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Kerry S.

23 August 2018

I just used Donation Movers over this past weekend. Setting the appointment was easy with excellent communication. Their price was very reasonable and we were not disappointed with the service. Paul and 3 other guys got us from one home to the next quickly and efficiently. They wrapped all the furniture and were very careful and courteous. They also take all of your unwanted items to distribute to donation centers. I would recommend this company to anyone and would definitely use them again. More...


Molly H.

12 June 2018

My friends used Donation Movers a few months ago and highly recommended them to us to use for our upcoming move. Unfortunately we were unable to use them because we had to keep changing our move date and they ended up not having availability for the day we moved. But they deserve 5 stars for customer service-Shannon was so great to work with, I had to reschedule 3 or 4 times and she was so flexible and tried hard to get us a day that would work! I was so impressed with her service, and combined with the high recommendation from our friends I would definitely use them the next time we are in need of moving services! They also had the lowest quote out of the 4 moving companies I requested quotes from! I will definitely be recommending them to friends and family! More...


Julie R.

6 April 2018

Great movers! They are the cheapest in the valley but they don't skimp on service. No hidden fees, professional, speedy, no damage during my move.  I will use them in the future and definitely recommend them to others! More...


Linda C.

13 August 2017

This company was a pleasure to work with  from the first call to the office till the last item was delivered. Far exceeded previous moving companies we have used in the past. Donation Movers will definitely be used in future moves. More...


Scott B.

19 June 2017

Excellent price excellent move .... these guys never stopped moving and we were the second move of the day....moved from a second story to a third .... price is more than reasonable ..look forward to referring  them and using them again ....thanks for the experience ! More...


Hayley D.

18 March 2017

They were quick, careful, and friendly. Nothing was damaged and they were very fast and efficient. A huge plus was they took all the stuff we didn't want to donate so we didn't have to worry about it. I would definitely use them again! Made our move a million times easier and a lot less stressful! More...


Brady N.

7 February 2017

This was my first time hiring a moving service and what an excellent experience it was!! Paul Schmitt the owner went above and beyond expectations. I will definitely be using them again the next time I move. They moved me fast and efficiently and were very caring with all of my belongings. No nicks or scratches in anything. Nice work guys and thanks for the great experience! Will definitely be referring people your way. More...


Jennifer D.

18 October 2016

The job went smoothly. I contacted Donation Movers via the on-line quote on their website. The got back to me within 2 hours of submitting the quote. The lady who called me back was very nice and answered all my questions. Once I booked their services, I received a confirmation email listing the quote and other information needed for the move. 2 days before the move I received a confirmation phone call. The day of the move I received a call about stating the movers were on their way. Once the movers got to my apartment, they loaded everything up in about an hour. They made sure that all large pieces and valuables were wrapped to prevent breakages or damage. Once at my new apartment, they unloaded in about 2 hours. ( I was moving from a ground floor apartment to a 3rd floor apartment)The movers were very nice and professional and had a great sense of humor. I would definitely use them again! More...


Laurence R.

12 July 2016

If I could give them 6 stars I would! Brandon and his crew were punctual, fast, efficient, and absolute pleasures to work with. Plus, they are taking all of my unwanted stuff to a donation center! Moving is never fun, but these guys made it totally stress free. I hope to not move for a while, but when I do, I am only making one call! More...


Jesse V.

26 May 2016

Paul and his crew moved us from Phoenix to Flagstaff, AZ with military-like efficiency and respect for our belongings. They underestimated how much we had and they ended up having to make two trips...to Flagstaff. They did not miss a beat or even charge us more. They had plenty of guys on the job and did not break for anything-no standing around. When they saw the long steep driveway, they had to park at the end of the driveway and carried everything up (and up) without balking. They were a finely oiled machine. And tireless.Donation Movers were extremely respectful to myself and my family.Moving is a stressful time. There are plenty of opportunities to get upset. I am grateful that this company was not one of them.Thank you, gentlemen. And thank you for your service to our country, Paul. More...


Aaron C.

15 June 2015

Had a last minute move needed and the guys at Donation got it done. Showed up right on time after a confirmation call. Got the move done in a hurry, making sure everything was properly wrapped and taken care of. Start and stopped the time right on the dot. Will use again! Thanks fellas. More...


Mary D.

9 March 2015

I've utilized their services a few time. They are timely, efficient and wrap everything in plastic wrap for protection. I recommend their services and will certainly use them on the future!


Sheryl S.

3 February 2015

I am not sure what everyone was complaining about. My husband and I both spoke to the office and found them to be helpful, polite and very businesslike. This was a difficult time for us since we were cleaning out my mom's apartment following her recent death. The movers themselves were great. They took great care in wrapping the furniture and placed everything where we asked. I have given their phone number out to several friends and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again. More...


Holly C.

18 June 2014

So my roommate and I moved over the weekend; on Saturday, we tried doing it ourselves, and quickly regretted the decision. My roommate called on Saturday evening to see when the movers could come out, and we were shocked that they would come out the next day. 3 Guys came out, all wearing "Donation Movers" shirts (so we knew who they were) and they were on time. In fact, they were like 20 minutes early. All of the guys were super nice and hard working. It's true, they weren't the epitome of professional, but I think that has more to do with how my roommate and I are as well - we are very laid back. Personally, I think it made the experience BETTER that they weren't stuck up. The guys were very friendly and joked around with us. While moving, they were crazy efficient, moving our entire residence in like 2.5 hours... They even helped us throw away all the trash we'd sorted out. When they put the boxes from one apartment to the other, they had stacked them in the way of where the TV was going to go. When we brought this to their attention, they moved the boxes without any complaints. Nothing of ours was broken or lost... They even helped put our couch and table together... Very cool of them. I'm not sure why Donation Movers have so many complaints... They did such a great job for us. I'd absolutely use them again. More...


Maria C.

11 April 2014

Fantastic.  We had a move from 2 storage units on the second floor to a two story home.  These movers were on time, *fast*, friendly, and professional.  The price was exactly as quoted, and was hundreds less than the first time we used alternate movers to get our things into storage.  As far as breaks and damages; pretty much none.  We had one very cheaply made Walmart lamp that didnt make it.  Anything else that was damaged was a result of the poor packing job from the previous company, and Donation Movers kept me informed of everything.  I have moved several times in my life and used movers many of those times; this by far has been the best experience yet.  Well done! More...


Franco A.

3 April 2014

This is the second time I use them.  I'm a former Marine and like giving my business to a veteran owned small business that does a great job.  Paul the owner is on top of things.  The crew is on time and and no non-sense type guys, the move you quick!  If you are looking for polished type guys and that's you main complaint... I feel bad for you.  I look for movers that are respectful and care about your things.  The both times they have moved me, they've done an outstanding job.  I would recommend them as I did to a co-worker of my wife.  They take care of business.  Fast, reliable and careful.  I always tipped them well.  They deserved it.  It's hard work and they get it done!  Thank you Donation Movers, Paul. More...


Connie P.

11 July 2013

No reason not to recommend these movers. They were on time, they were up front with the rates and all worked together as a team to make the move as easy as it could be. I was moving all the things out of my father's apartment after his death. Having movers who would take donations made it very convenient. They were patient as I decided what I would donate and what I would keep in my garage. When we got to the garage they couldn't have more helpful assisting me as I donated some of my own things and moving my father's belongs to various locations in my home.These guys were great and I'd use them again without hesitation. More...


Miranda D.

29 May 2013

Great movers. They worked extremely hard during our move. They had moved our daughters a few weeks earlier. They worked by the hour and do a wonderful job. Paul is very nice to talk with. I have already referred them to my friends. Thanks again. More...


John W.

3 December 2012

Very hard workers, careful with goods and super friendly. Very affordable, up front with costs. Great communication from staff. Used because of a referral and will refer ourselves!!!! More...


Ravi C.

10 September 2012

Great movers!! Sharp on time... finished as fast as they can and were fun to deal with...


Cindi C.

10 August 2012

I have moved too many times and had clods cause a lot of damage. These guys were careful, patient, polite and reasonably priced. I will recommend them and use them again if needed. More...


Melissa M.

4 August 2012

I've read the reviews below and think that something must have changed since they were left last year. I was given Donation Movers' phone number and called immediately when my friends backed out of helping me pack up. I needed them to simply come over and load the truck. I made a phone call with only two days notice and had no problem making an appointment. The prices were incredibly reasonable, and I quickly received a confirmation email. The morning of the move came and three men showed up on time and ready to work. They loaded a two-story, two-bedroom townhome into my Uhaul in less than 90 minutes, making sure to wrap my furniture appropriately and ensuring that nothing would fly around. Because I didn't know them, I was a little worried that maybe things would shift, but nothing did. I made a twenty-two hour drive and when I opened the truck, nothing was broken or had shifted. All three of the movers were polite and I felt completely safe, though it was only two women and my daughter that were home when they were loading. I highly recommend them and would use them ag More...


Abhishek N.

7 April 2012

Really capable and very fast. Great value for money. They did a great job. Would recommend to one and all.


Evan S.

29 March 2012

I've used this company twice and have them scheduled for a 3rd move for me in a week.  You couldn't ask for a better mover.  the movers are on time and incredibly courteous.  They were fantastic with my kids when i'm sure they were mildly in the way and I've never seen anyone work so hard.  The 3 men they sent each time were so incredibly hard working, I felt guilty at the low price and felt the need to pay extra.  They're that good.  In a time when every dollar counts and the economy is in the tank, I paid them more than I had to because of the wonderful service.  And before haters like Sevan P. and Kuorosh F. say i work for this company, feel free to look me up on Facebook and see that I'm gainfully employed elsewhere. More...


Brian B.

29 March 2012

Donation Movers is as skillful as a mover should be. They were extremely up front regarding expenses. The movers themselves were exceedingly professional. They moved everything incredibly quickly, without harming things. Their fee was extremely realistic plus the service was admirable.The guys worked like a team and did so professionally. After I finished packing, well into the morning of my move, I started getting tired from packing, along with the stress that comes with a move. I had left two bags in my bedroom, that I was going to take myself, and leave in my car. After they finished taking everything out and loading it into their truck, I did my final walk through, and noticed they even grabbed the two bags. Thank you! My move turned out to be very easy. I will use them over and over again. Many referrals your way! More...

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