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FitELITE & FE24 Fitness Reviews

FitELITE & FE24 Fitness Reviews

Review of FitELITE & FE24 Fitness by Zane Chugach
5 07/11/2017 Zane Chugach

Review of FitELITE & FE24 Fitness by RYAN RISTE
5 09/03/2017 RYAN RISTE

I started Ignite in January and have been thrilled with the results. The coaches are top notch and really educate on each movement like its your first time there. Ignite is geared for anyone that wants to improve their fitness. 2 locations and multiple class times makes it easy to fit into your schedule.

Review of FitELITE & FE24 Fitness by Kevin Schultz DC
5 28/01/2017 Kevin Schultz DC

LOVE the new Ignite and FE24! Great location, great gym and great people!

Review of FitELITE & FE24 Fitness by Bergs xfit
5 23/11/2016 Bergs xfit

Review of FitELITE & FE24 Fitness by Ben Weiland
5 13/05/2014 Ben Weiland

This is a tremendous crossfit gym. I have been to four different crossfit gyms since being a member of FitElite and FitElite surpasses all of them by a wide margin. Between Kayla, AJ, Jesse and the rest of the trainers, FitElite has built a tremendous staff with some of the best trainers you will find anywhere. At this gym you can count on constant guidance from trainers, a clean facility, plenty of personal attention, and much, much more. Thank you FitElite for the awesome experience in Eau Claire!

Review of FitELITE & FE24 Fitness by Michael Whittlinger
5 Michael Whittlinger

I just completed a 5+ hour Oly seminar put on by Coach Jason Weisner (with help from Coach Jesse Weisner) at FitELITE HQ. Talk about fun, useful, and a Saturday well spent! Warm up exercises, drills, individual form instruction, breakdown by movement, then putting it all back together... This instruction culminated in PR's for me on the day in both the snatch and the clean and jerk. Gotta love that!

A year ago (before I had started CrossFit at FitELITE), Oly lifts weren't even a thought of mine. In less than a year, and with the help of an awesome coaching staff, an incredible facility, and a fitness community unlike anything I could have previously comprehended (don't underestimate the power of this community - the level of motivation and personal connection is far and away worth more than what I had initially envisioned), I am currently (at 39) in the best shape of my life and am on track to continue gaining. Being fit is rewarding in itself, but the friendships, seminars, events (like the Murph and Memorial Day cookout) and daily contact with the FitELITE community are huge bonuses.

This gym/community is a life changer. Come for a free class, sign up for a workshop, or just come in and chat with one of the coaches. This place truly is for everyone, every movement is scalable, and you don't need to already be "in shape" to join. Once you walk through the doors, you realize any thoughts of intimidation were simply inspiration in disguise.

Review of FitELITE & FE24 Fitness by Mara Michaela
5 Mara Michaela

I started at FitElite almost a year ago and am astonished with the progress of others and myself in this time period. I simply can't imagine my life without FitElite and the community that comes with it. I find myself continuously growing physically & mentally stronger every day I walk into our gym and find that there's always something to strive toward; whether it's helping your neighbor with efficiency/better technique, accomplishing a 5 lb increase in barbells, figuring out double unders or how to get so many grams of protein in the day. You may fail over and over again but you have this internal voice that takes over, a coach telling you to just get angry or 5 people surrounding you to get your last 5 pushups will find a way to succeed and drive through every last rep. The coaches are OUTSTANDING and I can't thank them enough for their hard work and guidance that is put forth. This is the place to be and obtain an overall healthy lifestyle for yourself... You will set goals for yourself and I promise you will achieve them here! :-) My body & mind is in a different place because of FitElite...

Review of FitELITE & FE24 Fitness by Brianne Kemp
5 Brianne Kemp

Took my first Ignite class while in Eau Claire visiting family and it was amazing. I loved it and made my niece take me a second time. Kayla and Jeremy are great trainers. Sadly I live in a different state but I would recommend FitElite to anyone in Eau Claire. Cant wait to go back!

Review of FitELITE & FE24 Fitness by Ian Haley
5 Ian Haley

FitELITE lives up to its name. Being in town from NC, my girlfriend and I were in need of a place to workout for the week.

From the moment we walked through the doors we were overly impressed with everything about this gym. Co-owner, Shane, along with all the coaches all week long took the time to get to know us, both as athletes and as people.

As an advanced athlete having visited many gyms in my day, I can say with confidence this was icing on the cake, because the facilities, equipment, coaching and programming alone are well above the norm... they are ELITE.

I have nothing but praise for this gym and the people there (staff and members alike). Next time we're in town you can be sure to find us at FitELITE CrossFit Eau Claire.

Thanks for making us feel like family!

Review of FitELITE & FE24 Fitness by Dayna Lee
5 Dayna Lee

Attended a kipping workshop :) it was highly educational and a fantastic experience. The level of personal attention I got in a big class was great, it was wonderful to get to this gym and see what it was all about :) maybe someday soon I will make the leap to crossfit until then I will attend the amazing workshops and hang out at ignite with my ignite family, this gym truly is a family!!

Review of FitELITE & FE24 Fitness by Austin Hoehne
5 Austin Hoehne

Dropped in on the way home from the Crossfit Games and had a great time at the 7 a.m. Crossfit class. Dave was extremely helpful of us four dropping in. Didn't make us feel lost, unwanted, or we were a hassle at all. Gave us his undivided attention and was a great coach. Another major plus was the facility, big open area with natural light. You don't get that opportunity every place you drop in.

Review of FitELITE & FE24 Fitness by Kelly Beede
5 Kelly Beede

Such an awesome crew of coaches and the community is so supportive! I am all in. Going on 3+ years. Keep at it FitELITE!

Review of FitELITE & FE24 Fitness by Sydney Chino
5 Sydney Chino

Great community of people and coaches!! Working out isn't always enjoyable, but having the encouragement from FitELITE members and coaches helps the motivation! Thanks.

Review of FitELITE & FE24 Fitness by Eli Hyde
5 Eli Hyde

A great environment with really professional coaching. Fair pricing and really hard but enjoyable workouts! A very different way to workout but made fun by the community and staff.

Review of FitELITE & FE24 Fitness by Mauro Lai
5 Mauro Lai

Been part of the FitElite community for about a year and I am still learning, progressing and enjoying every single WOD. Great staff and great workout partners!

Review of FitELITE & FE24 Fitness by Kelly Williams
5 Kelly Williams

My son has been a part of the youth work outs for almost a year. His confidence and strength is so great to see. He looks forward to his workouts daily. Thank you for this amazing program and for the great trainers.

Review of FitELITE & FE24 Fitness by Richy Mike
1 Richy Mike

I would prefer a gym that didn’t charge so much out of pretentiousness, and actually had a equipment that appealed to all work out types. I’ve had many issues with your downtown Eau Claire gym, being charged multiple times within one month, my key not working when I arrive for an exercise at 11pm, and the most recent inconvenience, the removal of your resistance training machines in favor for MORE free weight. I’m not sure why I’ve been having so many problems, but it has become nuisance. I am one who hardly writes bad reviews but I reel your establishment’s is well deserved. I will however continue as a member so I may bring public comment to whether or not your gym improves itself or keeps in decline.

Review of FitELITE & FE24 Fitness by David Neumeyer
5 David Neumeyer

One day visit in Eau Claire and couldn't have been happier with my time at FitElite.
First class box and coaching. Warm and welcoming community. Thank you!

Review of FitELITE & FE24 Fitness by Angela Madison
5 Angela Madison

Everyone is super welcoming! I can walk in and see people I haven’t seen in a while and I get a shout out! High fives are great also! They’re really encouraging and are always willing to help!

Review of FitELITE & FE24 Fitness by Ashley Kittelson
5 Ashley Kittelson

Professional, fun, motivating environment to push you to the next level. Never intimidating, and willing to help and advance everyone. I love this place, as well as all of the members and coaches!!!!!

Review of FitELITE & FE24 Fitness by Debra Larrabee
5 Debra Larrabee

Just finished my 6th class in my first 2 weeks here at FitELITE. I was so nervous, heck scared.. to start again. Sitting on the sidelines for 5 years did me no good. At 50, I need this as much for my mind as for my body. Feels good to sweat and work in ways I haven't for awhile. Thank you to the trainers/fellow FitE peeps for the welcoming at every class.

Review of FitELITE & FE24 Fitness by Wells Mangrum
5 Wells Mangrum

Joining FitELITE has been an excellent decision for me. Prior to FitELITE I exercised by running, playing soccer and lifting weights at my home. The repetitive nature (and poor technique) of my former routine led to recurrent overuse injuries in my calves and Achilles. I joined FitELITE to try out a new routine for fitness with the hope of avoiding injuries. I have been working out with FitELITE for 1.5 years. I have gotten stronger, have avoided injuries, have found new friends and have learned a lot about proper exercise technique. I recommend the program to others. Invest in yourself.

Review of FitELITE & FE24 Fitness by Jacob Spies
5 Jacob Spies

So many reasons why I love this place. I can do things now at 37 that I couldn’t do in my 20’s. Workouts are as intense as you make them so there’s always room to challenge yourself and grow.

Review of FitELITE & FE24 Fitness by William Rindal
5 William Rindal

Knowledgeable coaching. Each workout has scaling options so any fitness level can participate. Great variety in workouts. Encouraging. Motivating. Fun. They help you to become your best you, physically and mentally. The people and the coaches at FitElite are fantastic and provide an environment to which you want to come back every day.

Review of FitELITE & FE24 Fitness by Jessica Elizabeth Boston
5 Jessica Elizabeth Boston

Fitelite was the first place I attended after moving here and I have never felt so welcomed by a community of people. They are by far the best gym I have ever used. The coaches are all amazing and are trained in what they do. You don't just get a gym at Fitelite but a family and a better way of life. The workouts and set up are amazing. I love the variation you can get with the different classes and locations. They truly care about you and want to help you on your fitness/health journey.

FitELITE & FE24 Fitness

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