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Megan R.

29 June 2019

I love this gym. It is clean, small, and never too busy. They have locker rooms, showers, and free classes.


Heather K.

3 June 2019

There are not many gym options in Madison Park / Madison Valley but Denali made the most sense for my needs right now. I have been going here regularly for about three months and love it for the most part.It's a very small gym but they have everything I need.The biggest negative is the cost ($69/month plus tax). Paying $75/month for a gym membership seems ludicrous to me coming from Portland where I was spending $26/month for LA Fitness (I held their membership for over ten years). Unfortunately Seattle traffic makes it near impossible to visit the local LA Fitnesses when commuting from Madison Park.Denali is very small and they don't have enough amenities to warrant the $75 imo. No pool, sports courts, and somewhat limited operating hours. The women's locker room feels a bit outdated but they have a sufficient amount of lockers, benches, showers, and stalls.Parking is incredibly limited out front and the small garage is tricky to access and offers only about 25 spaces. And since the spaces are so tight, people park across lines leaving no space for your car if you come at a busy time.Now for the pros!They have beautiful new cardio equipment with most machines having a personal media screen that lets you access various entertainment apps like Netflix. I usually just read from my iPad so I've never really used these screens other than to login and choose my workout parameters but this seems like a feature many people love.They keep bottles of cleaner and wipe-down towels next to each machine which encourages everyone to clean the equipment after each use. I hate coming up to a machine covered in somebody else's gross sweat but that is never an issue here.Complimentary towels are available when you check in - I LOVE this amenity. Front desk staff is incredibly friendly and does not turn over so you see the same smiling faces each time you come in. I have not taken any classes here yet - they don't offer step (my favorite) and they don't offer many options for evening classes. I also do not use their weight machines or free weights - I'm a cardio gal - so I can't offer commentary on those amenities.To wrap up: if you live or work in/around Madison Valley / Madison Park this is a solid gym option. You'll find nice cardio equipment, decent selection of free weights & machines, a fair amount of group classes, and friendly staff members to greet you. Hours are limited so it might not be a great fit for shift workers and it's very pricey so not great for someone early in their career who can't afford shelling out $75/month on a gym. More...


Eliya Manson

26 April 2019

Excellent neighborhood gym. Clean, well run, well maintained. Challenging classes with good instructors. I've been to the locations on Bush, Valencia, and Gough. All 3 locations are great.


Julie S.

15 September 2018

Friendly neighborhood gym, just a block from the arboretum. You can leave the gym and go for a run through the woods. Friendly staff and great workout classes. Really nice facility, with good equipment--everything I'm looking for in a gym. Plus there is a sauna. More...



8 June 2018

Awesome gym!!


Morgan Houghton

26 May 2018

Brand new equipment throughout the gym! Super sleek! Nice job guys! Also, the group classes are top notch with a mix of HIIT type classes, Yoga and cycle. Completely affordable especially for the quality and the experience. Thanks Denali! More...


D Q.

28 July 2017

When the guys at Denali learned I was visiting from out of town, they retroactively credited me all the day passes I had paid for in favor of their lower weekly rate. Thank you very much! A very nice gesture.Complete gym, great atmosphere and friendly staff! Totally recommend! More...


Henry Carlton

8 June 2017

i got fat so i go here and get not fat


Adam Donley

8 June 2016



Jeff K.

26 March 2016

I waited a year after moving to the neighborhood before trying out this gym for the first time back in January 2016, and now wish I had given them a try much sooner.  I live near the Madison Park location.  Aside from the convenience of a neighborhood gym, it also fosters a sense of community among it's members.  I take advantage of many of the free classes, including Total Body Conditioning from Seyeon, Cycling from Danielle and Molly, the Cardio Cycle and Strength class from Kristin, and Yoga classes from Jennifer and Madzy and I love all of the classes and instructors.  They push me harder than I would push myself which can be tough in the moment, but I'm always thankful for the motivation and encouragement they provide. More...


Samuel Madeira

8 June 2015

Clean gym and friendly staff. Has everything you need for a gym.


Amy S.

22 May 2015

I have been coming to this gym for over 20 years - joined back when it was Sound Mind and Body. It's a great neighborhood gym, low turnover of staff so you really feel like you know the people there and they all know you. I love the cardio equipment with touchscreen tv's, Internet, USB ports and games. Keeps me distracted while I do my cardio. I never have to wait for a machine, sometimes the weight room and stretching area gets crowded but you just have to know the times to avoid. Classes are awesome! And abundant. Free parking? Yes! That is worth a lot in this city! Easy street parking too. Locker rooms are clean, work out areas are clean. Good personal trainers. Its more expensive than some gyms but worth the price!! You get what you pay for. More...


Rich T.

17 April 2015

Convenient and small but has everything you need for a good workout. Their machines are in good shape and their running and biking machines all have Tvs on them. The main thing is that parking is easy across the street or underneath the building. They have trainers there and a good free weights as well. This isn't a huge place but has what's needed for a full body workout. More...


Christie B.

1 October 2013

I love this gym!  It is small, but rarely feels crowded.  Last Saturday morning was the first time in almost a year I have waited for an elliptical (I think everyone was trying to get their workout on before the Husky game).  The equipment is top notch (love the TV's on all cardio equipment) and I especially love the classes.  The classes are free and instructors are some of the best I have ever had.  The spinning classes can get full from time to time, so it's important to get there early to sign up for a bike, but otherwise some of the classes can feel like a personal training session.  Yes, this gym is more expensive than a 24 hour fitness or YMCA, but you get what you pay for, seriously!  I would never give a 24 hour fitness (at least the ones I have been to) a 5 star rating like I have for this great gym. More...


Shawna R.

3 July 2013

I don't need much in a gym. I like to elliptical until I can't breathe or run until I'm dripping in sweat(Is it odd I don't run outside because I like to count the little calories burning off?). I also appreciate a solid spin class, some calming yoga and zesty Zumba once in awhile.  Denali Fitness has all of these things in a great location with free work out towels. I really appreciate that this place isn't crowded, it allows me to use the workout room upstairs for my weird legs exercises that I refuse to do in front of others. The machines are clean with private TV's that provide all the channels I don't get at home. Parking is usually easy to find and if you have to park a couple blocks away, big deal. You're going to the gym to work out! My only complaint is the cost. There is nothing cheap about this gym and even though I'd greatly appreciate a reduction in cost I'll keep going until I find a closer/cheaper alternative. And hopefully burn off my Yelp calorie consumption in the process! More...


Jeff M.

10 November 2011

I'm a 3 year member at Denali & have been very satisfied in my three years there.I spend most of my time on the free weights and lifting machines, but have experience on the aerobic equipment and in the spin and yoga classes. If you're in the Madison Park, Madison Valley, Madrona, or Leschi neighborhoods, and looking for a gym, it's definitely worth consideration. Pluses (for me):- Location - very very convenient- Quality equipment - they've just upgraded a lot of their aerobic equipment to some really nice stuff- Equipment access - it always seems busy, but never too crowded- Professional, polite, service-oriented staff- Great instructors- Local feelMinuses (for me)- Wish there were more early morning classes for people with day jobs, like me!- Wish there were a few more 35-45 lb dumbbellsI'd definitely recommend Denali Fitness!! More...


Brent S.

7 September 2011

I wanted to write an update for Denali because Charlie, one of the Madison Park trainers, really helped me customize and intensify my workouts in preparation for climbing Rainier.  As a result, I was able to enjoy the trip to the top this past August instead of suffering the entire way.  I highly recommend her services if you're trying to get ready for a physical challenge outside of your normal comfort zone.  Also, I'm loving the upgrades that just went into the Madison Park location! More...


Aly M.

25 April 2011

I've been a member of Denali fitness for a few months now, and I really, really love it.  The cons are so few, and the pros are so many!Pros: - Top of the line equipment - Small and friendly - Good classesCons: - No steam room. - Parking is limitedAll in all, I am a very happy member of Denali and plan to work out there for a long time! More...


Debdeep B.

13 January 2011

I went there yesterday as i got a 7 day free pass .. Its a small and tidy gym .. I love the cardio machines as they have TV and games .. But unfortunately their max dumbles are 90lbs which isnt enough for my chest or back workout .. :( .. so i will skip on this gym .. More...


Kelly A.

28 July 2010

I actually FOUND Denali from a review on Yelp. I've been going since Christmas and I really love the feeling of the place. Small, but not too small. Full, but never really too crowded. The price of classes is included in the monthly fee. Fantastic trainers (I've lost nearly 50 pounds since I started). My favorite thing? All new fitness equipment this summer with large screens, games, TV, and an I-Pod connection (I get bored easily so these are outstanding features for me). I really love this place and I look forward to going each time. After my workout...there's an espresso place across the street or Starbucks down Madison. And lots of pedicure places nearby, too! More...



8 December 2009

I love the layout of this gym, everything is well placed, has everything i want to lift weights and do cardio. I'm an in-and-out type of guy


Sarah B.

7 January 2009

I LOVE working out at this gym. The equipment is phenomenal- definitely the most comfortable, user-friendly I've ever tried.  The cardio machines have individual TVs! It's never too crowded and I've never stepped on any toes when doing circuits. I frequent the light yoga class and it's been great.  The class is small (maybe 7 people tops) allowing for lots of one-on-one with the instructor. The staff is always nice, too.  I've never really enjoyed working out (and hated going to 24hr fitness!) but I must say that Denali is always a pleasant experience. More...



27 August 2008

Denali is, by far, the best gym I've ever been a member of. It has been in the neighborhood for a few years now I believe but I never paid it much mind until my old gym got too hard to handle (equipment broken all the time, no parking, rude staff, smelly towels, old facilities). Denali is new, clean, modern, spacious, NEVER over crowded, and has a clean locker room (at least the women's!). I feel comfortable working out here and the machines are never completely full. The personal tvs on each piece of cardio equipment is a big bonus, makes the workout go by in a jiff. Overall, I am super impressed at how well maintained it is, how clean it is, how well the equipment works, and how convenient it is to park. It truly makes working out much more pleasurable. More...



22 July 2008

I have been working out at this place for a while now and each time I go, I like it a little more. It's just a cool place to work out. This may sound snob-ish, but I this place fits the Magnolia/Queen Anne neighborhoods. It's not full of posers and meat-heads. Here are some of my favorite things, in no particular order: * The music is not too loud or obnoxious, * The ""feel"" is welcoming, meaing, the lighting, colors and overall vibe * Staff is normal (including the trainers) * The equipment feels fantastic. All the cardio machines have personal TV's! * Free towels and group exercise * You can work out at their other location at no extra charge * Oh, when it's hot outside they open up this huge garage door- making it feel like your outside. A Seattle version of muscle beach! I've been a member at various health clubs around herer since the late 80's. For the price and what you get, Denali is now on the top of my list. More...


Ryan B.

10 February 2008

Went there for the first time today so this review is likely to change after more visits.  I live in Capitol Hill, so its a very convenient 10 minute drive up Madison from my apartment.  It's in a nice location near the Lake Washington Blvd. entrance of the Arboretum.  Inside, the place is very professional and clean.  I love the fact that I can ride the elliptical machine and watch TV on the built-in touch screen.  Working out + sportscenter = awesome.  The weight machines are easy to use and are in fantastic shape.  I've only worked out in 4 or 5 other gyms previously to this, but I can easily say the equipment is the best I've ever used.  I also love the fact that the place seems to be more of a place for people concerned about staying in shape and being toned than being a place for meathead bodybuilders to prance around and show off.  Yeah.  I highly recommend this place and I look forward to working out here several times a week. More...



13 June 2007

I recently joined Denali Fitness at Interbay. All of the equipment is very high quality, and the spinning bikes are the best I have tried. The display screen calcuates your heart rate, the rpm, and is built with gears like a road bike which makes the spinning classes very challenging. The facility is very clean and spacious. What sets this facility apart though is the staff. They are very professional, do not use high pressure sales techniques, and are always helpful. They actually remember your name when you walk in the door. Plus they just introduced Kineasis which is an awesome workout using functional exercises and cables. While they charge extra in addition to the membership dues, the classes are limited in size so it's like having a personal trainer at a fraction of the price. All of the other classes are included in the membership fee though. Parking is convenient and plentiful, and they offer free use of hand towels. The only temporary drawback is that the class schedule has changed some and there aren't a ton of classes yet, but as more people join they say more will be added. I would definitely recommend this place! More...



10 August 2006

compared to most gyms that are interested only in taking your money and barely recognize you beyond your plastic, this place has congenial front desk staff, respectable hours, and sufficient machinery to preclude a feelng of being overwhelmed. good location, not especially overcrowded except for the expected peak hours, and a good variety of equipment. even the price seems fair. they have classes i have not taken, e.g., cardio, and even a small sauna. i would recommend this place. More...



16 February 2006

This is a great place to workout. There's a good vibe at Denali -- friendly staff and gym members. And as of 2006 the equipment is all new, and of good quality. Lots of classes. Big windows let in a lot of natural light. Parking available. More...


Angie B.

10 February 2006

I'm biased because I know one of the owners, but this place rocks. I also haven't been there for  a while because life has been busy & I have some equipment at home...BUT...I just like the vibe of a smaller neighborhood/boutique style gym. You see familiar faces, everything is new, state-of-the-art & very clean. Also the cardio equipment has TV/audio - what better way to distract you while trying to burn a few calories? The price may seem higher than the big chains, but it's totally worth it if you prefer the change in atmosphere. More...



2 January 2006

Nice new gear, high end aerobic machinces with small televisions. Very good location. Nice management, and a very reasonably priced.


bonne b.

21 September 2005

Nice neighborhood gym. The new owners (was Sound, Mind & Body) did a great job refinishing or replacing all the surfaces of this gym, and putting in new state-of-the-art equipment. The upstairs studio, with its big windows, is an extremely pleasant place to take class. Spinning too. Classes with Andy or Kristi are EXCELLENT! I think the drop in fee is $12. More...

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