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Desi is a Hindustani term for the people, cultures, and products of the Indian subcontinent or South Asia derived from Sanskrit it Mean’s "one from our country". Galli symbolizes an ‘Alley’ or ‘Street.

Owner PriaVanda Chouhan and her husband created their restaurant to satisfy the Desi (Indian sub-continent diaspora) hankering for Indian soul food.


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Mitch N.

30 August 2019

Really good go to Indian food. Flavors are real and the portions are great for the price. Clutch for a go to meal on the cheap which is crucial. Pictured is the Chicken tikka kathi roll. The combo comes with seasoned fries which are really flavorful. The meal also comes with the mint cilantro and tamarind chutney both compliment the meal well. Delicious food and always a staple for a good meal More...


Caitlin C.

21 August 2019

MUST ORDER THE DESIPOUTINE! Paneer masala has met its match with French fries. Genius combination! Got mine to go with a milk kulfi -- perfect comfort food and more than enough for one person. Good price, too. Will definitely be back! More...


Ross N Lorraine

18 August 2019

Most delicious pani puri in the world so far! fit fora raja!


Marina K.

16 August 2019

The chicken tikka masala curry and desipoutine are delicious and the service is super friendly!


Cameron W.

29 July 2019

Delicious Indian street food, I had the Palak Patte Ki Chaat and the Pani Puri, both were scrumptious. Worth trying out for a change of pace from your Indian standards, plus friendly staff and a relax environment.


Manjari B.

22 July 2019

I've gotten takeout from here several times. The food is solid- with my personal favorite being the aloo paneer kathi roll. I prefer these over the ones from the original "Kati roll" chain because the paneer stuffing is better here and also they incorporate the right amount of onion so it's flavorful but not overpowering. I also really enjoy their vegetable samosa. Today I had a ritual order that was supposed to be ready at 1 pm but when I showed up at 1:15 it still wasn't ready. Took them about 5 mins to prepare it. Even on my previous visits I've noticed it takes them a while to prepare the food so just keep that in mind. UPDATE: placed an order on all set today and it was ready when I got there! Thanks Desi Galli More...


Tahmid H.

17 July 2019

Great aromas and even better customer service as soon as you walk through the door! Lamb Biriyani was ON POINT. We were recommended the Desipoutine and it was an amazing appetizer. Definitely my new regular Indian joint! More...


Neeru G.

29 June 2019

We stopped by desi galli , a small place in Indian street in New York. We only ordered 1 paani poori.Paani poori was AMAZING- filled with mint chutney and with tamarind chutney! The paani was perfect.- a must try!But service was very slow. It was super hot so we did not go down stairs to sit( yeah we sat on a small bench next to the counter)Tip 1: If you buy anything you $10, you get 1 gulag jamun freeTip 2: They give 10% student discount More...


Ali Z.

21 June 2019

Very good chicken tikka masala curry. Get it with a side of naan and enjoy! Nice small seating area in the front for small groups.


Azsanee T.

1 June 2019

I've ordered takeout from Desi Galli on multiple occasions and it's always hot, well-seasoned, and generally delicious. I LOVE their Pav Bhaji and their curries are on point. They even gave me a free dessert with my first order, without it being an advertised deal. I've never been to the restaurant in person, but I'm tempted to go! More...


Joe J.

25 May 2019

The No. 4 vegetarian option is one of the best parathas I've had in NYC. Delicious and affordable. Also had some pani puri which was OK, not amazing....and was still hungry so got a chicken bbq paratha. Very good, *not* as good as the vegetarian aloo one, though. Beware a pretty long wait for the food, but still definitely worth it More...


David L.

12 May 2019

When I asked my sister where she'd like to go for her birthday dinner, she chose Desi Gali because it was near her yoga studio.  This sounded like a great idea to me, as I'd had several delightful meals and snacks at the other branch on Lexington in Curry Hill over the years.  Last Friday we had plump and well-seasoned samosas, a complexly-spiced lamb curry, deliciously sweet and creamy ras malai, and wonderful mango lassis.  In addition to the fine food, I'm happy to report that the portions were quite generous and the service was very warm--two aspects that I'd always found to be true at the Lexington location.  In every way, a terrific birthday dinner! More...


Yoav H.

7 May 2019

The kathi rolls (chicken keema is my favorite) and specialty chaats are delicious. I would tell you to go somewhere else if you are looking for curries/briyani. The street food is great tho


Sarah W.

4 April 2019

All time favorite chicken tikka masala.  So creamy, perfect spice level, I crave it 24/7.  Don't want to move out of the neighborhood because I love this place so much!!


Shayana R.

3 March 2019

Food was actually very delicious !!!!  Those fries were some sort of fries with the gravy on top! Never tasted such a yummy thing lol..  will be going there again most definitely ! More...


Anthony B.

17 February 2019

Ordered delivery on a whim and was blown away. This food is amazing!! What a pleasant surprise. Such a unique and creative blend of spices and flavors. If you're vegan or vegetarian there are lots of options. I wish they were in my neighborhood!Their sauces are magical. I don't even know what that brown sauces is but one of best things I've ever eaten! Thank you! More...


D C.

1 February 2019

Good place for reasonably priced Indian food. I get lunch to go from here pretty frequently and it's very reliable. The kathi roll lunch special is a good deal and the lamb biryani never disappoints.


Van Sun F.

27 January 2019

I haven't been here since the summer, but their Palak Patte Ki Chaat is one of the most delicious things ever. I'm not sure I've tried anything else - maybe their Kati Rolls? I've only gotten their chaats to go. The place doesn't have the best ventilation nor clean seating. I live pretty far away so they pack my to-go orders pretty well. I can't wait to return. It's been a while. More...


Neetu Jain

23 January 2019

Has the best Katirolls and paani puri in the city!!


Amanda Eve O.

21 December 2018

I love ordering from here. I have never been disappointed by this place. They come pretty quickly. The food is aromatic and delicious. If I get into details my mouth will start watering and I'll need to order right this minute More...


Victoria J.

15 December 2018

Yum! We had chaat to share, and a kati roll (paneer, lamb) each for a quick dinner. Everything was flavorful, and the meal was a good value. I liked that the rolls here were a bit punchier in terms of flavor than, say, Kati Roll Company. More...


Grace W.

9 December 2018

High recommend the spicy chicken tikka masala. Have yet to find a restaurant that makes it wither he perfect spice like they do. Portions are good, could give more rice. I would recommend picking up and taking away. Food is very well packaged and never leaks or drips. Really appreciate this since take out can sometimes fall apart or get messy More...


Sravya R.

7 November 2018

Got an aloo and paneer tikka Kati roll! It was different than the amazing paneer kathi roll I've had elsewhere in New York at a different location, but it was still really good in its own way! The paneer was shredded, not cubed. Not spicy at all, but they give you green chutney with it if you need it! (but I'm South Indian) Small place, not sit down. Staff are friendly. They have iced masal chai which I need to try next time! More...


Ed P.

31 October 2018

Dear Desi Gali - I love you. You have never disappointed me, and I often go 20-40min out of my way to eat you. Do you put crack if your dishes? Shit is unreal. Kathi rolls, bangin'. Biryani, perfect. Tikka Marsala, God's gift...just gimme a thermos of that sauce. You da best More...


Amanda S.

19 October 2018

Ordered the chicken tikka masala curry and it was great. Definitely good for what you're paying for


Jacob S.

25 September 2018

The owner is incredibly nice. I ordered takeout and it was ready in 5 minutes. The chicken tikka masala was very tasty, with plenty of meat and rice. Definitely left me full. Whether you're looking for a quick dinner or a late night snack, definitely recommend you check Desi Galli out. I'm excited to explore the menu :) More...


ELiz S.

24 September 2018

My fave late night vegetarian option "fast food" place that's within walking distance. Their spicey french fries- come on now, my son and I are hooked.


Rakhi K.

14 September 2018

I don't even know where to start! I sought out this place after seeing the segment on the Rachael Ray show, and it did not disappoint. I love Indian food and I'm very picky when it comes to authentic Indian food. I purposely ordered almost one of every type of test just to be able to try it. Great to go with a group of people in case you want to do this as well. The most amazing Pani puri, kati roll, butter chicken, and vada pav! I wish I had more time in New York so I could try the rest of the menu. The owner of the restaurant is incredibly friendly and warm. I could tell that she really care that me and my friends had a great experience. It's a smallish place with seating. More...


Chris O.

10 September 2018

Probably the best Indian food I've had in New York City thus far. This place deserves much more recognition than it gets. Good service and very nice people. You can't go wrong with what you order here, from the curry to the rolls to the chaat. (Best Chicken Tikka Masala I've ever had!) More...


Sharon N.

6 September 2018

Decent food... wasn't the best chicken I've had but acceptable. Its a small take out place.  I paid extra for naan but they initially tried to only give me rice.  Server quickly rectified the error. Check in for free dessert More...


Stefanie P.

5 September 2018

I'm sorry but... this is the best curry chicken tikka In the city! Hands down. Just try it. My friend raced and I was like ok... but then I tried it and I've never looked back. I can't account for every item on the menu but this one thing is BoMB More...


Shef T.

1 September 2018

This is my go to spot for biryani, especially when I want to take some home for dinner or the weekend! Cannot recommend the lamb biryani enough - it's a decent portion size and usually works for two meals for me.


Kris K.

23 August 2018

"As feat. On Racheal Ray" is just absurd enough to make me try the 8.99$ combo** now available across the street from GoLES ( go lower east side tenant advocacy east village holdout) ( **chicken roll/ fries/drink*) *pay .50 cents more for mango drink upgrade - yummy / get enough soda - 10% discount for Racheal Ray & students w/ ID which I am NOT - either.  Nice to sit and watch the foot traffic / target customers.  Oh speaking of Targets, as I tried to take the photo thru the window to GoLES my view was blocked BY A TARGET TRUCK.  still not sure what they sell at a Target, almost visited Just to see their fake and locally offensive CBGB facade. ( removed due to online and physical vomit ). Oh well, guess I'll have to settle for seeing and playing in the non-target version back when this $10 meal wouldn't have seemed like such a deal, but until I get that cargo bike Delorean up and running I'll enjoy the relative and relativity from behind my Greying beard.        Peace. More...


Dolonchapa C.

29 July 2018

I work very close to this place. And I come here often. Try their veggie kati rolls they don't disappoint. Meat ones are good not great. Chicken biryani was good for the price. The rice had good flavor but chicken was dry. Iced masala chai needs a try surely. I also got a large order from them. They were exceptionally good with service and had everything ready. The rolls were cut in halves. They have a chutney too. More...


Raja Cottbus

23 July 2018

Verry Good


Tejal Patel

23 July 2018

Tasty Fast Food...Great service....Very Addicting...LOVE !


Jasmine Narula

23 July 2018

Best Kati rolls in the city!


Victoria DiSalvatore

23 July 2018

Gluten free kathi rolls are fantastic!! Excellent food and excellent service!


Winnie Wong

23 July 2018

Thank you for the wonderful food. Definitely a must try!!!


Manya Naidu

23 July 2018

Yummiest Kathi Rolls with lots of veggie and gluten free choices :) The veggie biriyani and chaat items are great too!


Justyna Kedra

23 July 2018

DELICIOUS!!! ��� Totally my go to spot whenever I'm in the area! �


Jenan Agnihotri

23 July 2018

We had the aloo papdi chaat, chicken tikka Kati roll and seekh kebab Kati roll. Absolutely delicious. Light and definitely not greasy. I did not want to put my food down for second. Except to write this review!! More...


Piya Paulus

23 July 2018

The best Indian street food. From pani poori to kati rolls to biryani... just mouth watering.


Kevin Craig

23 July 2018

Wow! So happy I gave this place a try. I got the vegetarian kathi roll combo (take-out) for lunch today. The portion size was perfect, the flavor was spot-on, and it wasn't oily.


Neetu Jain

23 July 2018

We had the best chaat @Desigalli, my kid loved the aloo kati roll and the Veg biryani is a must have. All their food is non oily and greasy..


Neha Jain

23 July 2018

The food is delicious specially the kathi rolls and pav bhaji..They have the best kathi rolls i had till now�A must try place in nyc


Al Sonia Nikocevic

23 July 2018

Very good Indian food. .


Shamina Dow

23 July 2018

Amazing food! Highly recommend!!!


Malayka Barry

23 July 2018

The Owner is a perfectionist & I know that from working personally with her back in d days ...everything she does is Amazingly Great ...If u visit N.Y.C u gotta go to DesiGali or u missed out on Somethin Huge!! More...


Muniba Cheema

23 July 2018

Amazing place and amazing food. I would recommend to anyone wanting to try desi food.

One thing though; I found the sheesh kabab to be quite ... Small


Sara C.

16 June 2018

Love Desi Galli! I typically get the Vegan 7-Vegetable Khati Roll which is really flavorful and fresh. I appreciate that they don't get into the whole "how spicy" question, and just make it delicious. I'd say it's spicy, but not crazy spicy. They don't "dumb it down" or anything. This is Curry Hill, after all, not freakin Olive Garden right? I've had the Vegetable Samosas and would order them again for sure. Solid. And I got fries once as part of a combo. The fries were the sort of thicker and roughly textured kind. I liked them a lot; just be aware if you're expecting like shoestring fries or something; that's not what these are. The employees have always been genuinely friendly to me; I go in a fair amount as it's pretty close to where I'm working. Can't speak for the non-vegan menu items. More...


Alex Y.

19 May 2018

I LOVE the Kathi rolls - as a vegan I am especially fond of the flavorful 7-veg and chana rolls w. masala fries - SO GOOD!!!


Lida S.

14 May 2018

Desi Galli is my quick and yummy rich in flavor lunch go to when time is tight. I eat cold raw foods weekdays at work (salad, wraps, sandwiches) so during the weekend I like to order from here for a warm and tasty meal. I tried different things (vada pav, samosa, vegan pani puri, chana kati roll) from the menu at the beginning but now Aloo Paneer tikka Kati GF Paratha roll is my go to! Not too spicy and if i ask to remove onions they always do. The Gulab Jamun is delishhh sweet decandence! Staff are super friendly - always smile and answer questions. Price super reasonable. Removing one star bc I wish the sitting area was more comfortable (its kinda creepy) i now tend to take it to go.. Thanks for reading! More...


K S.

10 May 2018

I only come to Ave B for the Desi Galli fries. Go get you some. Now.


Karina K.

7 May 2018

Delicious highly recommend. Decently priced. Recommend chata pata paneer roll for vegetarians.


Sophie V.

4 May 2018

Everything is good but the tikka masala is the best thing ever. Super fast and delicious


Dylan H.

3 May 2018

I grab a Kati roll from here on the way to work about once a week. I like the 7 vegetable one and the lamb one. Tonight I tried out delivery of their real entrees. I got the chicken tikka and palak channa, and a nan. I happy with both entrees, and I like that the spinach dish isn't overly oily, as from many places it is. I plan to order from here again More...


Rich B.

14 April 2018

Small spot with dining downstairs that serves up some delightful Kathi Rolls that I could eat every day. Lamb and egg FTW!


Mona B.

12 April 2018

I've don't usually write a review for food spots but Iv'e been a loyal customer for five years and this review is definitely overdue. This is my FAVORITE hole in the wall desi spot! Do your favor and get the Aloo Paneer Kathi Roll! The service is great, the ambiance it calm and quiet. And not to mention the owner, Priya, is soo sweet. Their food is soo so tasty, you won't be disappointed. I always go out of my way to get my favorite kathi roll! Keep doing great work, i love to watch you all at Desi Galli succeed! More...


Cyndi D.

19 March 2018

I have been here way more than a few times in the past two years they have opened I actually got the pleasure today of meeting the owner Pria, what a lovely woman, their food is absolutely amazing they are Priced Right and did I mention the food was amazing!! They are my absolute go to place when I want an incredible meal, I do not mind the wait because I know I'm getting the freshest of foods there More...


Melissa S.

19 February 2018

I had the fries with awesomely seasoned Indian gravy thanks the new app ALLSET and from start to finish it was a great experience. Staff was warm and new my order as soon as I explained how I found out about them. Waiting about 5 minutes for a fresh order and it was brought to me where I was sitting on the lower level. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely be returning for more. More...


Melissa W.

3 February 2018

As someone who doesn't eat a lot of Indian food, this place is pretty good. I have had both the samosa chaat and chicken tikka kathi roll. In my opinion the chicken tikka roll was ok. The chicken was a little dry and didn't have much flavor. The green chutney that came with it was delicious though. I did enjoy the samosa chaat. It was layers of crispy flakes, a smashed up samosa, and yummy sauces all mixed together. So many different flavors and textures in each bite. Overall it was a decent meal and very filling. Plus they give a student discount! More...


Jon G.

29 January 2018

Pria is the owner. She's awesome and her cooking is phenomenal. After recently visiting Rajasthan, I fell in love with the street food in India but was worried I wouldn't find the same taste back in NY. Not only is her food delicious, you can count on getting a great portion too. I highly recommend giving Desi Galli a try and if you've never had Indian food before, this ought to be your first visit! More...


Jordan L.

24 January 2018

i think this place is pretty good for the chaats. came here for the samosa chaat the first time then i got the palak patte ki chaat which i'm not gonna lie tasted pretty similar because it's just yummy fried goodness with an assortment of flavorful sauces.i guess i would say that for a cheap indian place in murray hill this place is definitely more refined, food is generally made to order. better than the steam table places.i'll try the biryani next time. More...


Kristy B.

14 December 2017

Amazing seekh kebab kathi roll- is a must try. I like the fact that it's an economical option and has a roti wrapper (whole wheat) rather than the roll being made out of maida(flour). Really good for students or for quick bites  I know that I will visit it frequently coz of the seekh kebab roll More...


Cyndi D.

12 November 2017

Paneer tikka biryani OUTSTANDING!!!!!!   Best I have ever had..Tikka sauce..... Yummmmmmm!!


Terry S.

4 November 2017

Perfect little Indian spot for take out or delivery. I usually get the chicken tikka masala or the Dahl yellow lentil curry. The wraps are really good too! Definitely ask for the sauce to be thicker when you order it! More...


Sara L.

21 October 2017

Omg the Keema Desipoutine is so good - I'm already craving it again. I ordered delivery and got the paneer tikka masala curry with naan. My bf liked it so much that we ordered from here again the next day. I tried the veggie biyrani and it was good but not great. Definitely my go to for Indian delivery. More...


Kendrick G.

20 October 2017

I stumbled upon this dope Indian spot (infused with a bit of French) and I was pleasantly surprised! The owner and her staff were so welcoming and helpful, especially towards newbies to this venue like me. I ordered the very delicious and seasoned Chicken Biryani and it came with a free, regular sized Keema Desipoutine (French fries covered Keema Gravy & ground chicken). I enjoyed that. I will surely return here. Recommended! More...


Nick G.

3 October 2017

Great place! Got the korma kathi roll and tikka slider. They were high quality - tasted fresh with a ton of flavor and right amount of spice. Didn't realize they also had the standard chicken and rice dishes which I want to try next time. More...


Igor K.

29 August 2017

Delicious Indian food, variety of menu choices, and big portions will make you want to come back to this place again and again. Friendly staff, quick service, and trendy interior made my dining experience unexpectedly pleasant. More...


Sameer S.

15 July 2017

Visited the place late night at 4th july after the fireworks. Decent place :)Had paneer kathi roll and good old mango lassi. Ample seating..


Nina M.

5 July 2017

As an indian myself, I can vouch for this place being way more authentic than most places in the area. They have cool fusion ideas (iced masala chai, tikka salads, desi poutine) that are great as well as the traditional stuff (Kathi rolls, biryani, etc). Also really affordable. My new go-to desi place in the neighborhood! More...


Shashank R.

3 July 2017

I enjoyed the food with a few of my friends and the check-in offer that they had was really nice.  It's a really great take on traditional chaat (especially the desi poutine), and the prices are reasonable. I'd definitely recommend coming here with friends to split a few dishes. More...


Alix M.

25 June 2017

I've only ever ordered delivery from here but it's quick and consistent and tasty! Chaats are very good, they always give plenty of sauces which is a plus. Khati rolls very good as well


Tom C.

10 June 2017

Food was excellent. Got the two for $10 wraps. They were spicy in a good way. We shared lamb and chicken and each was unique and flavorful. Will come back


Dj S.

8 June 2017

Food is tasty. Wish deliver very had been faster, but it was fresh and hot even after the wait. The lamb Bhuna roti is a nice small meal option.


Xulfi S.

1 June 2017

One of my friends suggested we do iftar at Desi Galli and a bunch of us followed her like idiots (bad Idea) !!We got there mad late but once we entered the place, it was Hott as hell (Hotter than Rajasthan & Sindh) believe me!! I've been there ! like it's June f****** 1st .. put the damn AC on .. first I thought this might be to give the desi feel to the place but on a second thought I was like f*** it .. let me ask them to fix that, or I be going to that Dera next door " I swear"  .. ( Customers who came after us don't know, that we saved their lives ) because they actually listened and started the AC, which was much relief. My friend kept apologizing and we told her our mind .. B**** don't be bringing us to places like this. Shit what you think we are After briefly cursing her out we proceeded to order our meals. I ordered the Samosa Chaat which was $4.99 and to my surprise it was a bang for my buck. I loved the chaat so much that I attacked my friends Chaat (South Asian values). My friends ordered Lamb Keema Kathi Roll which were alright,A little to expansive I thought ($6.99) but the green Chutney with it made it a lot better. Also tried some French Fries w/ Tikka Sauce granted Paneer ($8.99) - you have to try them . For Desserts we tried Gulab Jamun and Rasmalai ($3.49)each, they were also pretty good so I guess it must be out a Can. All together I give this place 5 stars because the food was good. I just hope it had more comfortable seating and have the AC on during summer. Thanks to my friends Taimoor, Dilruba, Sabrina and Masum for letting me taste their foods. More...


Shweta M.

6 May 2017

Pleasantly surprised with how yummy their aloo chaat was. Not sure why some people are complaining. If you want it spicy, just ask! I will definitely come back. :)


michael k.

20 April 2017

One of the best hole in a wall places around. Amazing Indian food. You can't go wrong here. Chats are are as good as it gets. And you won't get a better rasmalai anywhere in town. More...


Dee D.

4 March 2017

Nice sliders. I had paneer bhurji one which was great. We got vada pav to butbit wasn't great. Tried palak chaat and that was ok as well. The traditional one has very little besan with more spinach but here it was more like palak fritter chaat. Delicious but not amazing. More...


Mariam M.

23 February 2017

I came here randomly with a friend; she's treating my broke ass student self haha. Anyways, she always orders but has never eaten at the premises. Either way, she told me the food is good but they always mix up orders...Well that's what happened. I ordered the chicken tikka masala salad but instead I got the kabob salad. It's okay--I was hungry and too lazy to go back upstairs and have my order changed. I was pretty impressed though with the portion size (I ordered small) and the tamarind dressing was hella good on the side. Chutney sauce was hot as hell but maybe it's not that hot (my Lebanese weak side can't handle it haha even though I love hot). Anyways, I was expecting like some basic iceberg cheap salad but nope, high quality salad. I had a vegan samosa to go (why not?) and I tried some of my friend's mango lassi which was super refreshing despite being sweet. I wouldn't mind stopping by again if I'm in the area. More...


Jennie A.

12 February 2017

This is a no frills place, but the food is delicious and extremely affordable. I recommend the aloo paneer sliders, aloo paneer kati roll, and the lamb bhuna kati roll. The bhel puri and papri chaat are good, but not nearly as tasty as the kati rolls. You order at the counter and they bring you the food downstairs at their seating area that also has a water pitcher. More...


Nick T.

6 February 2017

The woman who owns this place, Priya, is a boss and really kind. Her take on Indian food, with an emphasis on kathi rolls, is unique and refreshing in a city full of Indian restaurants that too often offer the same thing. The samosa chat is also on point.


Chris R.

30 January 2017

I have never been disappointed here.  The food is always fresh and delicious from the chaat to the lamb biryani rice.  The korma kathi rolls are yummy as well.


Ashish W.

27 January 2017

Awesome food, affordable prices and great staff. Check out this place for a savory Indian meal. Highly recommend.


a a.

16 December 2016

They seem to have improved their customer service. I went back, and the customer service was much much better. Please keep it up. Always be generous with your customers. Give little extras whenever you can, and customers will in turn repay you many times over with repeat business.Business 101: Never be stingy with customers. Give more to get more. More...


Surbhi K.

4 December 2016

This place is pretty known among friends for its kathi rolls especially when you are in this area. I have only tried the papri chat here which was decent. One thing I really like from this place is its masala chai. Takes me back to home. More...


Sara B.

19 November 2016

My favorite Indian restaurant! I order usually once a week and this week my order was too spicy, I called them and asked if they did something different and immediately sent me another less spicy order! Fabulous place. Great service and really great food. More...


Ayumi W.

9 November 2016

I thought this place was great! I walked past it, checked out the menu and walked right in. They have 4 vegetarian and vegan options + meat selections. $5.49 for a small quick meal! Perfect for when you're not that hungry. For many it might be a quick pick me up, but I felt that the vegetarian option filled me up quite a bit. Be warned it can be very spicy!! More...


R P.

16 October 2016

Really awesome modern take on some classics.  It's affordable and the food is actually tasty !! Take it from an Indian !  The biryani both chicken and lamb were on point !


Ilker H.

5 October 2016

Best drunk food in the neighborhood. The kathi rolls are just delicious and you can get them gluten free if you order with chickpea paratha. The service is really fast and everyone who works here is so nice. You can order until late at night to eat in, take out or delivery so this makes this restaurant the best drunk food venue! More...


Mahya S.

3 October 2016

I had the palak latte ki chaat and paneer tiki kathi roll. Could not be happier!! The real taste of Indian food and the portions are great too. You can order two things from the menu for under 15$ total and feel satisfied afterwards. Yum! More...


Jennifer K.

26 September 2016

Ordered here for a meal pal during lunch as its a few blocks away from work. I usually steer away from Indian since the spices are usually so overwhelming but the picture looked good. I got one of those lamb wraps and it was fire. Definitely coming back! V clean also More...


Shiraz B.

24 September 2016

Probably one of my favorite places for kathi rolls and smosa chat. Cannot go wrong with it. Have been a regular for over 5 years and have probably introduced at least a dozen friends to these kathi rolls and have never got negative feedback from any of them. Worth trying. Over the years, they keep on expanding their menu and whatever I have tried so far, turns out to be good. Just note that it's a small place for sit up. I normally order for delivery. More...


Khusbu P.

21 September 2016

I've ordered from here a few times now and it seems to get better and better each time. My favorite on the menu is the paneer tikka masala! It might just be the best paneer tikka masala in the city! I order it every time- I've also tried their kati rolls, samosa chaat, and regular samosas. Everything on the menu is flavorful and worth trying! More...


Kristy F.

9 September 2016

Great place to have a casual dinner. Meals around $6! Spicy is definitely the way to go


Glenn C.

5 September 2016

Went here a little while back.We shared the samosa chaat which had some excellent flavors.He had the Lamb Keema Kathi roll which was fine while I had the Lamb Bhuna Kathi roll.The Lamb Bhuna was excellent. It was a bit too much for the roll itself so it broke apart a bit but the flavors were really good. Great spices.Good place, nice service. 3.9 More...


R P.

30 August 2016

So I'm Indian, and I don't use a lot of oil in my cooking so Im overjoyed to be able to grab a quick bite at desi galli.  Relatively guilt reduced Indian with kind service and the owner is just a doll.  Happy to bring my business here More...


Shibi M.

29 August 2016

quite impressed with this place. usually i tend to shy away from ordering chicken tikka masala in favor of a more unique curry dish, but this time i just wanted some spicy and savory chicken. and they delivered. a large portion of curry for around 13 bucks, with plenty of chicken. mild and fragrant, it offers a balanced taste thats not too creamy, oily or watery like most other places in the city. but the real winner are the parathas. they are large, thin and offer excellent texture. not chewy but flaky. not dry but moist. finding parathas at this level is more often challenging than finding a good chicken tikka masala itself. and quite underappreciated.this place, for those two food related reasons, is a winner. but theres a different reason why it will be my new go to for indian food: value.with north indian food, i see two things. either really cheap and greasy curry that ranges from 5-8 bucks or hella expensive curries around 16-20 bucks from seemingly modern or upscale spots. this place falls square in the middle, price-wise, and delivers on quality. especially with the cheaper indian spots, the rice is garbage. here, the rice was delicious, even the next day.i appreciate that they dont cut corners on price quality or quantity for that matter. thats why this place is worth it. More...


Cara G.

9 August 2016

Great food, friendly and fast service. I used to work in an Indian street food restaurant and I'm so happy to have a spot to get pavs near my work! And the chai is nice and spicy!


Anna G.

2 August 2016

Great selection of vegetarian and gluten free small appetizers that are delicious and filling. Everything has a nice bite so no need to request to make it more spicy. I will miss this joint when I move but will come still from time to time. Will not disappoint! More...


Andrew Y.

31 July 2016

The last two times I was here I had a shrimp biryani and a chicken tikka masala. They were OK although I wish the portion sizes were a bit larger given the price: $15 for the shrimp biryani and $12 for the tikka masala. The service was great and the waitress was  friendly. More...


Juhi P.

30 July 2016

We tried the lamb bhuna and chicken korma rolls. They were delicious and fresh! Make sure to get the egg for extra 0.50 cents. There was a 10% student discount! Affordable and delicious rolls. More...


Krishna T.

21 July 2016

Went there last afternoon with a friend, the service was good. My friend had the chicken biryani and chiken tikka kathi roll- she liked those. I had the pav bhaji, shev puri, vada pav, and paneer kathi roll. The pav bhaji was all right, it lacked its typical vibrant red texture and it also tasted a little off, but it wasn't bad. The shev puri was sub-par. They served it in a pani puri's puri which was a bummer, since shev puri generally takes a flat, crunchy puri. This puri wasn't crunchy at all. The filling inside was very meager. They also added yogurt to it which was strange, because shev puri doesn't take yogurt. The vada pav was good, but lacked the green (spicy) chutney. The paneer kathi roll was delicious. The paneer was soft and the filling was well cooked. 4/5 solely for the kathi rolls. The prices are decent for NYC. TL;DR: Kathi rolls are amazing, most other things are all right. Not very overpriced. More...


gemini g.

19 July 2016

very nice spicy food. Authentic taste like indian street food. Service is courteous and I found thr the prices are very low.


Indy S.

10 July 2016

Wow! This may be a hole in the wall; but it's unbelievably clean!  The staff is friendly, and makes great recommendations.  Coming from a Punjabi family, I'm used to eating hearty, and usually oily food.  I was surprised that after eating my hands we're not greasy.  Thank You Desi Galli, my wife and I will definitely be back! More...


Jessica D.

24 June 2016

this was a really long wait for what felt like a smallish appetizer and it cost $10.  But I'm giving 4 stars because it wasn't bad at all and theres a lot of potential.  Gonna give them the benefit of the doubt and will adjust stars depending on my next visit.   I need more go-to places for a quick delicious kati roll.  I love kati rolls and i was a fan of desi shack (RIP),    So i was excited to see this place pop up on ave B.   Quick savory affordable takeaway is always fun.  And the location by Tompkins is great...But note this place is a very different model than desi shack, where desi shack was fast and generously portioned,  this one is slow and smaller portions.  desi shack had simple options and assemble in-front of you order system like chipotle - but here the menu is a hundred times more complicated and the food  is cooked on a stove,  the crew seemed frantic making so many menu items.    It was hot in there.  although they have seating the lighting and temperature and smell and vibe make taking the food to the park a lot more appealing. for now i will chalk it up to the fact that when I went they were newly opened and working out some kinks.  I look forward to trying more dishes and giving them a chance to strut their stuff. More...


Lee W.

23 June 2016

Seriously delicious food and lovely staff that doesn't mind explaining what's in the different dishes.  I used to order from the other location and am thrilled they are in my neighborhood now.  The portions are generous and it's not expensive.  They also deliver very quickly and have a seriously charming delivery person. More...


Alicia Xiaorong Z.

21 June 2016

Just had my first pav bhaji here and it immediately became my favorite!!!! The cilantro and onions combined with bhaji is just amazing!!! Yummy toasted bread too!! Highly recommend More...


Akhtar Q.

21 June 2016

Haven't had food this good since I had street food in the mother land. The chicken tikka masala is A1.


Dullua C.

15 June 2016

It is a life saver if you are craving enticing and filling meat dishes, at a reasonable price. If you are aware of the area, your only choices are either pretentious or nasty fast food joints. What I really really really really dislike is the music. I wish they would stop playing the annoying techno Indian music. Not only that, they play the music very loud.  Put something soft...Indian music, sure! but at lower volume and not techno...something authentic...I don't know...They stream the music from internet radio, so it is the same three songs, over and over and over. The menu is healthy and if you are carb conscious, you will be pleasantly surprised with their rolls. Excellent lamb stews and the somosa's are great...not to mention the sauces the somosa's are served with. You can see that in their kitchen, the cooks have a huge pressure cooker...I need that cooker!!!!! Hmmmm the desserts? My favorite is the rasmallai. I love also the mango lassi. I asked the owner how they make the lassi and it is real mangos blended with youghurt and hmmm i forgot...but they were ingredients that you could spell and recognize at a produce counter at any supermarket. This place is great if you find yourself working overtime, and everything is closed and you are starving and you do not want to ride the bus with your stomach gurgling, and you are like "gee, I ate tofu salads all day...let's have a lamb biryani with a hot chai" and BAM! you got Desi Galli and you go home happy. Thank you for existing. (put the music low) More...


Evan N.

13 June 2016

So happy to have a good Indian Restaurant in Alphabet City and the owner/staff couldn't be nicer. I spent some time talking with the owner, Pria, and she is so proud, passionate, thoughtful, and excited about her food and offering.  PLUS they have so GLUTEN FREE options.A warm welcome to the neighborhood - I've eaten there three times since I discovered it a week ago. More...


Renuka R.

29 May 2016

Had a great time ! Good food and great service . Friendly staff We had sev puri , Bhel puri. Reminded me of home and college days . Loved every minute of it . Brought my mom here as she loves chaat . She loved it too . More...


Corissa S.

24 May 2016

Please ignore Grace H and her ignorant review. I'm from India, where the national food is also coincidentally Indian food. The food at Desi Galli is fresh, flavorful and truly authentic. And incredibly cheap, as street food should be. More...


Richard C.

18 May 2016

I had only their famed desi poutine per the Gothamist recommend and it's as generous as you imagine: the curry is a tasty replacement for the traditional gravy but adding spices that're balanced as to aide not overtake, the fries are just crisp enough to outlast the soaking, and the execution is careful & quality. Only this Ave B, not the Lex Ave original, location has this dish. Friendly staff & brisk speeds round it out. More...


karen p.

15 May 2016

Food is cooked fresh to order. I got a kathi roll, yellow dal, and naan, served with chutney and cilantro sauce. even the rice was surprisingly fresh and fluffy. huge improvement over those awful places on 6th street. one thing: I don't particularly care for incense, which was burning when I first came in. More...


Am M.

14 May 2016

They make Paav bhaji without any Paav bhaji Masala or spices, all you get is mashed vegetables. Everything else is good.


Liana F.

30 April 2016

I have been waiting to try the food here since they opened. I love Indian food and since it's right down the block from me, I was hoping it would be great and it was!! I ordered the 7 vegetable Kathi roll and the Aloo and Paneer kathi roll. It was delicious and I am eager to try the rest of the menu! The staff was really nice and the restaurant was pretty. I highly recommend it!!! More...


Robert S.

18 April 2016

Same great food but, more space to eat, close to the park, great location.  My daughter loves the samosas.  She get the Chicken Tikka, I get the a Lamb Bhuna. The rolls are tasty but, I prefer the larger wrap.  The sauces are great for dipping and adding extra flavor.  They have salads as well.  I have been eating at the Lexington location for a few years.  The staff and owner are very friendly and care about their customers.  Give them a try you will not be disappointed. More...


Diana Lee W.

18 April 2016

I ordered what the owner recommended and loved it. I got the chicken korma and the lamb Bhuna. So yummy! The owners couldn't be nicer . What a amazing addition to Ave B .


C E.

11 April 2016

I have both eaten in and taken food to go from this little no frills gem of a restaurant and have enjoyed everything. The value is unbeatable, the service is fast and friendly, the food is fresh and delicious.The chutneys are made from the owner, Pria's grandmother's recipes and they are fantastic. Be sure to order the pav bhaji (caution: it's spicy in that way where it hurts so good) and the aloo paneer tikki kathi roll. The palak patte ki chaat, pani puri, and lamb biryani are also not to be missed. Save room for dessert, especially the tender ras malai. I also love that they carry Indian sodas like Limca. I just read that they're opening a second location in the East Village and I am beyond excited. I hope this place multiplies like Xi'an Famous Foods in that they keep up the quality and seem to be in every Manhattan neighborhood. More...


Claire H.

6 April 2016

AS GOOD AS IT GETS. I used to live 1-min walking from Desi Galli and I went so often it quickly became a habit. My favorite roll by far is the: Aloo & Paneer Tikki Kathi Roll. I load it up with the hot green sauce they provide (think it's mint chutney but that's still a mystery) and chow down without breathing. It's a great and lovely sight. I don't live nearby anymore at all, but I still manage to make a monthly trip over.   + Food is made to order and usually takes about ~10 minutes to make if there's no line. + Call ahead if you're impatient. + They have a card minimum, so bring cash if needed. Pro Tip: If you've got Chase, there's a Chase ATM in the Duane Reade a block away (applies to most Duane Reades in NYC in fact) + There's a lot of seating downstairs More...


Tom B.

19 March 2016

Chicken Tikka with basmati rice is so delicious!!  We order three for the family because everyone hits it hard.  The Chicken Biryani is also so delicious!!  And if you put the Tikka sauce on top it's just gonna get eaten up before you realize what happened.  The Veg. Biryani is also good but not as good as the Chicken Biryani,The breads are not good!  I love a fluffy naan or paratha, but they don't have those here.  They have a tough wafer thin flatbread, that doesn't offer much for sopping up your leftover Tikka  gravy.  the rolls are standard dinner rolls you'd get in a supermarket, not what I expect from an Indian place.So get the Tikka and the Biryani, get your bread from some other place and you'll be good to go. More...


Nivia M.

9 March 2016

I love just about everything I've ever eaten here. Their chaat is deilcious! They season their chicken really well so any chicken dish you order is going to be amazing!!!!


Martin G.

7 February 2016

I was looking for a place to lunch after making a stop at Kalustyan. Inspired by the spices shopping, and being in Little India, I decided to have indian food.A quick check on Yelp brought me to this place. Good reviews and a line-up at 1pm told me it was worth to check out.I took two kathi rolls, the aloo & paneer tikka, and a chicken tikka. Both were great, fresh tasting, with just the right amount of spice. I was tempted to take a 3rd one.Yes, the rolls are on the small side, but at this price level, in NYC, I find it was a very good deal.This will become a regular spot for me when I visit the area.There's a small sitting area in the basement, not the most enjoyable place, but comfortable enough if its not nice enough to eat outside.I highly recommend this place! More...


Christina L.

24 January 2016

This has become one of my regular stops in NYC. I absolutely love how cheap and delicious the food is here!The highlights for me are the samosa chaat and any of the lamb kati rolls. Huge portions and amazing flavor! I've also had the paneer tikka masala, which is pretty solid and comes with a lot, although it a bit too creamy for me. But, would definitely order it again.Highly recommend this place and I will continue to keep coming! More...


Eli C.

15 January 2016

Small store front, but plenty of seating downstairs at 1pm on a Friday. Plus free wifi (so you can work and sip chai?). Bhel puri was good. Mango lassi was fantastic.


Vrushali P.

18 December 2015

On our way to Europe we wanted to pick up one last Indian meal since we didn't think we could find many Indian restaurants in Croatia. We were highly satisfied with our choice to pick up some Kati rolls from Desi Galli. The spice level, roti, and filling were all on point. We loved this place so much we went back on our way back from Croatia and almost missed our flight home. More...


Lana P.

14 December 2015

This is a great place for a casual Indian meal or snack.  Their prices can't be beat and the food is delicious.  I got Gulab jamun and samosa chat (plus the free masala chai Yelp offer).  The Gulab jamun were pretty standard but the chat was amazing! The staff is very friendly and the basement where you eat is clean and comfortable.  I was thinking this would be a good place to study since it wasn't too crowded and offered free wifi.  I would definitely recommend it and will be going again! More...


Aparna T.

14 November 2015

I have finally found my go-to Indian food! As someone who doesn't appreciate sit-down Indian restaurants to the fullest, this place is perfect. Similar to Kathi Roll, they also offer rolls along with many other menu items. I got two rolls (Paneer and Lamb) and Sev Puri chaat to go. They were nice enough to pack everything separately as I was not able to eat the chaat after the two rolls that day. I ate the chaat the next day and it was the perfect snack! I'll definitely be venturing here for lunch in the future as it's just a few blocks away from my work. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a quick and satisfying Indian meal. More...


J L.

5 November 2015

Cheap, delicious and flavorful. I had one of the chaat specials (#24 on the menu as of 11/2/15) and there was a promo that week with mango lassis. Would definitely go back.


Nil P.

4 November 2015

Flavors of a 5 star Indian restaurant and cooked fresh daily.  Easiest menu to read for those who can't understand what a kati roll is.  Great veg and non-veg items for anyone to try.  Three different wraps to choose from which makes it unique every time. This place will never get old.Keep up the great work!Gaurav has done a fabulous job providing great food for anyone in NYC. More...


Sherry L.

21 September 2015

It's been a month or so since my last visit to Curry Hill, so I figured it was about time that I get me another fix! I was lazy and decided to order delivery via Seamless. Everything went smoothly and the food was delivered piping hot, slightly before ETA! Sweet.I ordered a chicken tikka masala and the samosas, because that's pretty much the only things I ever order from any Indian restaurant. The chicken tikka masala was creamy and not too spicy! A little too heavy on the sauce for me, but it went really well with the rice. I didn't get naan, but the sauce would definitely have gone really well with that too! There were quite a few pieces of chicken...but I could always use more. :9 I find that samosas at Indian restaurants are usually a hit or miss. Well, these ones were THE BOMB.COM! I've never had samosas quite so fluffy! It was like eating little clouds of deep fried mashed potatoes...I would definitely recommend adding an order to your bill, whether you are dining in or ordering out. You won't regret it!The delivery came with a dine-in coupon, which I'm definitely going to put into good use soon! More...


Deepak S.

7 September 2015

I came in here for some samosas and was pleasantly surprised. Not only were they well priced, they were fried to order! The result was a perfectly crispy crust. Service was very quick and professional. I am so happy I stumbled upon this place. Can't wait to come back! More...


Bjorn P.

29 August 2015

Awesome Kati rolls. Went in a Saturday night and devoured the sehk kebab roll, chicken tikka roll and the aloo paneer roll. All were delicious with the Australian lamb sehk roll being my favorite. Served on a paratha but you can select a roti and Al served with chutney. Serious eats, the voice and zagat have all recommended items on the menu. The downside is the service which seems a bit absent minded. Additionally it's kind of slow. The grill and kitchen area seemed a bit dirty too...but the product was tasty. More...


Genevieve M.

24 August 2015

I've been here multiple times, both to order take out and eat in the restaurant. The seating downstairs is pretty casual, seat yourself, but the place has a nice, modern style. I love that they have gluten free kathi rolls, and the menu clearly lets you know what is gluten free or vegetarian and what isn't. The manager/owner was also really helpful when I've placed orders and they're usually pretty fast. You could also get a student discount on certain orders.I've tried the chicken tikka masala, vegetable biryani, and different kathi rolls, and I enjoyed them all. I definitely recommend Desi Galli for pretty straightforward gluten free eating! More...


Nadia T.

22 August 2015

Tasty, affordable, and great for a snack or lunch! I recommend the kathi roll with spinach and the aloo papri chaat. I also saw the staff cooking the tandoori chicken and it looked delicious. The service was friendly and prompt. I definitely will be visiting Desi Galli again! More...


Kate P.

20 August 2015

Great experience and delicious quick, fresh food! After a long day, I wanted something that wouldn't disappoint and I definitely found my new go-to. I randomly stopped in on my way home from work and decided to try the Aloo Paneer roll and #24 - awesome! The owner was friendly and gave honest suggestions, which I always appreciate. It's nice to see hard-working business owners do well. Keep it up!Will be back again soon! More...


Vivek K.

16 August 2015

My wife and I ordered take out today during the India Day Parade busy time so we wouldn't have to wait long. The food came quickly and the taste was awesome! The service was great and I would go back there again the next time I crave some Chaat or a Kati Roll. More...


Laura O.

9 August 2015

We came here for dinner on Friday night and ordered two chaats, a kathi rolls, and lamb curry (plus the two free chais). WAY too much food for our smallish appetites, but hey, it's better than under ordering. I liked both of the chaats, but unfortunately I can't remember the name of one so I'll have to limit the discussion to the samosa chaat (Samosa layered with spiced chickpeas, onions, tomatoes, tamarind chutney, mint cilantro chutney and yogurt), which was the real star anyway. It was an amazing "snack"-- more like a meal, really -- perfectly spiced mix of ingredients. Also had the aloo and paneer tiki kathi roll, which I honestly wasn't a huge fan of as I thought it lacked flavor. I think this was my first kathi roll, so I can't compare it to others. And I was just too stuffed by the time the lamb curry came out to even try it. The restaurant seemed to be doing a brisk delivery and take out business, but there was only one other person utilizing the downstairs seating the entire time we were there. Not sure if it's always like this, but certainly this isn't a big social space like many of the other restaurants in Curry Hill. Still not sure how I feel about the rest of the food here, but I certainly have no problem giving Desi Galli 4 stars for its delicious chaats. More...


Basant R.

3 August 2015

Awesome chicken biriyani. Go there frequently in the evening when I am ravenously hungry and I am never disappointed. Courteous service and plenty of seating in the back (not many people would think that).


Kristine F.

20 June 2015

Casual quick service. Food was fantastic. We had  the palak patte ki chaat to start and then chicken tikka kathi roll and the yellow dal curry. Wonderful. Also the mango lassi - which as premade but good. Open kitchen is great + A rating. Great for a late Saturday lunch or snack!! More...


Nik M.

12 June 2015

Highly underestimated place.. Do visit this if you are in NYC


Megan E.

20 May 2015

I've been my fair share of "fast-food" Indian places, and this has by far been the best. I like that everything isn't premade, they cook it to order. I ordered the chicken tikka masala as usual, and it was flavorful and tasted just like the ones at restaurants cooked in clay pots. More...


Sammi G.

17 April 2015

Aloo and Paneer Tikki Roll - it means potato and cheese roll. THE best kati roll I've ever had in this town! Cabbies hang out on the streets here, they know where is the best authentic food!


Tamara D.

16 April 2015

I'm loving my aloo and paneer Kathi roll!  Fast service, gluten free options, delicious and spicy.  I'll be back!


Andrew M.

14 April 2015

I've gone a few times with my friend from work since it's not too far from the office. The cashier is really nice and the food is always delicious. The downstairs seating area is comfortable and always really clean. The special with the wrap and the samosa is the way to go! More...


Joni S.

10 April 2015

This place has an awesome lunch special (kati roll, samosa and a drink for $8-9, depending on if you order meat or just veggies). The staff is really friendly and quick. The food always tastes so fresh and spicy. I also love when I have enough time to eat in because they play great Indian music! Definitely one of the best lunch spots in the area. More...


Megan S.

4 April 2015

So So So Good.Got an aloo and paneer kati roll. Whole wheat wrap. Texture and flavor were good. Roti was super good. Larger portion than kati rolls I have gotten elsewhere. I also almost always want potato and paneer, but most places don't usually combine. So excited to find somewhere that combines the two.Got a samosa chat too. Again spot on flavor and texture combinations. crunchy. Soft. Spicy. Sweet. Hot. Cold. All in one. Spiced chai.. only a dollar something and super good too.Definitely recommend!! More...


Kaushik V.

31 March 2015

Best and cheapest chaat on Curry Hill.I've been going here for a while, maybe once or twice a month, which is how often I get a craving for chaat. Okay, I get a craving for chaat quite a bit more frequentlly than that, but I'm only going to indulge it every now and then, okay? Kailash Parbat next door is also pretty good, but is significantly more expensive, and we can argue about whether it's worth the extra money.My standard order at Desi Galli is the samosa chaat, which, for $5, makes for quite a filling snack, or even a meal. The Palak Patte ki Chaat is also quite good. But I'd recommend avoiding the vada pav - no matter how much you want a vada pav, this one is just going to disappoint.Today I tried the veg kathi roll+samosa+drink combo ($7.50/ 8.50 for nonveg), and I would definitely recommend it. Have the masala chai for your drink. I was surprised by how great both the samosa and chai were. The kathi roll itself was good, but nothing to rave about.Will definitely keep coming back here. More...


Nikhita T.

23 March 2015

Desi Galli is our go-to eatery when we are in need of a delicious snack between meals! Can't go wrong with the aloo papri chaat, chicken tikka slider, lamb slider, and literally any katti roll. We heard from the owner that they will be debuting a variety of curries soon. Definitely looking forward to that! More...


Shreyas V.

21 March 2015

My friends and I went here a while back and had a great time. The food was cheap and delicious (and pretty authentic, too). Also, if you check in on yelp while you're there, you can score some free chai, which is great. If you're in the area trying to get some Indian food and you're not looking to break the bank at an extravagant restaurant (of which there are a surprising number on Lexington), this is the place for you. In my mind, well-priced, good-tasting food deserves five stars. More...


Amanda U.

20 March 2015

Delicious food, reasonable prices, and gluten free. Downstairs is a decent and clean place to sit. Good hangover food! I have been there twice and plan to become a regular. Everything on the menu is delicious so far. If you are looking for a quick bite definitely get the Khati rolls. They also have heavier rice meals. The mango lassi is perfect addition to the meal as the food is on the spicy side. They use plastic spoons and forks, which isn't as environmentally friendly and its not a super fancy restaurant, but its still nice to sit downstairs. Its almost like a retreat from the busy city. More...


Tim H.

15 March 2015

Food and service was great. Get the rice pudding! I'm so full it hurts. The samosas were just as good as I remembered. My friend who's vegetarian ate 1/2 of my chicken so that speaks for that.


Sunny S.

14 March 2015

I completely forgot about my first experience here, and I've been here at least 10-15 times since.  This place has delicious Indian 'street food', and everything from their kathi rolls, pav bhaji, to biryani's is pretty good.  Definitely check them out!


Nadine R.

15 February 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed a kathi roll made with spicy potatoes. It was really. My friends had the chicken biriyani and lamb biriyani and enjoyed those also.  We never got the free hot chai for checking in on yelp. I don't know if the girl behind the counter forgot. More...


Neil R.

8 February 2015

The chaat is awesome!  Had it twice now and both times it delivered.  So this is probably the place I'll go for my chaat fix.  Ventured into the Kati rolls and not as good IMO.  Specifically had the chicken Tikka roll - a standard kati - but did not find the chicken that great and the bread/roll itself was very average.  The other dishes look pretty good though - but can't comment on them as of yet.  Good amount of room for a basic Manhattan place - but does seem that most people do takeout. More...


Lesley L.

24 January 2015

Passed by last night with a few friends, and we all loved it. I had the Vegan Bhel Puri and my friends had either the same or the pani puri, both of which we all thought were delicious. As far as my own dish, the entire thing was great, but the second half was far better than the first half and even better when you mixed the entire thing together. With that said, make sure to check in here on yelp - free hot chai tea if you do! More...


Michael G.

6 January 2015

This is the best Indian cuisine I've had in nyc.  First of all it is extremely light and contains vegan options.  Secondly, many indian restaurants tend to oversalt their food, this place does not ever oversalt.  Lastly spiciness, my girlfriend loves mild, i love green chilis and they will adjust it free of charge.   I love the chaats (imagine a yin yang of sweet, sour, spicy, hot, cool) and the kati rolls.  They also make a superb tamarind chutney and mint-cilantro chutney.  Well balanced, delicious, fresh, homemade style food and authentic too!The service is also excellent.  The owner and the workers are not only polite but have delightful conversations with you about almost anything.  I love Priavanda's (owner) amicability and customer service.If things could not get any better in terms of dietary adjustments and catering to my love of spice they have student discounts for any purchase over 10 dollars and reward cards for kati rolls if you buy 6.  I highly recommend Desi Galli to any aficionado of indian food, spicy food, or light food. More...


Francis D.

14 December 2014

I tried the samosa chaat, it was really good and very cheap, I would go back any time, it's perfect when you're on the go.


Vikash S.

13 December 2014

Place is simple, delicious and no frills. Came here and got the chicken korma roll, lamb keema roll, samosa chaat and seekh kebab slider. Everything was delicious and perfectly spiced with the slight exception of the seekh kebab slider which was slightly bland and dry. Overall, I would most definitely come back and refer a friend to come here! More...


Z B.

10 December 2014

Great Kathi rolls and mini sandwiches but I always get the lamb because it has that spicy tanginess


Eugene P.

8 December 2014

The kati rolls here are delicious! The owner is very friendly and can help you navigate the menu, if you need. They've also increased their foods for those with dietary restrictions recently, although the classics are still the main draw. An interesting "fast" Indian place amid all of the all-you-can-eat lunch buffets in Curry Hill. More...


Humayra M.

6 December 2014

The samosa chaat. Honestly few places get it right - but this was both cheap and the best I've had in NYC. It's a cute whole-in-the-wall place and it's open pretty late too. 5 stars.


Vinny N.

4 December 2014

Yumm!!!  I had the kathi roll samosa combo. Plus an extra samosa to meet the 10$ min for credit.. I'm not complaining I enjoyed every bite!! Look forward to returning and exploring the menu further.. More...


Chetan S.

28 November 2014

Delicious Indian food.... Awesome. Every dishes we had was tasting better than the previous one... Bhel puri and aaloo pyaaz sliders are the best one of all we had.


Laura J.

6 November 2014

I just ordered food from them last night! Let me start by saying that I am not an Indian food expert. Seriously...the last time I had Indian food must have been close to 4 years ago. BUT I loved the Kathi Rolls I ordered. I had one Channa Parantha and one Chicken Tikka Parantha. I was in the mood for something different and this truly did it for me. I enjoyed the Chicken Tikka the most and their cilantro spicy green sauce was so satisfying. Definitely give this place a chance if you're in the mood for some great flavor! More...


A S.

25 October 2014

*Gluten-Free Aficionados: This place has chickpea-flour rolls.*Takeaway: Excellent food, delivered hot and on-time. This is a delivery review.I placed an order to Desi Galli after finding out they serve essentially Gluten-Free Kati-style rolls, and woke up this morning asking myself, where can I a place that serves Lamb and Fried eggs on a delicious wrap and promptly inhale said food product? This place. More...


Jay S.

23 October 2014

Just wanted to leave another review, I went back and had a sit-down meal (ordered upstairs and took a seat downstairs), this time had the gluten free lamb bhuna (again, nicely spiced and flavorful) and the palak patte ki chaat, which is a gluten free snack with chickpeas, that green spicy sauce, and a whole lot of deliciousness. It's #23 on their menu. The seating area downstairs is small and cozy, I came when it was a little more quiet, but it fills up quickly at lunch time. Either way, I was happy having a spot to do some reading. Service was attentive and my food came quickly, I will definitely be coming back! Yay and thank you for gluten free options! More...


Amanda M.

15 October 2014

I'm in Love with this place. They even have a gluten-free option for Kathi Rolls and I believe they are the only ones in the city that do this.The owner is kind, sweet, and always gives me her recommendations. She always greets me with a smile and it's a joy to visit and eat her delicious food. I've even heard her talk about how some of the menu items are her sister's recipes! This isn't a run-of-the-mill place. Everything is carefully planned, and delicious.Definitely give it a try! More...


Shannon K.

9 October 2014

Just point up at the wall, pick anything, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Food is brilliant, staff is always friendly, and it's cheap too. Used to live around the corner and even after having moved to Brooklyn, I still come back for a quick bite from time to time.Not exactly spicy, but wouldn't recommend to those with a spice-intolerance. Then again, who recommends Indian food to people who don't like spices? More...


Akrati J.

9 October 2014

We stumbled across here when we were walking back home from work. I wasn't even really hungry, but my boyfriend pointed out that this place now has gluten free kathi rolls. I used to come to this all the time in my pre-gluten free times. They have recently revamped their menu and clearly delineate what is GF, vegan, vegetarian etc. As a person with dietary restrictions,  I can really appreciate that especially since most places in Curry hill don't do a good job with it. I am Indian and realize how the food is made so I typically know what is gluten free or not, but if you are not Indian or not familiar with these foods, I can imagine how it can be a bit intimidating for people with allergies / dietary restrictions - so kudos to this place! I ordered two GF kathi rolls - the aloo pyaaz chana (which has potatoes, onion and chickpeas) and the 7 vegetable which has carrots, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, green peas, broccoli and cauliflower. For the gluten free rolls, they use a chickpea flour and rice flour to make the roti. The kathi rolls also come with this tangy and spicy cilantro mint chutney (absolutely delicious!). I personally preferred the aloo pyaaz chana over the 7 vegetable one since it was spicier and flavorful vs. the latter was almost on the sweeter side (maybe because of the carrots?). My boyfriend got the samosa aloo chaat - which is one of their best sellers - which he liked quite a bit, not the best he has ever had but definitely above average.Oh and I also got Limca. For those of you who don't know what Limca is -  it is a soda that is sold in India, a cross between a lemonade and sprite/fresco, but more delicious because it is sour and sweet all at the same time! More...


Angelique A.

8 October 2014

Top notch Indian snack place.Cheap, authentic and great staff; you just can't go wrong.We tried the pani poori and aloo chaat and both were freshly made and quickly too. This is a little gem not to be missed if you happen to  find yourself near curry hill. More...


Devon C.

28 September 2014

Delicious, friendly, cheap. What more can you want? I got the lamb bhura kathi combo so it came with a samosa and a chai. The woman running the counter was very nice and helpful. The kathi roll came with chutney that complimented it perfectly. Everything about the experience was positive, definitely going again. More...


T G.

24 September 2014

This the best place to eat real indian food in the city! All of the ingredients are fresh, the tastes are authentic and the deals make it very reasonable. I love to eat here during the weekend as a snack o More...


Vineet S.

9 September 2014

I love my those tasty Kathi rolls though we actually call them Frankies or just rolls back home. Discovered this spot when I was close and looking to fix that kathi roll cravings.Since my first visit I have been back here multiple times. I love their Kathi Rolls , somebody who appreciates good flavor, authentic spices will know these rolls are way better than the ones at the "Kathi Roll Company".I tried various rolls my personal favorites are the ones with bhurji and lamb. They give the green chutney (sauce) which has a really nice spicy kick to it. Unlike "Kathi Roll Company" they don't charge for the sauce.They have an extensive menu and serve a whole lot of Indian snacks here. I will hopefully try those during my next visit.Staff is uber friendly and nice.Definitely my go to Kathi Roll Spot.FYI - Yelp check in gets you free coffee More...


Thea C.

28 August 2014

I go to school in this area and was looking for a good, cheap place to grab dinner before class. I stopes by at around 4:45 and it was quiet and the staff was super friendly. I ordered the Aloo and paneer kathi roll combo (comes with a samosa and drink). SO GOOD. Highly recommend. More...


Arun P.

17 August 2014

The best Kati roll ever. Authentic Indian style, really fresh, piping hot and spicy. Really tasty. Very very good service. The biriyanis are also really good and so are the raithas the come with it. Five stars for the food quality, taste and cheerful service. More...


Asad B.

17 August 2014

Great food. And ever better service. The owner is 'hands on' and always on the floor to make sure that the customer is satisfied.  Will definitely recommend this place to all desi food lovers. More...


Christian S.

12 August 2014

This place is a fusion between Mexican style burritos and Indian cuisine. I'll occasionally grab a quick roll on my walk home from work. Everything here is good, hard to pick a favorite, but I would suggest Chicken Tikkafor first timers. More...


Harini M.

3 August 2014

Really delicious! Take out is always really fast but I think they recently added a $10 minimum for credit/ debit cards so that is the only reason I wouldn't go there. Otherwise, they offer free wi-fi, nice service, bathroom, and decent sitting area. Mostly snack-ish food. Not for like real MEALS. I LOVE their samosa chaat. Highly recommend that! I found the pani puri a bit spicy but overall delicious. Definitely recommend! More...


Pearl M.

22 July 2014

I ordered delivery from here after reading good reviews and was not disappointed. I ordered samosa chaat, palak/spinach fritters chaat, and aloo paneer roll. The chaats were very good. Portions were enough for one person. I was surprised that the spinach fritters didn't get soggy on the way, clearly the serving is such that the fritters remain crispy which is what makes them yummy. I liked that the samosa chaat wasn't filled with chickpeas - most samosa chaats are full of chickpeas and very heavy to eat, this one wasn't. The roll was quite good too, but I prefer Kati Roll's rolls although Kati Roll uses more oil while this place was healthier. All in all it satisfied my chaat craving. I just wish this place were closer! I can't wait to visit in-person. I really like the healthy chaats in this place and highly recommend it. This coming from an Indian. BTW the green chutney on the side was spicy! More...


Robert S.

21 July 2014

Excellent food, my go ton for Indian sliders and wraps. Friendly service and fresh food, you cannot go wrong.


J L.

9 July 2014

So yummy and affordable!  I got the Palak Patte Ki Chaat and Lamb Bhuna and both were stellar; nice and spicy.  But yes, be aware of the $10 card minimum and the 10 minute wait on food.  This will definitely be a regular lunch spot for me going forward. More...


James G.

9 July 2014

We stopped here after visiting Kalustyan's for the requisite spice-shopping stop, and just wanted a lightish bite to eat and this place seemed promising. As I perused the menu, I saw that they have had a number of awards from various foodie publications, which only made the challenge of ordering that much more difficult. The owner happened to be right there, though, and happily offered some tips. We ended up ordering a chicken tikka wrap and a samosa chaat, along with a mango lassi, all of which my partner and I shared. He was unfamiliar with samosa chaat, and described it as being sort of like the Indian version of nachos. I suppose there is some sense to that, since you take a fairly humble ingredient (in this case, a vegetarian samosa instead of tortilla chips) and break it up a bit before topping it with all sorts of delicious things. It was sublime, and infinitely better than any dish of nachos I've ever had. The chicken tikka wrap was also very good indeed, nicely spicy and with a good range of textures, and well suited to the minty sauce that accompanied it. My mango lassi was also excellent--very thick and mango-y.The owner is the friendliest person you ever want to meet. If you don't know what to order, or what anything is, she's there to help. The main reason for not giving this place five stars is that the seating area is a bit hotter than ideal (it's sort of downstairs and I imagine it's hard to ventilate well) but they do offer free wifi and if you check in with Yelp you get a free cup of (hot) coffee, which I turned down since it was too blazing hot to contemplate a hot beverage. More...


Luo F.

2 July 2014

Went with a group of friends. Great atmosphere, very relaxing. The food was spectacular. A big fan of spicy food so that was a major plus. I had aloo papri chat with a chicken tikkI salad. More...


Richard H.

18 June 2014

This place is fantastic. Everything is so fresh and made to order (but you can still get in and out very quickly). I think it's a good sign when you can see the kitchen. Don't be put off because you don't know things on the menu. Before I started coming here Indian food was either curry or dosa, but now I love everything here.If you're not sure, try a kathi roll (curry in a wrap?), but you can't go wrong throwing a dart at the menu. And there's seating inside if you want to stay (there's a staircase in the back). And sometimes Indian food is really heavy, but here the portions are just right. I love the fast curry places up the street, but that puts me in a food coma and makes my pants tight. This place is perfect.One of my favorite two lunch spots in the neighborhood. More...


Cynthia O.

1 June 2014

Still a neighborhood favorite. Definitely definitely check out the spicy potato roll, but my ALL TIME FAVORITE is the Shrimp Biriyani. OMG, there's magic in this dish.  The shrimp is so fresh and it's the best damn combo of Biryani hands down. More...


Avik B.

23 May 2014

Fast delicious kati rolls.  Have eaten here multiple times and never regret it.  The mango lasi is pretty good as well.  Food can be spicy.  Seating cramped, but delivery is very fast. More...


Alison C.

21 May 2014

my co-worker & i LOVE their fried spinach leaves chaat appetizer.  we ALWAYS get that when we come here.  i usually eat that with either a samosa or one of their many sliders.  he will get a kaathi roll.  the food is good.  the wait time has improved significantly.  there is $10 credit card minimum which is slightly inconvenient but not a big deal.  the things that keep us coming back are the spinach leaves chaat appetizer and the lovely lady that runs the place.  she is a sweetheart & is really on top of it. More...


Latef X.

15 May 2014

Tiny little mom and pop shop with very cheap, affordable Indian wraps and samosa.  Very reasonably priced veggie samosa/roll/drink combo at $6.99.  I got the chickpea and potato roll, and it was super flavorful and tasty.  And the samosa was well cooked and crispy -- didn't taste too greasy.  In terms of service, it seems like they put delivery orders as top priority, then take-out, then dine in.  I think it took about 15 minutes for my order to come out for dine in with no one else in the restaurant, so not super quick.  And then for a take-out order, I think it took at least 10-15 as well.  Maybe they were just slammed with dinner delivery orders?  Not a problem if you have time to kill. More...


Yelena D.

7 May 2014

There was nothing I didn't enjoy about eating here last night. The woman behind the counter was beyond friendly and gracious, everything we ate, rolls, biryani, and chaats were flavorful, well-spiced, and frankly delicious - I wish I had ordered more/had more room in my stomach to eat more. We ordered three rolls/wraps, the chickpea and potato, the galli omelet, and the lamb bhuna; the lamb biryani; the puffed rice chaat and the spinach pakora chaat. The dining area is no-frills, but clean and comfortable and we couldn't have been more pleased with the food and the price! We will definitely return. More...


S E.

18 April 2014

Just tried and enjoyed the lamb biryani. It was very reasonably priced, prepared quickly, and tasty----the meat was tender and the overall dish  was flavorful with a nice heat that built slowly and consistently .


Doug B.

12 April 2014

Not sure why there are 2 Yelp[ entries for this place but all ratings should be combined.  this is a hidden gem food-wise.  Wish they had a higher profile location for surely they would be mobbed.  They've tried to create a hangout downstairs with Free WiFi, reading material.  Not sure that works--the food doesn't really encourage staying for long..  But the food is really good, the staff very pleasant.  They deliver, too.  Love the Samosa Chaat, either chicken dish.  Will definitely be back. More...



6 April 2014

1) Samosa chaat-- okay2) Chicken tikka slider-- good3) Lamb w/ egg slider-- good4) Chicken biryani-- very good5) Pav Bhaji: spiced vegetable with 2 indian slider buns-- delicious 6) Pani Puri: puri filled with spiced potatoes & spicy water mixture-- okay7) Mango lassi-- okayNote: food here is very spicy so be careful if you are not a fan of spice.


Allene T.

21 February 2014

Great food with great service.  I had a brief chat with the owner of Desi Galli about the history of the restaurant, along with it's promotions with PayPal and LevelUp.  Theres $5 on PayPal (which PayPal sponsors, according to the owner, so no need to feel guilty!) and $2 on LevelUp.  To maximize my savings, I was able to split up the payment and ended up paying $3 and change for my large dinner salad.  Very friendly and hospitable staff.  They have a few tables in the back for eat-in customers, but I took my order to go.I ordered a lamb salad, as recommended by the chef, to avoid all the extra carbs and grease that was not necessary for my diet :)  There is a choice between a medium and large salad and I opted for the large for dinner.  The greens are the good kind - not crappy iceberg lettuce, and they are generous on the portions.  The lamb seems to be a patty-type form and is grilled to order in front of you.  Onions and tomatoes are added as well.  You have a choice of mint-cilantro or tamarind (I think?) sweet dressing.  To be fair, these dressings are more like sauces, but it complements the salad very well.  WARNING - the mint cilantro dressing is VERY spicy, so I would opt of out of that if you can't handle the burn.  I actually asked for both dressings and found out that they actually taste quite good mixed together.Wonderful service and great food.  I'm glad PayPal had me here trying this out or I wouldn't have known of it's existence! More...


Wing C.

19 February 2014

Discovered another awesome hole in the wall thanks to Paypal!  On my first visit, I came about 10 mins before opening (I just happened to walk by the area, didn't really check the business hrs) and the boss lady was nice enough to open up early just for me. So far I've tried two of their sliders - #11 lamb strips + egg and #10 slow cooked spiced lamb - Not only are they generously loaded with meat, (I honestly think they should be called a burger rather than a slider), these sliders were perfectly seasoned and delicious! For $3.99 + tax, they are definitely a steal! Friendly, fast service (the boss lady is the sweetest and always seeking to learn more about each of her customer - must be a Canadian thing hehe). I can't wait to try the rest of the menu - will definitely return on my off day to pick up another delicious slider! More...


Matthew K.

17 February 2014

I discovered Desi Galli right here on Yelp.  I was looking for a good bite to eat without looking to pay a lot.  This place was perfect.  I starting talking to the cute, young, enthusiastic woman behind the counter about the menu displayed on the wall.  She explained in detail the difference between the kathi rolls, the slider sandwiches, and the snacks (chaats).  It didn't take me long to discover that she was not just an employee... she owns the place.I went with a lamb kathi roll (bhuna).  The lamb was perfectly spiced and tender... melt-in-your mouth delicious.  I wanted to try something else so she recommended I try the samosa chaat.  I was a little reluctant because I'm not a fan of samosas, but this was different.  First of all, it was only $3.99 so I really wasn't expecting anything except a plain samosa, but this came out looking like a taco salad.  A sliced up samosa shell covered with chickpeas, tomatoes, onions and slathered with white yogurt, a red sweet chutney and a green mint chutney.  It was a perfect combination of distinct colors and  flavors working together in perfect harmony.   Forget the $5 foot-long... go for the $3.99 samosa chaat at Desi Galli! More...


Sahara D.

11 February 2014

Adorable, cozy, delish!Very nice girl taking our orders, food is made fast and very fresh! So much flavorsPrices are awesome Love it! The chaats are my favorite just the right amount More...


Emily C.

7 February 2014

Amazing lunch spot! I had the chicken bihari kathi roll and it was crazy delicious. There was just enough spiciness and TONS of flavor. It was the perfect portion to not leave me feeling disgustingly full after. I am so eager to go back and try more things! More...


Neema K.

7 February 2014

I ordered  paani puri and samosa chat and I have to say it was very good!The paani puri was perfectly spiced and the sweet chutney was good. The quantity was also perfect, not too much and not too little just enough to satisfy the want for something sweet/spicy.I have tried samosa chat from many places; however, I will definitely recommend this place.!!! The samosa chat was not sagging with chick peas and was not curry like. It was just a little mixture of chick peas yogurt and chutneys and of course perfect! More...


Harris M.

31 January 2014

I live in the area, and have been here a few times. It's a great fast casual place. The kathi rolls are excellent, you can't go wrong with any of then, but the tikka and korma are two favorites. The biryani is pretty good too. Very reasonably priced. Word of warning, the door handle closes about 2 mm away from the soda fridge at the entrance. The last time I was here I tried to close the door from the inside and jammed my finger between the door and the fridge, fortunately the food was good enough that I was able to temporarily forget the searing pain in my thumb. More...


Alisha C.

26 January 2014

Great for a quick snackBetter for take out as there is limited seating. Each order takes about 4-5 minutes and is made fresh right in front of you. I've had both the veg and non-veg options and both were delicious. They've really hit the spot with the spices used and combination of flavors for each roll. Highly recommended! More...


A B.

25 January 2014

Great place for a quick and moderately priced snack. Stopped in on a break at my job a block away and within 5 min had a freshly prepared vegan channa kathi roll on whole wheat paratha to go. They even gave me an extra cup of the mint cilantro chutney, didn't have to ask for it. I wasn't as full as I would have been if I spent that same $5 and change at mcdonalds up the street, but I watched my food get freshly prepared and was in and out in the same amount of time, so +1 for the convenience.Also +1 for offering a free coffee with a Yelp check in...and another +1 because they upgraded me to a free chai for (very politely, I might add) making me wait a bit for the coffee while they rang up other customers.The $6 chicken tikka salad sounds like a great deal, depending on the size, and I'll likely be back to find out.Seating downstairs if you'd like to stay in to eat! More...


Nav G.

10 January 2014

I brought a couple friends here who had never had Indian food before. I told them this was more like Indian fast food or street food. It was a good place to start. We got samosa chaats, chicken tikka kati roll, chicken behari roll and a paneer roll. Their Kati rolls are actually really good. I didn't think they would be able to even come close to the Kati roll company's rolls. But I was truly impressed. The samosa chaat was delicious!! They also have other chaats and I can't wait to go back and try them out. They carry a selection of lassis and bottled Indian sodas (Limca, anyone ). The staff is very nice and friendly and they will answer any questions that you may have about their menu. I wish Desi Galli was closer to work. I'd be having a lot more samosa chaats during the week ;) More...


Lili K.

9 January 2014

I got the chicken korma, lamb kebab with an egg and the gulab jamun (free dessert with a four-square check-in, fyi!).My favorite dish was the chicken korma, and the spicy green sauce that came with it!  It came out piping hot (it takes a bit after you order it, and they bring it to you fresh out of the kitchen!) and was good.  There's also free coffee with a yelp check-in!  We just opted for dessert instead, haha. More...


Cece Y.

6 January 2014

Whenever I'm in the mood for Indian fast food, I think I'll return here!  The food is delicious, fast and inexpensive; the staff is nice; there's plenty of seating downstairs (newly updated with black lacquer tables); and the place is clean.  There's also free WiFi and 1 tiny single-stall BR downstairs.I got the following for free or nearly free via PayPal mobile app promos.  I took the orders to go and each came with a little cup of tasty green chili sauce: -#3: Aloo & Paneer Tikki (This got a TimeOutNY mention, according to their menu board): You can get this as either a Slider or Kathi Roll:---as a Slider: Although it's small compared to the supersized everything Americans are used to, this was actually pretty filling.  And tasty!  It comes on a Mumbai Pav bun.---as a Kathi Roll ($5.43 total): Delicious and very filling.  -Galli Omelette slider (Serious Eats mention): Yum!  Same notes as above.  This one is my favorite so far.  So good!-#23: Palak Patte Ki Chaat ($5.34, Serious Eats mention): Delicious fried spinach with lots of toppings.  Like loaded nachos, but spicier and more interesting.-Hot Masala Chai: Spicy tea, so not really my cup of...tea.-Gulab Jamun: No no no no no.  Gross.  Sickeningly sweet and bitter like cough syrup - nearly pesticidal I imagine - and that's saying something for a sugar addictive .  There are only 3 balls, but one bite was enough.-Saffron Kulfi ($3.80): Wonderfully creamy vanilla-like ice cream bar on a stick.  More popular than the mango flavor, according to the cashier.FYI: -$10 minimum to use a credit card.  -Free WiFi available, plus a pitcher of water downstairs for free refills.-Check in via Yelp for a free coffee or Hot Masala Chai.-LevelUp also offers $2 off.  -Monday special: 2-for-1 Kathi Roll w/ the purchase of a drink.-And don't forget to pick up a loyalty punch card: Buy 6 Kathi Rolls and your 7th is free! More...


Manish J.

30 December 2013

I love Desi Galli.  The food at Desi Galli epitomizes Indian Street Food.  Typically I order Kati Rolls, though I have also tried some of the other snacks including the Pau Bhaji.  Let's talk about those Kathi Rolls though.  In New York City, these rolls are most popularly ordered at The Kati Roll - a multiple location establishment.  However, I honestly believe Desi Galli makes a much better Kathi Roll you get much more for the same price.  You can order a roll on three different types of bread - Roomali Roti, Paratha, or Whole Wheat Paratha.  The Paratha is the traditional one, though if you're going for something a little more healthy you also won't go wrong with the Roti or Whole Wheat.Desi Galli has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian rolls, though I've only tried the former.  Desi Galli also has vegan options!  My favorite rolls are the Aloo and Paneer Tikki and Paneer Bhurji rolls, however the Channa is also very good.  Desi Galli makes these rolls with just the right amount of spice - not overpowering, but the with just he right kick.  And the portions are sizeable.  You could easily have a mini meal with one roll, though if you're hungry I'd recommend definitely getting two.  I've typically ordered delivery, which often can take some time to arrive, however Desi Galli also has a nice little seating area in it's basement and I believe there is even wifi.  What's nice is that though Desi Galli is clearly a fast food establishment, they actually brought my food to my table when it was ready.  One more tip:  for those of you looking for a different meal option while you're sitting at home watching football this Sunday, try a Kathi Roll from Desi Galli!  Goes great with a beer! More...


Sonny S.

27 December 2013

one of the best places to get chaat and indian street food in manhattan. the samosa chaat is on point as is the paneer aloo kati roll. the chai is also strong and flavorful. highly recommend it! More...


Maham S.

25 December 2013

Loved the samosa chat and the chicken bihari Kati roll! The food was spicy and authentic, and for a great price too. Would definitely go again.


George C.

19 December 2013

A PayPal deal brought me in here once and I was sternly rejected from using it as a payment method, so I returned a few months later to try again. Same woman, different outcome.* Ordered the Serious Eats-recommended Galli Omelet Kati Roll, which they offered to bring down to me, so I descended into the eating area, with Indian tunes blasting rather than turning on the TV. When it arrived, it was hazardous-level hot (I love that it's fresh, but could've waited another minute or so and saved my hands for the week). The dish and the accompanying green sauce were both satisfying once they cooled down, albeit a bit steep for the portions compared to other Curry Hill spots.A nice shady transaction...Amount  1 $6.52 $6.52Total $6.52 USD*...though she did make up her own restrictions on their FourSquare checkin special, which meant I can never redeem it through her bootleg extemporaneous policy.Much better experience and dish this time, and it emerged quicker (cold food tends to do that):Amount  1 $4.34 $4.34Palak Patte Ki Chaat (As seen in Serious Eats)Spinach Pakoras layered with Spiced Chickpeas, Onions, Tomatoes, Tamarind Chutney, Mint Cilantro Chutney and Yogurt. VegetarianTotal $4.34 USDAmount (scored a tasty Bhel puri during the post-work crunch) - Item #INV2-L3ZH-94NR-MR6P-CEE4-$4.34Amount (aloo & paneer tikki - pretty solid)-$5.00$0.43Amount (Omelet slider was really satisfying)-$4.34a002-vod.nyc.gov/html/fo…Tasty #6 - Amount$5.98-$5.00$0.98Overall, a solid 3.44Amount - Aloo Piyaaz Kathi Roll, satisfying$5.98-$5.00$0.98 More...


Avin N.

15 December 2013

My wife and I randomly chose this place today while walking around in Murray Hill. We were both starving, and uncharacteristically didn't even check Yelp reviews before heading in. Usually, that can result in disaster, but not this time. This is some of the best Indian food we've had in the city. We both got Kathi rolls on recommendation of the folks working the kitchen. Ameesha C had the aloo and paneer tikki wrapped in roomali roti, and I had the chicken tikka with paratha. Both were ridiculously flavorful and well spiced. While kathi rolls haven't always been my thing, these were exceptional. And they were far less oily than kathi rolls you might get even in India. Not much for ambiance, but then again that's not why you go here (or really any place in Murray Hill). To top it all of, very reasonably priced. Lunch for 2 (including a samosa and 2 drinks) for $15 is not too shabby in this city. Especially when the food is this good. Highly recommend this place if you like Indian food, spicy food, or really just food in general. More...


Simon P.

13 December 2013

Saw the board outside advertising their lunch special and walked in hoping to grab a quick lunch. Was about to walk back out when I saw that there wasn't anywhere to sit, but then I noticed a stairwell leading downstairs to tons of seating. Perfect! Like most Indian places, the menu had a good number of tasty options for vegetarians as well as carnivores. I got  the aloo/paneer tiki and lamb bhuna khati rolls. Tasted really fresh. The paratha that it was rolled in was wonderful but a bit too much potato in the aloo/paneer roll and the lamb in the lamb roll was a bit too sweet for something described as spiced (although it was cooked perfectly). Loved the service here. Once you place your order, they bring your food downstairs to your seat. The staff are super friendly. I was happy to see they make eye contact with their customers and have genuine smiles-- something I don't often see in NYC. Also, I think I might have a bit of a crush on the owner or manager. She's got that Neyo's Miss Independent vibe going for her haha.  Full disclosure, I think I'm coming down with a bit of a cold right now and I'm not sure if my taste buds are feeling the effects yet so I'll certainly be back again to try more of their food. More...


Savneet S.

8 December 2013

I came here randomly and loved it. Great pani puri and the Kati rolls are fresh and very tasty. Bihari chicken is my favorite. You must try the masala tea too. It's my fav so far in NYC. Worth a stop. More...


Ian S.

24 November 2013

Great food, lots of flavor and quick service. Basically, it's Indian food in the mold of a sand which shop. Giving you things like Chicken Tikka Masala wrapped in roti. It really works well. Hard to beat for the price. More...


Mihir U.

13 November 2013

This place is awesome, and the very definition of a "hole in the wall" type of restaurant. You walk into the place, look at the menu, order you food, then walk down a flight of stairs and sit while they bring your food. Most of the time that I've been here, I'm usually alone, and so are the majority of the people sitting with me in the basement eating area. It's a place to come for the food, and not to socialize. I have eaten just about everything on their menu at least once. I like all of it. The best deal is their Kati roll combo, which comes with one Kati roll, one samosa, and a canned soda. It'll cost $7 for the vegetarian and $8 for non-veg. Definitely the best deal on this street, which contains a whole cluster of Indian restaurants and shopping. The people who work here are also very nice. I forgot the name of the Indian girl who works the cash register, but she's very cute. I don't live in New York City anymore, but whenever I come back to visit, this place will definitely be on my list of places to visit. More...


Tom S.

20 October 2013

Excellent choice for South Asian comfort food. Had the Aloo & Paneer Tikki Roll and it was as good as promised-writing about it just makes me want to have another!


Divya P.

17 October 2013

I seriously fell in love with this place from the moment I had a bite of the delicious Kati Roll + Samosa combo I ordered.My college is around the vicinity of this place and I was so happy I came here during my break. They had authentic Indian soft drinks to my surprise. The server was super friendly and sarcastically funny, which gave her a certain charm. I feel like she definitely helped lighten the mood up of the place. There's a small cozy eating area downstairs too, so I was able to enjoy my meal there. If you're a spice lover, this place hits the spot. And if you like Indian food..even better! I had the chicken tikka Kati roll (which I HIGHLY recommend) along with a spicy veggie samosa. Naturally I'm very picky when it comes to Indian food but this place really won me over. I'm definitely coming back here again and again..and again. More...


Kevin C.

10 October 2013

My kathi roll combo was the perfect lunch today. It was delicious, and I felt really energized all afternoon. Also, the lady running the counter (the owner?) is very nice and helpful for those who don't know a lot about Indian food. I can't praise this place enough! More...


Christopher R.

3 October 2013

I don't want to pretend like I am an expert on kati rolls but I really enjoyed what I had here. It was fresh and flavorful. They also have perks for checking in on yelp (which I love) as well as a loyalty card. I will definitely be coming back. More...


Barbara W.

30 September 2013

Desi Galli is the small family owned business on the corner that makes you forget you're in big scary NYC, and instead makes you feel like you're the neighbor next door. I stopped by on a whim for take-out dinner on a weekday night, and was really impressed with the warmth of the owner. I don't really know Indian food really well, but I was given a great recommendation of biryani (lamb) and enjoyed eating last bit of it. The next week I stopped by for lunch, and I was so impressed that the lovely owner remembered me and my order from the Saturday before! I got the "meatless Monday" special which was 2 veggie Kati rolls for $7 + drink. I loved sitting downstairs with a friend, and feeling really at home and relaxed. Ordering to-go only takes a few minutes too.Stop by and pick up some really homey yummy Indian food, and also come say hello to the wonderful owner, who will treat you like an old friend, or family. I always feel like I'm transported into an Indian home, and my new Indian mother is cooking for me after a tough day at school (or something similar). Highly recommend - please stop by if you're in the area :). More...


Julius B.

29 September 2013

I love this spot! I've been going here since they opened and the food is amazing. I'm a snacker so the portion size is perfect for between meals.  I like to try different types of cuisines so this is a must stop spot in Murray Hill where they have an assortment of Indian Food.  I love all the different sauces and the downstairs area is great. It's modern, clean and a twist to your typical Indian Fare.  I like that they blended the lunch/dinner foods and turned them into something for take-out or a meal on the go.I've never been to a place like this before, but every time I'm in a mood for a quick snack I always drop by!Be sure to check out their check-in special. The ice coffee is worth it just for checking in. More...


Rachelle R.

19 August 2013

We wandered around looking for a dosa place last night at 10pm and were crushed to find that all of them were closed - then we decided to try this little place instead, which is open until 11pm.  When you walk in, it's pretty casual and looks like more of a take out place, but there's actually seating downstairs with free wi fi and blasting Indian pop.  I sort of wasn't in the mood for this type of thing, but you know what?  I went with it and ended up having a lot of fun down there.The iced chai was perfect - not too sweet, but you have the option of requesting sugar in it or sweetener on the side.  My sister in law tried the mango lassi which looked awesome.My husband and I dug in to a couple of Chaats (snacks) and were literally blown away by the flavors!  The Palak Patte Ki Chaat is seriously not to be missed.  I liked that the menu shows what's been suggested by different reviews - that was a big help since it pointed me to what was good.  We also both got the Aloo and Paneer Tikki Kathi roll which was awesome - almost like a samosa panini/wrap!  The woman who served us (I think the owner) was super sweet and very smart - we chatted a bit about Indian street food and how there was a real lack for places like this in NYC.  We've all had your basic Indian food but this stuff is FO REAL!  I was very surprised at the freshness of all the food.We also tried a bit of the chicken biryani which was just hard to stop picking at even with incredibly full bellies - it's really delicious with the yogurt sauce.  I even ordered a veggie biryani to go for lunch today.  I also grabbed this Indian soda "Thumbs Up" which was weird but pretty good.Really solid casual Indian place - great food and service, and cheap!  They could easily charge more for what they put out, real quality stuff.  Go! More...


Harsha M.

12 August 2013

I have stopped here with my colleague after work hours for a quick Indian snack.. The first thing you'll notice is charming lady who owns the place (and she is also a chef for us). We have ordered Samosa Chat, Vada Pav, Pav bhaaji and Paani Puri (Yes! It is not a light snack as I mentioned earlier). All the dishes were decent but Pav bhaaji and vada Pav are stand outs for me. they are delicious and tastes like you're eating some where in India. Their decor (Downstairs dining area) and Music also takes you to India for a while. Be Sure to Check in in Yelp or FourSquare to get a free dessert. More...


Girl In Limine X.

8 August 2013

Where to start? With the pretty charming lady who takes your usual order and tries to nudge you into more culninary adventures? The yummy bread? The perfect spices? The great portions? The you-can't-beat-it-price? I LOVE Desi Galli! Grab yourself a kati roll and mango lassi to go...and take it to nearby Madison Square Park and soak up the summer scene...watch the folks on that long line for Shake Shack and thank your god for small tasty mercies with each bite! (They even have a loyalty card!) I love this place... More...


Prerna S.

4 August 2013

I found myself in Curry Hill, feeling defeated since my eyebrow threading salon was closed, when I stumbled across Desi Galli.  It was a breathe of fresh air after walking past blocks of typical Indian restaurants, so I popped in. The restaurant feels more like a take-out place, though there is a seating area downstairs.  The food is typical Indian "snack " food (chaat, kati rolls, etc), and I had to restrain myself from ordering the entire menu.   Priya, the owner, was incredibly friendly helped me settle on the paneer and aloo kati roll and the pav bhaji. It was made fresh right then, and I walked out with my food, feeling super excited.The kati roll was fabulous...perfectly seasoned and not overly greasy like some other places (Priya told me that they don't use any ghee/butter, which was great since I never made it to the gym, oops).   The pav bhaji was ok...it tasted good, but not like the pav bhaji I'm used to (though, admittedly, I'm very picky since my dad is a phenomenal cook). Either way, it's totally worth a special trip...the food and prices are great, and Priya is an absolute doll.  If they ever start delivering to the west side, I'm gonna have a real problem on my hands (and no money left in my wallet). More...


Aneta S.

2 July 2013

The food is cheap and incredibly tasty. I went for lunch and got chicken tikka khati roll and a samosa. My friends got other khati rolls and they were all very delicious. Keep in mind that they make the rolls fresh so it takes a while when ordering at the place. better to order beforehand. More...


Stephanie Q.

26 June 2013

Cheap, quick and good.As an unadventurous person, I always eat the same thing at Indian food. In sit down restaurants, I eat Chicken Tikka Masala or Tandoori Chicken.So obviously I had the tandoori chicken kathi roll here. It was delicious, the guy cooks it once you order it. This guy is very tech savvy. He has a nice mac and played his own Indian music that he remixed himself. More...


Chris C.

25 June 2013

Yummy khati rolls. All you can eat lunch buffet is not self serve. They make your rolls fresh to order. I work nearby. A good lunch spot. Free wifi a plus. More gluten free options would be great. Friendly atmosphere. Next time I will probably ask if they can modify the spice level. More...


O D.

28 April 2013

Good aloo tikki and paneer roll and great samosa chaat! Best for take out.


Foram M.

26 April 2013

I LOVE this place. It's a real gem in the middle of Curry Hill because it's casual, clean and the price is just right. The food is cart-style, Indian snack foods. You have kathi rolls (which everyone loves) plus classic chaats and everything is super cheap. I live around the corner and their chai for 1.49 is perfect on morning when I'm low on milk and can't make my own. Beats paying $5 for Starbucks! I love their chaats the most, but their hospitality is really great. Priya is the owner, and she's very friendly and welcoming. She gave my friend and me free gulab jamun to celebrate their 4-month anniversary and always greets me by name when I go in. I've met her husband when he was in the restaurant and he's just as hospitable. Go just for their service!Seating area is also pretty nice and clean and you can jam to some Indian music on their TV while you eat. Awesome place, one of my favorites in the area! More...


Yuan A.

5 April 2013

Was walking around by my college and was in mood for indian food. The block this is located in was filled with indian restaurants. I decide to go here because it look like it would be a quick grab and go place. Definitely recommend the Seekh Kabob roll or pav. The Mango lassi is good but only comes in medium size. They have wifi also. More...


Suman M.

27 February 2013

Amazing!! Better than Kati Roll. Very flavorful. Tried the lamb and kebab which were delicious. They are also accommodating to making custom ones. Very fast delivery with Seamless.


Andy G.

26 February 2013

This place is the bomb.  Priya the owner is super cool and the 2 Nepali dudes at the front are cool as well.  The food is very good...tried the briyani and Kati roll...amongst the best Indian I have tried in NYC.  The chai is from original garam spices overseas...Check it... More...


Grace P.

8 February 2013

#14 ice cream bar = tastyManager was friendly & energetic. (Same company as Bhatti Indian restaurant.)Mgr said they're working on salads, & stopped using ghee on some items, making them vegan. If they could work on more gluten-free items, that'd be sweet! Will return. More...


Audrey S.

31 December 2012

A friend of mine always orders their samosa rolls that remind me of a breakfast burrito. They're so mouth-watering!


Bhavini P.

13 December 2012

"Rolls were super tasty and well marinated. Overall better than Kati roll but definitely smaller. Also try the small plates - samosa chat was great!"


Shibs K.

11 December 2012

Homemade kulfi (India ice cream) on a stick...ENOUGH SAID!Friendly owner, great menu selection...I am excited to return to try out more food!


Madhu R.

13 November 2012

Great place for lunch.  Light, tasty, fresh, and satisfying food.  Very friendly staff too.  Try the Whole Wheat Chicken Tikka roll with a Thumbs Up (Indian Cola that's a little spicy)


mollusk h.

8 October 2012

great lunch spot in the flatiron/murry hill area.i had the #18 lunch special(chana masala)the staff was very nice, everything is made to order and fresh and the spices are not too overpowering. just right.i'm already looking forward to my next visit. More...


R G.

7 October 2012

I like coming here for the samosa chaat and masala chai... it's my guilty pleasure whenever I'm in this area and craving a spicy snack.  Cheap, affordable.  Just come in and tell the lady what you want to order for there or to-go.  Cafeteria style seating downstairs. More...


Dan C.

6 October 2012

Just got back from here--amazing. Great for a snack or full email, a frien and I got stuffed for $19 (both, $9.50 each) and the food was incredible--some of the best Indian chicken and chickpeas I've ever had. Menu is super simple and straightforward, though the arrangement of how to order needed to be explained. More...


Kim L.

8 September 2012

So I've only popped in once and tried one thing..but it is that one thing that I am very happy about..the vegan channa kati roll...layered in flavor and a lovely parantha..with a  number of assorted flavors.. I look forward to my next visit! More...


Jean L.

7 September 2012

Very tasty Indian food. I had the fried potato wrap and it comes with a spicy green sauce. Super Yummy. I also tried the mango lassi. Delicious! Will definitely come back to try other yummy stuff on the menu. Did I mention everything was YUMMY?! YuM! More...


Beth J.

23 August 2012

Wow. The best Indian food I have ever eaten. Try the samosa chat!  I hope to  go back soon and try more of the menu! Owners are very friendly and I wish this to be a very very successful restaurant!


Jenna H.

31 July 2012

I only ordered take out, but a glance into the dining room revealed a bright, sparely furnished area to park for a few minutes and eat some really unique Indian food, packaged for the impatient American sensibility. Desi Galli solves a problem that I wasn't even aware that I had:a dearth of Indian food with all the flavor that I love, in sandwich/wrap form that I can eat on the go. I ordered the Desi Galli, which is a wrap with a thin omelette, curry sauce, and a multitude of all kinds of stuff that I couldn't discern individually but that came together for a really good wrap that wasn't boring, as wraps are wont to be. More...


Nato G.

19 July 2012

This place was delicious. My favorite Indian flavors delivered via a delightfully snackable form. These rolled sandwiches are happening!


Sam I.

6 June 2012

Priya was very friendly and helpful choosing a healthy kati roll.  The options seem healthier here than other places on the block.  I would highly recommend this place for lunch! More...


Anju D.

3 June 2012

Really cute place that just recently opened up. I had their chicken tikka roll and a kesar kulfi, both were delicious! Staff was also very attentive and friendly. Would definately recommend this place to others and come back! More...


Debbie C.

1 June 2012

This is a great, new, young, hipster place you want to visit!  Move over Chinatown! Desi Galli offers great value and fun food to fit your budget and appetite.  The owners are welcoming, warm and inviting to their home like atmosphere they've created. A wonderful resource if you want to do catering on a reasonable budget and create an exotic sense of the unusual.  Food is light, fluffy and non greasy.  You will not be disappointed.  Spices are just right!  Chef is passionate about his craft. Students are fortunate as they offer a discount if you show your ID. College students and faculty  are lucky too, they will deliver!!!  They offer a cozy place downstairs to eat your yummy foods.  I am certain you are going to be delighted with this most recent jewel in the heart of Little India on Lexingon Ave.Try it!  You will thank me! More...


Jess L.

27 May 2012

New in the 'hood, and I definitely plan on coming back.They have lots of options and helpful descriptions. The people working here were also really nice and helped customers make decisions.My sandwich was done pretty quickly, and it was filling and tasty. They were serving up free coffee for their opening, too, which was a nice gesture -- and pretty tasty, too! More...


V J.

20 May 2012

Loved the authentic Kesar Kulfi!!! and great ambiance!!  Need to go back several times to try everything on the Menu!