thank you tons! You're overall help with being a medium and a life coach is a rare find. Im very fortunate to cross paths with you and being guided by your gift. He's the real deal and  hope people get the chance to check out his website and connect with him! More...


Jenna S.

14 November 2018

Shiro is phenomenal and has so much light and love in his soul that he actually radiates. I was so moved by his intuitive counseling session with me that the experience has actually altered my entire week and made me rethink the direction I want to move in for the future. So many things he said resonated with me but he also gave me much food for thought about my past and present. Admittedly, some things were difficult to own but it would be more difficult to move forward with these obstructive boulders sitting in an otherwise clear path -... so I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to do some heavy lifting now - and clear the path for an unparalleled 2019.   Shiro's openness and honestly about our similar childhoods also helped me feel more open. There was immediately a connection and a sense of trust and unity.  His ability to relate to clients and listen to spiritual guidance while being so thoughtful and sensitive about his own engagement  is beyond impressive. Additionally, Shiro's sense of humor was a refreshing aspect to our time together - especially given the otherwise serious nature of our discussions. His answers and assertions were on point regarding my past and present ..and even the future he described is seemingly just an optimistic fantasy right now - and yet it still resonated with me.... which is quite promising. Shiro also follows up a few days after your session with a recording (if you want it recorded) and his own notes. He is very thorough in even his documentation of the event and the service he offers is worth every penny ...and much more. I HIGHLY recommend Shiro - especially if you're feeling lost - or need confirmation on your own intuition. You won't find anyone more authentic than this man... guaranteed. More...


Andrew R.

5 November 2018

You know, I'd read a lot of listings regarding intuitives as I was looking for some guidance. SO many of the reviews said "(name of psychic) is the real deal!" I thought that kind of a hackneyed term but you know what? It's the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Shiro.Shiro is The Real Deal, and, yes, that's in caps.Despite it taking 2 hours for me to drive down there (took the PCH, bad idea) and being totally frazzled and having my molecules in a definite state of frenzy, the mere appearance of Shiro in the long driveway that leads to his place brought me instant calm. He's just that kind of energy.Mellow, bright, animated, kind and enormously gifted, this was surely one of the best intuitive experiences I've had. Ever.Shiro shifts effortlessly between "the clairs" (-voyance and -audience) to mediumship and he's very clear about which of his abilities he's accessing at a given time. A large part of our session had my father, now a spirit, present. It was as though Dad was there, incarnate, in the room.At every juncture of the reading, Shiro was spot on. He pulled no punches, yet he is so gentle, even the tough stuff was readily understandable and metabolized at every level. I got so much from our time together and have already referred people to him.Just amazing!Anyway, to you Shiro, "Bravo!" I thank you sincerely and look forward to speaking with you soon.To everyone else, go see this guy. He is truly remarkable. More...


Jolie K.

10 October 2018

Shiro is legit. His guide is different than any other, he is truly unique. He helped me to make a major decision in my life that had more conflicted than ever before. He gave me a clear vision to move forward with what I believe to be the right decision. Thank you shiro. I plan to come back sometime soon. More...


Kou S.

12 September 2018

My mother went to see him and came back glowing. We talked, and the insights that she got were profound. She insisted that I see him, so I did. We spoke for around 2 hours and I came back with so much clarity and peace of mind. Shiro truly is a special human being, and his work is phenomenal. If you are receptive to his powers (open) then I highly recommend seeing him. More...


Julie N.

16 April 2018

Shiro's guidance extends far beyond my sessions with him.  His intuition and many soulful gifts has brought a great amount of peace and direction in my life.  Of course, there are also moments where I wish I would have listened!  He has a true understanding that we are all human and we will all make mistakes or go down a path that may not be entirely beneficial to us. I appreciate his non-judgmental attitude and willingness to help me get to where I need to be. I first met Shiro in 2016 after the loss of my father and in the midst of turmoil in my work and personal life. Since that initial visit, he has continued to guide me through one serious life event after the other including my own illness.  It came to a point where I was too ill to even sit long enough for an in-person session and I needed help!For people who wonder if a phone or Skype session is personal enough, at least with Shiro, I felt like he was right there with me in my room.) His words really do follow me throughout my daily life. Oh, and I love his voice! Soothing! He was recently interviewed for the Beyond Logic podcast. Aired on March 9th. If you are interested in a session but still on the fence, it may be helpful to listen to his interview to get a feel for his views and if they align with your own. More...


C C.

9 February 2018

Time spent with Shiro was very unique and enlightening.  His presence was calming, as was the environment. I definitely will be returning. After my time with Shiro my step seemed lighter, my heart was fuller and emotions more tranquil, yet upbeat Thank you Shiro, I truly appreciated the session, follow up and looking forward to my next visit!!  Caroline More...


Jonathan A.

25 January 2018

Shiro is truly a gifted individual that can help many many people in this world. As a business owner and growing entrepreneur I have many things going on, he has simplified them and explained why things go the way they do in life. His session went very deep and if I could talk to him everyday I would. Thank you Shiro, I send nothing but good energy your way and you have done a great thing today to impact my life I'm a positive way. More...


Christina J.

24 January 2018

Words truly cannot express how grateful I am to have spent two hours with the beautiful soul that Shiro is. I have gone through a lot in the past few months and he was able to bring me a sense of peace about everything that has occurred. He offered wonderful advice and council about my loved ones, career path, love and relationships, and ultimately, about life itself. I am beyond grateful for our session and am so happy that I can forever refer back to it with his recording. Yet, I know that I will be back to see Shiro as he embodies loving kindness and true guidance. More...


Erika H.

4 January 2018

Shiro's guidance was exactly what I was looking for. I've been going through some uncertainty and blockages, and he provided so much helpful information and then some. He was able to connect with loved ones who passed and deliver their messages very clearly. Shiro clearly has a passion for his work and provides guidance from the heart. I am so thankful to have found him and will definitely book another session with him in the future! More...


Jill B.

22 August 2017

Absolutely amazing! Shiro was able to help me attain some answers I didn't realize I was looking for. He was very open, honest and I was very surprised at the details he knew. I was speechless! It felt like he was able to look directly into my soul and see me for exactly who I am. I am very grateful for my friend to have introduced me to Shiro and I look forward to talking with him again. Highly recommended! More...


Mio F.

5 May 2017

This is not about his medium nor reading talent, I haven't seen him yet but I am really excited.I have talked to numerous other people in business for making an appointment, their charges are not cheap so I wanted to feel good in making the sound decision as to where to go.I was impressed by Shiro, before making the trip there... and I have no doubt that he will continue impressing me during the session.I am really excited to have this experience and I feel very confident that I have chosen the right one to get the guidance.I will send the post-session report later on.1) His response was prompt, on the point, not through assistant (not saying it's bad to use one, but one assistant misquoted the fees and was going to charge me wrong)2) He has the right attitude, not making me feel that he was doing this for money, sounds he is purely spiritual, in line with my spiritual friend tell me all the time3) He guarantees that I will see/hear from my loved ones that have passed the line, if not he is either not the right person, of it's not the right timing, hence no charge4) He also guarantees that if we are not happy with the outcome, he will not charge5) He doesn't charge us just to book, most other places do, they don't accept/make appointment until they confirm the money is received6) He thinks he will need 15 min if he can connect to the people we want.. and if he feels that he is not the right person, he will stop there with no charge to us7) He also records his session and sends the link (so we can confirm or listen later on) More...


Sarynelli V.

29 March 2017

The reason why I know Shiro is the real deal is not because he told me some huge revelation about my life that I had no idea about, it's because he knew things that I already knew to be true and felt deep down, and he was able to tap into that and validate those feelings for me. There was no way he could've known some of these things about me. The environment is extremely relaxing and welcoming, and you can't help but feel calm and at peace when you're talking with him. I also loved that he gave me suggestions with how to move forward and what would be best for me, while always reminding me of my free will and that ultimately it was my choice. I look forward to another session with him perhaps next year and have already referred my mom to him! He's the best! More...


Natolie O.

4 March 2017

I know my late husband guided me to find Shiro, and the message conveyed to me via Shiro was amazingly healing.  I felt so connected to Shiro from the start, like I had met a soul brother.  He gave me such great guidance with his keen intuition.  Shiro is better than any therapist because he gives more than advice, and hones in to the root of your issues.  I felt so uplifted, peaceful and whole after my session.  His follow-up email summary is so heartfelt and thorough, and he provides you with a recording of the session, too! More...


Stacey T.

25 February 2017

I'm beyond happy with my reading with Shiro.  It was such a beautiful experience.  His calming presence and ability to express his translations made it easy to connect and co-create the experience together.  I'm intuitive and a big fan of visiting intuitives at different junctures to help confirm my thoughts/feelings, so this is not foreign to me - I can honestly say this was the best reading I've ever had.  The small, finite details he picked up on was uncanny and is giving me goosebumps as I write this.  Bonus - he whipped us up some ceremonial matcha tea before the reading.   I can't say enough about how awesome my experience was. More...


Rell W.

8 April 2016

Shiro is on Point! First off he has a very welcoming/calm presence about him which makes you feel comfortable. I've had far and few experiences with psychics, card readers, palm reader, mediums etc but will say that he has been the best thus far! He was on point with alot of things that happened and are happening in my life without me telling and able to connect with a loved. He validated the things I had on my mind and in my heart of what direction I should be going in my life on a variety of levels and provided insight.I left my session feeling motivated, inspired, and happy. Even if there are things that may not be so comfortable to hear, he tells you without coming across negative or judgmental. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. Overall this was a great experience which I hope to continue and stay connected to him in the future. More...


A I.

31 January 2016

I am really glad that I decided to seek guidance from Shiro.  For the last several days, I've been feeling so alive and full f positive energy.  Until I met him, I had no idea what it meant to love yourself, and I had asked my friends what it meant, but I never got THE answer I understood.  But Shiro told me what it is the way I could understand and now I can accept myself the way I am, regardless of how many "mistakes" I make on a daily basis.  In other words, I love myself....for the first time in my life.  I really like how Shiro talks and explains things.  I truly recommend him. More...


B B.

1 October 2015

For almost two weeks now my emotions have been all over the place feeling uncomfortable not able to sleep or be myself full of insecurities about everything I had no idea what my problem was.  I knew I had to see a physic/healer right away.  Searching YELP I came across Guided Soul-ution by Shiro Nobunaga his website was all five stars.  I called him and got an appointment right way.Meeting with him September 28, 2015 all I can say is WOW his presences was calming he spent more time with me than what I was expecting.  He got into so much that help me understand why I was feeling so bad.When he started to talk my spirit felt calming.He is a professional and it's not about the money it's about helping the people who need real answers.I got an email from him of our session with a recording of everything we discussed with tools to help me thru this transition.I have to say I really enjoyed meeting and talking to him, I will definitely follow his guidance because I know he is true.....Keep up the good work and thank you!BB More...


Mikee R.

18 September 2015

When I sit with Shiro, I feel like I am sitting on a mountain top--the vastness, stillness, open expanse.  Anything seems possible and everything seems okay.  He has a quality of "being-with" that is precious and rare in this world. His calm, grounded presence and compassion makes him an exceptional psychic medium. He has a direct, nonjudgmental yet warm style of communicating which makes you feel safe going into vulnerable emotions and dark places in your past. I highly recommend him, especially for those who seek to get in touch with their deeper selves and learn how to draw on their own ever-present wisdom. More...


c n.

11 August 2015

I had reading with him back in Feb and just had a random thought to re-listen to our session the other day  and OMG.. things he mentioned actually happening as I listen to my heart/soul as he advised me.  I didn't mean to EXPECT and FOLLOW exactly what he mentioned but just go with the flow naturally with my daily life.He listens to you with his open heart and senses your soul with his special gift then guides/advices you where you meant to be. More...


Christine N.

26 May 2015

I had my first session of this kind with Shiro about 4 months ago.Shiro is kind, honest, and direct. It was a unexpectedly natural yet profound experience - one that I am still trying to fully take in.  A skeptic of psychic readings most of my life, in the last year or two I started to open up to the idea, it just started to make sense. I was finally at a part of my life where I was open to letting go of unhealthy patterns, ready to listen to what is, and accepting of what it is I needed to do to move forward.As time moved on and after I could observe some of my patterns we talked about, everything he read from me has been accurate. It took me a while to accept the whole reading because it was so dense, made me feel so vulnerable, and it revealed some hard choices I had to make in order to get to where I want to be. But after a few months I re-listened to our session a few times and it's then I realized what great advice he gave. Shiro is a kind soul, I'm glad I found him when I did. He helped me through a really tough yet exciting transition in my life. More...


Susan K.

26 January 2015

I saw Shiro a couple of times and I will continue to see him for insights and guidance. Shiro listens with an open heart. His is gentle and humble. He is easy to open up to, especially for someone like me who is very guarded. If you are in the crossroads or happen to stumble across this review and it resonates with you. I highly and humbly suggest giving Shiro a call. More...


Sally H.

18 September 2014

I highly recommend having a reading with Shiro.  He is insightful, gentle, and straightforward.  Whenever I have questions in my life, he always has the answers.


Peter K.

8 September 2014

Talking to Shiro is like talking to an old friend, which makes that much easier to figure out the most difficult situation.   We all need guidance and advice once in a while, what Shiro offer is not only very insightful but also clear for one to understand.  We all have make tough decision in our lives, but with Shiro's guidance everything seems easier and more confident to take that next step.   Highly recommend anyone who is trouble or just need a simple clarification.  Definitely worth your time! More...


Richard F.

5 August 2014

"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could..."There are times when indecision sets in and all you have is a feeling about a decision so extremely pivotal to the rest of your life that you need some affirmation.  And affirmed my feelings were when I met Shiro.Shiro met my worries with calm reason and provided me with clear solutions.  My scattered mind, full of endless "what-ifs," gave way to the right path. Shiro's examples and references were so pertinent that they illuminated my direction all the more.From the professional perspective, I appreciate Shiro's efforts in accommodating me in my schedule and location and ensuring that I was in a place of comfort.  His promise of sending a summary on our session together was delivered with diligence and detail.  From the personal perspective,  speaking to Shiro is like speaking to your best friend, your confidant.  You realize his talents, but all the while you're comforted by his humanity and care for you.Thank you for your guidance Shiro. I look at my road now, more emboldened and confident in every step forward.  "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-- I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference." More...


Yvette H.

31 July 2014

The counseling I receive from Shiro is priceless. He has a way of knowing exactly what I am going through in my life and gives me the guidance that I need to break through blocks and resistance specific to me so that I can move forward in life. He is kind and compassionate and makes you feel so comfortable that you feel like you can and want to tell him everything. More...


Jenny N.

23 July 2014

Shiro has a calmness and a gentleness about him when he channels and delivers the messages that the loved ones want to convey. When he channeled my biological dad, I understood all the messages he wanted for me to hear and that brought peace and healing for me. More...

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