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Photographer - Artist - Designer

... for when you need art that matches your soul, not your sofa

I offer quality photos, portraits, headshots, boudoir, pin-up, fantasy etc.
I do all my own retouch, as well as retouching of other photographer's work


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Annie Collins

8 March 2019

Denise has such a great sense of creative talent.. she is amazing, not only in her outstanding photography, but in her ability to make you feel comfortable!


Lalaine V. Gimbi

23 July 2018

I cannot say enough good things about working with Denise. Where do I begin She has been a very integral part of Crack Pies L.A. — She designed my company's logo. She has been my photographer, graphic designer. She has been beside me during major events that Crack Pies L.A. has been a part of. She is a professional and a master at her craft. Her creativity knows no bounds, and is so incredibly insightful. She is able to help you take the images you have in your mind, and bring them out, whether it's in her photos or her graphic designs, she is amazing. More...


Jarrett Richard Wegelin

23 July 2018

Denise has a great eye for her art without losing what her clients are asking for. She takes your vision and really gives it to you. She will not disappoint. On top of that she is very easy to work with. Highly recommended! More...


Kayla Bell

23 July 2018

Denise is awesome! Did a mini holiday shoot with her a few weeks ago, and they came out better than we imagined! The studio she used was awesome, with a few backdrops to choose from. Denise even accommodated is bringing our 3 large dogs in for the photos! I can’t believe she was able to get all 3 of the dogs to look at the camera. She’s created memories for us that my family will forever cherish. She’s fast to edit, personable, and extremely helpful. Totally recommended, I plan to do more shoots with her in the future! More...


Ryan DM

23 July 2018

Her photography is the best. She finds a way to bring out your inner vibe and make it work and is a joy to work with. Ive shot with her twice and have loved every single photo.


Terry Gendreau

23 July 2018

Very easy to work with, professional and thorough. Love her work!


Alysa Wegelin

23 July 2018

Denise did not only some lovely model photography for me but she did my engagement photo shoot and it was PERFECT. What my fiancé and I wanted to a T. She is so warm, friendly, and happy to hear your suggestions while constantly having brilliant ideas. I will always work with her ❤️❤️❤️ More...


Shayne Alissa Verba

23 July 2018

SUCH A TALENT !!! i had headshots taken a while back from a woman who really had no idea how to take or edit a headshot. i found denise and am so friggin grateful that i did !! she flawlessly edited my pictures without making them look like they'd been touched up in the slightest ! so amazingly natural. i couldn't rave about her work more- such breathtaking photos and she gave me exactly what i desired and requested. i couldn't have asked or hoped for anything better.. this woman is absolutely incredible ! More...


Erich Cuenca

23 July 2018

Not since Steven Arnold (Rest His Soul) have I ever been so moved by a photographic artist! Denise's work is like looking through the eyes of an Art Deity...

She truly has been given a gift which she uses to it's fullest artistic potential... When you need art that matches your soul and not your sofa...
She's the one to contact.


Great light and finding the perfect angle on your model/subject is the key.

How do you want to be remembered? What kind of feel do you want your photos to have? Do you prefer color or black & white?

I like to get to know my clients before we shoot so you can vibe with me and I with you. It allows me to capture photos thar are uniquely YOU, celebrating your individual beauty/look. My sessions are never 'cookie cutter' because of this. You can ask me alllll the questions you want, nothing is too weird to ask me. I want you to feel comfortable in front of my camera. Everything else just flows from there.

How many photos do you need/would you like? Digital and/or print? How do you like your retouch, if any? Outfit changes?

I love meeting people of every walk of life. I love taking natural shots as much as I love sensual boudoir and fantasy edits. The neverending creative part is what keeps my heart with photography.

I know what it's like to hate every single photo you're in. And it DOES NOT have to be that way, I promise you. My entire life I've always known people, especially WOMEN that always hated every photo of themselves. There is beauty in everyone I meet and I want YOU to see your own beauty.

You can be honest with me, ask me any questions you want to ask before committing to a session. Feel strange, too old, too big for a boudoir session? Talk to me, I promise you it's not nearly as scary as it sounds. I also want your photos to be perfect for you and will meticulously edit them.