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J B.

11 February 2019

Exceptional cleaning at a very reasonable price! I love the products they use, afterward my house smells subtly awesome (a little fruity).We have dust mite allergies in our household, which means if we don't clean thoroughly one of us will wake up with an allergy attack in the middle of the night. These ladies are the only service we've used that after they clean, we can go for a few weeks without suffering an attack. 5 enthusiastic stars! More...


Jordanna D.

23 February 2018

The Green Star crew delivers consistently stellar cleaning services. They know how to get into those hard to reach cracks and crevices and they do not cut corners. We've been working with them for a handful of months, and we continue to be completely amazed by the cleanliness of our home. Thank you, Green Star! More...


Steve H.

9 December 2017

Very good! Everything was done great! Communication was a breeze. I would highly recommend Green Star for anyone looking for a clean house or apartment.


Stefan M.

2 September 2017

Green Star cleaned my house and did a fantastic job. They did a thorough job and paid attention to details. They were efficient and the price was in line with other services I have used. I'm going to have them clean my house every other week. More...

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