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Gospel Light Baptist Church

Hillside, New York

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Gospel Light Baptist Church

Hillside, New York


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Jacqueline Williams

8 August 2019

If you are seeking a friendly, multiracial Bible-believing & preaching church in Jamaica, Queens then Gospel Light Baptist Church would be your stop. Congregational worship sung from Hymnals without all the modern day theatrics of a loud house band, brightly colored stage lights and a fog machine (nothing wrong with these things - I suppose, but not my preference as I am fighting enough distractions as it is). More than a year ago now, I was warmly greeted by everyone my first visit and received a phone call from the pastor's sister that same week inviting me to attend a women's function. Leadership knows everyone by their name. The church's dedication to developing it's youth and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ is impressive. More...



4 March 2019

Amazing church with really friendly people. God really works in that church! KJV Bible preaching church!


elvis hernandez

4 March 2019

Got saved here at 15 bible preaching church(KJV). Sings old hymns and it’s wonderful. God truly blessed this church with many wonderful people. If you ever get a chance stop by you won’t regret it. More...


Aryan Hxbd

4 March 2019

This church preaches the word of god you would be so interested and would learn so mush about the lord if u have a chance stop by


Karunakar KJ

4 January 2019

Gospel Light Baptist Church. God began to burden the Dice's heart to start a church in New York City early in the 90's. Dana Dice was a student at Oklahoma Baptist College, studying to be a pastor. In the next couple of years through people from New York state, God drew Dana and Julie's hearts to NYC. In April of 1993, during a chapel message in college, God convinced them to go to NYC. On October 31, 1999, the Gospel Light Baptist Church was started. The first two services were in the YMCA on Parsons Blvd. The following Sunday they began to hold services in the First Reformed Church of Jamaica. They had services on Sunday afternoon at 3:00pm and at 7:30 on Wednesday evenings. As the Dice's saturated the area with gospel tracts, folks began to come. Soon they began a Sunday School with two classes. One for afternoon following the service. Early the church began to go together to pass out tracts in the Jamaica Center subway station on Tuesday nights. On Saturdays the church passed out tracts and began to knock on doors to reach the lost with the gospel. Our first baptism was held at Bible Baptist Church of Elmont and then permission was given to fill a stock tank with water to baptize in the main auditorium. The church desired to look for a building to use as much as they wanted.      In July of 2001 a "For Rent" sign appeared on a recently vacated beauty salon at 172-23 Hillside Ave. The church had been praying for some time for a building and the price was right. Much labor went into painting, renovating, hauling trash, and whatever needed to be done. The church had the building ready in 12 days and the first service was held on July 29th, 2001. God has blessed with many souls saved and baptisms. The church had it's first mission conference in October of 2001. On February 3rd, 2002, the church was formally organized, with over twenty members signing the church charter. The future of Gospel Light Baptist Church is as bright as the promises of God! Jesus said in Matthew 16:18 "And I say unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." More...


Mark Simmons

4 November 2018

to the one and only


Christopher Grant

24 June 2018

Love this place of worship, friendly people and great bonding experience



19 December 2017

Bible believing, preaching and teaching.


Roberta H.

9 February 2014

Committed to the work and word of God.

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