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Irene Sanchez

25 February 2019

The room are clean & spacious, the bed was also extremely comfortable, yet my room was not made up once during my three day stay. Im not sure if this is a result of my room being at the end of the corridor but my towels were not changed. Other than that honestly no complaints other than the fact the fridge is completely empty, not even a complimentary water bottle. More...


Jeffry Helms

25 February 2019

Don't hesitate to visit-unforgettable experience-DON'T MISS OUT!!! A tourist venue for sure .


Armando Sáenz

26 January 2019

Amazing architecture, wonderful exhibits


Erelin Bertulfo

26 January 2019

Very quaint and peaceful ambiance.


phillip falkell

27 November 2018

Beautiful Historical home with lots of Victorian accents.


Roberto Brown

27 November 2018

Very Peaceful. Great place for weddings and receptions.


George Pell

27 November 2018

As a Wedding venue, big property, great price. You would think somewhere in that house it would be a nice of some kind. No utensils not a single knife anywhere on the property. Could not cut up the longhoggie sandwiches for the workers that help to set up. And we forgot to bring something to cut the cake. There was nothing anywhere. Big kitchen, not a single utensil. Otherwise it was great. More...


Marie Gaiter

30 July 2018

Beautiful grounds. Loved the deers just roaming around naturally.


Dan Allison

30 June 2018

Great venue for our wedding. Absolutely love this place.


Alice Lewis

26 May 2018

The step back in time when you walk through the front door is amazing. Artistry every where, carved wood, stained glass, was a feast for the eyes. On the outdoor space you are greeted with scents coming from fragrant flowers old vines of climbing roses. A must see! More...


Helene Wood

11 April 2018

A beautiful place, the grounds surrounding this huge Victorian Mansion are amazing. I like walk there, there is a greenhouse and many flowers to look at. The green grass surrounding this mansion feels great on your bare feet. If you never have been there Its worth a walk around. I am not sure when they have tours of the House, I went years ago. More...


MaryEllen Winckler

25 March 2018

The Master Gardener demonstration gardens are spectacular! They have a moon garden, a pollinator friendly habitat (to encourage bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects to come), and Mediterranean garden with plants from Australia, South Africa, and other countries with similar "western facing" coastal climates (wet winter months followed by dry summer/ fall months). Plus the most fascinating and enormous succulents (check out the agave and aloe plants that have 15ft+ spire-like blooms!). Beautiful building and great place to wander around on a lazy day. More...


Joel Berghoff

24 March 2018

Always fun and casual here. The grounds could use some upkeep though. The pond (?) in the front is stagnant and teeming with mosquito larvae.


Maurice LaTier

14 January 2018

My friends hosted a murder mystery party here. A perfect location.


Thomas Hirsh

9 January 2018

A really great place to visit the gardens .


Heike Ewert

18 December 2017

Beauitful, historic place! Marvelous interior and grounds. I have only been there for Christmas parties, so in a festive spirit and so decorated.


Joe C

23 October 2017

Great place had my wedding here.

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