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D’Aversa Interiors, LLC

Bexley, Ohio


D’Aversa Interiors, LLC

Bexley, Ohio


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Peter Travnicek

1 August 2019

Shy and his team quickly and efficiently outfitted an empty house that had sat on the market for over six months and within a few weeks from staging it was sold. A pleasure to work with someone so transparent and who follows through with exactly what was agreed to. I'd welcome working with D'Aversa again in the future. More...


Mark Minard

10 April 2019

D'Aversa Interiors did an amazing job on the Elevating Beyond studio and went above and beyond. We were very pleased with the outcome and the experience.


Eric & Sean Butter McLaughlin

19 December 2018

Working with D’Aversa Interiors was more than a renovation project for us, it was a transformation of the way we live. We were considering moving from our first home, planning to trade up for a “dream house” in a different zip code. But, the designers at D’Aversa Interiors (Joe and Shy) helped us see that our dreams were yet to be realized in the old house we had built our lives in for the past 15 years.

We engaged D'Aversa Interiors after we had talked with a few contractors who did not complete the bidding process and we were ready to throw-in the towel and put up the “for sale” sign. We needed some major work completed on our sun room, and needed a professional opinion on a kitchen remodel, and hardwood floor refinishing. Joe and Shy visited, toured our home, listened to us, gave some initial ideas and put together a project budget and timeline.

Shy spent about a month (November-December 2017) taking bids, looking around for the best deals possible on appliances and other new purchases, and creating a budget (this was efficient as there would need to be several subcontractors involved). We approved the budget (they were willing to work with us if we needed to adjust or remove projects for budget reasons). It was an easy and “us” centered process.

We decided to completely rebuild the sun room, paint cabinetry in Kitchen and replace floors, counter tops, appliances, refinish the floors, install hardwood floors on second floor, remodel our second floor into a master bedroom suite adding a shower to a half bath and creating a dressing room, paint the entire interior, and create an interior design plan that involved some strategic furniture purchases, framing and re-framing of much of our art, along with rehanging the artwork. Minor but important exterior updates were made to create a cohesive, modern mid-century design for the entire home. Finally, we painted and carpeted our finished basement to match the new aesthetic that D’Aversa Interiors created for us. Our 1948 Cape Cod became a modern and reinterpreted beautiful home that we could live in comfortably for years to come and be proud to show others.

Work began in early March (this was very reasonable as we had many cleaning/purging projects to complete before work could begin) and finished completely by July 2018. The bulk of the work was finished in June, but some lingering projects took us into July. We cannot say enough about how wonderful it was to work with Joe and Shy. They are, first of all, very nice people. Authentic. Genuine. Direct and honest. Expert and professional. They are always looking out for you and your budget. They want to get things right and will persist until you are satisfied. Joe has an eye for detail and will insist upon perfection. He is creative, an artist really. It was fantastic to have Shy as the central contact through the whole project. He was at our house every day, monitoring work and dealing with issues, in addition to shopping for materials. He was in constant communication with us and we had confidence that he could handle any complication that came up. The contractors they hired were good, and when they weren’t up to Joe or Shy’s standards on any detail, they managed the contractors effectively and completely. The most amazing part was near the end of the project Joe and Shy spent a weekend (while we were away) finishing decorating, placing furniture, and putting the finishing touches on the amazing transformation of our home and our lives. We came home to what felt like a new, amazing home at the same address where we built our family and our memories. They changed our lives without busting our budget while keeping us rooted to the first home we’ve ever had.

Joe told us on the first evening we met him and toured our home that we could “make this house the best house it can be” and that we wouldn’t have to move to a new address or tear down walls or expand with an expensive addition to change the way we live. Indeed, D’Aversa Interiors transformed our home and our lives. Our home was renovated but we were refueled!


Liz Yaffe

10 October 2018

D’versa interiors is the best design firm in Columbus! Joe and Shy are true professionals and willing to work with any budget! I would highly recommend them for anyone who is looking to redecorate or renovate their home! 5 stars all the way!! More...


Nell Smith

16 March 2018

Although I've worked in the Commercial Art field myself for 37 years, I always felt intimidated by Interior Designers. I have my own quirky style and felt they might be pretentious and disdainful of my own tastes.
After selling my home of 28 years, and buying a condo, I took that leap of faith by consulting with D'Aversa, aka: Joe and Shy, who were recommended by a mutual friend.
All my preconceptions we're proved wrong. They were respectful of my own vision, while helping me see things in a new way that blended seamlessly. Consummate professionals, yet open and approachable.
My condo is a work of Art in progress. I couldn't be more pleased.
I plan more fun projects with these two in the future, and create more design outside the box,!



6 July 2017

My husband and I did a gut renovation of our home and used D'Aversa Interiors to furnish and decorate once we were finished. We absolutely love everything they chose, they made our house feel like home. They follow through 100% on everything do, especially with the ordering process. We had a few issues with vendors and Joe made sure everything was completely handled even though some of them weren't even his problem.
I highly recommend them!



26 June 2017

Joe and Shy were creative, accommodating and so easy to work with. They had great ideas for our space and made the whole process very easy - our house looked great and sold right away! Thank you for your help!


Anna Lou

12 June 2017

If you don't call D'Aversa Interiors for your project, you just made your first mistake! Could I have renovated my condo by myself? Yes. Would it look as gorgeous as it does now? Never. Joe has an amazing sense of design and decades of experience that already puts him ahead of other designers. By hiring D'Aversa Interiors, I ensured that I would be satisfied with the renovations and that I wouldn't have to pay twice to redo any work. I have never been so satisfied with someone that I have hired. D'Aversa Interiors exceeded all of my expectations and held my hand throughout the entire process. Simply put, Joe and Shy are amazing. If you are like me and on the edge of whether to hire a designer or not, you have got to do it. Your project will be done correctly and you will love it! More...



13 May 2017

They staged our house one afternoon and it immediately cleaned up, updated, "decluttered" or (whatever term you choose) .

They have vision and experience to bring out nuances and enhance the overall style that we hadn't seen.
Nice, easy to work with.


Linda C

31 January 2017

Joe was able to capture the essence of the type of family room we wanted. While he would have worked with the furniture we already had, we wanted to completely redo the room. Joe was able to procure everything we needed; from the chairs to the accessories, all in a very timely manner. He was always accessible, considerate and mindful of cost and the look that WE wished to have for the room. Looking forward to having D'Aversa Interiors improve the look of other rooms in our house! More...


Vickie Killian

13 December 2016

D'Aversa interiors did an outstanding job on my kitchen re-do. The design makes my kitchen warm and inviting with plenty of sitting room. They were especially great at giving me options as well as considering the cost involved . They are exceptional designers! More...


George Peters

9 June 2016

D’Aversa Interiors has twice assisted us in our planned downsizing. They staged our current residence to prepare it for showing. The creativity and energy they applied quickly and effectively made our home presentable, without making it “unlivable”. We were sufficiently impressed by the knowledge and taste they demonstrated that we have asked their help in planning the decor and furnishings of our next home, which they graciously agreed to do. They gave us an afternoon of assistance in choosing design elements for the house, which was of great use. We look forward to working with them in selecting furnishings over the next 8 months while the next home is constructed. More...


sheryl kozberg

29 May 2016

D'Aversa Interiors is a top notch interior design firm. They staged our home when we put it on the market for sale and it sold within three weeks. They are responsible and extremely talented and creative. We have purchased another home and will be asking them to help us decorate it. We would highly recommend them to anyone who wants their home to be unique and beautiful.

Sheryl and Cary Kozberg



27 May 2016

We were putting our house on the market after two children, three dogs and nineteen years. The task was daunting.

Help came in the form of two transplanted New Yorkers who moved near us in Bexley. Through our shared interests, we became friends and began discussing our struggle to sort our things and meaningfully prepare the house. Along with their infectious enthusiasm, Joe and Shy provided a fresh approach to staging with their sophisticated design sensibilities.

The house, skillfully presented, sold quickly and above the asking price. Did I mention how much fun we had working with them?



15 May 2016

Have you ever met someone providing a service to you and felt like you were meant to work together? That is how Joe at D'Aversa Interiors, LLC made us feel. From the first day we met to discuss our project, which was a complete redesign of our converted city loft, we begin to exchange ideas and align on our vision for the project. He listened and offered up ideas we had not considered to expand the vision and make it so much better than we could have imagined. We were surprised at how much of our current furnishings he was able to incorporate into the new design. He shared our passion for re-using and repurposing pieces while integrating some additional vintage pieces to really pull the whole concept together. Given this was a second home for us, we needed Joe to do everything, including being point person for all the sub-contractors, shopping for furniture, accessories and lighting, bedding, and towels, and in general driving the project according to a very aggressive timeline. Joe and team kept us completely informed of progress, vetted ideas with us, and delivered a finished product on the timeline we had established. He also leveraged local artist to create a one of kind look and feel to our space. In the end, it was absolutely clear that Joe and team cared as much about our home and our happiness as we did. That passion and commitment have left us knowing we picked the right partner, and that we will enjoy our home for years to come. Thank you! More...



28 February 2016

Great eye for detail, Understand the vibe and optimize the features of the house, Cater to the client needs, Very cost effective (Making sure we spent the minimum for a maximum results) Redesigned the house and Oversee the whole remodeling process, Professional organizers - suddenly we have space