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Covered Wagon Mobile Home Park, Arizona

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Covered Wagon Mobile Home Park, Arizona


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Nikki Reck

30 June 2018

I have been taking both my dogs here for about a year now and all of us have had so much fun. Maureen is very patient and kind when learning new things. I highly recommend her training skills in any kind of sport or obedience for dogs! More...


Xena Carpenter

26 May 2018



Jason Colley

26 May 2018

The review below mentions foundations work. When I attended Maureen's agility class (almost 5 years ago!) That was pretty clear from day one. The dog should have a basic obedience skill set. I felt like I got a lot out of the class because my dog already had those foundational skills, but there were others in the class whose dogs did not that Maureen helped them work it through. When that dog passed away, I attended Maureen's obedience class with my new puppy. She was a great teacher, and was sure to give individual tips to each person. I highly recommend that anyone with a dog join a class or book one on one training. Maureen knows dogs, and clearly loves them. More...


MnDi Smyth

27 May 2013

My dog has learned so many activities that are fun for him and for me as well. Dogs are treated with respect and are gently encouraged to meet many different challenges. This helps them build confidence in many situations and most importantly cements the bond between the dog and person. The facility is a happy one with several rooms for various types of activities. Lots of equipment for various sports. It has great member hours and many advantages for the dog. It is also inside so is temperature controlled...cool in the summer and warm in the winter... so the dogs can get good exercise all through the different weather extremes we face in Tucson. More...


A Google User

8 December 2011

I first met Maureen Odenwald when I had a very troubled, deaf Jack Russel Terrier named Saffy Ji and I needed help! Maureen was able to help us work through the aggression and behavioral issues so that we could live together in harmony. We later added agility training to the mix to keep this little dog occupied. Saffy Ji learned quickly under Maureen's mentoring and she was a happier dog as a result.

I have added another Jack Russel to my life and he is enjoying his agility training with Maureen as much as the first dog. He is a natural and our agility sessions are an entertaining high point to my week. I would recommend Maureen to anyone needing obedience training and agility for their canine companions.

The new facility is centrally located with plenty of parking and we look forward to using out agility membership to go there and practice at times other than class time.

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