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We are America's leading full service retail, CPG and financial services advisory and consulting firm. We serve the top 60 CPG's in America, the Top 15 money center banks in America and over 9,000 independent supermarkets who cater to black and Hispanic consumers principally.


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The innovation and achievement produced from exceptionally hard work and attention to detail.

As I was a very successful RJ Reynolds advisor, with equally exceptional success at Citibank where I ran the Choice Credit Card Division as the Number two of marketing during a severe period of serious senior management tumult as the Executive Director of Advertising & Card Member Communications then later heading up the Growth & Income Group & College INvestment Planning Group at Fidelity investments, I just felt my life was better served if I was the owner instead of being an employee.

We have over thirty (30) years of experience at delivering success at the over 100 million dollars per year hurdle. Further, in our company history, we have never failed to achieve an MBO. Further, as we are compensated on the basis of retainer fee, solution design, project management and performance bonuses, not once in our company history have our clients every compensated us less our bonuses. We are that good.


State of the art retail Shopper marketing Systems

State of the art in-store electronic Sales Promotion

State of the art retail payment systems

The Patented Grocer Exchange Electronic Coupon Powered by Grocer Exchange Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The patented and only fully functional non-redeeming exposure coupon in operation in the United State and nowhere else on Earth. Massive benefit to grocers.