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Andrew Cronin

13 April 2019

Great service!...Both Chris and Rachel know the in's and out's of all of your travel needs. Highly recommend them for any travel (big/small groups), they can tailor any experience!


Christoffer Brown

13 April 2019

So glad my wife and I decided use Diamante for our honeymoon and snowboard trip to Japan . They dealt with everything promptly and efficiently. Rachel and Chris have great knowledge and good taste. They understood exactly what we wanted, made us aware of all possibilities and helped us make our final choices. Personalized service from start to finish. More...


Athena Brownson

31 October 2018

Highly recommend Diamante for all of your travel needs. They are incredible to work with and truly put their clients needs first to ensure you have the best possible travel experience. I can't wait too book with them again in the future!! More...


Diane norling

13 August 2018

The day my daughter said yes, I anticipated some planning stress. When the happy couple decided on a destination wedding that stress was magnified. Our venue required a wedding planner, which , at the time I thought unnecessary ( we wanted to be involved and there was not that much, right?) I could not have been more wrong. There was a multitude of certificates, contracts and documents, all of which were reviewed and taken care of by Rachel and Chris. Blocks of rooms were arranged, our venders were pre-researched, contacted and quotes supplied, without one phone call, or email by me. They made wonderful suggestions, while at the same time giving us final say in how to make the day uniquely hers. Their attention to details and organization set up for what would be a perfect day. Until--- perfect didn’t happen. Strong winds the night before fueled the wild fires of Napa Valley resulting in evacuations, power/cell outages and our reserved venue closed. This however was not going to deter Diamante from orchestrating a wedding. A new venue was obtained, our venders were somehow all contacted with the new location and a river front terrace was transformed into a breathtaking wedding site. There is no other word than magic in reference to Rachel and Chris pulling together a gorgeous wedding in a matter of 3 hours. Their amazing effort and heart allowed my daughter and her new husband to have the day of their dreams. Thank you just does not seem enough More...


Laura M Keir

25 October 2017

You can tell how good a company is when the pressure is on! This company had to operate in a pressure cooker! Short version; they were the wedding planners for a destination wedding in Napa. The date; the day after the largest wild fire in California history broke out in Napa! The event site cancelled (the morning of the wedding) and within hours, there was another venue site arranged, guests advised, all the vendors on their way and all was set up and ready to go as per the original plan! Wedding and Reception was awesome! The site amazing! They did a Great Job! More...


Kate L Vollmer

9 December 2016

Amazing customer service and attention to detail. We will definitely be booking again soon!


Adam Marklen

6 December 2016

We took a ten day trip to Central America. Greatest experience of my life. Everything was taken care of, all my gf and I had to do was enjoy. From the jungle to the beach to a five star resort, all expectations were exceeded. Highly recommend!! More...