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Lansing, Michigan

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For Crêpe Sake

Lansing, Michigan


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Michael Allensworth

7 October 2019

A fantastic place in downtown Lansing! Would highly recommend as a place to go solo and/or with a group as there is plenty of seating! Tons of different types of crepes and a super friendly staff! More...


Guillermo Flores

6 October 2019

For Crepe Sake is my favorite place to go to in Downtown Lansing. The staff is always extremely friendly and go above and beyond. Janea and Susie are some of the sweetest and hardworking people I have met. They make it feel like home when you stop in. My favorite savory crepe is the Chicken Cordon Bleu and my favorite sweet crepe is the strawberry one.A must place visit if you have people from out of town visiting. More...


Snow Fuller

22 September 2019

The food was fantastic! I am really picky about coffee and actually approve of theirs. Definitely going back!!!


Kacey Kidder-Snyder

6 September 2019

Very fast, crepes were yummy & filling and the Zingermans coffee was great, too!


Veronica Janak

13 August 2019

Excellent food! Bonus - it's something out of the ordinary that is a reasonable cost.


Jacqueline Shook Babcock

27 July 2019

Unique in Lansing. Friendly staff. Good food. I love going here.


Mike Lane

14 July 2019

My wife and I have been meaning to stop in here for awhile now. The Crêpes were amazing! I think we have found another gem here in downtown.


Debbie Masessa Turner

23 June 2019

We stopped in for lunch today and were served some amazing crepes! I tried the sweet and savory combo with the Eiffel Tower as my savory and a strawberry crepe for my sweet choice. Both were delicious! my 11 year old grandson ate his PB &J, helped me eat mine then ordered his own Eiffel Tower. My husband, who is not a crepe guy, had a salad and said it was great! Something for everyone. Great job! More...


Matthew Herman

12 May 2019

Unequivocally the greatest breakfast I’ve ever had. I have three children and this crepe was the highlight of my life


Teresa Bachelder Reed

8 January 2019

We just enjoyed a wonderful breakfast here. The staff was so friendly and the food was delicious. I think it’s a great, unique spot for a meal and visit or meeting but will definitely take advantage of carry out for a delicious meal on the go as well.


Marvin Goldstein

3 January 2019

Wonderful food, terrific coffee and friendly staff.


Sandy McDonell

7 December 2018

The food was delicious, I ordered the Eiffel Tower Savory Crepe and a Nutella Crepe for dessert. Both were yummy! It was a perfect lunch. Ordering was easy and the wait was not long, the food was brought to my table. It was a fun casual place to have lunch with an old friend to catch up! Did not take a picture because I dove right in and cleaned my plate! More...


Melissa Sayles Marcum

4 December 2018

We love this place! Come for breakfast each morning when we are in town for ShutoCon. The crepes are delicious, the staff friendly and the restaurant is quaint.


Clarise Jackson

4 December 2018

I ordered a to go crepe. The employee was super friendly both on the phone and when I arrived. I ordered the strawberry/cream cheese crepe with no chocolate drizzle. Personal taste I wish the cream cheese was sweetened slightly as it is very savory. The chocolate ties it all together I’m sure I just don’t like chocolate (weird I know). The crepe was delicious and good size! I will be back! More...


Caleb Ketchum

4 December 2018

I live across the street and eat here all the time and have had a great experience every time. Make sure you stop by when the weather is warm and enjoy a crepe outside and take in the small Lansing sky line. Staff is friendly the crepes and nice and filling. From a food industry professional this is a great Lansing staple. More...


Traci Tiedeman Asman

4 December 2018

I just ate there over the Memorial holiday weekend for the first time. I was very happy with the service and food. Will visit again.


Kelly Elizabeth

4 December 2018

Food was great, staff was awesome- Very accommodating to our needs (made a special crepe for our 4 year old without our even asking since she was unsure about crepes). The menu has lots of choices and the crepes are full/filling! Will definitely make another trip downtown to visit this place!! More...


Wendy Hoard

4 December 2018

First time visit at lunch time. You walk in, you place your order and pay, you wait for your food. It seemed to come out in the same order as the line where you place your order. Looked like it was pretty much as efficient as could be. IT did not seem to be a very lengthy wait and I enjoyed watching orders prior to mine being made. I very much enjoyed what I ordered and will be back. Excellent coffee also though a tad hot for my taste. Only improvement I could see would be if they had real half and half for the coffee which would cool it down. Perhaps they did and I didn't see it. More...


Alyse Collins

4 December 2018

For Crepes Sake is a Sunday tradition for my husband and I. The perfect place for a light lunch of sweet or savory crepes.


Kevin Lee Carey

14 November 2018

Just AWESOME! And the coffee INCREDIBLE! This place is a MUST


Lisa Thelen

2 September 2018

Vegan Gluten Free Crepe is sooo delicious! I never thought I could have crepes again when I found I had a egg sensitivity. I want the recipe!!


Londa Wilkes

22 August 2018

Always outstanding food and service! Excellent salads, savory and dessert crepes.


Sherry Barnhart

19 August 2018

Great fresh food! Crepes made to order. Terrific coffee!


Kimberly Ann Olney

9 June 2018

Loved it.


Julie Marie

26 May 2018

The vegan options are excellent.


Jason Burton

17 May 2018

I had the breakfast crepe. It was really good, I'll be back more than once.. good crepe's


Deb Cook

11 May 2018

Came here for lunch today for the first time and it was the best salad ever!! I'll be back!!


Stephanie Foulke O'Brien

6 May 2018

Such a treat! Lots of variety. Savory and sweet were both delicious!


Sierra Monique Moore

30 April 2018

Yummy food and coffee but the place was so smokey my eyes were burning when I left.


Lisa Hutchins Beer

19 February 2018

Delicious savory crepes and mouth-watering sweet crepes in a cute little atmosphere. Definitely going back!


Suzanne Grove

5 February 2018

Very good. Employees hard working. You can watch the crepes being made. I would go again.


Amy Lindholm

28 December 2017

I wish I could choose a 4.5 star rating - that would be more accurate. I have eaten here before but today placed a delivery order for the first time. Due to my lack of knowledge about food deliveries to my building, I couldn't find the delivery person when she was here (so sorry about causing you to wait!). However, she left my food with a security guard, and to my pleasant surprise, the crepes were still warm when I finally tracked down my lunch. POSITIVES: - Gluten-free options!! Thank you, @FCSLansing! This is one of the few places I can eat at in downtown Lansing during my lunch. - My food arrived faster than expected - Food was packaged well for delivery so that it was still warm when it arrived - When I called the delivery driver trying to find her, she kindly took the time to explain where in my building I could find the delivery drop-off spot and my waiting lunch. - With the savory and sweet crepe combo, you really get a LOT of food at low cost. ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT: - I feel like a bit of a snob saying this, so *please* take it with a grain of salt. I wish that these crepes, at least the savory crepes, were more like a French crepe. I might go so far as to say that this is THE BEST lunch that you can get in Lansing for the price, but I would personally pay a little more for better flavor and texture if I could. That said, the savory crepes do give me the impression of being more like a sub sandwich or wrap sandwich than a crepe - I imagine the "sandwich style" is more popular with the American palate. For me, there are too many ingredients that aren't well-cooked, and the crepe is generally more dry than I would expect (but I noticed that other reviewers thought more sauce meant a soggy crepe). More...


melissa libby

14 December 2017

the crepes are delicious and my experiences here have all been great. best of all, it's one of the very few places i can find vegan food in the lansing area!


Dave Foy

23 November 2017

Les crêpes sont merveilleuses! La prix est superbe.


Grape A Rita

20 October 2017

It was our first time, we were greeted by a friendly lady. She answered our questions and talked us through it. Gave us options after we placed our order. My boyfriend purchased a water and was asked if he wanted to add any flavor to it. He added pomegranate and loved it. Our food came out in a timely manner. We put 50 minuets on the meter and came out with 20 minuets left. The food was very delicious, we will go back. Thank you for the good experience. More...


Karen Willis

22 September 2017

Very tasty crepes. Love the Epinard. They have healthy choices and fantastic Zingerman's coffee. Friendly and helpful staff. This mornings' pourover made my day. More...


Noel Copiaco

3 September 2017

Nice little place with a French ambiance albeit in a minimalist vein. A taste of Alsace France in the heart of Lansing. Service can be slow during busy hours, but that's no big deal for this old man.


Angel Villagracia Gullapalli

8 August 2017

I was beyond excited to stumble upon this place, especially as a vegan visiting Lansing, Michigan! They offer vegan-battered crepes and vegan cheese options! The staff is very polite and personable. I can't wait to revisit. :D More...


Brandin L Letts

5 August 2017

It was awesome. Love it.. Will Defiently be back..


Chuck Lange

27 July 2017

It was a great food experience it's nice to try something different the staff was friendly I have noting but good things to say about this place I will be back next time I'm in Lansing


Kenzie Smith

27 July 2017

Love this restaurant! The food is amazing and the coffee is on point.


Mj Harrington

26 July 2017

Best little lunch spot in Lansing, Michigan . Try the Eiffel Tower Crepe ! Spinach, cream cheese, tomatoes, turkey and BACON!!!!!!! The staff is always friendly-feels like "family" . There is so much variety on the menu--it boggles my mind! I go as often as I can....! More...


Jodi Messer

24 July 2017

This place is incredible! A great way to go low carb and get a healthy meal high in protein! Lots of choices and the ingredients are always top quality and full of flavor! Management is also incredible! If you have any issue, DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL! MY issue was greeted with acceptance and she was very personable and asked that i do her a favor....:-).She asked for my full name and offered me a complimentary crepe and apologized for any misunderstanding. Thanks for the great food and great management! More...


Scott Flones

16 July 2017

I loved it!!! I had the "Eiffel Tower" and a dessert, the "Strawberry and chocolate".


Lauri Mendelsohn

13 July 2017

Really liked our breakfast! Coffee was a little weak. Wish service was on real plates with real silverware and coffee cups. Otherwise nice people and great crepes! More...


Ashlie Artz-Miller

10 June 2017

Great place and love the Manager Susy! Thank you


Breanna Faith Gauthier

3 June 2017

AMAZING!!! Delicious, filling, affordable.. Great service. Will not dissapoint.


Chuck Schofield

2 June 2017

Delicious! First time here so the sample is small. But people were nice and product was great!


Cassandra Carter

26 May 2017

I finally got to use my Mother's day gift card on the combo and the food was delicious. Do not go if you are in a rush. Go when you have time to wait for your food.


Kelly Van Gaasbeck

2 May 2017

Cute little place with good good food and service.


Shannon Watkins Schlegel

30 April 2017

Delicious and totally understanding and accommodating of food allergies!


Shayla Duncan

26 April 2017

I was heading to Zoup and parked in front of For Crepe Sake. I decided to go in and have lunch instead of eating at Zoup. I recently moved to Michigan from california and have been looking for a really good place to eat for awhile now. I am so so thrilled that I found For Crepe Sake but also disappointed that I didn't stumble across it sooner. The food and the coffee is amazing. I would recommend eating here to everyone. 11/10 More...


Hannah Holliday

18 February 2017

The crepes were delicious and super fast service!


Lindsey Thompson

20 November 2016

We love everything about this place! Amazing coffee, friendly hospitable staff, the best crepes ever, gluten free and vegan options, relaxed atmosphere, everything is wonderful!


Jeanette Miller

19 November 2016

Very good crepes. After eating crepes in Paris , Quebec and Montreal. So nice to find equally good crepes in Lansing


Bill Hambly

22 October 2016

That was really incredible, can't wait to come back.


Lisa Grescowle Hambly

22 October 2016

Incredibly good food, great service and cool setting. I can't wait to come back.


Kelly VanSyckle

19 September 2016

First time there. Delicious food and friendly staff.


Alyssa Juanita

9 September 2016

Went here for my lunch break. Their gluten free choices are amazing


Chris Wolin

30 July 2016

Food was fantastic. Coffee was fantastic. There's two pokéstops you can access while inside, and a gym.


Paula MacKenzie

14 July 2016

I haven't had a crepe since I was diagnosed with celiac a few years ago. It was delicious and they were very accommodating about making my food safely.


Lokey Bartholomew Ujimoto

24 June 2016

Always excellent! Try the Louvre savory crêpe..and they have gluten-free crêpes! Sweet and savory! Also, Zingermans coffee and Iorios gelato and chopped salads and free, delicious fruit and herb infused water. Nom nom nom:-)


Roger Rademacher

13 May 2016

We stopped in for lunch while riding on the trails. Awesome lunch!


Rachel Marcero

9 May 2016

The people and the crěpes are amazing! You can tell they use the freshest ingredients, and also have gluten-free and vegan options. :)


Christopher Peters

7 April 2016

Amazing Crepes how sweet the sound, that saved a Celiac like me! I once was wandering but now I'm found - 'cause their crepes can be gluten-free! :)


Dustin Wright

23 March 2016

The atmosphere is welcoming and homey. The staff is very helpful in choosing between the great variety of tasty crepes. Come in the morning for the coffee specials; it's the best deal downtown to start your day. Stay and try some gelato! They have so much to offer, you won't be disappointed! More...


Paula McNamara Bondarenko

13 March 2016

Went there today for the first time with my daughter. Loved it, the food was delicious and very fresh! The staff was very nice and friendly. I'd go back for sure!


Tyler Arnett

12 March 2016

Super nice staff, and the crepes are sooooooooooo good (sucre cannelle is the best).


Chelsea Koenigsknecht

22 February 2016

I work in Downtown Lansing and this will be my go to place for lunch. They were very accommodating and friendly. Plus they deliver!


Jason Carlen

19 January 2016

So tasty and fresh. Super friendly staff. Very impressed.


Doug Miller

16 January 2016

We recently returned from a trip to Paris where we ate as many crepes as we could find. Your crepes are every bit as good as those we had in France. Look forward to trying all your crepes. More...


John K. Addis

6 January 2016

First time here - breakfast crepe + nutella/banana crepe breakfast combo with coffee. Wonderful. Will be back!


Rebeckah Aseltine-Kuffer

3 December 2015

Great food, friendly service, family friendly, happy and upbeat!


John Shutt

17 October 2015

Ourstanding savory crepes! Loved the Eiffel Tower.


David G Martin

22 May 2015

Erm. magersh. This place is an absolute must visit.


Laurali Gates

15 May 2015

The wait was long but it was well worth the wait... I got the Eiffel Tower... Delish!!!


Bethany Hartzell

21 April 2015

I took my 2 kids here a few months back. The crepes were delicious & the service was outstanding! I had ordered one gluten free crepe & one regular crepe & the attendant accidentally made both of them regular. Not only did she apologize but she also gave us a new crepe, let us keep the incorrect crepe (which I ate) & gave us 2 additional stamps on our crepe club card. As this was our first time eating there, she made quite the positive impression & we will definitely be back! SERVICE IS SO IMPORTANT & THEY NAILED IT! More...


Caryn Whittington Stubblefield

9 February 2015

Found you purely by accident. I was at the Womens Expo and we were going to eat at the Waterfront but never made it there! Had the Eifel Tower and it was wonderful! Not from Lansing, but I will be back. Maybe this weekend;) More...


Kelly Maron

8 February 2015

We have now eaten here 3 times in the last week ... completely irresistible and the options are endless! My favorite though is as simple as it gets - butter and brown sugar. Just amazing. Great food, great people and its a heck of a lot of fun to watch!! More...


Mike Brinkman

9 January 2015

Great crêpes and coffee, even better people!!! :-)


Stephanie Gray Chang

2 December 2014

Just had the louvre crepe and it was very yummy! I will be back.


Katie Bye

8 November 2014

Excellent Lattes and Crepes!


Laurie Dickerson Koochesfahani

5 October 2014

My "Hunchback at Notre Dame" Gluten-Free Buckwheat crepe was AMAZING- loved it! Thanks for an awesome lunch!


Brian Keith Trimble

2 September 2014

We went down to give this a try prior to the actual grand opening and while we were not impressed with the crepes; we were with the opportunity to provide feedback. Needless to say, our feedback must have been valued as we stopped by again this past Saturday and must say the crepes were a meal and the coffee passed the test of my spouse, Marisol Trimble. Well done Mark and Debra; never thought a crepe could be a meal until this visit. We will be back! More...

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