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Fetch and More Universal Training

All East Coast, Tioga

6 hires on Bark
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Fetch and More Universal Training

All East Coast, Tioga

6 hires on Bark


Welcome to Fetch and More Training, where we bring the training directly to you, anywhere, any time, to handle the toughest cases. Dog training is a completely unregulated industry, but we are completely certified professional dog behaviorists.


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Karen Boyce

8 August 2019

2 years ago I purchased a little male black lab from Dave at hidden pond. We named him Darby. He is the best and most loved dog we every had. Today is his second birthday! Thank you Dave! More...



20 July 2019

I’ve recently hired this company to train my Pug mix. Training will start later this fall, bc my dogs are bradycephalic (meaning that their flat faced w/breathing issues). John was very personable & I look forward to working with him. He’s also offered to apply/submit for ESA paperwork for both my fur babies. Very willing to work w/in my budget 😎 More...


Isaac Keir

9 May 2019

All of their dogs are from the best bloodlines and raised with love.!


Robin Shrader Howland

18 June 2018

To say we love our new addition is an understatement. We received our chocolate lab Nala on June 1st from the litter of Hannah and George. From our initial inquiry to pick up, Dave exceeded our expectations! His knowledge and love for the breed is truly apparent in the puppies. Thank you Hidden Pond Labradors! More...


Jacklyn Fusco

27 May 2018

Fantastic pups ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Ryan Haskins

22 October 2017

I’m only a few days into having Murphy but I couldn’t be happier. Hidden Pond Labradors made the process so enjoyable and informative. They’re very serious about what they do and take every step to not only breed amazing dogs but give them (and you) the best chance for their long and happy life as your best friend. Looking forward to sharing more updates down the road. More...


Randy Robertson

27 April 2016

Beautiful, well bred pups. Caring , intelligent owners and breeders.


Mat Morris

29 March 2016

Picked up our Shelby a black lab from the October 2015 litter she's about 5 months now and we couldn't be happier.


Kris Abrahamsen

10 March 2016

My wife and I adopted a female yellow lab from a 10/15 litter and we could not be happier. Sadie is just over 5 months old and is doing amazing! She adjusted to our home almost immediately and has the most amazing personality and is so smart! More...


Helena Jesse Green

14 January 2016

We picked our big baby Hunter up in August of 2014.. Our lives are so happy!! He now needs a girlfriend!!!


Courtney Reagan Webb

31 August 2015

We got our puppy McKinley last May 2014 and couldn't be happier. He is extremely well tempered and calm. Many people have commented on his laid back personality. He loves our kids to pieces and was very easy to train. He is simply the best! More...


Laurie Quick

11 July 2015

We got our Border Colllie Pirate last year and we decided to get another. His name is Bailey. Wonderful folks at Hidden Pond Labs. 5 stars all the way!!!!!!!!


Lena Lynn Hugg

26 June 2015

We got our Border Collie, Eli, from Hidden Pond last year. We love him so much that we are adding another to our family this year. Can't wait to see the new babies.


Leonardo L. Dillon

28 May 2015

My girls just love our new puppy. We’ve had him almost a year and I just had to write you guys and thank you for your help. It’s been a lot of fun to see him grow up, and his energy has brought a positive vibe to our home that is consistently present. The best is going out for walks, because he just loves saying hello to others! More...


John A. Cates

28 May 2015

There is nothing quite like raising a dog from their days as a puppy. I’ve done it multiple times, and the puppies at Hidden Pond are truly the cream of the crop! The last couple of boys I received from them have been great, and I am very thankful. More...


Estella W. Simpson

28 May 2015

I feel like I truly can tell the difference with the puppy that I bought from Hidden Pond Labradors. In the past I had bought dogs from kennels and off of friends, but this one I just purchased really is heads (and tails, couldn’t resist) over the rest. I especially like how calm and mild-mannered she is. Thanks so much. More...


Dinesh Madadi

26 September 2014

We got Apollo & Sandy's puppy in July & he is absolutely a delight. Loving every second of our lives with him :-) he is almost 4 months now...


Mark AW

23 March 2014

Greatly enjoying our latest family addition, Jack. He's doing well.


Laura Whitney-Harrington

25 November 2012

our big boy just turned a year this month and is 90lb his name is buster bear and a joy to have, he is our labadorable!! he is lov

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The ability to build the bond between dog and handler

Understanding what dogs bring to the world is a special gift - we wanted to share that with the rest of the world!

Because we have the passion, drive, dedication, and experience to handle any dog issue big or small!


We actively train, on site, your dog to be a PTSD or Emotional Support Animal. We take care of all the paperwork for you - and go with you and your dog everywhere you do, to ensure your pup is ready to assist you when we leave!