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Wedding dresses and accessories sold world wide. Please visit our Costa Mesa Atelier and let us help you find your dream dress!!! Our dresses start at 2500.-7000.

Wedding dresses, veils, jewelry, tiaras, hair jewels, capes and coverlets.


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28 November 2018

Erin has a super kind and bright energy which makes you feel comfortable in front of cameras. She is very talented and creative! Erin, Cassie, Damien, and Jordan captured so wonderful images and videos on the wedding day. They were so patient and easy to work with. It was pouring at night and Erin came up with such a brilliant idea, taking pictures in the rain! She took my husband and me outside but we were not standing in the rain of course. Thanks to Cassie (who was the one “really” in the rain) holding lights, Erin captured such a beautiful and amazing shot!! We shared with our family and friends, they were all speechless. I highly recommend Erin and her team and can't wait to work with them again in the future!! More...


Tony S.

11 October 2018

Erins designs, quality and pricing are unmatched. I don't know how her competition stays in business! 5 stars for her perfect staff and the woman that she is!



29 September 2016

I sent an online request for an appointment and immediately heard back from someone at the shop. I didn't need an appointment because I was only looking at accessories for my dress. I went on a Saturday afternoon and Debbie helped me. She was great. I ended up purchasing earrings, bracelet and a birdcage veil. More...


Kristina S.

23 September 2016

I had my heart set on a specific dress of a European designer. 5 Google minutes later I found out Erin Cole Bridal was pretty much the only store representing these design treasures so they were my first and last stop. I spoke to Tara on the phone, we immediately connected and I drove down to the store. The dress fitted like a glove and Tara was so kind to help me out with the financial arrangements. I was so taken by the amazing service and swift treatment that I build trust in the store employees right away. I felt we shared the same taste and could speak openly about preferences without feeling that it's only about money. So over the following month the Erin Cole staff and I discussed my veil wishes based on a vintage design and they custom manufactured it for me in the same material my dress was made out of. And for a perfectly reasonable price. It was wonderful and looked just perfect. All around my wedding dress shopping was fast, fun and all around a lovely experience. Thank you Tara for your help and thank you Erin Cole for tastefully and carefully selecting the designers you represent in your boutique. I could not have had a better experience shopping for such important dress. More...



19 August 2016

Erin Cole Couture Bridal fulfilled all of my wedding dress #goals. After searching endlessly all over Orange County and Beverly Hills, I went to Erin Cole as a last option before my mom left town. (Because it's such a small boutique, I didn't think there was any point in going.... I mean, I tried on hundreds of gowns.... How could this little boutique possibly have something I hadn't already seen?!) We walked in without an appointment on a Tuesday morning (in workout clothes and no makeup) and quickly scanned the racks while telling the sales associate - Debbie - that I simply couldn't find what I wanted anywhere. Debbie asked a few questions and then said "You mean like this " and pointed to an absolute masterpiece hanging on the back wall. We were in a hurry with mom's flight leaving in only 2 hours and Debbie urged me to quickly try it on, just in case. Upon stepping into my dream wedding gown with Debbie's careful assistance, I can only describe the feeling as true Bliss. I cried instantly upon seeing myself in the mirror and just knew it was a match made in heaven. My mom got to witness (and film!!) the entire thing and it was perfect. Debbie and Nazee (the alterations goddess) were flawless throughout the entire process and I highly recommend them to any SoCal bride. The collection is carefully curated, unique, special, and well worth your consideration, while the staff is second to none. Thank you Erin Cole Couture Bridal for having the foresight during Fashion Week to know that a special bride in Newport Beach, CA has been dreaming of Monique Lhuillier's Aviva dress (in So White) her whole life. You made my day! More...


Emily H.

6 June 2016

This is a lovely bridal salon.  It has a nice open feel and was very pleasant.  They have a wonderful selection of high end designers and will go out of their way to find a dress that works for you.  They very quickly picked up on my style and pulled dresses I couldn't have guessed would look good, but did!  I didn't end up getting my dress here but it was by far the best experience I had trying on dresses.  Of course, their accessories are also top notch! More...


Jacqueline A.

30 January 2016

I came here as my second stop. It was very small with not many dresses to choose from. The dresses were all very expensive too (I came in with a $5-6k budget) I had already found a dress at the first place but wanted to check another spot just in case. I did find one that I almost bought here. It was very beautiful but it had less than the first dress and twice the price before alterations. Even though having a small selection they did have pretty dresses but I ended up going back to the first place. Also the fitting room was very tiny. I guess I was just already spoiled from the first store. More...



8 November 2015

Beautiful and unique bridal collection! Whilst there are so many different styles and options to choose from, the dresses are carefully curated so it isn't overwhelming. Range of budgets, though the veils were a bit expensive. The bridal consultant and shop manager are very professional, sincere, and have a keen eye for what would suit your body type and style. I went to a couple shops before, and the atmosphere here is one of the nicest I'd seen. I had an idea and some photos with me, but the consultant actually suggested a few different options, and I am so pleased I trusted her. I ended up with the most perfect dress, suited to me, which combined all the elements I loved from several dresses, but was actually a dress I would never have picked myself. Funny how that happens! The seamstresses were so meticulous and talented, and very patient with me across the 3 fittings. Since I live abroad, I only had 2 weeks before the wedding for the final 2 fittings and despite the short time, and the amount of hand stitching needed due to the delicate embellishments, she made it happen. More...


Sofia M.

8 November 2015

Beautiful and unique bridal collection! Whilst there are so many different styles and options to choose from, the dresses are carefully curated so it isn't overwhelming. Range of budgets, though the veils were a bit expensive. The bridal consultant and shop manager are very professional, sincere, and have a keen eye for what would suit your body type and style. I went to a couple shops before, and the atmosphere here is one of the nicest I'd seen. I had an idea and some photos with me, but the consultant actually suggested a few different options, and I am so pleased I trusted her. I ended up with the most perfect dress, suited to me, which combined all the elements I loved from several dresses, but was actually a dress I would never have picked myself. Funny how that happens! The seamstresses were so meticulous and talented, and very patient with me across the 3 fittings. Since I live abroad, I only had 2 weeks before the wedding for the final 2 fittings and despite the short time, and the amount of hand stitching needed due to the delicate embellishments, she made it happen More...


Mona B.

7 November 2015

We came to Erin Cole Couture Bridal Salon on a recommendation, and we were WOWED at every turn. Erin is an absolute doll, very friendly and and gave us great ideas. I liked that one of the first questions was what was our budget, so she could show us dresses that were within that window. Tara was a god-send, fitting, poofing, pulling, zipping, tucking and adjusting. We had an appointment, and because there was no one else in there after us, we ran way over, but the final dress was worth the trying on of all the others. It was a special day for me and my daughter to share, and the beginning of what will hopefully, be a wonderful and memorable year. Thank you Erin and THANK YOU BIG to Tara!!! We can't post the picture, yet, but would love to revise this review after the wedding. More...


Marika B.

5 October 2015

I had the best experience here this weekend! Tara was absolutely amazing and so sweet- great to work with & knew my body right away. My mom and sister were in town from Seattle with me, making it such a special moment. The dresses and accessories are gorgeous- we ended up with a stunning Monique Lhuillier gown! I can't wait to go through the rest of the process with Erin Cole! Highly recommend to any bride looking for the perfect dress. More...


Lauren M.

22 September 2015

Tara is the best! I had a terrible experience at another bridal store and needed a new dress in a rush! Tara understood my style and look from one phone call. When I went into the store to try some options on she picked the most amazing options. I have never felt so comfortable in a dress and in my own skin...until my wedding day in the dress we went with. Thank you for everything ladies!!! More...


Negar A.

22 September 2015

I love this store and I love Tara.  It has the BEST wedding dress selection in all of OC, hands down.  It had the best selection when we were searching for my sister's wedding dress and it had the best selection when we were searching for my wedding dress late last year/early this year.  Also, the  staff is the friendliest (despite the fact that the store is higher end) and most knowledgeable of all the stores we visited.  I fell in love with a Monique L. dress at Erin Cole, but I ended up buying another dress from another store due to budget concerns (I insisted on trying on dresses that were outside of my budget despite Tara's warning).  But I made another big mistake by not communicating my budget concerns to Tara from the beginning.  Instead, I assumed there was nothing that could be done and bought a dress from another store.  That turned into a major fiasco.  Long story short, two months passed and I needed another dress.  I called Tara and explained the whole situation to her.  First off, she remembered me.  Second, she was super understanding, didn't make me feel stupid, and made herself immediately available. She also convinced the owner to let me purchase the sample dress at a discount, which was still in mint condition.  I wouldn't have been able to get the dress without Tara's help considering I had already paid for another dress and wasn't sure if I'd be able to get my money back.  In short, I love Tara.  She's not only great at what she does, but she's caring and nice. More...


Emily K.

15 September 2015

Erin Cole is a beautiful boutique-style shop with some amazing gowns. Tara was my stylist and she was incredible! She is so knowledgable, fashionable and fun! She made my first dress shopping experience so amazing! Thank you, Tara! More...


Lauren T.

1 August 2015

All I have to say is WOW!!!! Just got back from trying on wedding dresses here and I couldn't have been more pleased! Tara was absolutely amazing and knew exactly what I wanted and worked with my budget. All the dresses here were absolutely stunning! The first dress I tried on that Tara picked out ended up being the one! I couldn't have been more pleased with my experience here. I loved all the accessories too and ended up getting a belt and veil to match. Thank you SO much for giving me the most wonderful experience ever!! Looking forward to seeing the final/completed look of this dress! Thank you so much Tara!!! You took amazing care of me and I truly appreciate it! :). More...


Lesley H.

27 June 2015

Don't go anywhere else to get your wedding dress!  Erin Cole is the best in the business--Erin herself knows her stuff and is such a great stylist and has a great eye. She can help you pick out a dress that fits the look you are going for but also makes you look your best.  I live in LA and hated all the bridal stores there--Erin's shop carries so many great designers and she has the most beautiful dresses and accessories. And, you dont feel rushed and pressured at all!  I think they only have one appointment at a time, so you are their priority when you walk in.   Tara and Debbie are amazing as well and Nazzie (spelling?) the seamstress is awesome once you do your fittings.  Seriously--make the trip from wherever you live and get your dress here.  Erin is so talented--she makes the veils and accessories herself.  You will look and feel so gorgeous on your big day with her help.  Love you Erin!!! More...


Kristen Louise

19 February 2015

Thank you to Erin Cole Couture Bridal for helping me find "The Dress"!!
I was so pleased to find my Monique Lhuillier wedding gown through them. The team was so lovely to work with from start to finish and I would definitely recommend them to future brides. More...


J H.

1 December 2014

I live in the area and stopped by on a whim to look at dresses. Despite the fact that I was wearing work out gear, had no make-up on and was by myself, Kate warmly greeted me. Her appointment just canceled, so for fun, she pulled dresses for me to try on. It was the best impromptu shopping experience I've ever had.  There were two dresses that I liked, but I wasn't confident that either was 100% right plus it was the first store. About 2 weeks later Kate called me to ask me if I wanted to come in for a trunk show and sample sale. She had a dress in mind that she thought I would like. Unfortunately the designer called the dress back and I was not able to try it on. I retried on the first 2 dresses along with the trunk show dresses, but still felt like I hadn't found the right dress for me. Kate called me again to check in (I have a fairly tight turn around time and she was concerned that I was cutting it close). I called her back with my mom and asked if there was anything else she could find for me. Despite giving her 30 minutes notice, she said no problem that she would go through her stock again and be ready when we arrived. This time the gown she originally had in mind for me was in and another I had initially passed over. I loved both of them. After trying them on another 5 times each (literally), I decided on my dress. I can't thank Kate enough for her patience and follow-up. She listened to what I wanted while also having an eye for what looked good on me. I (well actually Kate) found an amazing dress that was in budget and fit my personalty perfectly. My mom was thrilled as well- she said it was the best dress shopping experience she's had as a mom. I can't wait to receive my dress!!! Thanks Kate for all of your help. Positives:Beautiful storeExcellent serviceKnowledgeable, professional and experienced staffGood selection of designer dresses More...


Celine O.

1 October 2014

Sooooo happy I stopped in! I found my dress so fast, it's crazy. Kate helped me and brought me dresses based on the kind if styles I described and the second dress she picked was the perfect dress for me! It was a dress I never would have picked for myself but I'm SO glad she picked it for me. They even popped open a bottle of champagne to celebrate me finding my dress! It was a great experience :) More...


Patricia B.

31 July 2014

I had such an amazing experience at Erin Cole I wanted to share. I visited numerous salons and could not find a dress that was "me" until I walked into Erin Cole. I live in LA, but made the drive to Cosa Mesa for a trunk show. Not only did I find my dream Oscar de la Renta dress, but the sales manager, Tara Tombrello, helped me bring it all together with the perfect accessories -- veil, earrings, necklace, bracelet. Since I went with a  clean/ classic sheath dress, my Erin Cole accessories were actually the eye draw that I got the most compliments on. Everyone was in awe of the amazing accessories that pulled the look together perfectly. Plus, unlike my dress I can wear the accessories forever as a memory of my special day.  And Tara was so lovely to work with every step of the way. Unlike other sales reps that I felt rushed me or would say anything to make a sale, I felt Tara really listed to me and cared about the final look, regardless of a sale. The tailor, Nazie, was also amazing to work with and got my dress to fit perfectly and be super comfortable. Love this shop! More...


Loni W.

9 June 2014

AMAZING customer service. I went to Erin Cole and worked with Kate and Erin. You couldn't ask for better assistance in picking out your wedding dress. Not only are they both extremely patient, but they are both very honest. Erin is extremely talented and can execute your vision of how you want your dress to look. Whether this means adding or subtracting material, she can make it happen. Erin's Veils and accessories are AMAZING!!!!! I have never seen any veils like hers. They are truly unique and really completes the look. I went to the Vera Wang Boutique and Monique boutique in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, where I received decent service, but at Erin Cole, it was superior service and truly genuine service. At EC, You are not just an appointment filling a time slot, they take their time with you and don't rush you out like they do at the VW boutique.  They also follow up with you which I think is very important. You can tell how passionate Erin is about her business. I couldn't recommend this place enough. More...



8 June 2014

The lovely ladies at Erin Cole (Kara and Kate) made the stressful process of finding the "one" - in this case a stunning Monique Llulier fit & flare gown - an absolute pleasure for me. They were sweet, accommodating and really went out of their way to make sure I had everything I needed for the big day. I actually visited many other stores (Saks, Panache, Monique Llulier) with my family and friends and tried on at least 30 dresses. After hearing glowing recommendations about Erin Cole from my event planners, I drove all the way from LA by myself to see if I could find something without the influences of any one else. Within 30 minutes, I was in the dress of my dreams and later found the perfect vail to match. Though the accessories were a little expensive, they were not much more than most stores of that caliber. Overall, I felt like I had known these wonderful women for years and I can't thank them enough for all their help. More...


Josephine P.

27 May 2014

If you are looking for the perfect place to shop for a Wedding Gown, you have no need to go any were else but to Erin Cole Couture Bridal.  My Goddaughter, chose her wedding dress at this boutique, and I cannot praise them highly enough.  From the personal service of the stylists, and attention to every detail, to the seamstress, who is amazing, the entire experience was perfect.Thanks to all of them, the bridal gown and accessories were perfect and made for a beautiful wedding.   Many many thanks from a very grateful Aunt. More...



30 January 2014

Working with Erin Cole to find my dream dress was honestly a dream come true. Everyone was extremely patient and understand what I was looking for- even suggesting dresses I wouldn't normally try- which is what I ended up with. I would absolutely recommend Erin Cole to my friends and family. More...



23 January 2014

Ok, I dont know if I will purchase my dress from them but I do know fantastic nice people when I run into them.  After a disastrous trip to an ultra high end bridal boutique which failed to mentioned they basically stocked tons of dress but all in runway sizes...I called (because I had driven 2.5 hours to this other nearby...lest call it the "runway sized bridal boutique") asking if by chance they had an appointment open.  They didnt but Mallory (pls forgive the spelling...) said she would be happy to fit me in...first she asked me what I was looking for and seeing if they had something I would be interested in and most importantly I could actually try on...Im a bridal 10.  so not huge but certainly not the runway sizes stocked by the other house.  She pointed me to some designers and I was game!  She fit me in and we tried on 6 dresses all which were lovely.  I just wanted to say kudos to them for their customer service!!!! fantastic and for stocking sizes normal people can actually pull past their calves! thank you thank you thank you You turned a disastrous depressing day into one where I felt lovely...dont all brides want to feel that way? More...


Dawn A.

23 January 2014

Erin Cole Bridal was first stop I made when I began dress shopping. I ended up buying the third dress I tried on there! Malorie, Kate, and Erin Cole were extremely professional, helpful in the decision process but not pushy, polite, honest, and incredibly sweet. I ended up with a Rivini dress and also bought my veil, sash, and jewelry there. The seamstress was very attentive to my needs and made my dress flawless. Malorie provided me with a wedding day kit, beautifully packaged and inside it had needles already threaded, chalk, and other items incase of emergency. The day of my wedding, the zipper on one of my bridesmaid's dresses split right before walking down the aisle. The kit came in so incredibly handy and we were able to fix her dress in minutes!!! I was on the fence about wearing a veil, but Erin showed me different styles and helped me see how elegant it could look. I am so glad I listened to her. My dress, sash, veil, and earrings were stunning. The look was incredible and I owe that to Erin Cole and her staff. More...


Tara W.

18 January 2014

I 'said yes to my dress' this morning at Erin Cole and can't speak highly enough of the store. From the moment my girls and I walked through the front door they we're extremely helpful and welcoming. Their bridal stylist, Mallory, and Owner, Erin, went above and beyond what we had expected. Mallory was so patient as she pulled what felt like half the stores dresses for me to try on, and Erin humbly styled my hair and veil so I could envision the dress as it may look on my wedding day. I am so thankful for our experience and so excited for the dress I have picked out! I would definitely recommend them to anyone! More...



22 December 2013

I went to 4 dress stores in 2 days when shopping for my wedding dress. Erin Cole was the last place I went, and it stood out to me for several reasons: smaller place with more personalized attention, one appointment at a time so not crowded and impersonal, helpful and friendly staff, and an amazing selection of gowns and custom accessories. I purchased a Monique Lhuillier gown and a custom necklace and jeweled veil that I will treasure forever. For how much gowns cost in general, the service here is outstanding. Big bridal salons just can't provide this kind of attention. More...


Theresa T.

24 October 2013

Spent the weekend with my girlfriends wedding dress shopping!  It was such a delight to visit Erin Cole.  They came highly recommended by my wedding planner and they sure didn't disappoint.  They don't have the biggest selection, but collections they did carry, are some of the best designers.  The service was overall great.  Definitely check them out! More...


Karen T.

25 September 2013

Excellent customer service!   My cousin and i came almost 2 hours late (due to the insane traffic coming from LA) and at closing time.   The representative was kind to not lock the doors on us.  She was really kind and helped us find the perfect jenny packham dress.   She let us take photos and helped us picked out accessories to match the dress.   She even gave us champagne when we finalized the dress in celebration. More...



19 September 2013

I purchased my Monique Lhuillier bridal gown at Erin Cole and can only say that these ladies are amazing.  I had previously gone to two appointments at Monique Lhuillier in Los Angeles on Melrose Place and while it was much closer to where I live, I decided not to buy a gown there. I found my consultant there to be unhelpful and she even rushed us out when it was clear that I was interested in purchasing my gown that day.  Regardless, I went to Erin Cole with my mom and sister and we were so impressed and amazed by these ladies.  My consultant was Jackie, who was so sweet, patient, helpful, and not pushy.  In addition, all the other ladies were the same, even the owner, Erin Cole, herself.  They were all super friendly and after going to dozens of bridal salons in LA and OC, they made us feel the most at home.  They suggested that I try on a ML gown I had not tried before, and once I did, I realized it was the one.  More than that, the environment they've created made me want to get my dress there.  They make you feel so beautiful and special, so much that I miss making the two-hour drive in the 405 traffic to go to my appointments there.  I highly recommend them. More...



4 August 2013

Erin Cole worked with me and my busy schedule in finding my dream dress and fitting in my alterations. They have a beautiful selection of bridal dresses and accessories that are unique and one of a kind, especially since they are made by Erin Cole herself! Classy, upscale yet boutique like store in Costa Mesa. Referred here by two other brides that had gorgeous weddings, and I will definitely refer here to my friends in the future. Veronica was great! More...



26 July 2013

Erin Cole Bridal was first stop I made when I began dress shopping. I ended up buying the third dress I tried on there! Malorie, Kate, and Erin Cole were extremely professional, helpful in the decision process but not pushy, polite, honest, and incredibly sweet. I ended up with a Rivini dress and also bought my veil, sash, and jewelry there. The seamstress was very attentive to my needs and made my dress flawless. Malorie provided me with a wedding day kit, beautifully packaged and inside it had needles already threaded, chalk, and other items incase of emergency. The day of my wedding, the zipper on one of my bridesmaid's dresses split right before walking down the aisle. The kit came in so incredibly handy and we were able to fix her dress in minutes!!! I was on the fence about wearing a veil, but Erin showed me different styles and helped me see how elegant it could look. I am so glad I listened to her. My dress, sash, veil, and earrings were stunning. The look was incredible and I owe that to Erin Cole and her staff. More...



11 July 2013

I had an amazing experience at Erin Cole! Everytime I went there to try on dresses or get fitted the staff was always friendly and helpful. They pay close attention to detail, like helping style my hair while trying on dresses or even giving us champagne to help celebrate picking our dress! The alterations of the dress was amazing (and I changed it A LOT!)The dress and veil turned out perfect!! Thank you so much for everything!! -Alana More...


Connie C.

5 May 2013

"If I was a billionaire..." -Bruno MarsThe wedding dresses here were limited, but it was definitely my favorite store. I fell deeply in love with a dress from Erin Cole. No matter which dress I tried on from various stores, this one was really my number one favorite. The prices here were not completely out of my range, but I definitely won't be spending about $7K to $10K on one dress (I have another two wedding dresses to purchase). I do have to admit that my dream wedding dress was here for $7K, but with all the customization...it would have been $9K-10K. My consultant, Kate, was sweet and took the time to make sure that I was happy. She made sure that whatever I wanted on the dress was something not impossible, but possible. Customer service here definitely exceeded my expectations. I would recommend coming here if this is your budget. P.S. The rooms here was a bit claustrophobic...But the stage was beautiful with multiple mirrors from the front and side views.*Parking is limited as well* More...


Brigid B.

10 April 2013

what an unforgettable experience I had. The ladies were wonderful and extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They are a smaller sized botique, but the selection is exquisite. Nothing better than seeing your mom and best friends in tears when trying on your dream dress! :) Thank you Erin Cole, I really appreciated all of your help! More...


Cara P.

3 April 2013

I couldn't be happier with my experience at Erin Cole! I was absolutely dreading going shopping, due to my horrific experience at Saks in Bev. Hills. All the girls were extremely helpful and encouraged me to try dresses on that I would've normally said no to. They made me feel comfortable and calm, which was helpful since dress shopping can be overwhelming. All of their dresses are extremely beautiful! Kate was extremely patient and worked well with my mom and bridesmaids. Overall, it was an absolutely wonderful experience and I found a beautiful dress! More...


Nicole C.

26 February 2013

I can't say enough good things about my experience at Erin Cole. It was my very first time trying on dresses and I was a little overwhelmed. Mallory was extremely helpful and sweet and pulled beautiful dresses for me to try. The boutique is small and intimate with a great selection. Not overwhelming like those other bridal salons where you feel like a number. I thought I wanted a Vera but turns out I'm a Monique bride! Erin the owner was there and helped accessorize the dresses to make it my own. I tried on one Monique Lhuillier and everyone in the salon said I'd found my dress! I had another appointment at Mon Amie so I decided to wait on purchasing. After going to Mon Amie (and deciding to never go there again, not a great experience) I am going to go back to Erin Cole and try my potential dress on again!My mom enjoyed the experience there as well (and shes huge on customer service) and because of that wants to purchase from Erin Cole. This is a huge purchase so customer service goes a long way! More...


Nancy N.

10 January 2013

One of the best bridal salon experiences I've had!A small bridal boutique with an amazing election of wedding gowns and accessories.They carry designers that include Vera Wang, Rivini, Monique Lhuillier and others.I was looking for Jenny Packham dresses and not many bridal salons in Los Angeles carry the line. I made an appointment for the trunk show and was in awe of how many dresses there was to choose from! Luckily, I made an early morning appointment because it was getting pretty busy as I was finishing my appointment. I didn't feel rushed to make a decision after an hour as I was at other bridal salons.They took their time with me, making sure I loved my dress as I tried on many dresses on over and over. The owner, Erin Cole wanted me to get a feel of my total look from head to toe so she styled my hair effortlessly, took pictures of me in the dress to see the flow of the dress which made a huge difference in narrowing down dress selections. Def give this place a try while searching for the perfect dress, you may find it here! More...


V K.

18 October 2012

My bridal consultant was Kate and she was fantastic.My appointment was at 4 PM yesterday and I was the only client in the boutique (I anticipated this and it was a reason I scheduled a weekday appointment).It is an intimate boutique with a small but beautiful selection of dresses. Or as my mom said, "it looks like each gown was hand chosen/personally selected to be there." I have to agree with her. Every single gown was beautiful and if I had the time and energy, I would have tried on all the dresses! The dresses were on the floor for us to browse through.There are three platforms in front of the wall-long mirror so I am assuming the boutique can handle a max of 3 brides at a time. I tried on about 5-6 dresses in an hour long appointment. I don't think I took the entire hour though- by my own choice. Kate was mindful of my budget and understood what I wanted in a dress. She even made some selections I would never have considered but once on, was very flattering. Kate also asked for my mom's opinion, despite the language barrier, and I appreciated that Kate was able to pick up on the importance of my mom's opinion to me and included my mom in the process.All the gowns here are in very good shape, which I didn't realize until now makes a big difference in getting a good picture of hat you will look like on your wedding day. When I went shopping for a gown at Saks Bridal NYC (I really do have to write a review of that place), all the gowns were torn, dirty, grey, and had holes. Mind you, I only tried on 3 gowns but it still killed the whole "pretty white dress" vibe.While I did not find "the dress" or rather I should say did not get "this is my dress/you'll just know feeling" my friends talk about (damn you media making me feel like I need to cry and get "the feeling" when trying on a wedding dress), I did find a dress I liked a lot and my mom liked a lot. I scheduled another appointment to come back with my brother and dad for their opinions on the dress.My only minor concern is that alterations/fittings are only available on certain days. My career requires me to travel 5 days out of a week and sometimes through the weekend so this may be an issue for me. This is my first month I'm in one location for longer than 3 days in two years which is why I'm taking advantage of the time to go dress shopping for a wedding that's not for another year!Overall, my experience at Erin Cole was great! Kate's a fantastic consultant and her experience really shows. She's able to make great suggestions that will be flattering on you even if it is not what you envisioned yourself in. She's even better at picking out dresses matching your specifications. More...



23 September 2012

Veronica over at Erin Cole is amazing!! She helped me find the perfect dress!! And she really made sure I stayed within my budget, and didn't try to push me into something I couldn't afford which I truly appreciate! Seriously amazing service and gorgeous dresses!! More...


Sam S.

26 August 2012

Thank you Kate for your patience, enthusiasm, and most importantly, not making me feel like you're trying to sale me a dress! I walked out of there not feeling pressured to buy anything; I ended up saying yes to the dress after thinking it over some more.There were a lot of quality (also read: expensive; but you get what you pay for) gowns. I already knew what I wanted but didn't want to drive all the way to LA to try on the VW. They worked with me and matched VW's flagship offer.Pros:-lots of beautiful designer gowns-great customer service (I worked with Kate)-beautiful boutique-easy parkingCons:-expensive (but worth it if it's in your budget) More...


Katie B.

20 August 2012

I found the unexpected dress of my dreams here during a trunk show. The store is kind of small, but it makes it nice and intimate- I think there's room for only 3 brides at a time max. There were mini red velvet cupcakes to eat, and we were served champagne after choosing the dress. Kate was my bridal stylist, and she found some dresses that really suited my style. She also did a good job of managing my small but opinionated group. I tried on about ten before finding the dress. It was over my planned budget,, but it ended up being the one I loved the most. The staff there was really friendly, including the seamstress in charge of alterations. My dress came in on time and the fittings went smoothly. A great place to find your wedding dress. More...



14 July 2012

I absolutely loved my dress. The stylist was fantastic! She picked a bunch of dresses that fit my style and were gorgeous. They are a bit on the higher end but their dresses, sashses and veils are amazing.

They also altered my dress and it fit like a dream.

The only critique I have is that they forgot about my sash and it wasn't ready for my first fitting. I had asked about doing a different color and they were going to check but never called me.

All the staff though is super nice and makes you feel like a princess.


Julia B.

11 June 2012

I came in here with my MIL, made of honor, and 7 week old baby. All of the girls in the store are very nice and helpful. They didn't mind that I had my baby with me, and she was fussing a little bit while I was trying dresses on. My consultant was Veronica, and I would recommend her to anyone who plans on a scheduling an appointment at this boutique. I had a Vera Wang gown in mind, and she showed me others that she thought would be just as flattering. She really seemed to understand my style, and the look I wanted to create. I know this because she nailed it with all the accessories. In the end I just couldn't decide between two gowns. So, I left with a big decision to make. Veronica understood where I was coming from, and not once did I feel pressured. I would highly recommend this salon to a bride not only looking for a beautiful gown, but trying to complete their entire look. You can't go wrong here! Ask for Veronica! More...


Stacy B.

28 February 2012

Great boutique with high fashion, personal attention and pretty jewelry.The staff and owner Erin Cole really went out of their way to help me try and find 'the dress'- they jacked me up and even took an Ipad video so I could see myself walk in the dress I liked best. While I did not wind up getting my dress there, I definitely recommend, especially if you are looking in the OC area. More...


Kelly Y.

14 February 2012

I recently went to Erin Cole after a few unsuccessful trips looking for a dress. I have to say it was one of the best experiences I've ever had. She had Elizabeth Fillmore in the store for a trunk show and everyone who worked there was so friendly and helpful. They made me feel so comfortable the entire time. Erin Cole was there as well and she was just the greatest - contributing her thoughts and ideas the whole time which again, was so incredibly helpful. I would recommend this store to any bride looking for her perfect dress. The selection was unbeatable and the attention and treatment was a five-star experience! More...


Greg R.

21 January 2012

This place is hands down the most amazing place to buy your wedding dress. From the moment I came in the store I felt welcomed:) Veronica and Erin Cole herself helped me pick out my dress, earrings, vail and sash. Erin even did an updo in my hair to show me how the vail and headpiece would work. They took so much time out to make sure my special day was amazing. Every bride should check out this store and buy "the dress" here too! More...


LynnMarie M.

16 January 2012

Erin Cole Couture Bridal lived up to the name. Here is the short version...Stylists are very gracious, knowledgeable and are great listeners!Erin Cole is passionate about her accessories, dresses and will astound you will her fashion sense.Beautiful environment, the entire staff is tremendously helpful.Erin Cole Couture was the third salon we visited, the experience was the BEST by far.5 + stars.If you would like a more detailed  version, read below!From the moment you walk through the front door, the dresses. & accessories along with the stylists and the decor set the tone for a very special experience.The stylists are gracious, knowledgeable and best of all they listen!  My niece met with her stylist Kate and was asked a few questions to determine some specifics about the wedding day, if there was a certain dress or style she had in mind. The last question and very important was price-range. The last thing you want is to fall in love with a dress and have it be out of your comfort zone. Kate honored all the information and began pulling dresses. She encouraged the group to look through the dresses and offer suggestions as well.The next think you know, a door opened and out floated the most beautiful young lady in a gorgeous dress. Oohing, awing and dabbing a tear from our eyes, Kate then accessorized the dress with an amazing jeweled sash, gorgeous earrings and completed the look by twisting her hair into a gorgeous side bun. As much as everyone loved the look, there were few more dresses to try.Never once was there a feeling of being rushed or feeling like a decision needed to be made, pronto. The experience evolved as it should, with the "bride to be" narrowing the dresses down to 2. With that Erin, the stores namesake and most kind host, asked to see the B2B in both dresses while walking from one end of the store to the other, having the bride feel the experience in both dresses and seeing the movement of the dress Erin who is so talented added a french mesh veil, pinned it as a blusher and transported the dress into a stunning couture look.The bride was hit the "LOVE" pillow (you'll see when you are there) &  made her decision. While in the dress, champagne flowed as we toasted to a gorgeous dress for a spectacular day and a very beautiful experience to remember for ever! I would put this salon at the top of your list for your bridal dress & accessory experience. More...


Retired B.

6 January 2012

Veronica was my consultant and she was amazing! So sweet, helpful and not to mention- stylish! I loved how she gave me ideas to accessorize the dress.The accessories they have here are so beautiful and amazing. They have belts, headpieces, bracelets, earrings, everything! And all one-of-a-kind.The bling belts were soo gorgeous. I would seriously wear them everyday if I could. More...



5 January 2012

I was in town for only a short while and had one day to dress shop with my mom and younger sister. I was looking for a great bonding experience (I live in London) and at the same time wanted to find the perfect dress for my wedding and not feel like it was the best I could find in a short amount of time.

I went to Erin Cole in the middle of a busy dress shopping day (her store was stop 3 of 4), and the lady who was helping me was AMAZING. She and Erin Cole (who was there that day) were so helpful - they listened to what I liked and didn't like, took pictures on an iPad to show me what the dresses would look like, and showed me what the dresses would look like with the right veil, jewels, and hairdo (Erin can do a great impromptu ponytail!). My consultant and Erin listened carefully to what I liked and didn't like and guided us to 2 dresses. They completely understood that I had another appointment to get to, and told me that I could come in first thing Monday morning (they were closed on Sunday) if I wanted the trunk show discount on one of the dresses. I went back first thing that Monday morning and they helped me in and out of the 2 dresses I was torn between. Once Erin showed me the different ways to bustle one of the dresses to help me make up my mind, we started crying and busted out the champagne and credit card!

What really stood out with this store isn't just the great selection (high quality, classy, and yet something for everyone), but the experience. Even though the store was filled to the brim on Saturday, they made me and my family feel like VIPs. They answered all my questions honestly, and I can't wait to go back when my dress comes in to pick out my veil and other accessories!


Elise J.

14 November 2011

Erin Cole Couture Bridal is definitely the best bridal boutique in Orange County.  I worked with Jackie who was absolutely the sweetest sales person I came across in my wedding gown search.  She always kept her eye out for dresses that would work for me in the various trunk shows and never pressured me into buying a dress I didn't absolutely love.  Also, their accessories are to die for and I'm so excited to jazz up my already gorgeous dress with their fabulous creations!  If you're looking for designer dresses in Orange County you should go here! More...


Sara M.

9 November 2011

I was not one of those brides who had been planning her wedding since she was a little girl.  Once I got engaged, I started paging through magazines and hated every dress I saw...except one (a Judd Waddell dress).I made an appointment at Erin Cole (since they are the exclusive SoCal carrier of Judd Waddell), fully expecting to not like the dress on me.I worked with Veronica and she could not have been more helpful.  She understood I loved this dress, but kept me open minded about other dresses as well.It turned out the dress from the magazine ended up being "the dress."  When my parents came into town a couple months later, we came back to Erin Cole and with the help of Veronica and Erin herself, we were able to convince my parents that this was the dress for me.I could not be more pleased with their customer service, their knowledge, and their desire to make me look my most beautiful.I never even went to another salon because I was so happy with my experience at Erin Cole.  I would recommend Erin Cole to any bride looking for beautiful dresses and amazing personal care. More...


Colleen K.

1 November 2011

I decided to make the drive to Erin Cole from Santa Monica because they were having a Jenny Packham trunk sale.  This was my first time trying on wedding dresses.  I knew I did not want a ballgown or mermaid style; I was looking for something slinky and relatively simple, like a bias-cut sheath, and based on what I've seen on wedding blogs and in magazines, these seem to be harder to come by.  I was really just planning to try on dresses for fun that day and did not expect to find "the" dress.Erin Cole has the gowns on display on racks, so you can look through them and pull whatever you want to try on (as opposed to the "salon" style, where the dresses are in back and the consultant pulls what she thinks you'd like).  The store is pretty small, and the service is personal.  There were only 2 other brides there at the same time, who were being helped by different consultants.  The gowns here are not cheap, but the shop manages to feel luxe without being pretentious.  (I sometimes feel a bit intimidated walking into designer shops, but I felt comfortable at Erin Cole.)My consultant was Jacquie, and she was great.  She hung back while we pulled a bunch of gowns, then suggested 1 or 2 more.  I tried on 1 Vera Wang and maybe 7 or 8 by Jenny Packham, and they were all gorgeous.  The whole experience was really fun -- even though, as I said above, I'm normally not the type who likes to be the center of attention!  Erin Cole was there, and she came over a few times to suggest accessories, including a beautiful birdcage veil (which Erin designed).  The service throughout was very attentive, but not overbearing or pushy.Jacquie was helpful and patient, and I never felt rushed or pressured to make a decision.  I ended up finding a stunning dress that I absolutely loved and Jacquie hugged me and gave me and my friends champagne to celebrate.  Everyone was complimenting me and they seemed genuinely happy and excited for me, not just happy to get a sale.  I was really pleased (and surprised) with how easy the whole dressing shopping experience was! More...


Neda R.

29 October 2011

Let me first say that I signed up for a yelp account just so I can write this review. Wedding planning had been amazing and stress-free, except when it came to picking out a wedding dress. I had been to several high-end bridal salons and had mostly "ok" experiences. Then I came to Erin Cole Bridal with two of my bridesmaids. First of all, the moment you walk into the door, you are greeted by the most friendly and warm staff. My consultant was Kate, who was so classy and genuine. She was extremely attentive to what I was looking for in my "perfect" dress, and knew right away when something did or did not work for me. That particular weekend was the Rivini trunk show and I was choosing between two designs. I tried on the first dress and came out of the dressing room to show my bridesmaids. They were speechless!!! Erin happened to be there that day and immediately walked over to do my hair, give me jewelry to wear with the dress, and to try on different accessories. She was so gracious and tasteful, and she made me feel so comfortable. I turned around when I was all "glammed up" and my two bridesmaids were bawling! Erin even had me walk down this runway so she could take pictures and videos of me on her Ipad to show me what it looks like when I walk. I absolutely loved this dress but I was a little hesitant about buying it before I tried on the other style. Kate and Erin recognized my hesitation and volunteered to have the other dress mailed into the salon so I can try on both dresses before I made my decision. I came back the following weekend with some family members and tried on both dresses. Again, they made me feel so beautiful by glamming me up again!! I bought the dress of my dreams (which happened to be the first one) and a veil that Erin had designed (her accessories are beyond gorgeous). If you are looking for amazing service and kind staff, Erin Cole bridal is the place to go! Do not hesitate to come here!!! I drove down from LA and it was well worth the trip! I couldn't be a happier bride and I can't wait until my wedding dress arrives and I get to go see these amazing ladies again! Thank you Erin and Kate! More...


Bora K.

12 October 2011

I dread shopping with other people. The idea of people waiting for me while I'm in the dressing room stresses me out. On the rare occasions I do go shopping with someone, I buy things without trying them on simply for that reason. So, after much thought and consideration, I decided to go wedding dress shopping by myself.Erin Cole Couture Bridal was the second and last store I visited on my search (I actually took one of my bridesmaids to the first store I went to but felt so bad that she had to wait for me, I decided to go about it alone afterwards). I did have a specific dress I wanted to see and when I called and inquired, they told me it was in store and I could try it on.  On the day of my appointment, Erin, the owner, happened to be in-house as there was a Rivini Trunk Show going on. I was happy she was there since having come alone, I wanted to get a professional opinion. Though she was the owner, I had faith she would at least steer me towards a dress that was flattering for me. I'm glad I took that optimistic view because I turned out to be right.  When I mentioned the dress I wanted to try on, Erin pulled it out for me. She told me to try it to get it out my system but her honest opinion was that the dress had been "done" too many times, and there were so many other beautiful gowns to consider. I took her advice and tried on the dress but when I came out to see myself in the mirror, I was happy I had come alone. The dress looked awful on me and I was utterly disillusioned by what I saw. The only saving grace was no one was there to see me in it.Erin saw my chagrin and with a twinkle in her eye, told me if I was willing, she had a gown she thought would be perfect for me. Anything would have looked better than the dress I had on so I agreed.Erin was right. The moment I put her suggested dress on, I realized it was exactly what I wanted. I had my 'Say Yes to the Dress' moment (totally embarrassing since when I catch the show on TV, I always laugh/scoff at the girls who cry when they find "the one". I can vouch that I did not shed a single tear during the entire dress buying process). I made a quick call to my sister (and maid of honor) to see if she could come by and make sure I wasn't being delusional/crazy for buying a dress without looking a little more. Once she came and gave me her approval, I went ahead and bought it. After I purchased the dress, it was approximately a 6 month process to get the dress made and to go in for my first fitting (You pay half the price of the dress up front and the other half when you pick it up. I believe you must pay the latter half in the same form you paid the first- if you paid cash for the first half, you have to pay the second half in cash as well). The store was great about keeping me updated and making sure everything was on time (After the initial consultation with Erin, I worked with Kate and Debbie till my dress was made and ready for pick-up. They are both awesome and a pleasure to work with ). I had all my alterations (I changed the neckline and added a bustle to the back) done through the store and ended up buying a hairpiece for my reception there too. Overall, my dress buying experience was a very smooth one and I truly believe it was because of the personalized service the boutique offered me. I would highly recommend Erin Cole Couture Bridal to any bride looking for the perfect dress. 5 stars. More...


Muriel T.

24 September 2011

I went to Erin Cole Couture Bridal with the idea that I would look and then maybe continue shopping elsewhere.  I ended up with the dress of my dreams!When I came in I was struck by how nice everyone was.  Not just the consultant who worked with me, but everyone in the store greeted me.  I also love the set-up of the store.  When we walked in there was another bride who apparently made a purchase and we could see them celebrating. I worked with Erin and Jacquie.  They listened to me when I said that there was a Vera Wang I really wanted to try, but they also pulled other dresses that they thought I would look good in.  The first dress I tried was one Erin pulled for me and it was the one!!!  I knew it when I put it on!   Even after I pretty much decided they still encouraged me to try on a few dresses just to be sure.  Jacquie also listened to me when I said there were things that I didn't like.  She never tried to sell dresses to me that weren't my taste. When I put my dress back on, Erin used pins to show me how it could be altered to a sweetheart neckline which I wanted.  She also took video of my with her Ipad, So that I could see the movement in the dress. When I said it was my dress everyone was so sweet.  They gave us champagne and even apple juice for my niece/flower girl. I have been to a few bridal shops and I have to say that at Erin Cole I had the experience that every bride dreams of. I couldn't be happier. More...


KJeanie G.

22 August 2011

I cannot say enough great things about this salon. they were so helpful and easy to work with. I am a very picky bride (still haven't made a decision on a dress lol) and they were more than willing to help customize every dress I tried on to make it work for me. They literally pinned on extra lace and crystals just to give me a visual of ending results. Amazing professional team! Also they ordered in a dress for me to just try on that I absolutely fell in love with online. I hated the dress on (sorry ladies) but they were so friendly and understanding. I believe, Amy helped me and she was such a sweetheart and I definitely recommend going there for your dress. I am assuming I will go back there when I do make up my mind- great experience and they made me feel beautiful! More...


sarah n.

9 May 2011

I had the best experience - Erin is amazing! Super sweet, very helpful. She styled my hair differently with each dress I tried on. All the consultants were nice and accommodating. Overall, they made my bridal dress selection fun and easy. The designers they carry are all amazing, and they are now carrying Oscar de la Renta! They also have amazing accessories... Erin has a beautiful, unique line of accessories herself.  I highly recommend that all brides first go to Erin Cole Couture when finding the dress of their dreams! More...


T M.

21 April 2011

As I was going in for my first fitting I was told Tara no longer worked there.  I freaked out because we had made arrangement for some custom work and tailoring and I wasn't sure if the new people would be up to speed about the agreement.  Debbie called me and was so calm and collective and assured me everything was going to be okay, that the dress will be exactly how I want it and that the agreements would be honors.  She was so calm that I almost thought it was her way of brushing me off.  NOPE.  She was the rock to my whole process, helping to coordinate all the specifics and making me feel so special as one should on their road to nuptials.  I can't say enough great things about Debbie and the Erin Cole Couture team.  The wedding was great, the dress was amazing.  Thanks guys! More...


Cristina S.

11 February 2011

THE BEST BRIDAL BOUTIQUE IN ORANGE COUNTY! I went here about a month ago to look for my perfect wedding dress, from the moment I walked in the whole staff was so warm and welcoming. I only tried on 6 dresses and picked the 3rd one, i tried on. They really listen to you and pick exactly what you want. Erin came over and was helping out with ideas for my hair and just making that day extra special. I went back last weekend for Erin Cole's jewelry truck show. Her designs are amazing, I ended up buy the most perfect earrings and hair pin.. If you are looking for your perfect dress and a great experience with a great group of ladies. GO TO ERIN COLE. More...


Tracy M.

24 January 2011

My fiancee and I went in on Saturday during their trunk show, to try and find the perfect dress for the big day and could not have been happier with our experience. Erin Cole, her business partner Karin, our sales associate Tanya, and the entire staff were incredible. When we found "the one", they were genuinely excited for us and did everything they could to make the whole experience wonderful. Even if the dresses are a little out of your budget, Erin's designs for accessories are breathtaking. Go and check out this boutique if you are a bride to be, you will not be disappointed with your experience. More...


Connie W.

1 January 2011

I've shopped at many bridal shops to find my perfect dress and never had luck. Not recently I was meeting a friend for lunch and came across a beautiful window display of wedding gowns and thought I'll give it a shot to see what I can find. As I stepped in this gorgeous salon I was warmly greeted by Kate. She was very helpful and knowledgeable. They have a wide collection of designer gowns (Oscar, Monique, Vera Wang...). I didn't think I would find my perfect gown and fit in my budget but I found everything I needed. Erin Cole jewelries and accessories are so unique and beautiful. It was hard to decide but I narrowed it down to a Monique gown (not so crazy about Vera Wang gowns).  I had a wonderful experience with Erin Cole and would recommend future brides to shop here first. More...


Lizzie B.

28 December 2010

I loved my experience at Erin Cole and would recommend the salon to anyone seeking tons of excellent service and complete styling help. I went in to try on dresses at Erin Cole just for fun not thinking that any of those fancy dresses were for me. In reality, they did have simple and elegant dresses, too, and not all of their dresses were the big princess poofy types. The sales team was amazing and so was Erin. She styled me from head to toe recommending a beautiful sash and two necklaces to complete my look. I loved the entire experience and it was definitely worth multiple trips down to Costa Mesa from San Francisco. Thanks to everyone at Erin Cole and to all you brides out there, this salon is definitely worth checking out. More...



21 November 2010

Overall I had a really good experience with Erin Cole - as I ended up purchasing my dress from them, alterations, etc. I was a little disappointed in the dress buying experience however, as I felt since I wasn't there with a big group (it was just me) I didn't get as much attention as other brides who were in the shop. Other than that they did a great job. Their alterations specialist, Ada, was amazing at getting the dress to fit exactly right and Kate was helpful throughout the fitting process. More...



13 October 2010

I bought my dress from (Erin Cole Couture) and Erin designed it too! I went to other stores before finding Erins store, I highly recommend this shop because it's by appointment only, if you need more time just ask because sometimes your appointment will run over espeacially if your doing major changes to your dress the hour goes buy really fast!

Thank you Erin


Andrea C.

27 July 2010

I went to this store for a trunk show.  Ultimately I ended up buying a dress there because I fell in love with it, but it wasn't due to the customer service or attention which was minimal at best - even though I had an appointment.  Their selection of upscale dresses and beautiful accessories is fantastic.  While the person helping me didn't make an effort to 'complete' my wedding look with accessories from the store, I saw other bride to be's getting this treatment and they did an excellent job creating the drama that every bride wants to have walking down the aisle.  I was actually a little sad that the woman helping me didn't make an effort.While the lady helping me wasn't very good - I was able to try on as many dresses as I wanted, which I heard other bridal salons limit, and Erin Cole was there helping all the brides with accessories.  She was fantastic unlike the person helping me.From the other reviews it looks like Tara is a great person to work with, so perhaps ask for her specifically when you book your appointment.  I wish I had done the same.Despite the lack of service, I was able to get my dress on time with no issues.  In summary - great selection and owner, not so great service depending on who is helping you. More...


G M.

3 July 2010

This is my first stop of bridal gown shopping, what an amazing experience!!! My friend and I made 2 consecutive appointments back to back with Kate and she is the nicest and sweetest! We both got almost 2 hours of full attention. So dedicated to make us happy! She ran around helping us putting on the gown, suggesting the matching veil, and taking off the gown, and putting on another one. She respected our budget and showed us the most variety in the range. Too short? no problem, here are some different height of heels. Flat chested? no problem, here are the variety of paddings. Kate is really really good at her job. As much as all the dresses I tried on are so magical, I personally am not ready to buy a gown since my wedding date is still 11 months away. But anyone who's in that stage should definitely visit.  Won't be dissapointed!Additionally, we saw a bride who's gonna get married in 2 weeks coming in to do her final fitting.  The tailor was there as well and she's  the nicest!  The gown fits the girl so absolutely well and it was stunning!  Seeing happy customer is believing! More...


Cameron K.

15 March 2010

I didn't get my dress here, but I had an AWESOME experience. They are super nice, and accommodating, and the salon is beautiful. Erin Cole herself is amazing.. sweet and sooo talented. Love. More...


Liz R.

10 March 2010

I went to Erin Cole with a particular dress in mind that I had tried on before. I was visiting my mom and really wanted her to be a part of my dress experience. Erin Cole carried this designer and was able to squeeze me in that day - a first pleasant surprise. The salon was beautiful and had a good selection of simple, elegant dresses but not an overwhelmingly large selection. After I put the dress on, I was happy with it but Tara completely transformed it. I could really see myself in that dress on my wedding day. This is the reason to come to this store - you get the complete package.  The people at the store are incredible, especially Tara, and they know each of their dresses and exactly what accessories to add to make it look the best (and fit your style). Tara put my hair up, added flowers, found the most beautiful veil I have ever seen which was perfect for the dress (Erin Cole designed it), and added a flower band to the waist. I felt amazing and knew this was the right dress for me (which for me was no easy feat). Another plus is they were not pushy at all. I could not recommend this store more. More...


V A.

16 February 2010

I love this store! I had visited once back in July '09 and Tara was great. Although I didn't end up getting my dress here, but I really had a great experience and she was so helpful, staying within my budget and really understood my style.  They do carry beautiful and simple dresses--which I loved.After getting my dress, I couldn't get the one of the erin cole floral bridal belts out of my head.  I had tried it on while I was there with Tara, but thought it was a bit too pricey and decided to wait on that decision until I had gotten my dress. I looked at other bridal belts and floral pieces, but none of them have the same romance and beauty, without looking tacky, as the one I had seen here.  So finally, several months later, I went back--this time looking for a veil and to see this belt that I had long dreamed about. I called in the morning and was able to make a same day appointment --amazing!!! Secretly, I was hoping that the belt would not be as gorgeous as I remembered.  Nope, even in its worn state, it was beautiful. They truly make one-of-a-kind designs (and believe me, I looked at lots of different floral bridal belts!).  And this time, I was actually being helped by Erin, herself. She was very down-to-earth, patient, and really explained to me, given my wedding venue and dress, what type of veil would be best (outdoor wedding and potential wind; making sure to cover the flower stem with the blusher, etc). She did all of this without being pushy or rushing me.  I had a wonderful experience. I would suggest trying to go on a weekday--as I can imagine that it may be more hectic on the weekends. More...


Ashley D.

18 December 2009

Erin Cole was my second stop for wedding dress shopping. I had just driven down from LA and had a horrible experience at Mon Amie salon. As soon as I walked in to Erin Cole, it was like a breath of fresh air. I immediately felt comfortable and at ease. Tara was my consultant that day, and I can not say enough good things about her. She was kind, extremely patient, and never pushy. I would definitely recommend this place to any bride. More...


Kit C.

9 December 2009

Overall their service is ok. Its just not my favorite. I guess its all because I have been to a better place. Hate fighting for the mirror. I brought my wedding planner that day at the trunk show which probably they think she is my friend/planner versus I actually hire her. They push me to the side mirror after couple dresses, then I asked them if I can use the other mirror and they said no. Not fair all because I am petite or whatever reason. Beside this, they are alright cos you pay what you get for More...



30 September 2009

I purchased my hair accessories at Erin Cole and they were stunning. The girls are so nice to work with and very helpful. The helped me choose a set of hair pins that looked perfect. The only regret is that I could have rented them at my hair and make-up location. O well I have a nice keepsake. Thank you Erin Cole More...



28 August 2009

loved everyone i worked with there. didn't feel overwhelmed by too much merchandise, since it is a small store. they have gorgeous dresses!!!


Anna S.

16 August 2009

If I could give more stars, I would.  I drove down from LA for the Vera Wang trunk show and was very impressed by every aspect of my dress shopping experience at Erin Cole.  Everyone working at Erin Cole, including Erin Cole herself was friendly, helpful, and all around awesome.  Tara was my consultant, and since it was a slower day, Erin also helped me pick out a beautiful Vera Wang dress that was half my dress budget.  Tara was very nice and helped me into my dresses (unlike the horrible consultant who 'helped' me at Monique Lhuillier).  I must have tried on over 10 dresses, even some that I just wanted to see on to compare to my top choice, and she was very patient and I never felt rushed.  The most impressive part was that Erin had her costume designer friend make me a black version of a Vera Wang belt with silk flowers that the store only had in ivory, and had it ready for me when I came back the next day with my mother. It looked AMAZING on the dress, and talk about going above and beyond!  I highly recommend going to Erin Cole, it was worth the drive (two days in a row) to Costa Mesa from LA! More...



10 August 2009

Erin Cole's stock might not be as big as other big name shops, but the dresses she has are gorgeous. She was wonderful to work with and very helpful!


H. G.

17 May 2009

so i'm not getting married, but my bf is.  i am a fan of this place based on our first adventure.  terra, or maybe tara or terah helped us out and was really great in narrowing down choices etc.  incredibly helpful, attentive and honest, especially with all the little things.  i would have given them a five, but had a bad experience today.basically terra called my bf and told her there was a sale on accessories this weekend and next weekend.  so we made our way out there to find out there was no sale.  =/  well...no sale according to adrienne who needs to learn some manners.  we weren't greeted when we first came in and for about the first five to eight minutes we were standing in the shop.  she finally asked if we needed help and proceeded to tell us there's no sale and she doesn't know why terra would say that and that she could call her, but we declined.  her rude demeanor and haughtiness was a bit too much for us.  so yeah....if you're looking to find a cute bridal shop w/ designer names head over here, but don't ask for adrienne.  or at least i wouldn't.  if today had been our first experience at erin cole, i would've given them a one.  but really based on our extremely wonderful experience with terra, i'm giving them a four.a couple side notes.  definitely make an appointment and bring at least one friend.  you can't take photos in the dress unless you're buying.  you can do quite a few add-ons, but it does get to be a bit pricey once you do so.  it's a bit pricey starting out in the first place, but hey....if you're getting married i'd suppose you want the best.  also....you get a discount if you purchase on your first try.  you can do half down and then payments thereafter.  they've also got shoes, hairpieces and super cute accessories.  worth a visit i think just to get an idea of what's out there. More...



8 February 2009

I just wanted to share the most amazing Experience shopping for my wedding gown! I attended a Rivini Trunk Show @ the Erin Cole Couture Bridal salon. Their selection, atmosphere, and service, was incredible! I have traveled from San Diego to Los Angeles looking for my gown and didn't realize this amazing salon was here in the OC! I can't say enough. Their accessory selection was also incredible since I guess Erin Cole is ""couture accessory designer of the year"" who knew Needless to say, if you're shopping for a couture gown, you must visit this salon. Barbara More...



11 May 2008

I had an absolutely amazing experience buying a Judd Waddell gown at Erin Cole in Costa Mesa. All of the sales people were helpful. The dress arrived early. I also bought shoes and a veil from them! Go now, don't wait. More...



5 November 2007

My dress was amazing! I looked at many different stores and this was the last on my list. A lot of other stores had many of the same dress and Erin's had far less but I loved so many of them, had none I had ever seen before. I loved that I spend several hours (on a Saturday no less) and I was not rushed or pressured into buying a dress that day or I would "loose" out on a discount! When I tired on my dress I just knew it was the one. They took my measurements and when I received my dress I needed NO alterations! It fit perfectly! More...



28 October 2007

Elegant shop located in a very unique shopping mini mall. She is a very nice, tall, and beautiful shop owner/designer who knows bridal gowns. She is very supportive and not pushy about selling other 'things'. Her accessories, mainly her jewelry designs are gorgeous, and i bought some earrings. Her staff are very nice and supportive as well. Everything is by appointment only so they can give you their undivided attention. I've been to other bridal places, and I don't recommend anyone else. More...


N. N.

9 June 2007

I went to Erin Cole because they carry a hard to find designer Jenny Packham. My mother and I went in the afternoon and met with Natalie. She was extremely helpful, honest and helped me find the perfect dress. I would highly reccommend going to Erin Cole. I sound like a commercial. But I was completely satisfied and felt like she really cared about helping me. More...


stacy k.

13 April 2007

I enjoyed this place very much.  It's a small boutique, but they offer beautiful dresses. I went there to price compare the Judd Waddell dresses, but unfortunately, their prices weren't much different. I would add this as a place to check out  during your wedding gown search. More...


Remy E.

20 February 2007

This was the first place I went to for bridal gowns.  I had heard about them through theknot.com and they were having a trunk show where you could get one of a kind dresses and maybe even get it for cheap so I signed up.  I didn't realize how fancy this place was going to be, but the people were really helpful and down to earth so they made me feel at ease.  The owner Erin Cole was super friendly and she hand makes all her own hair pieces and they were gorgeous, but a little too out of my price range.  I tried on a bunch of dresses from Judd Waddell because it was his trunk show and I immediately liked about 3 of them.  They all were so beautiful and understated.  Nothing too crazy, just plain elegant and fun at the same time.  The material he uses were of the finest quality and I could tell.  The dresses were all light and didn't weigh 20 lbs like a cheap dress does with it's synthetic materials.  I would suggest going here if you have the dough and you like simple but elegant dresses. More...