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Jaime Dimitri

25 February 2019

If you're looking for a place that motivates you to be your best self, this is it. The coaches and athletes here are amazing. I've seen strength in my body and confidence level that I would never have thought possible. I am so impressed in how CFA has grown over the years. If you're unsure, just stop in. You'll leave feeling like a superstar (with a bunch of new friends)! Thanks Wyatt, coaches, and CFA family. You all have had such a positive impact on my life. More...


Marisa Licata

26 January 2019

I've been a member of CrossFit Amherst for over 5 years. As soon as I walked in the doors I knew I was home. There are a lot of options for fitness in the area but Wyatt has created an amazing atmosphere and true community here. All of the coaches are amazing and helpful with scaling workouts based on what you need. As someone who has struggled with injuries on and off, I know I can count on the coaches to help me stay safe and still get in an amazing workout. More...


Digital Kumquat

26 January 2019

Crossfit Amherst is truly a great place to train. When starting out at a new place you're a little timide and shy not knowing what to expect. On my first day other members made me feel like I've been there for years. Which makes it easier to rise and grind when you get to come into a welcoming environment. Coaches are well informed and great all around, I've been going for three years and I don't plan on stoping. More...


kristina shaft

26 January 2019

Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this gym! I was hesitant to try Crossfit because I thought it was a place where only the most elite athletes worked out. Boy was I wrong! There are definitely some very elite athletes here, but there are just as many who are working on becoming the best they can be! My sons encouraged me to “just try it”, so I did! A year later I’m stronger and healthier than I could ever imagine. Everyone is like family here. Encouragement and hard work go hand in hand. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable and patient! The workouts are challenging but can be easily scaled to your own individual abilities. That’s what I like about it. I do it for me! Kristina More...


Jonathan Hughes

22 January 2019

I’ve been going to CFA for almost five years. It’s a great facility with a lot of space, knowledgeable, encouraging coaches, a fun group of members, and constantly changing workouts that are anything but boring. You might get some of those things at other gyms, but you can get it all at CFA. More...


Pavel Ketsuk

27 December 2018

Love working out here! Great people, awesome atmosphere, and everyone works together


Lucie Greco

12 October 2018

Great box all around! I dropped in while here visiting my son who is a freshman athlete at UB and was impressed! Immediately upon walking in I was greeted by members as well as Coach Becca. Everyone was very friendly and made me feel right at home. At the start of class Coach introduced me and then reviewed everything from warm up to the WOD. She was knowledgeable and clear in her explanations. I really liked the programming and her style of coaching! During the WODs she was attentive and encouraging to every athlete. After class I stayed around and chatted for a few minutes. Everyone was very friendly and welcomed me to come back again. As head coach of my box back home, these are the type of things I look at when dropping in at boxes during my travels as well as the things I look to keep high quality at my “home” box & with my community! CrossFit Amherst was much like my “home” box and I will certainly be back! I think I have found my “home” away from home for at least the next 4 years while my son is here at UB! I look forward to coming back soon and will highly recommend CF Amherst to anyone else looking for a box in this area! More...


Kristina Kraft Shaft

21 August 2018

Love it! Everyone is super friendly and supportive! Coaches are knowledgeable and very attentive. Great place to work out!!


Steven Burdzy

6 August 2018

Awesome gym with great atmosphere! Dropped in and immediately felt welcome.


Ashley Siekierski

3 August 2018

CFA has a great home like atmosphere. Wyatt, Becca and Waylon are very knowledgeable and making going to CFA an enjoyable experience. Everyday when you walk in, they say hello, good morning, and ask how you are doing. The coaches are always there for supporrt and to better your workouts. No judgements are made and the people who go to CFA are warming! More...


Bob Cronyn

3 August 2018

Been back for a couple weeks after taking 10 months off and getting out of shape. CFA couldn't have been more welcoming to have me back, nothing but positive vibes. So glad to be back at CFA, great people and great work outs! More...


Evan Benoit

3 August 2018

Great time dropping in while visiting my in-laws for Christmas! Big, open gym, plenty of top-rate equipment. Friendly folks, tough workouts. What more could you ask for?

The place is a little hard to find, kinda in the back corner of this light office/industrial park area. Give yourself a few extra minutes to find it, first time you visit!


Allen Keane

3 August 2018

Did a drop in and loved it. Coach and members treated me like family. Crossfit = Family.


Boyu Hu

30 July 2018

I've only dropped in here 4x while visiting family and the few times have been a phenomenal experience.Everyone is super nice and friendly and wanted to help out. The space is open with lots of equipment and lots of space. The workouts have all been really great - I think the toughest part about dropping in is that the workouts some times are short and not really worth the drop in money, but every time I've come here the workouts have been challenging and longer (15-30min). I think this is more of a high volume gym with their programming, but that could just be a coincidence in the times I've dropped in and their cycle of programming.Lastly, the price for drop ins cannot be beat. $20 for 1x, $30 for 2x, $40 for 3x and $50 for a whole week. Yes, this place is a little hard to find and you'll probably have to leave a little earlier, but it's definitely the best box/drop-in experience in Buffalo! More...


Robby Dinero

13 July 2018

No better place to train in the Amherst area than with Wyatt and the CFA crew. Excellent knowledge from the staff, a great community of athletes, and a fun, supportive atmosphere. If you are in Amherst give them a try! More...


Alexander Wareham

9 June 2018

To notch coaching and every day is a new challenge. Everyone is so welcoming and regardless if you're a member or dropping in, everyone is supported through the WOD.


Evan Benoit

27 December 2017

Great time dropping in while visiting my in-laws for Christmas! Big, open gym, plenty of top-rate equipment. Friendly folks, tough workouts. What more could you ask for?


Shannon Lee

30 November 2017

I have just recently begun my CrossFit journey and am loving it thus far. It has been a complete change for my mind, body, and soul. The coaches and the members are welcoming, knowledgeable, and supportive. I’m challenged and changed each time I walk in the Box. More...


Jordan Fuhr

23 November 2017

Great owner and coaches. Super welcoming and fun programming (I mean who doesn’t like burpees!). It’s a good size facility too, with plenty of room for the classes.


Jimmy Grove

15 October 2017

I’m new to CrossFit and chose the Queen City Throwdown as my first comp. Couldn’t have had a better experience! The CF community there was outstanding the event ran smooth judges and employees were very nice, knowledgeable and did and excellent job and it was very competitive! Learned a lot and and glad to have been apart of it will definitely drop in for work outs when I’m town. More...


Mary Catherine Harmon

23 August 2017

I dropped in for two 0530 classes this week, and had a great time (minus the fact that I'm not usually awake at that time)! Everyone was very welcoming. The workouts and coaches are great! If I'm ever in the area again, I will definitely be back! More...


Louis Shakkour

21 August 2017

It's amazing. I'm just lazy so I don't go anymore.


Simone Nathaniel

20 May 2017

They were very welcoming! I enjoyed my workout at Crossfit Amherst.


Matt Drake

23 November 2016

Amazing people and a fantastic space to go along with it. Programming is solid. Always look forward to working out here when visiting home.


Michael Lorich

17 August 2016

I have been to 3 different crossfit boxes and this one works you the hardest. Nice knowledge coaches.


Michael-Angela Guadagna

27 July 2016

I've been coming to CFA for almost 2 years now and CrossFit was brand new to me at that time. I seen it on ESPN and heard very little about it but I was extremely interested. I was doing the normal Gym routine for 15 years and was hating it and I felt like I was accomplishing nothing as far as my health and fitness goes. I tried CFA for one day and have never turned back. I've been impressed by every aspect of CFA. From the owner, coaches, workouts, members all the way down to the cleanliness of the gym. Everyday everything is done at a very professional and high level. Its been a very positive experience and I look forward to going everyday of the week. One of the best decisions I've ever made. More...


Danielle Harner

20 January 2016

Just finished my first class today! Love it, great instructors and I didn't feel out of place at all!


Evan Reeves

11 June 2015

Extremely friendly, and well organized. Great place to set and meet your fitness goals and make some new friends.


Jackie Hardt

31 May 2015

Thanks CFA for letting me drop in for a few weeks. Amazing space, fantastic coaching, and really great community. If you're looking to drop in for a few classes, everyone there will make you feel welcome and a part of the group. Will definitely be back when I'm in town again. Thanks guys! More...


Kari Anna

3 February 2015

A great atmosphere with tons of great coaches and athletes.


Christopher Basciani

3 January 2015

Excellent people and excellent gym! Thank you for having me.


Spencer Toth Sydow

19 November 2014

The BEST box of WNY!!!


John Crane

14 August 2014

Great box! Great Programing! I was in NY on business and dropped in for a week. The coaches are knowledgable and really nice. All of the members are polite and supportive. Overall awesome atmosphere. If your in the area drop in! Thanks again Wyatt and Becca. More...


Ted Horvath

26 April 2014

Great friendly gym for someone new, a lot of variety and space to work.


Scott Scranton

18 April 2014

Good People Good Coaches Good Times. Went in for a workout busted my ass hard then got some good places to go out and party that night. Definitely go back there next time I'm in the buffalo area More...


Courtney Krueger

7 April 2014

The coaches, the facility and the overall positive and helpful environment is like no other gym you will join. They do a great job assisting and modifying the workouts to work for everyone's fitness level.


Stephanie Iannacchino

7 February 2014

I have been to many crossfit gyms, and I can truly say this is the one you want to be at. I am so grateful to be apart of such a amazing place.


Chelsea Wheeler

19 December 2013

I miss you guys! Hope you have a great holiday and new years!


Christopher Tang Haoli

24 October 2013

Nothing better than dying from a killer wod, then doing 8 sets of those handstand holds.


Eileen Bengert

7 October 2013

I love the feeling of encouragement and motivation you get from the coaches, Wyatt and Becca as well as the members in your class. Everyone cheers everyone on right to the finish! The workouts are challenging! Total feeling of accomplishment after every WOD!!! More...


Mosaed J. Jafar

28 September 2013

A heavenly place for workouts, grear atmosphere, poeple are like a family to you, definitely great motivation and challenging place to be in. I am just overwhelmed with happiness about this place. The best choice I have ever made in my life. It's a life changer. I would recommend this awesome place for every single person I know. EPIC! -_+ More...


Shannon Chmura

23 September 2013

I successfully survived my first two crossfit classes this weekend, and there's not a spot on my body that isn't sore...but I can't wait to go back for more! Everyone is friendly and helpful, and made me feel right at home. It's a very supporting atmosphere--everyone wants you to do the very best you can do. I look forward to the progress I'll see! More...


She Laughs

8 September 2013

Today was my first day. Great workout, and great coaches! :) Can't wait for tomorrow!


Pete Palacios

1 September 2013

Great atmosphere, the coaches put together great workouts that mix it up every day. You will push yourself harder than you ever have before!


Nicholas Alvers

16 August 2013

Best workout!


Jon F. Merz

30 July 2013

I've had the pleasure of training with Wyatt and he truly embodies everything you look for in a great coach: knowledge, confidence, and a fantastic attitude. I'm certainly going to miss him at RCF Medfield, but CFA is going to quickly become one of the best boxes around because of Wyatt. Best of success to you, Wyatt - hope to visit some day soon! More...

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