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Linda Richardson

All of the people I worked with were friendly helpful and very thorough. Start to finish was 3 weeks! The fee was reasonable and the finished product was better than expected!


Cass Dawson

After several years of putting off our estate planning, my husband and I met with Brad Mason. We were both surprised and extremely happy with how easy Brad made the whole experience and wondered what took us so long. It wasn't long before the whole process was completed and our concerns for the future of our estate were at ease. Thank you Brad and Family Tree Planning! More...


Brenda Williams Taylor

We have worked with Sean and Jason at Family Tree and they are both great guys and very helpful. We received a flyer in the mail from the company and set up an appointment with them. Jason not only helped us with our trust but we are now earning better interest on our annuity and both our IRA's. Would definitely recommend them. More...


Travis J. Taylor

I couldn't pass this one up if my life depended on it. I'm the last of a six generation family tree and tradition. No children, single bachelor, at t0 years old. At this time I'm hoping for a good miracle. Amen. �� More...


John Schmitz

While planning for the future my wife and I thought that a Last Will and Testament was all we needed to take care of our estate. Made the funeral arrangements and then on a whim ~ attended a dinner seminar on Trusts. Learned a whole new paradigm during a short presentation. Feel we have saved our family and loved ones time and worry during a time of grief and sorrow. We are assured that our wishes will be carried out and that Probate is nullified and family will receive full measure of what we wish to leave to them. Thank You, to the Family Tree Planning crew. Professionals ALL. More...


Nancy Ferland Pineau

I recently attended a seminar in Casa Grande sponsored by Family Tree Estate Planning and I must say that the seminar's speaker Kyle Couch was very knowledgable and extremely able to speak in layman's terms so that it was very easy to understand. I have been wanting to learn more about Living Trusts but have always put it off...so glad I attended. Kyle made the whole process so easy and I will have my Trust in place in the very near future. Thanks Kyle. More...

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