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Worcester, Massachusetts, Worcester

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Everybody Massage Therapy

Worcester, Massachusetts, Worcester



Your place to relax and massage away life’s stress.

Whether you sit at a computer all day, physically push your body to the limit or just need to unwind , I can help you find relief and renewed energy.

As a therapist, I strive to give the type of massage that my clients need at that moment in time utilizing techniques from Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue work and Myofascial Release.


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Jay Atwi

I can't wait to book with you again Mike! :)


Elaine Dufault

The room looks so calming. Michael is a very nice gentleman. He will treat you real well and you will walk out with a good feeling. Go for it.!

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I am a passionate proponent of massage therapy and have experienced it as a tool to relax my body and mind and also to relieve isolated physical problems for over 20 years. It brings me great satisfaction to help others with massage and assist them with their own personal goals.

In 1996 I was involved in an accident leaving me with a broken jaw, severe neck pain and range of motion issues. Chiropractic treatment seemed logical and while it helped, the need for treatment increased. After a few years, I became reluctant to continue. A physical therapist friend recommended massage to try and relax my muscles in an attempt to prevent the tightness from creating problems. I never saw the chiropractor again. Massage eventually became a monthly gift to myself and is firmly implanted in my life. I’ve seen the satisfaction in the eyes of my therapists when I express how much they’ve helped me. Having my own practice allows me to work independently with my clients without the restrictions imposed by some major massage chains that restrict the use of certain modalities in treating their clients.

Beside general training in Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, and Sports Massage, I have completed education in Myofascial Release Massage and ongoing training in Orthopedic Assessment and Therapy,

Proper communication between a therapist and client is essential for mutual success. To support my massage work, I have over 20 years of experience as a marketing and communications professional. It is now my focus to bring the benefits of these two skills together and help people as I have been helped.