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Jordan Hamon

13 October 2019

Erika is a PERFECT coach for anyone looking to maintain physical activity during pregnancy! I’ve been working out with Erika for the past month, and I’ve loved the variety of weekly workouts she provides me. They make me feel strong, but also safe while pregnant. I want to feel like I exercised but also not overdo-it, and the plans she creates for me do just that. I specifically wanted to work with a trainer both while pregnant and after delivery. This is my second pregnancy and I know how important it is to build back my core strength after delivery before returning to full workouts. She has been so attentive to this goal of mine already. She includes a lot of pregnancy core exercises for now, and I really looking forward to her help and expertise in this area after my baby arrives. She’s kind, attentive, and she knows what she’s doing. Thankful for her guidance! More...


Lorena Medrano

20 August 2019

I appreciated the time Erika took in creating accommodating and personalized plans which addressed any injuries, settings and overall goals I had. Erika maintained great communication and encouragement throughout. Overall an awesome coaching experience! More...


Cierra Graves

19 April 2019

Doing Erika’s program was one of the most fun and challenging things to do in regards to exercise! Erika helped me feel more confident and comfortable at the gym. The workouts were difficult enough to push me to my limits but fun and diverse enough to make working out enjoyable. She also checked in on me and cared about my health and me above all. I highly recommend Erika and her program to anyone looking for a new, fun, and challenging workout! Erika’s great! :) 10/10 would recommend! More...


Elizabeth Lemuz

26 March 2019

I had the privilege of working with Erika a few months ago. I had been exercising and living a much more fit lifestyle but I needed someone to coach me to continue growing. Erika came up with a great workout routine for me. Her plan was very different than anything I had done before but it was awesome! She was always easy to contact and very supportive. Highly recommend Erika for anyone looking for a trainer! More...


Pam Mulanax Walls

4 March 2019

I can't say enough good things about Erika! She has taught me so much in a short period of time and was great at setting a personal program custom to me. The tools and videos were so helpful for teaching and the app easy to use. Highly recommend this for anyone wanting to improve their overall health and fitness. Better balance and core strength were of two of goals. Seeing progress with each session. Love Erika! More...


Kelsey Tole

23 January 2019

Erika did a great job at personalizing a workout plan that was just right for me. She modified the plan to my injuries and progressed the plan as time went on. The work outs were fun and included stretching and foam rolling which I thought was a cool aspect of her plan. Definitely recommend! More...


Tagni McRae

28 October 2018

I recommend anyone interested in fitness work with Erika. I took her strengthening class for years. She adjusted the workout to our different fitness levels and made it fun. She never let us talk her out of something because it was too difficult. She just smiled and said "you can do it!" Make fitness part of your life. Erika can put you on the right path. More...


Renée Meche Sims

16 September 2018

I highly recommend Erika as a fitness coach/personal trainer. I trained with Erika for about 5 years. Erika is a highly qualified trainer who brought structure and fun to my workouts. She is motivating, encouraging and dedicated. During my years with her, she helped me become leaner and more fit. She pushed me to do things I never would have thought possible. Simply put - Erika is the BEST! More...


Laura Weber

16 September 2018

I just finished my first month with Erika and it was a great experience. Erika put together a personalized plan for me and even modified it as I progressed. I was very happy with the service I received with Erika and would highly recommend her if you’re looking for a challenging, personalized work out. More...


Marsha Williams

20 August 2018

Erika has helped me realize the areas of fitness where I need to improve. She will develop a fitness program for me suited to my fitness level goals and age range. I am getting ready to follow through with these suggestions to improve my overall health for the coming years. Thank you, Erika, and let’s get started!! I highly recommend Erika and look forward to the on-line coaching she will provide. More...


Robin Sullivan

18 August 2018

Erika was my trainer for 5 years. I attended a twice-weekly Tone Class she taught. More recently, I was doing personal training sessions with her. Working with her over the years has greatly increased my strength and helped me slim down and firm up. She is appropriately tough, but extremely encouraging in every respect. She cares about the whole person and always shared useful nutrition information with our class. She’s knowledgeable, energetic, and fun. My stress just melted away during workouts. I highly recommend Erika! More...


Robert Power

14 August 2018

Erika has been my trainer for five years and her program has changed my life. In that time I’ve lost 20 pounds and am no longer afraid to bend over without spraining something. She knows the correct techniques for each exercise and makes sure you follow them. Her unwavering positive attitude can be a little annoying when you’re in the middle of doing a plank, but I have to admit it works. And it definitely helps make it fun! More...


Barb Taeger

13 August 2018

I've participated for three years in a twice weekly class of 6-8 people whom Erika trained. I joined the class initially about a year after a severe sacrum fracture and I was very concerned about rebuilding my core strength and preventing injury. I am 65 and had been walking regularly, but needed more strength training. Erika is very knowledgeable about various training plans and always kept our class interesting and motivating by frequently changing things up. She was always ready with modifying exercises for those of us recovering from injuries. She is encouraging and caring and always kind. She kept us working hard, but in a healthy, safe way...checking form to prevent injuries. She is good to be sure our exercise is balanced to strengthen all the major muscle groups. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I know I am stronger since participating in her class! I will miss her as she is no longer teaching our class, but I will always consider her a friend. More...


Joe Barnard

13 August 2018

I have trained with Erika for about 2 years. At 67 years old my goal is to reshape my body and mind by increasing my physical and mental strength through fitness training. Erika has taught me new exercise techniques backed by her “ go for it” attitude that has resulted in me developing more muscle, core strength, confidence and endurance. More importantly Erika has changed my attitude about the necessity of having a daily fitness plan designed by a professionally trained fitness coach to meet my individual needs Over the past 6 months I have lost 20 pounds, significantly increased my muscle and core strength and have a new source of energy. I look forward to continuing to work with Erika with my designed training sessions. I can not recommend Erika highly enough. She is a dynamo in all that she does. I consider her to be a true friend and outstanding fitness coach More...

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