Core Progression Elite Training - Arvada

Core Progression Elite Training - Arvada

Core Progression Elite Training - Arvada locationSupreme Estates, Colorado

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Core Progression Elite Training - Arvada Reviews


Review of Core Progression Elite Training - Arvada by Samantha Cerf
5 09/07/2018 Samantha Cerf

Best training studio in the area!!

Review of Core Progression Elite Training - Arvada by WiFi Adexchange
5 23/06/2018 WiFi Adexchange

Great staff and amazing community! Definitely a place you need to take a look at!

Review of Core Progression Elite Training - Arvada by Maria Vega
5 Maria Vega

Core Progression is a gym that I actually look forward to go to. I tried many different workouts but I didn't feel like any of them were the right fit for me. This is the first gym that I stayed committed to. I started this gym not knowing anything about working work and my trainer Eric Ellenwood worked with me and helped me get stronger and more confident. He pushed me and encouraged me in every work out. He always asks me if there is anything more he can help me with and even gave me great advice on nutrition. I feel stronger than ever. I high recommend this gym to anyone who is serious about getting fit.

Review of Core Progression Elite Training - Arvada by Katie Radcliffe
5 Katie Radcliffe

One of the best workouts I've had in a long time! Trainers were able to isolate my weaknesses and take me though a challenging workout! Highly recommend this facility and their top notch, educated staff!! Thanks will be coming back for more!

Review of Core Progression Elite Training - Arvada by Hailey McCall Walsh
5 Hailey McCall Walsh

I have been working with Jon for almost 4 years now and he has completely changed not only my body, but my confidence as well! I have always been athletic, but I am pushed to my limits each and every session! Jon has become a great friend and I'm so happy to be part of the Core Progression fit fam :)

Review of Core Progression Elite Training - Arvada by Nicholas Mansfield
5 Nicholas Mansfield

I've been lucky enough to train at Core Progression the last 6 months. My trainer Steve Jimenez has tailored his program to match my goals. I've seen results that I hadn't been able to achieve on my own. Steve has helped me train through issues with a previous injury that no other trainer had been successful with. I cant say enough positive things about Steve and the rest of the Core Progression staff!

Review of Core Progression Elite Training - Arvada by Angela Sullivan Pronto
5 Angela Sullivan Pronto

I work out with Kaleigh, and I cannot say enough about her. Every work out is challenging, interesting, and most of the time I have no idea that our hour is up. She keeps me focused and pushes me. Most important to me she is there watching every move to make sure its done safely and correctly so that I get every ounce of awesome from my work outs. I've been a client at Core Progression since August 2014. I initially came because I wanted to lose a little bit of weight before my wedding that was 8 weeks later. With most workouts I've tried over the last 20 years of my life, I just assumed that I'd do it for a little while but never imagined I'd ever WANT to stick with it. I never have stuck with any fitness program before, so why would this be different. Wow, is it ever different. Fast forward almost 2 years now and I can't imagine going anywhere else let alone not working out at all. It's part of me now. In the beginning I would find every reason to not go workout. Too busy, too tired, or honestly just lazy. Now everything I have to do gets planned AROUND my workouts - I rarely have to miss a session for a good reason because I want my work out. I am the strongest I've ever been in my life, I feel better, look better and over all just want to be better. I am slowly seeing what the body is capable of and it's all because of the team at Core Progression. I am very blessed to have found this group to be a part of, because I don't just feel like a client - they all make me feel like a friend.

Review of Core Progression Elite Training - Arvada by Erika Baird
5 Erika Baird

I've been working out with trainer Erica Clarkson for over a year now and have been able to see a total body transformation in that time. I wanted to tone up when I met Erica and all the other trainers I interviewed told me I'd never lose the weight in pounds if I wanted to gain muscle because I was a girl and we were supposed to have belly fat etc (enter excuse here)...Erica enthusiastically and confidently told me we could reach my goals and we did. I've lost over 12 pounds since we began and countless inches (She has evidence in embarrassing pics to prove it). I fit back into all of my old clothes and I have never felt so fit and healthy--I no longer calculate what to wear to hide my flab because everything in my closet fits! That's an amazing feeling! . Erica helped me exceed my own expectations, pushed me past what I thought was my limit, and helped me re-shape my body into something I am proud of. I have gained nutrition education from Erica to maintain my weight and have been able to apply new healthy eating habits. Erica is a great trainer who is exceptionally supportive of each individual client's personal goals. Erica is very well educated and understands the science behind our physical health which makes her remarkably valuable. She also is an absolute social butterfly, approachable, positive and exceedingly welcoming.
Core progression as a gym is inspiring to work out in, it is not overly crowded, everyone I have met is friendly both staff and client, there are no overpowering gym egos strutting around, they post fun weekly challenges to try, and they offer every piece of equipment imaginable so you can train with the items you are most comfortable with. We never have a boring work out, there are endless training options to utilize.
I confidently recommend trainer Erica and Core Progression without any reservations to any person looking to make a real, measurable change in their overall health and body image.

Review of Core Progression Elite Training - Arvada by Elizabeth Leon
5 Elizabeth Leon

I seriously love the trainers, Erica being my trainer knows my weaknesses and helps me improve and become successful in the mind and on the body. I love everyone at Core and everyone being so loving every time I walk in the doors. I've been reaching my goals like planned and I have the trainers to thank, especially my very own, Erica. If you are looking for a highly professional workout experience, Core is the way to go.

Review of Core Progression Elite Training - Arvada by Wuanita Bellio LaRusso
5 Wuanita Bellio LaRusso

I enjoy going to core progression for several reasons. First the classes are a lot of fun, especially the Saturday 9:30am with Kyle and Monday Speed and Strength with Erica. The 45min Core classes are intense but rewarding as well. The atmosphere is welcoming and we have a great time. They also offer nutrition classes. Its more than a gym, its a place of transformation and you definitely get results you want. Thanks Core Trainers!

Review of Core Progression Elite Training - Arvada by J.J. Babich
1 J.J. Babich

Be very weary of this company. They have newer managment who has Started to pull the old gym scam of sorry we didn't get notice , even though you gave notice to their staff 32 days before your last seasson. They have kept charging our credit card for the past two momths after for 488.50, and refused to refund. Per the terms our our agreement we gave notice to our trainer yet of course they claim shes not the proper person to give notice too. Shes their employee, if it had to be given to someone then she had a duty to tell us so. Now we are having to get our attorney involved.

Review of Core Progression Elite Training - Arvada by Elise Rooney
5 Elise Rooney

I came to Core Progression after lacking the motivation to “go to the gym” and get in shape myself. The entire staff at Core Progression is extremely welcoming, friendly and respectful, no matter your skill level. When I signed up, I asked to be matched with a trainer that would kick my butt into shape and training with Erica has done just that! After training with her for about two months, my favorite part is that no two sessions are the same. Erica is constantly pushing me to my limit, all the while cheering me on and reminding me of my goals. She is very attentive and patient⎯making sure you are doing the exercises correctly to get the most out of each work out. I leave every session feeling tired, but also accomplished and always looking forward to next time. This gym is one I’d recommend to anyone simply looking to get in shape, or even for those seeking a complete lifestyle change. The trainers are professional, knowledgeable and they truly love what they do!

Review of Core Progression Elite Training - Arvada by Lindsay McBride
5 Lindsay McBride

I have been working out with Trainer Erica for about 8 months now and I feel so lucky to have found her!

Before I came to Core Progression I was just kind of floating through my workouts, not pushing myself and becoming easily bored. Thankfully with Erica’s help I am practically skipping to Core Progressing each week because I can’t wait to see what she has for me that day. Her workouts are always fun, creative and definitely effective.

One of the things I appreciate most about Erica is that she is patient and listens. Sometimes I have a hard time understanding how an exercise is suppose to feel or look and she really takes the time to break down the movement and explain it to me in a way I actually understand. During the ski season I was also battling a couple of small but uncomfortable leg injuries and Erica was able to make great modifications to our weekly workouts so I wouldn’t further injure myself. She also had some great advice on how to help the healing process along which was greatly appreciated!

I am thrilled to have Erica as my trainer and would highly recommend her to everyone out there. She is fantastic and I plan to continue to go to Core Progression for a very long time!

Review of Core Progression Elite Training - Arvada by Mickey Hilton II
5 Mickey Hilton II

I'm one week in to the 6 week challenge and it's full on go and I Love it.
They are very In to your needs and wants even in the group setting.
I would give a shout out to Kyle he runs a tight ship that is fun and a challenge all at once. Expect to be sore and learn about muscle you didn't know even existed.

Review of Core Progression Elite Training - Arvada by Tiffany Shelton
5 Tiffany Shelton

My experience with Core Progression has been nothing but extremely positive. Everyone is so friendly, and welcoming and I'm amazed every time that I'm there with the drive and dedication of the trainers and also the clients. It's like one big family and I feel lucky to have found such an exceptional facility.

My trainer Kaleigh is amazing. Our workouts are challenging, never boring and totally hand picked for me and my fitness/ comfort level. She is literally right next to me every step of the work out with tips for doing everything safely, as well as motivation (when I feel I have nothing left, she assures me I CAN do it... and I always can!) Kaleigh clearly loves and cares about her job, her clients, and Core Progression as a whole. I feel lucky to have someone guiding me back into shape who not only has the experience, and passion, but is also friendly and genuinely invested in the people she trains.

Review of Core Progression Elite Training - Arvada by Kayli Peterson
5 Kayli Peterson

I absolutely love Core. I've been training with Jarrett for around a month now and I love all my workouts with him. With every session, he challenges me to push myself to my limit. I always leave feeling accomplished and one step closer to my goals. If I'm ever unable to complete a certain exercise, he modifies it so I'm able to still achieve the same benefits. He's very friendly and knowledgeable and I always feel like he has my best interest in mind. He creates workout plans for me to follow on my own when I'm not training with him that are specific to my fitness goals. If I ever have a scheduling issues, he's able to accommodate.

Along with Jarrett, the entire staff at Core is extremely caring, positive, and outgoing. They are experts when it comes to fitness and I couldn't be happier being apart of this gym.

Review of Core Progression Elite Training - Arvada by Consuelo Love
5 Consuelo Love

I just love going to this gym. Awesome trainers! Makes fitness fun, started boot camp 3 weeks ago, and will stay on after.

Review of Core Progression Elite Training - Arvada by Mallory Starr Coleman
5 Mallory Starr Coleman

1 review

5.0 star rating


I have been training with Erika at the Northglenn location for the past 11 months and could not be happier with how my life has changed because of it. I originally started with Erika a few months prior to my wedding to get in better shape and feeling my best for my big day and I was so impressed with the professionalism of her as well as within the facility that I did not want to stop after my wedding. They offer such custom plan to whatever you are looking for. They have different length of sessions, range of sessions a week, a multitude of classes and I feel like I didn't have to fit into their plan, they fit into mine. I would highly recommend Core Progression to anyone who is thinking of starting a fitness plan in their lives. My best three days of the week!

Review of Core Progression Elite Training - Arvada by Chad Diana Reeves
1 Chad Diana Reeves

Awful experience! Could never get in to the place! When I did It was a super small and crowded. You can never get a true work out in. Been around a lot of personal trainers and this is not something I would ever spend my money on again. Trainers spend more time talking to each other than working with you.

Review of Core Progression Elite Training - Arvada by Dawn Cruz
5 Dawn Cruz

My son has always struggled with coordination and his leg muscles. Simple movement as jumping on one foot and running was an complete challenge. Last year at his well check visit our pediatrician had us start physical therapy. We hoped with weekly visits his coordination and muscles would improve. After a year of physical therapy with absolutely no improvement our pediatrician recommended sports training. Within the first few weeks of working with Jarrett and Nick there is a light at the end of the tunnel. They have worked with him on proper running technique. Proper leg movements, foot placements. Philip was beginning to run like most 10-year-old his age. His coronation is improving. His leg muscles are becoming stronger. He is getting more play time on the field. At our well check visit this year our pediatrician recommended to continue working with Jarrett. I would recommend this to any parent with a child in sports, or to any parent that might have coordination concerns. (He really knows what he is doing) Jarrett definitely is the best! Thanks �

Review of Core Progression Elite Training - Arvada by Rabananda Daniel Bennett
5 Rabananda Daniel Bennett

About a month or two ago, my wonderful wife Kirsten and I decided to invest in our health and set a goal to become more physically active. We knew if we set a New Year’s Resolution, it most likely wouldn’t stick, so we decided to sign up with her former personal trainer Jon’s company Core Progression Elite Personal Training. We started seeing an informative, and patient trainer / nutritionist named a Jeff, and after only a month of seeing him bi-weekly, and utilizing his workout & nutrition plans, I’m starting to feel & notice progress.

I’ve never been lazy, but since I’ve stopped touring as heavily, I don’t do much physically demanding work anymore. My body isn’t as limber as it used to be so stretching myself out has been rewarding.

My metabolism has always been super fast, and I’ve always been pretty thin, however learning to eat better & more frequently has been a rewarding challenge as well. What I also notice, is the poor posture I have allowed myself to have and as a result, relearning proper posture & using correct form have been helping my body withstand the new changes and not be as sore as I build muscle or feel as awkward or strained with certain exercises.

Being physically active also leads to more overall happiness! �������

Review of Core Progression Elite Training - Arvada by Dalila Jaramillo
5 Dalila Jaramillo

I Love Core, I'am 4 weeks in to the 6 week challenge, I loose 18 pounds and dropped 7% of body fat already! WOW right . My trainers are amazing that I can't thank them enough, they always there pushing me to do better and helping me to reach my goals, they are the best.. I would absolutely Highly recommend.

Core Progression Elite Training - Arvada

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