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Megan Marie Sullivan

26 May 2018

staff and students are friendly. Supportive atmosphere.


Patrick Dixon

26 May 2018

Phenomenally skilled instructors, extremely welcoming environment.


Adrian Raczak

26 May 2017

No place is better.


Flee M

26 May 2017

I love everything about Forteza. It feels like home, even when they're ribbing you about using a rapier instead of a longsword. The instructors are amazing, the facility kicks bum, and the friends I've made there are awesome! More...


Britni Carignan

26 May 2017

This place is like a second home to me. Amazing instructors. World leading experts. Where else can you learn to swing a sword and meet amazing people while doing it. Stop in and check it out, you won't regret it. More...


Chris Querfurth

27 May 2014

The Fighting Fit workouts will kick your butt but it is a lot of fun the whole time and you'll be wide awake for the rest of your day! Class ain't got nothing on this place More...

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