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Edwin Brantley Smith + Associates

Dallas, Texas, Dallas

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Edwin Brantley Smith + Associates

Dallas, Texas, Dallas



Edwin Brantley Smith + Associates offers professional architecture, planning & interior design services. Our design solutions are conceived based on environmental location, local influences and client goals. The implementation is purely modern and contemporary.

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20 November 2019

best modern architect in Dallas/FW Metro. Extreme attention to detail and each project is not only unique- but is executed perfectly from start to finish.

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Almost all spaces within a building are suitable for conversion if they have sound walls, floors, structural supports and access to or from an elevator or stairs. A ample floor to ceiling height is an advantage as smaller floor sizes can be overcome by expressing volume and bringing in natural light.

Stage one: Evaluation to determine if the space is sound for renovation.
Stage two: Measurement of the space in 3 dimensions is necessary to begin the design process.
Stage three: Programming which is the written document stating client desires, components, etc.
Stage four: Schematic design documents the conversion based on locations, views, access, client desires and the big idea.
Stage five: Design development documents add more detail to the design including specific materials, colors, lighting, fixture selections and other items.
Stage six: Construction documents detail the project for permitting and construction by a general contractor.
Stage seven: Construction administration services allow the architect to insure the contractor is building the project according to the documents. The architect also reviews the gc's payment applications for the owner to insure the work being charged for has been done. This includes weekly site visits and reports including the final punch list for completion.
Stage eight: Move in. The architect can assist with furniture placement and lighting adjustments.
Stage nine: The party. All is done and it is time to celebrate!

I love to design the most. Seeing the design come to reality. It is always a joy to be on the site and watch the design unfold.

I wanted to have my designs built without compromise and be in control.

We approach each project as if it were our own. We design each project as a unique entity and without preconceived ideas. We listen, we draw, we build.