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Fisher Green Creative, LLC

Cape Elizabeth, Maine, Cumberland

Fisher Green Creative, LLC logo

Fisher Green Creative, LLC

Cape Elizabeth, Maine, Cumberland



We are a full service marketing and design team dedicated to growing brand awareness, relationships, and website traffic for your business.

Our Mission:

Fisher Green Creative is an innovative entity on a mission to provide effective and affordable marketing services to all businesses.


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13 May 2019

Jenny is simply amazing!

28 April 2019

Fisher Green Creative, LLC is amazing to work with. I have been working with Jenny on website design, marketing and managing social media for my new brand. What is really great about Jenny is that she is not only a good listener, but she knows the right questions to ask to move her clients in a positive direction. Jenny is timely with her work, thoughtful with her advice and an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend this company . More...

Thank you so much, Kelly! It's always our pleasure to help and we so appreciate you taking the time to review us here on Bark.com. Thank you!!

24 March 2019

Jenny and Kathy are great listeners and experts at what they do! We turn to them when we need advice on marketing and social media. When we have clients who need their specialized skills in addition to what we do, we know we can feel confident about sending them to Fisher Green Creative! More...

Thank you so much, Connie-Marie! Likewise, we highly recommend the work of Motion House Road! (https://www.motionhouseroad.com/ - an engaging way to tell your story!) Warmest wishes, Jenny & Kathy

24 March 2019

Fisher Green Creative has been been incredibly helpful! I am currently working with Jenny and she is amazing! They are very professional and I’m glad I hired them 😀

Thank you, Kristen! We are so excited to help you as you develop the most amazing fashion business. Everyone should check out www.fashionsalesco.com! Thank you again, Jenny & Kathy

28 December 2018

We have worked with Fisher Green Creative for several projects. They are AWESOME! FGC truly focused on our goals and our objectives without trying to push services on us. I highly recommend Jenny and Kathy if you are wanting to grow your business, both online and your bottom line! More...

Thank you, John-Michael! It's a pleasure to work with Ohio Investments, LLC. We really appreciate our partnership and are happy to help any time! ~Jenny & Kathy

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A great website is one that is found easily online and then turns visitors into customers. Because every company is unique in their mission and target market, the definition of a great website evolves to engage that specific audience. A great website design will speak directly to the right audience and guide them from being a visitor to being a paying client.

We would first want to know their goals for their marketing and anything that they've done to date to help reach those goals. What has worked? What hasn't? It's also important for us to have as much information about your target audience as possible, so that we can help develop a strategy to reach the right people.

The thing we love most about our job is helping other small businesses improve their online presence and achieve their marketing goals. It's not easy running a small business and we truly love being able to provide affordable support to help others be successful!

After an introductory meeting in a coffee shop with the intention of working for each other, my business partner and I saw an opportunity to better build and optimize our clients’ on-line presence by working with each other.

Without much delay, Fisher Green Creative was officially launched to unite our experienced and complementary creative full service marketing services under one roof.

Together, we have over 35 years of marketing, design, and small business management experience. We’ve worked with over 150 companies and connected with clients on 4 out of 7 continents.

We’re looking forward to working for you!

We hope that clients choose us because we are real people working to help clients achieve their marketing goals. We give you results and we have a proven track record of providing an excellent return on your investment. We're also honest, reliable, and affordable. Our goal is to always put the client first and provide excellent customer service.



We design, implement, and execute all things social. We’ll help you get organized and save you time and money. Our social media marketing packages will help your business leverage social media. With affordable monthly rates, we can help you utilize the many benefits social networks have to offer. Affordable Rates We have designed our monthly social media marketing packages to give you a high return on your investment at an affordable rate. Services to Grow Your Business Below we’ve put together some packages specifically designed to help you grow your business. Our social media package includes everything to need to grow an active social presence and reach thousands of people each week, our content package adds on weekly content updates to your website and our strategic SEO package ensures that you’re found quickly for your most important products and pages in Google and the other search engines.

We create engaging websites that attract and hold the interest of your target customers. Business Websites We’re committed to designing responsive websites that engage your customers, increase traffic, and cultivate your brand. We build value and help our clients achieve their unique business goals by connecting advanced technology, beautiful design, and exceptional service. One-Page Websites Sometimes you need to establish your presence without overwhelming your visitor with too much. A one-page website is a great way to get started. E-Commerce Options Selling your products online can be profitable. Establishing this additional source of income can only benefit your business.

We put together all the pieces needed to provide a cohesive voice and visual identity for your business. Custom Logo Design Your business is ready to launch and you want to look your best! A custom logo design will make sure customers remember you.​ Marketing Materials We can help your business expand to other marketing avenues. We’ll help you figure out those pieces and make it happen! Suggestions and options include video, brochures, mailers, letterhead, newspaper ads, magazine ads, radio ads, television commercials, and more. Blog Writing & Production Your voice. Your expertise. Our words. With our blog services, we enhance the content on your website and help optimize for SEO by writing 400-600 word pieces based on a pre-determined and customized blog strategy. Email Marketing According to industry research, 55% more sales are attributed to email marketing messages and email communication. Unlike blog posts that reside on your website, e-newsletters will be delivered straight to your readers’ in-boxes. E-mail newsletters could coincide with special offers and promotions, share a blog post OR notify readers of a new blog post, announce events, pass along helpful tips and resources, offer inspiration, introduce new staff members, or be a combination of any of the above. Copywriting Marketing is not only about how your business looks –it’s also about improving your SEO. This requires good copy with clarity, imagination, engagement and keywords. Whether you want to ignite, inspire, or inform your target market, our copywriting team will help you make the best impression and rank higher in search results. Graphic Design Strong visual components are essential marketing features, translating to superb social media posts and website designs. Our full photography options include graphic designs, illustrations, portraits, landscapes, product shots, and stock imagery.

Monthly SEO Packages Online marketing leads have consistently been shown to cost less than traditional marketing efforts. In fact, SEO is one of the top 2 channels with the best ROI (email marketing is still #1). Our monthly SEO packages are a custom combination of the services listed below with the sole objective of helping your website rank on search engine results and for specific search terms (keywords). Keyword Research With our Keyword Research service, we work with you to determine the best keyword targets. We use your current site traffic, keyword research tools and your business strategy to determine the target keywords that your prospects are using when looking for your business. We then analyze your website and determine the gaps between your target keywords and the information on your website. Our team will conduct a full audit of both the technical issues and missing content and work with you to fix those issues. Copywriting for SEO Copywriting plays an essential role in the success or failure of any form of digital marketing. The aesthetics and functionality of your website rely on it to form that all-important first impression with your audience. And, ultimately, copywriting is what drives the results of your digital marketing investment – transforming visitors into customers by way of messaging and SEO. Blog Writing To enhance the content on your website and to help optimize for SEO, we recommend publishing blogs to your website on a regular and consistent basis. With this service, we will help make that happen. Choose from our full-length, fully optimized 400-600 word post or our Blog Polishing Package. Link Building Link building is the process of creating links back to your website from other websites. It is a critical part of improving rankings because search engines give your website more credit when they see that others trust you enough to link to your site. We help build these links through featured news articles, press releases, media features, and blogger outreach. Internet Listings Major search engines rely on internet business listings to supply answers to search queries. With this service, we can seamlessly manage and optimize your local business content – across devices and 50+ digital platforms – to drive better business results. The more accurate the listings, the more likely your business is to be found. Try our scan tool for free.