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Golds gym Reviews

Golds gym Reviews

Review of Golds gym by Robert McLymore Jr
4 21/06/2018 Robert McLymore Jr

I love the equipment Golds Gym has to offer.
The monthly charges are higher than some other gyms. The ability to use free weights wins my monthly subscription every month. The gym gets crowded around 5pm or so. I usually try to go in the mornings if possible. Beats waiting around to use the equipment.

Review of Golds gym by Juan Salas
3 13/06/2018 Juan Salas

I love the gym but I don't like the service or fact that they are never on time to open! It has happened frequently where they open until 515am, 530am or even as late as 6am, and the when you call and speak with the Manager, Howard to tell him about it, he says he cannot guarantee they will always open on time because the person opening could die on the way to work. To me that is a slap in the face for the $35 I pay per month!

Review of Golds gym by Jeremiah R
3 22/04/2018 Jeremiah R

The Rush was better as far as being a member. Pricing was way better for NC citizens. New management seems to be doing better than past management. My ABSS coworkers and friends like equipment. They are unhappy about price increases. They like water and free style ggx.

Facilities were inherited from the Rush. GF room looks nice. Corrective band exercises and less overhead presses would help prevent injury. Good aerobic and anaerobic workout overall. I would get somebody with a corrective exercise cert to join this team.

Kick down that basketball court as it is not regulation anyhow. Keep restrooms and locker rooms clean.

Management needs to purchase heavier hex bells in the turf area and invest into hex dbells in ggx area. More bands with handles in the turf area. More versa loops in turf area needed.

Les Mills classes are not pleasing all GGXers. Keep your body pump and pool classes. Hire more free style dbell and core equipment group trainers.

Kids Care pricing scandal ticked off a scrap load of customers.

Tell corporate your customers have given them an F on better business bureau. No hidden secret. This Golds Gym gets a B- this quarter. Great trainers who are skilled overall.

Review of Golds gym by Janis Brooks
5 03/04/2018 Janis Brooks

I love this place Milo is great I love his water and spin classes. Emily hooked me up and changed my life for the better

Review of Golds gym by mnoell35
2 10/03/2018 mnoell35

It’s ok. It looks dingy,and I wasn’t impressed by a Gold’s standard. The people inside are totally full of themselves,and anabolics LOL!

Review of Golds gym by Veronica Smith
5 03/03/2018 Veronica Smith

I am a member of Gold's Gym and I am very pleased very comfortable going there I would recommend it and refer anyone I give it a 5 Stars they don't pressure you you know you take your time when you ready for that one-on-one it's up to you you can do what you want when you go in there you could work on your own or you can have a coach!!!

Review of Golds gym by Big E
2 21/02/2018 Big E

I don't like how they change the time and don't work with my work schedule so pretty much it sucks now but other than that it's a good place to go workout

Review of Golds gym by SidiousVader3
3 11/02/2018 SidiousVader3

It's a great place to workout. The reason I don't give it5 stars is because they are no longer 24 hours. 7am-8pm sat-sun is especially ridiculous.

Review of Golds gym by Robert Mcgowan
5 27/01/2018 Robert Mcgowan

They have every piece of equipment you could possibly want from a sauna all the way down to different weights I highly recommended it. if you get a trainer it is a little pricey

Review of Golds gym by bushcraft_hiker1329 G
4 12/01/2018 bushcraft_hiker1329 G

Positive: Great gym with everything you would want for training.
Negative: Highest monthly fees in the area.

Review of Golds gym by Umair Masoud
1 29/12/2017 Umair Masoud

I don't like being called constantly about if I want a membership or not since I had a 3 day pass. Also this place is filled with fuckbois.

Review of Golds gym by Ashley Chafatelli
5 21/06/2017 Ashley Chafatelli

I joined Gold's Gym December 2016 after under going Bariatric Surgery that November. I had no idea what I was doing but I knew I needed to start somewhere. After having family workout at Gold's I figured I would start where they did and let me tell you, that now I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. From Management to supporting staff to the trainers, they are all the most hard working and dedicated group of people who truly love seeing us succeed and would do anything for us!

Golds Fit has been A god send! I have lost almost 120 lbs since surgery and I wouldn't have been able to do any of it without having the coaches that I do. Ryan, Julian, Ramon, Alex, Jarred and Kristen are more than coaches, they are family! The rest of the Golds Fit family that I get to workout with is the reason I come back everyday!

At the end of the day, I wouldn't want to spend all my extra time anywhere else. This place is my second home and the staff is all family! I love my gym!

Review of Golds gym by Michael Maczis
5 21/06/2017 Michael Maczis

I have been going here for a little over a year now. Felt the need to write a review after the recent change in management. You can tell the difference - everyone is friendly and willing to help. The gym itself has a very motivational atmosphere regardless of where you are in your training. Also very happy with the equipment options the gym has to offer. Occasionally you will have to wait for a machine during the peak hours, but this doesn't happen often.

Review of Golds gym by Dietria Monique Woods
1 Dietria Monique Woods

Poor customer service!!! No professionalism. I’m done.

Review of Golds gym by Nancy Kinas Gilliam
1 Nancy Kinas Gilliam

Since Golds took over the Rush in NC, they don't seem to know who is responsible for anything. I used to come 4 days a week. I had a corporate membership. I paid for training and other classes. Classes were cancelled without notification. Classes were not offered with enough variety of times. They did not have enough room in kid care when they launched their weight loss program last spring. I paid extra for it but couldn't attend because there wasn't any space for my child. It took 6 months to change my name. I am very worried over where my requests went since they took a copy of my drivers license twice. The staff can only sign up new members or at least they could never help me. The my path website is very slow. After 3 years of membership I cancelled and no one seemed to wonder why. Now they are trying to bill me for the last 3 months even though I cancelled on the website. Since they were uncooperative, I will have the payment removed from my bank. I will find a new gym that treats their members better.

Review of Golds gym by Dorothy Mitchell
5 Dorothy Mitchell

This gym is a great place to work out. The staff is friendly and always say hello.
I especially love my trainer Milo Furnas!! He does a fantastic job and modifies my workout to my energy level (some days I'm not quite feeling it). His positivity and enthusiasm makes for a great workout!

Review of Golds gym by Brad McAdams
5 Brad McAdams

Friendly staff!!! Clean gym with lots of amenities

Review of Golds gym by Scott Stephens
5 Scott Stephens

I've been a member of several gyms and worked out on Marine Corps Bases. This gym has everything you need and is clean. The staff is friendly and have not had a problem since I have been a member here for just over a month. I've read the reviews to see what everyone had to say, but I'm hearing it isn't clean. Well, it appears clean to me and cleaner than most gyms. It isn't their sole responsibility to clean up after everyone, as they tell you to clean each machine after you use it. It is up to you. If you don't feel like it is clean when you start to use it, it takes 30 seconds to spray it and wipe it down. Same applies to weights, If you use it, put it up. The gym will be as good as it's patrons. It isn't the country club and you go there to train, not to lay around and be pampered. I get in, get my workout, and get out....simple as that and when someone is using a machine, I either wait for a few seconds or work in with them if they are going to be a while on it. Most everyone I talk to likes the place, so maybe the bad reviews here come from people who would rather write bad things than to work out. I am not sure how many members there are, but I can assure you that the bad review in comparison to the amount of members is very low. Great place to workout. Get in and GET SOME!

Review of Golds gym by Jessica Norman
2 Jessica Norman

I really enjoy going to Gold's Gym. However, I was taken advantage of when signing up for my membership. I was told the price of Goldsfit is $55, when in reality, it is double that, as you are billed biweekly. When I double checked with the person who signed me up, I said "So its $30 for the enrollment fee or I can pay $25 more and get a month of Goldsfit"? He said yes. Blatant lie. He also never mentioned that there is a 30 day lag between the time you cancel the Goldsfit and when you stop being billed. Again, blatantly misleading. I enjoyed using the equipment very much, and Jane and her spin class is amazing (and the only reason I gave 2 stars) but I refuse to continue to give my hard earned money to a dishonest company.

Review of Golds gym by Philip Walker
5 Philip Walker

I enjoy it every time I go they have a nice staff

Review of Golds gym by David Stallings
4 David Stallings

I like the gym but I have two complaint when I put my wife on my membership my card was charge twice. When I told them what happened they said that they could not see it on the system. So they ask me to bring in my bank statement to show them the charges. Also the same day like 4 minutes apart I bought a protein bar and was charge 8.50 cents. My card was swiped three times the guy who did it came and told me that something was wrong with the computer so he could not put the money back on my card so he gave me two more protein bar to try and make up for his mistake.

How let go back to the bank statement I got a call from the manger and she said the corporate said that my account was only charge one time that they could see and maybe that my bank had a hold on my account for that charge. I'm Like are you kidding me how are you going to say that and my bank statements clearly stated the two charges was made the same day one minute apart. I call my bank and they said that it was no hold on my account/ no mistake on their end.

Need to say I'm still waiting for a answer. Oh by the way I only been a member three weeks.
I would like to keep my membership, but my parents didn't raises no fools.

Make it right GOLD GYM.

Review of Golds gym by Mindy Page
1 Mindy Page

When I signed up I was told I got one free session with a trainer. I got set up with a trainer and was told they would call me to set up a time to meet. A week later nobody ever called. I called several times asking to speak with my trainer with no luck.

A year later cancellation time comes around and I call to cancel and the guy said he would put it in. A month goes by and I'm still being charged for my membership. I called and spoke to someone and she said a cancellation was never put in. I explained the situation to her and told her I had previously called a month before and gave her the exact date but could not remember the guys name. She said she would speak with her manager about what they could do. Of course nothing could be done I was practically called a liar because their employee never put in a note that I called to cancel my membership a month before. Basically I pulled the whole conversation out of thin air. So now a cancellation was supposedly put in.... we will see in a month if my bank account is still being charged.

Terrible customer service!

Review of Golds gym by Zack Johnson
5 Zack Johnson

99 % of the people who leave bad reviews never took the time to read the agreement or listened to what was clearly explained to them. If you're concerned about the same amount of money coming out in one payment or two per month you should go back to school learn basic math and how to make a budget not be purchasing a membership. Lousy parents want more time in kid care so they can escape their kids which is not golds problem. They gym is a service not hand out or freebie. You're not entitled to label who ever you want to as a guest and bring them how ever you want. You must abide by the rules period. So just because you are butt hurt that you can't bring your long lost nephew in for free doesn't mean you should bash the entire gym which is doing a great job.

Golds gym Burlington you are going a great job keep it up.

Review of Golds gym by Brandon Francis
2 Brandon Francis

I don't mind purchasing a guest pass to the gym, but at least make the pass 24 hours. As a bodybuilder I also need to do cardio later in the day as well, which leads me to pay an additional $15! Which is a rip off! The guest pass should be 24 hour access from the time of purchase. I own a gym and would never take advantage of customers in that way! Message to ownership, don't be greedy! Treat people fairly! Like you would want to be treated

Review of Golds gym by Stuart Maddox
5 Stuart Maddox

A great gym with enough equipment to do what you need to accomplish your goals. The new ops manager there is doing a great job, they are friendly, polite, and always willing to help with any issue that I've had and make me feel at home! Things seem to be going more smoothly around the gym and everyone just seems happier overall! A great gym to go to and I would recommend anyone to this gym, that has great leadership, staff, all the equipment you need, and friendly atmosphere!

Review of Golds gym by Fred Morales
3 Fred Morales

Love the gym the staff an most the equipment works properly. Unfortunately the pool area most evenings are full of young kids n family's playing in it like it's the local pool or YMCA I like to exercise in the pool nor deal with kids n even have to worry about a baby peeing in it. Very disappointed.

Review of Golds gym by Lauren Jadee
1 Lauren Jadee

At first it was great, I had a problem where they continued to charge me for training sessions well after my 12 weeks transformation was up. That was resolved( after speaking to many different people and told several different things) I was told that I wasn’t in a contract- I tried to cancel the membership and wasn’t able to, was told I needed MEDICAL note or proof of address change within a distance unreasonable to attend the gym. My card was stolen, and I moved so I didn’t add the new card to my account I was continuously charged fees ($100 in a month for a membership that’s only $40) I went in to pay my account, she told me that I would continue to be charged and I couldn’t make payments on the account.( pretty much I had to pay the full balance before I’m able to close the account BUT I’m still getting charged the fee of them running a card) she asked me did I want to update my account info in which they would ultimately be taking the full amount out( I expressed to her that I didn’t have the full amount which is why I would like to make a payment )

Back when I received the call from golds that reminded me my card wasn’t on file, I was told that I could come in and freeze my account then make payments on it until it was at a 0 balance and then I could cancel the membership.

In 4 months a membership of 39.99/ month made its way up to a bill of 280

Review of Golds gym by Brianda Escarcega Vega
1 Brianda Escarcega Vega

Worst experience ever! Pay more that 400 in sessions that they claimed are expired and i cant used talked to managers and are not willing to help!! Also they messed up mu account over a year ago when i was out for medical purposes never fix anything or apologized! Dont waste your money in a gym where they dont care about their clients! Management sucks! Rude! Helpless! They always give wrong information! Worst gym in town!

Review of Golds gym by Debbie N. Wilson
1 Debbie N. Wilson

I joined The Rush and loved it. When Gold's took over it really went downhill. Beware of anything you buy as part of your membership. Read the fine print and ask questions because there is ALWAYS something hidden - some caveat that will cost you more money or cause you to lose money. Training sessions expire so if you don’t use them pretty quickly you'll lose them. There is no way to contact corporate if you are not satisfied and the personnel changes frequently so there is no accountability when questions arise regarding your membership. BEWARE!

Review of Golds gym by Brian Ayers
1 Brian Ayers

Unfortunately the billing department of the gym is horrible. I’ve received late fees months in a row because the associate put in the wrong expiration date for my card and didn’t save it. This is at least the six month in a row I have been dealing with this issue. A general manager was supposed to take care of this matter but no one has gotten back to me.

Review of Golds gym by Staci Gafford-Trevino
1 Staci Gafford-Trevino

If i could give it one star i would. The actual gym isn't bad its trying to cancel your membership that is the worst. My contract term was up and i went in to cancel right after the next month had been drafted out of my act. They tried to tell me since i was still in a contract that they would still charge me, i showed them my agreement where it shows that it was no longer in the 12 month period. and i had given them 30 days im getting collection calls at 9 at night. Sorry Golds your not getting crap from me. Stay far away! Definitely not worth it...go to Planet Fitness, at least there your not made to be in a contract.

Review of Golds gym by Nicholas Jordan
1 Nicholas Jordan

They just keep going downhill. I use to Love golds gym, like it better when it was the rush. I had a corporate memebership that was cancelled tried to switch over and they wanted me to start a whole new account and pay full registration fees. While I was deciding what to do, I had a 3 day trial that I wanted to use. I was told that couldn't because it was for new members only. After talking with a manager, I was allowed to use the three day trial, they acted like I was swindling them. Why I was showering, I was told by the custodian that I needed to leave because he had cleaning to do, and stood there and waited for me to get my things. I just checked this up to better customer service skills on his part. The day I went in to sign up i found out that they were changing their hours, completely getting rid of the over night operation hours! Which was the only time I went! This was literally the only benefit of this gym. I work a salary position and I am at work during their new hours. When I asked why, I was told that it was for security reasons? If you are taking away benefits then lower your prices!

Review of Golds gym by Johnna Tranter Stanley
1 Johnna Tranter Stanley

I loved golds. I have been a member for 3 years now. I loved it so much as the human resources manager I brought them in my company at a corporate level and signed up half the employees. As people left over the year we did not have enough people to continue so when the contract was up the golds corporate office would not renew. We were required to have 10 employees signed up. I dope with them at the gym and discussed options. They said I would have to pay a registration fee and sign up again. The general manager was supposed to contact me to discuss waiving the fee and never did. I was getting harrassed when checking in during the month because the guys at the counter said my membership was set to cancel on the 4th and it was the 30th so I stopped going.

On April 27th before I had the chance to start a new contract with them my position was eliminated at work. I thought, thank God I didn't renew my membership cause I need that 40 dollars now.
I looked at my account yesterday and it was in the negative. They took almost 40 out of my account. They didn't even have my account information on file because as a corporate member it was taken out of my paycheck and paid monthly by my employer as a direct bill. I have been trying to call them to work this out and they are hanging up on me. No one will take to me. They are rude and treating me like I am the one wrong here.
Now they are telling me I have to go in person to talk to them Monday through Friday. They are not transferring me to the manager or anything. The cowards are not even getting on the phone to talk to me and explain why they took my money when I was a direct bill.

Golds gym

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