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Amber Wolfe Sallee

Fantastic massage and Erin was very informative and helpful on my many issues.


Amy Swinehart

.....never had a massage like that! It was amazing.....highly, highly recommend!


Jamie Zindoga

I had my first massage yesterday with Erin and I loved it I will be sharing with friends and family to visit her!!


Susan Hoffelder

Yesterday I enjoyed a wonderful massage at DISCOVER MASSAGE THERAPY in Granger. Erin is so skillful in her massages. I completely enjoyed it and look forward to returning for more in the future. Thank you Erin for a great experience.
Susan H


Rick Reid

First Appointment....HOMERUN!! First time ever a massage therapist was able to help me with My plantar fasciitis and work on my calf muscles!! I was so impressed and feeling good after that I signed up for 3 more! More...


Isaac Pritz

Very good service! Felt a lot better after my massage!


Hope McAndrew

I was a little nervous about having my first massage, but Erin did a great job making me feel perfectly comfortable. The ashiatsu massage was amazing! I would highly recommend Erin and her awesome massage talent! More...


Tom Stout

Excellent massage, excellent experience.
The Ashiatsu Massage is like no other, you wish it didn't have to end!
If you haven't experienced one you won't regret making an appointment.


LeeAnn Stebbins

A Beautiful and clean establishment. Great massage!


David Jewell

Massage is what I do. It's been my full-time job for 11 years, and part-time before that. I have never encountered nor can I imagine a better massage than I've received from Erin at Discover Massage Therapy. I highly recommend her Ashiatsu massage. It is therapeutic PERFECTION! just left 90 minutes ago and I want to go back NOW! More...


Susan Lockwood

Looking for an excellent massage therapist, look no more. Everything from the environment, to the massage pressure is on point. I have had other massage therapist, but Erin is by far the best! More...


Elena Dunn

I have never been religious about getting massages. I love them, but I would have one here and have one 2 years later and usually not the same place. That was until recently. I was given a gift certicate from a client of mine as a thank you, to a local massage spa.
Erin was my massage therapist that day and she did an amazing job. She asked several questions before the session started as to what I liked and didn't like and what i was lloking to achieve from the massage. She asked several times during about my comfort level and about the intensity of her pressure. Erin is very professional and made sure that I was relaxed and enjoying the session.
So, for the first time ever, I made appointment after appointment to continually get a massage.....from the same place.... and the following month, not 2 years later.
She introduced me to ASHIATZU, which is a deep massage with her using her feet. Some may cringe at the thought of someone's feet on them, but let me just say, as someone who suffers daily from excruciating arthritis, ASHIATZU is absolutely MAGICAL and literally, the best massage I have ever had!
Erin recently opened her own practice and being a loyal client of hers, I of course followed her. She has always made me feel very comfortable and has been extremely professional and that is why I will continue to be a client of hers.
Thanks Erin for all you do! You Rock!!!


Ginny Kevorkian

Erin is very caring and very competent. I was so happy to find a good massage therapist so close to home. The atmosphere is very relaxing from the minute you arrive until you leave, she is very careful to make sure the lighting, temperature and scents in the room are what you want and need. I saw her for the first time earlier this week and I already made my second appointment. More...


Andrew Hubbard

I have a curve in my spine which throws my back out of alignment and causes one leg to be shorter than the other. Because of this I've had to take extra care of my back. If I don't, my back pain gets so bad that I have a hard time sleeping at night.

I've had a lot of massages from a lot of different therapists. NOBODY that I've experienced is as good as Erin at Discover Massage Therapy! She is incredibly in tune with the stress your body is exhibiting. Even without telling her, she always knew where my worst knots were, and what my back and legs were "complaining" about.

Every time I've had an appointment, I've left feeling very fresh. Thanks to her skill, I was able to start sleeping without pain at night again. She uses just the right amount of pressure. She doesn't want you to "just" relax. She wants to see results. It's amazing to walk out and just NOT feel the tension or pain anymore! It's amazing to sleep so soundly again!

I also love how she is constantly educating herself. She is always up on the latest techniques and information. She is the most educated and results oriented therapist I've ever been to, hands down!

Book some appointments at Discover Massage Therapy, tell her what's going on, and let her go to work. She loves what she does, and you can tell in the care that she gives! Amazing results!


Kim Wilson Horvath

This lady is awesome! I drive a city transit bus. From dealing with road conditions to people, to weather, and of course life experiences, this lady can get me from feeling like I'm all beat up, to walking out of there with head held high! My bff suggested to me to check into massage a couple of years ago. Met Erin right around a year ago, and this mighty lady can take care of the biggest issues! If there is any doubt, sit down and talk to her, she can see what you need. I'm not a big writer, but this lady does do the trick for this bus driver! Stop by and check out her massage technique! More...


Sham Jainagerker

Had a great massage from Erin last week. This was my first one with her and she was awesome. Can’t wait to schedule my next appointment with her.


LaRita Robinson

When my prior massage therapist closed his business, I searched for a long time to find someone. Erin is very attentive to whatever problems I'm having at each visit, and I always leave feeling extremely relaxed and having much less pain. I have recommended her to many friends! More...


Mark Manninen

I'm surprised how great I feel the following day. I will definitely make this a regular thing.


Ginny Cipolla

Both my husband and I go regularly to Erin. She is thorough, pleasant and does a great job. Erin will tailor the time to what we need because sometimes one area of the body may need more attention than another and she "custom" fits the massage to what our bodies require at that particular moment. My husband is most particular about his physical well being and Erin always delivers and keeps him a "happy camper". We tried other places in the area before connecting with Erin and since we have been going to her we needed to look no further. As my husband says..."She is top shelf" More...