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Frank's Fantabulous Cleaning services  in Myrtle Beach, goal is to provide reliable, quality & affordable Cleaning Service, Maid Services, Rental Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning for every business institution & Client we serve. We understand that every job we do is unique and we will consult with you to create a detailed schedule that fits your needs.


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Christine Evans Mitchell

1 August 2019

They are very thorough and fast!


Darlene Beach

21 July 2019

Great company. Performs cleans in between guests and leaves spotless. Highly recommend


Daniel Burgess

14 May 2019

I switched over to Frank’s Fantabulous Cleaning at the end of 2018. I couldn’t be more happy! My guests have noticed the difference as well! The 5 star reviews keep coming in about how clean my condo is! Frank and Anna go above and beyond to make sure my condo is ready and cleaned for my next guests! I strongly recommend Frank’s Fantabulous Cleaning! Make the Switch today to the Best Cleaning Company In Myrtle Beach! More...


Ileana Vasquez

14 May 2019

When we bought our condo at Ocean Forest Villas, we noticed right away that the unit was very clean we asked the old owners who was the person person who cleaned and they told us it was Anna and Frank, we were able to get their contact from previous owners. We feel that they are our eyes and hands that take care of our condo they will let me know right away if something is missing or something around the unit needs to be take of. Our guests give us ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and we give them more then five stars!! we’re very happy with their professionalism!!! More...


Aaron Caserta

13 January 2019

Bottom line up front: USE THIS COMPANY. I have worked with around 10 professional cleaning companies across my 6 rental properties and I am not exaggerating when I say I’ve found the best of the best. They are borderline OCD when it comes to cleanliness and customer service... just like me! They are flexible, punctual, meticulous, trustworthy, and ORGANIC to beat it all. We recently had to file an insurance claim against a guest that caused nearly a thousand dollars worth of damage to one of the properties, but because of the fast, detailed documentation Frank and Anna provided after the guest left we were able recoup our costs from AirBnB. You will not regret partnering with this company. We plan to work with them for many years to come. More...


Carlos Cardona

29 December 2018

absolutely absolutely definitely walking business


Paul Zerbian

19 November 2018

This company is owned and operated by true professionals. Each client is treated like family, with the utmost respect for their property. Awesome!


Nathali Guerra

17 August 2018

I’m expecting and needed my home clean to perfection in prepare of the baby coming. Frank’s Fantabulous was truly fantabulous. My home is so clean and spotless. I highly recommend them. More...


Sharmain Williams

26 July 2018

One of the reasons we receive rave reviews is because our condo is expertly cleaned by this wonderful team. They are prompt, meticulous, and fairly priced. We couldn't be happier with our check out cleaning services provided by Frank and his wife Anna! 5 � all the way! More...


Nora Hall Hajnal

30 May 2018

I have used them 3 times now and was waiting to do a review to make sure I was equally pleased every time. I was! They are thorough and professional. I highly recommend them!


Helene Sibley

9 April 2018

Just want to give a big shout out to a Fantastic Cleaning Company “Frank‘s Fantabulous Cleaning Services”. My husband and I had a home renovation done, floors, walls, ceiling, etc., and these amazing people came in and cleaned like no other! Top to bottom including some things that were not on our list! They left no stones unturned and did an amazing job!! Thank you Anna and Frank for your above and beyond hard work!! The place looks INCREDIBLE! FYI... 240-640-2137 or. 240-640-5428 i can promise you won’t be disappointed! More...


Jimmy Eckert

27 March 2018

Great People! Great Service! Attention to Detail! Professional Service! We love Frank's!


Michael Cirillo

11 January 2018

My Home is Amazing! Thank you Anna! Great Service, Fantastic People!


Frankie Zerbian

11 January 2018

My mom hired this cleaning company, and it has been the best cleaning that has ever been in our house. It is hard to please my mom as she checks everything but they managed to not only clean but do it right. Kudos to y’all


Cameron Skiba

11 January 2018

I wanted to do something nice for my mom for her birthday so I called Frank’s Fantabulous Cleaning to clean the whole house for her while I took her out to dinner. She had no idea it was happening and when she got back she was so stunned by the emaculate cleaning they did that it brought her to tears. I think this was the best present I got her becuase she continues to call them on a biweekly basis when we have a mother son day. This is by far the greatest decision I’ve ever made � More...


Frank Zerbian

3 January 2018

Frank's Fantabulous Cleaning Services offer the best cleaning services in town.

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