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GuardTexas is a privately owned security contractor incorporated in Texas and was founded in 1976. GuardTexas holds a Class C license as a Private Investigation and Security Contractor Company. This classification enables GuardTexas to offer a broad set of security-related services.


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Dee Andre Collier

16 August 2019

great company to work for been working for these guys for at least 7 to 8 months just a warning stay away from the tenants the clients and don't enter the office spaces didn't know that was such a big issue until i made that mistake...this company taught me that i can't talk to anybody and i can't trust anyone they'll stab you in the back if you're not careful the owner of tuttas pizza smokes pot and he also offered me some....company is cool but when it comes to the outside forces avoid them by any means. More...


Security Officer

2 August 2019

great experience.just needed better hours and opportunity! very competitive atmosphere. Rewarding position. typical day at work was very peaceful and energetic



20 July 2019

If you like security this would be a great job for you they give you good hours and flexible schedules if need be just make sure you have transportation


Level 2 Officer

18 July 2019

While they may not be the highest paying company due to being non-commission only, they are very understanding and helpful when it comes to personal issues. I enjoyed working with them from beginning to end, but I eventually left due to better options. I highly recommend this company for entry level experience as a level 2 officer.Pros Kind staff, Allows uncommon appearance (males with long hair). Protects noteworthy officers.Cons Below average pay More...


Leonard Thompson

17 July 2019

They hired me!


Security Guard

27 June 2019

I ride or walk around make sure my site is safe I take pictures of the areas I work to have put in a file. Hardest part of my job would have to be removing people who are causing trouble on the area.


Tyler Talley

11 June 2019

I was in a situation last week with needing a over night watch. Call these guys after 5 o'clock asking to get someone out to a property I manage ASAP. While they were looking for a guy to be out here over night, Anthony Chamberlain called and said he will show up until they can find a permanent guy. It was great customer service. More...


Jon G.

18 April 2019

Great company to work for their nice people at the office and the other guards and supervisors are nice and respectful


Security Patrol Officer

17 April 2019

I worked at the San Antonio branch of GuardTexas for nearly two and a half years. They offered me flexible hours, good pay, health benefits, and an opportunity to gain experience. I was able to go from being a non-commissioned security officer at the mall, to becoming a commissioned security officer doing patrols throughout the city. After working there for a period of time, I was able to get a security contracting job overseas; now I'm making over $40,000 a year. GuardTexas is definitely a great way to get a start in the security industry.Pros Good culture, team environment, nice uniforms.Cons Night shift can be boring at times. More...


Brandon Kelly

27 March 2019

I hope i get the job ...


Janis Mathis

27 December 2018




17 December 2018

I love my job so much, the team leader a great people, the field caption stays on their job, of making sure that we are taking care of, and that we are in a safe environment.


William Mendoza

27 November 2018



Process Management Administrator

9 October 2018

The people are great here. My boss is the best. Salary should be higher but the benefits are great. No Christmas bonus. Monthly birthday celebrations. The corporate office needs more team building/social interactions. More...


Security Officer

6 August 2018

They are flexible on scheduling. The field captains are responsive to your needs. Positive culture, with interesting people. I am proud to be apart of the organization. Moderate opportunity for advancement. More...


Security Officer

3 July 2018

Easier than most other security jobs but advance in career to move requires hardwork, Most site supervisor are professional, work as team work and treats all officers equal from when i observed and seen. Good job to have and relaxing when you have school on the side. Overall is a good company to work for but some sites do provide a security vehicle for patrols which is good. Benefits are fair, but vacation days vary depending how long you work there. No paid sick days nor paid time off are the downsize on the company.Pros Decent pay for decent living, good management, good team work, career advance if hardwork is appliedCons Benefits are fair, no paid time off, no paid sick days. More...


Erin K.

15 May 2018

Pool Guard Texas did a great job installing our pool fence. They were very knowledgeable and gave us a couple of options for our pool. The installer was very experienced and explained the process thoroughly before he started. The price was reasonable and we are happy with the outcome. More...


Danelle Renaud

21 February 2018

Highly recommend! Fence was installed quick & looks great. Now we can enjoy our pool & keep our kids safe! Thanks Rick & Will!



11 February 2018

A good place to work. Uniforms are provided but be sure to dry clean them before turning them in or you won't get your uniform deposits back. That's something they won't tell you till after you turn in your uniforms. So don't get burned like I did and lose a 100 bucks. Other than that its a good place to work security. More...


Claire Lambert

30 January 2018

We purchased a home at the beginning of last summer with a pool. We have two young children, who at the time couldn’t swim. We literally had the fence installed in the couple of days after closing, even before we had moved in. There was an issue with water to the neighborhood being shut off with Grant construction, that I wasn’t aware of, since we didn’t live there yet, and even though it caused the job to drag out over a couple of days, Rick was so understanding and worked out the schedule to get the fence completed ASAP. He also took care of an issue we noticed later with our sprinkler system near a fence post, and by later, I’m talking 6 months, he definitely went above and beyond! We love having our pool fenced, and completely recommend having it done. Even though our boys learned to swim shortly after moving in, it gives me peace of mind that they and all of our friends and neighbors, can play safely in our yard. More...


Megan Garzaglass

25 January 2018

Fast, friendly and affordable. I called for a quote and by 1pm the next day my fence was installed! Great customer service! Thanks pool guard -coach megs swim lessons swimcoachmeg.youcanbook.me More...



23 November 2017

My time at GuardTexas was great, they gave me a contract close to home with a guarantee of 40 hours weekly. I never needed to rely on office managers because the Captains out in the field were there within a moments notice with our phones. Scheduling and pay stubs are done through an app. What was weird is that they let me go at the first sight of me reducing my hours and trying to cash in my paid vacation. Not good. They did the same thing with my brother who worked close by.Pros Lots of space, Not a lot of talking, Free range to do the jobCons Human Resources severed me for trying to use vacation More...


Sire Houston

10 September 2017

We were displaced by The storm. We had to move into a rental, and it has a pool. I did not want a pool but homes are hard to come by right now. I called Rick at PoolguardTexas to get a estimate for a pool safety fence. Rick came out the next day gave me an estimate. It was lower then I expected but I told him that we were just going to have to wait a few months because we cannot afford to do it right now with everything going on. Rick said I do not want to see anything happen, can we just put it in and you can pay us when you can. I was not comfortable doing this because I have never needed or have taken a handout or help. Rick said, ok let's do 25.00 a month starting in November and when you can pay it off pay it. Wow! Fence is in, fence looks great and I can rest easy with my 9 month old and 2 year old being safe. My husband broke down with tears and said this guy deserves a medal! Then we find out Ricks home was struck by a tornado and he and his family have been displaced. Wow, for someone to go out of there way to help a family when he and his family need just as much help. This is a professional, carrying, kind family man. Thank you so much More...


Electronics and communications

8 September 2017

reliable,performance,tidiness,fast,understands unsupervised liable,hard worker,discipline cooperate,mindful,punctual,no drinking,no smoking,able to learn,friendly,respect,helpfulPros noCons yes


Security Patrol Officer

21 August 2017

This company is awesome in the aspect of wanting to come to work. Good environment and awesome place to learn new ways of security business skills. A great overall place to start in the security industry.Pros Managment, Team PlayersCons Low Pay, Mandatory Lunch Break More...



20 August 2017

Good starting point for an entry-level job. Pay is good, not great. Needs more growth. Has potential to become a great company if all managers work collectively together.


Ben C.

7 August 2017

I am posting this one year after installation. Our fence has been outstanding. While the installation was quick and easy, its durability has been perfect. Our fence was installed in these five panel sections, and each section can be unhooked and removed in about 90 seconds by both my wife and I. It can be reinstalled in 90 seconds as well. Now that our daughter knows how to swim we find ourselves leaving parts of the fence open. However, the fact that the installation and removal can be done so quickly and easily is a huge, unexpected bonus. Rick's professionalism and attention to detail was top notch, and we have been extremely pleased. More...


Shah Mohammad Robel

25 July 2017



Dean Gilberry

26 May 2017

Great Place to Work


Security Officer (Full-time)

21 August 2016

a typical work day is to observe and report , you always have to be aware of your surroundings , i learned to be more cautions with some things, there was no hard part about this job. and the best part was the pay .Pros hourly payCons nothing More...


Edward L Sansom

26 May 2016

Yeah, but the pay is not 5 star!


Mieasha Fields

26 May 2016

I loved working for them. The best security company I have worked for so far!!!!!!!


Kyra Knepp Izzo

11 May 2016

After hiring another company to install our pool fence (what were we thinking?!) and them cancelling the day of installation, Pool Guard was able to come out the very next morning and install our fence. Rick was great helping to arrange everything and work with me on such short notice. His installation crew worked hard through the rain and mud, and very knowledgeable in their trade. The fence looks great and I'm extremely happy with the results. More...


Fred Garner

26 April 2016

Dealing with Rick was a pleasure, always a quick response whether via text or phone calls. Rick came out to the house we were buying back in February to give an estimate, we got everything in order and had the fence installed this past weekend. Rick said his guys would be there at 9am, they called the day prior to confirm and were actually at the house 30 minutes early ready to work. David and I went over the layout and he and Erick got busy. They never came back to ask questions or had any issues. When finished, David went over everything with me, explained the safety aspects, warranties and functions. The fence looks great and would highly recommend using Pool Guard of Texas for your safety/security needs. I have two boys that are 2 & 4, they were already testing out the strength of the fence and locking mechanisms that afternoon, they didn't succeed in gaining entry! Thank you Rick, David and Erick for your help. More...


Andrea D.

21 March 2016

I have nothing but great things to say about this company!  Rick came out after we were contemplating one of these fences for the safety of our kids.  We had contacted one company and were ready to go but we didn't hear back from them.  Rick responded right away and had a much better price than we were expecting.  He came out to meet with us and go over the layout and we scheduled our installation with him.  He was very pleasant and friendly and someone you felt you would enjoy working with.  Dave and Eric came out on President's Day on a Monday morning to meet with me for the installation.  We walked out and went back over the design to make sure we were all on the same page before they began.  They were extremely professional and friendly.  They were helpful with any questions we had and did a fantastic job!  I would highly recommend this company if you need a pool fence!! More...


Security Officer

18 September 2015

i love my job and environment, my boss is great and if he sees potential in you he will work to draw it out of you and the upper management team is one of a kind. my job is professional and has a family like feel to it. nothings perfect and neither is my job but i working with my team has been amazing and if nothing else im glad i at least got the chance to work with them More...


Michael C.

14 August 2015

We had a Pool Guard fence installed recently and we could not be happier. It's affordable and attractive, and best of all we can take it down completely in a matter of minutes for a pool party or for tending our palm trees. They came out for an estimate and completed the job all in the same afternoon. We would highly recommend them. Thanks guys! More...


Security Officer (Full-time)

10 July 2015

With this company i have many things ranging from patrolling a building to working the front gate at a construction site, to patrolling a wherehouse enclosure. with this job i used a lot of skills that i had already learned with my past jobs, like curtesy, being symoathetic an understanding while also enforcing the rules of the area. but in doing so i was able to make the skills better by using them in the feild. In these job you dont really have anyone watching you over your shoulder so managment was a ehind the scenes type of thing, but everything was always kept up with and if I/we needed anything, they were always quick to apply. didnt really have too many oworkers since each site was a one man manned post. A lot of time alone, but when I did work with other employees, it was always very enjoyable. I'd hae to say that the hardest part of the job is the long hours alone. working 12 plus hours a day, especially over night, with no one around is very lonely and boring, but it's still good work and nice for those that enjoy thaat type of atmosphere. I've worked at very demanding jobs that hace very little to no incentives, It was always nice to work, but working for a company that appreciates what is the best part of the job. this company isnt realy that demanding, With that and there appreciation it makes working for them that much easier and more enjoyable. More...


Elysia Y.

27 April 2015

These guys were great. Rick came out first to help us decide on the best plan of attack and give us all the details on the product and how secure it was. The guy who installed it was professional and friendly (also knew all about the product) and made sure to double check everything with me before getting started. The fence is sturdy but pretty easy to remove when needed. More...


Valeh Ghaemmaghami Garza

22 April 2015

We had our pool fence installed yesterday and absolutely love it. Beautiful, functional and well worth every penny. Thank you all so much for giving us peace of mind above all else!!!



21 December 2014

During my four months of work with Executive I have found that my position, unlike many other security guards, is a static post and I enjoy that very much.Pros Free gym at my site



20 October 2014

This is a fun and stable place to work. There is always a lot going on, but the management is awesome. They do everything they can for their employees.


Alan P.

20 August 2014

One of our three dogs is old and blind and kept stumbling (diving really) into the pool at our newly-purchased home meaning we couldn't let her outside without watching her.  I called Rick at Pool Guard and after considering our options he set us up with a 24" mesh fence that's not nearly as ugly as I feared it would be.  As a matter of fact, it's very neat and tailored looking.  It's also a breeze to take down a few sections when we use the pool.  His crew arrived as scheduled, had the fence up quickly and left absolutely no mess.  We could not be more satisfied and recommend Pool Guard highly. More...


Operations Manager

17 July 2014

This is a great company for advancement. I started out as a Security Officer just like everybody else. Only 2 months later, I was quickly noticed and promoted into Dispatch. While working in dispatch for a year and a half, a position opened up for a Patrol Field Captain, which I gladly accepted. After 2 years of working as a Field Captain, I was then promoted to Operations Coordinator where I made the schedules for 175 officers at our branch. Most recently, I was promoted to Operations Manager. We have a great management staff that is willing to assist any of our officers with any problems or concerns they may have. We provide training, licensing, uniforms, direct deposit, and opportunity for advancement. More...


James Wayne Whatley

21 June 2014

I had my pool guard fence installed a few days ago and so far I love it. The people were awesome and easy to deal with. The fence itself seems to be very high quality and adds a lot to the beauty of my backyard. Would definitely recommend this company and their product. More...


Security Guard

7 May 2013

Executive security is a great security company. They help pay for commission card so you can be armed on duty. They take pride and they take care of all of their employees. Pros flexible hours, clean work enviromentCons no breaks, long work hours More...

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