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Federalist Pig

Lanier Heights, Washington, D.C.

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Federalist Pig

Lanier Heights, Washington, D.C.


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Sarah Wannamaker Karpie

Got the BBQ platter for 2 with brisket, pork belly, ribs, Mac n cheese and brussel sprouts. Highly recommend! The meats were smoked to perfection and had the right amount of fall apart to the touch. The bark was delicious on the meats, the ribs were toothsome.
Others in our group ordered sandwiches, they were good, but best buy is the platter for 2!!


Kristina Walker

Some of the friendliest people I’ve met since living in DC and they always make sure you’re satisfied with your meal!! The best bbq in DC!!


Vincent Luckel

Friendly staff, great food! A true neighborhood gem!! 2 genuine foodies from Montrealers


Kim Musser

I've never had an experience like this. It took me a solid week to calm down in my raving.


Cameron Sant

The food here is excellent, highly recommend! As if the bbq wasn't good enough, they have great deserts to top it all off, and the staff are friendly & fun. One of the best spots in DC, to be sure. More...


Mario Marzoli

What da f**k....i’ve never eaten and ever i will do a brisket and ribs like these one!!!
Thank you for your amazing job!!!!


Simon Matney

Excellent food and service. Ate around 5:45 to beat rush and it worked as seating is very limited. Meats were good. Mac and Cheese was great.


Shelly Boyle

They ran out of meat before 7:00 on Saturday night. How do run out of your main dish so early in the evening? So, we have no idea about the food and you can't get anyone on the phone.


Scott Neitzke

I really love this place. Fancy dining it is not, but really great BBQ isn't fancy, its just good. Don't miss the brussel sprouts! So, SO good!


Leigh Byers

Meat, Brussel sprouts and Mac were on point! It also has a super chill atmosphere and fun-loving but really attentive staff for a truly awesome customer experience. Will be back!


Robert Bonacolta

Best BBQ in DC period. A little hard to spot from the street if it's not busy, but that adds to it if anything, nothing better than a cold beer and about three thousand calories.


Alejandra Jacinta

The Pig's owner, management, and staff have created a space that is unsafe for LGBTQ+ folks who are not perceived by the pigs to be cisgender.

In response to gendered violence on the behalf of one of his employees, the Head Sow Rob - instead of taking a legitimate complaint and responding in a thoughtful way - choose to respond with dismissal and mockery of a trans community leader's gently laid out expression of grievance in the face of the Pig's special brand of white anarchist misogyny and anti-LGBTQ+ violence.

None of this was necessary. It really could have been avoided entirely by your employee not engaging in transphobic, homophobic, discriminatory and disrespectful behavior in the first place. It could have been resolved when he calmly and politely asked the Pig's employee to stop the first, fifth or tenth time. It could have been resolved when he explained the situation to the owner. It could have been resolved by Rob taking responsibility for the fact that safe spaces for vulnerable communities means not just saying "We accept everyone", but actually doing the work to make sure that this kind of discrimination doesn't happen in the first place - and when it does - owning your own bullshit and addressing the problem's in yourself and your business' culture.

To repair the harm done and harm most certainly continuing at the Federalist Pig by its owner, management, and staff, I voice support for the following demands:

1. Hire a local organization that centers and employs trans folks of color to train Rob and all staff in cultural competency. Recommendations include No Justice No Pride, Casa Ruby, or Hips.

2. Put training and protocols in place for your establishment. These should be written and reflect current best practices. There should be zero support for this sort of behavior. Place a public sign saying that LGBTQ+ people are welcome.

3. Make a public apology, share the changes you've made and take responsibility and make your business safe for LGBTQ+ patrons.


Brittany Gallagher

The Larry David is honestly what heaven is made of. Also the people working there are the perfect mix of sassy and sweet. I witnessed the care that they gave a particular regular that truly melted my heart. I’ll be back not just because the food is truly amazing but because of the genuine care that the people who work there show. More...


Michael Grant

FIRST-RATE BBQ EXPERIENCE - Thoroughly enjoyed an Easter lunch during our first visit here,... Pulled pork, brisket, rib tips, and lamb were all moist and flavorful; excellent in terms of quality of cuts, preparation and presentation. Sides were delicious also; Green Beans had a nice “kick” and the Mac ‘n Cheese a mild smoky quality which enhanced - but didn’t overwhelm - the cheesy flavor. Keep in mind - the sides are distinctly unique with obvious consideration and experience to refine,... (If you’re looking for ordinary, “safe” versions of classic sides, stick with a chain restaurant.) Available seating is rare, but, based on the continual stream of customers, there will never be sufficient quantity to satisfy demand, so be prepared to “carry out”. The entire staff, from owner Rob to the preparers and including the “floor-walker” who continually checked at tables and interacted with incoming patrons, were all friendly, responsive, and entirely hospitable. (Sitting near the counter, we couldn’t help noticing the friendly manner with which Rob and his staff continually welcomed and responded to all customers.) If you’re ever in the Mount Pleasant area of DC and have an urge for a great bbq meal, I strongly encourage a visit to this comfortable but lively place, just off the “beaten path” of 16th Street, NW. (Thanks, nice going, and best wishes, Rob Sonderman!) More...


Paul Saavedra

This was my first time there and believe me, it definitely won't be the last. Everything from the food, the service, the employees was on point. I highly recommend Federalist Pig 🐷!! See you soon!! More...


John Norton

I went there last night and had the sampler platter (brisket, pork shoulder, and chicken). The meats were delicious and had a nice smoked flavor. However the sides I chose (green beans and potato salad) were not good. The green beans were over-seasoned and too spicey. The potato salad seemed to have too much mustard. My suggestion - keep the sides simple. Serve green beans with bacon/ham and make potato salad more homestyle. More...


Michael Cornaglia

Excellent, excellent, excellent. My wife hates BBQ but loved this place. The brisket was tender, juicy and delicious. The ribs and rib tips were outstanding. Everything had the right amount of smoke, sweet and heat. Pulled pork and sides were outstanding. More...


Kendal Van Dyke

Best BBQ I’ve ever had - right up there with Dinosaur in Rochester. The owner clearly takes pride in his craft; he was out cleaning tables, serving and talking to customers. I went on a Thursday night and he recommended the short rib (not on the menu). It did not disappoint. The brussels sprouts, Mac n cheese, and banana pudding I got with it were out of the world. I will be back! More...


H. Jared Matthijssen

They have the meats, smokey and cooked to perfection! Sandwiches are surprisingly filling, and the sides are always cooked well. All the sauces are excellent, and they prepare material quickly to go or for in house seating. MUCH more seating than at DCity smokehouse. They are worth a stop, and always make you feel welcome. More...


Nick Peterson

We ate here on a quick trip to the area, all the way from Texas. Being from where we are from, we have the privilege to experience some of the best bbq the country has to offer, and we have done our best to try all of the nationally ranked bbq spots Texas has to offer.

I’ve got to say, Federalist Pig is doing it right. The ribs were phenomenal, the pork belly was definitely something to check out. The Brussel sprouts and Mac and cheese were on point.

My only average tasting meat was the brisket. It looked like we got a few slices of the flat, and while tender, had very little smoke penetration and almost no bark.

Other than that, it was a killer meal. Keep up the good work.

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